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Blue Balls….Thunder Balls…..Bowling Balls……We’re All In!!

What’s the best game in town…..where can you drink beer while you play….where can you wear blue jeans as your uniform……where the ball be any color you want …….where you all must wear the same kind of nerdy shoes……BOWLING!!!

Here’s how it all went down on Monday night at Highland Lanes:

Q1Media’s Blue Ballerz took on Gutter Train over on lanes 21 and 22 to get things started. What started out pretty even took a turn for the worst with Blue Ballerz failing to convert some key spares. They fell hard to Gutter Train 812-916 but managed a nice rebound against their own Three Finger Flingers 988-899 in their later game.

Q1Media’s Three Finger Flingers wasn’t so lucky in their rebound attempt when they took on ThunderBalz in their later match. This was a close game with each team matching each other frame for frame for almost the entire game. In the end, only 6 pins separated the winners from the non winners……ThunderBalz came out on top 908-902. Wow! With their momentum rolling, Thunderbalz won another close one, this time against E-Bowl-A. 893 for ThunderBalz and 872 for E-Bowl-A. Another nice game!

Glory Bowl tried to get on the board with their first game of the night but they couldn’t stack up against the high shooting E-Bowl-A taking the loss at 867-928. Glory Bowl was just getting started for the night and notched another win, scoring 933 against the 884 from Gutter Train.

Another awesome night at the lanes and the best part is we get to do it all again next week. See you then!!

Who needs a Super Bowl to Bowl a Turkey?!


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Wednesday night was playoff night at Highland Lanes for all the bowling marbles you can fit in your pocket! Check it!!

To start things off, Split Happens edged Minds in the Gutter 959 to 931. What goes up must come down as they lost in a heartbreaker by 1 pin to Snakes on a lane 951-952! Ouch!!

Snakes on a lane had a nice comeback against Turkey Baggers though taking the win 932-847! Nice win! Turkey Baggers wasn’t down for long hosting a comeback of their own against Minds in the Gutter. Final score….917-804! Awesome!

In the first semi final match up, Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter went up against Freeze Frames, who were definitely in their groove on this night. Any time a team scores quadruple numbers…..they are probably going to come out on top! And….that they did! Freeze Frames 1034…..Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter 837! Ouch!

It was a little closer at the other end of the draw where Here 4 The Beer went up against Body by Bowling. This match up started out close but didn’t stay that way! In the end, Body by Bowling took the 952-894 win.

Body by Bowling had a player with a 4 strike Hambone and then a 3 strike Turkey in the game. They also had a player above 200, so they brought the heat! Body by Bowling was up by 120 pins in the 10th frame. Freeze Frames came back and had a chance the entire 10th frame. They came close with a spare and a strike but unfortunately could not pull out the win in the end and took the loss at 933-963. What a Championship showdown!!

As always, another great season in the lanes….we can’t wait to do it all again next time!!

One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out At The Old …. Bowling …. Lanes!!

Bowling Pop Art Posters

Monday night at Highland Lanes… all came down to this….The Championship!! Who would hoist the giant Bowling Pin Trophy and get the Gatorade bath?! Which team will get the most endorsements after it’s all over?! Who’s going to Disneyland?! Er…….well……who gets the banner and the fifty bucks!

Let’s see how it all fell out on Monday at Highland Lanes:


We Don’t Give a Split took on livin’ on a spare in the night’s first semi final match up. This was extremely close!! After knocking down tons of pins all season long, it came down to just 11 pins separating the 2 teams. These teams matched each other frame by frame all the way until frame number 9. livin’ on a spare lived up to their name and picked up the must-needed spare to take the win 883-872! Wow…..what a game!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the draw, Arm Twisters took on Bowl You Over to decide who goes to the show! What started out pretty evenly matched turned into a runaway. Arm Twisters was too much for Bowl You Over taking the win at 934-852. No consolation bracket in this tourney!

The table was set…..Arm Twisters took on livin’ on a spare for all the marbles! #2 seed taking on #1 seed! You couldn’t script it out any better. We just wish the outcome could have been scripted a little better! This one wasn’t even close……not even after the first frame! In the end, Arm Twisters won this one by a long shot…..945-884! Oh well……the finals are the finals and not every team can make it to the pinnacle of their sport……or at least possess the $50 drink card!


Another great bowling season in the books and we can’t wait for next week to start it all up again!! See you then!

Who’s Got Enough Balls for Bowling? We Do!!

Get your mind, and your bowling balls, out of the gutter and let’s knock down some pins! Here’s how it went down at Highland Lanes on Wednesday:

Here 4 The Beer went up against Snakes on a lane and took care of some timely spares and strikes late to pull ahead for a 941 to 868 win.

Minds in the Gutter went pin for pin with Split Happens early in the game. Minds in the Gutter stayed consistent and started piling up the pin count to take the 955-811 win. Nice game!In one of the closer games of the night, Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter went up against the powerful Freeze Frames team. It was orange against black in the dual in the lanes and it couldn’t have been any closer. Both teams made clutch strikes late but Freeze Frame landed on top by only 2 pins taking the 962-960 win. Awesome game! These teams are starting to gel and find their groove a few night’s into the season.

Body by Bowling and Turkey Baggers are no exception! Body by Bowling fell behind early and had to brush off some nervous tension to mount their comeback.  They managed a tie then took it to victory 879 to 841. Great game!
In the later games, Snakes on a lane was looking for redemption and they found it in their match up against Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter. They were determined to not let up, frame after frame. They took the win easily 900-800. Good job Snakes!
Freeze Frame and Turkey Baggers were back at it looking to notch another W in the Win column. Freeze Frame took the early lead and managed to stay out front by just a few pins in each frame. They ended up taking the Dub-Yah at 959 to 916.
Minds in the Gutter barely managed to edge out Here 4 The Beer with a 925-902 win.
In the night’s last match up, Body by Bowling took on Split Happens. Body by Bowling had already taken a win earlier in the night while Split Happens was looking for their first win. Body by Bowling pulled ahead late with a couple of key strikes to take the 945-900 win.

Come join us next week at Highland Lanes for more sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun!

ASSC Bowling – No Gutter Livin’ Here!!



If you don’t love it for any other reason, you gotta love bowling for the team names alone! Here’s how the sophomoric, metaphoric misfits faired Monday night at Highland Lanes!

With each passing week, the teams are starting to gel and everyone seems to be finding their groove. Livin’ on a spare seems to have improved week after week and it showed in their dominance Monday night. Although it was close early, they took it to We Don’t Give a Split with a 996-894 win over the grey jerseys.

Livin’ on a spare tried to turn the tables on the powerful Arm Twisters and avenge their earlier loss. Another close match with some impressive spares and strikes from both sides of the scorers table. In the end, Arm Twisters pulled ahead and notched the victory 920 to 873! Nice game!

We Don’t Give a Split was riding high after their earlier win and wanted to show Bowl You Over who was the boss of the lanes. Just a few pins separated these 2 teams frame after frame. One slip up and the other could win it all! That came in the 9th frame with some errant rolls from We Don’t Give a Split and Bowl You Over took advantage. In the end, they won the close battle 956 to 912. Another tight game!

The final match of the evening proved to be the closest of the night! Both teams were bringing in Wins from earlier in the night and neither wanted to be the ones to cry “Uncle” first. On paper, Arm Twisters and Bowl You Over matched up almost perfectly player to player so it was a matter of who could execute best under pressure. Neither team disappointed and showed some awesome displays of competitiveness! Frame after frame, only a couple of pins separated the 2 teams….it was anybody’s game to win. As always, it came down to the last 2 frames! Arm Twisters needed 7 pins to win it all… score…..Bowl you Over 960 and Arm Twisters 967!! Wow!

Let’s all head back to Highland Lanes next week to see how we can possibly outdo tonight’s showing! It’s a date!!

Bowlers: Call Us Butter Cause We On A Roll!

Who says bowling is boring……..Wednesday nights at Highland Lanes are always hopping where the drinks flow, big heavy balls fly down the lane and you get to wear those funny shoes. How fun is that?!!

It was certainly a night of Doubles, Turkeys, Hambones and Brats! Pins were flying everywhere with lots of laughter, merriment and sportsmanship. Most games were won decidedly with teams starting to gel and put some serious scoring together. Here’s how it all played out:

Turkey Baggers and Here 4 Beer had a very close match up. In the 9th frame Turkey Baggers were up by 5 pins only with a few strikes that needed to be tallied. Then in the 10th frame, Here for Beer took the lead after a Turkey in the 8-10th frames to take the win. The whole match was back and forth by less than 40 pins every frame! Here 4 The Beer ended up taking the match 932 to 881. Great game!

Minds in the Gutter started out strong but started to fade late. Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter found their groove and began to pick up some key spares and take it to victory 915-852.

In their first game of the night, Snakes on a Lane must have seen an actual snake in their lane and fell hard to Turkey Baggers 805-974. Ouch!

In another lopsided game, Freeze Frames could never seem to pick up the pins when they needed them most. Split Happens led from the start and never looked back, taking the Dub-Yah 948-770.

In the closest game of the night, Body by Bowling took on Here 4 The Beer. Here 4 Beer had 2 players with multiple Turkeys, 1 person had 5 strikes in a row (that’s a Brat!) and another had 4 strikes…..what?!!!  They came out on the winning end 1003 to 954. Awesome display of bowling-ness!

Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter tried to take their winning momentum into their next game with Split Happens. This was a tight game from the beginning with each team matching pin for pin for awhile. In the end, Split happens picked up some needed strikes to take the win 969 to 905.

Minds in the Gutter took an early lead, had some miscues in the middle frames but ended strong taking out Freeze Frames 856 to 783.

In the night’s final match up, Body by Bowling took on Snakes on a Lane. This was a close game throughout until Body by Bowling had a player with 4 strikes in a row……that’s a Hambone folks! They took the easy win at 1004 to 909. Wow…..impressive!

As always, it was a great night of fun, laughter, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Teams are improving so don’t miss next week’s outing for some real showmanship on the lanes!

Bowling: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!!


Where on Monday nights can you get 3 strikes and not be out? Highland Lanes….that’s where!!

ASSC is known for it’s socializing but our bowling leagues take it to a new level! There’s no shoving or pushing….no arguing with the ref… crying……no complaining……just pure fun with some crazy looking shoes! Here’s how it all lined up at the lanes on Monday night:

For game one, Bowl You Over did just that against We Don’t Give a Split with a score of 997 to 740. Bowl You Over took the early lead after picking up a couple of quick spares to set the tone. We Don’t Give a Split narrowed the gap late but didn’t quite have enough up their sleeve to take the win.

In the next match up, Livin’ on a Spare was livin’ alright! Although Arm Twisters took a commanding lead, they couldn’t buy any pins late and saw the gap starting to close. Livin’ on a Spare kept up the pressure and passed Arm Twisters late to take the commanding win 914-819. Nice comeback!

Still smarting from their earlier loss, Arm Twisters came out strong with a statement to make against We Don’t Give a Split. With more determination, focus and a few well timed strikes, Arm Twisters dominated this match up 883-747 for the Dub-Ya! Nice comeback!

Although Bowl You Over was quite entertaining, their bowling skills were clearly outmatched by Livin’ on a Spare. There is no other sport where you can score 954 points and NOT win the game! Only in bowling!! Livin’ on a Spare was knocking down everything in sight! Can you say multiple spares and strikes?! They couldn’t be beat on this night taking another convincing win with a 1016 over Bowl You Over’s 954! That is domination!

Playing your games at a bowling alley, it’s a given that drinks will flow and challenges will be dropped. Tonight was no exception with lots of friendly banter between lanes and enough bragging rights for everyone to share! Football can’t last forever so why not come out and join us next week…..we guarantee a great time!

What’s Round With 3 Holes In It But Can Still Travel up to 20 MPH? An ASSC Bowling Ball!!

For every 10 trips down the lane, there were 3 trips to the bar!! That’s why we love our Wednesday ASSC Bowling Leagues at Highland Lanes!! This isn’t your grandfather’s bowling league……this is ultimate bowling where anything goes. Turkeys…..Hambones…..Brats……Bratburgers……we’ve got it all!

The night was filled with high fives going around and a few inter team banter when picking up a difficult spare or getting their first strike of the night. The night was set for some great games to come! Early on Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter bowled a Turkey in the 10th frame so we knew it was going to be an exciting night! In the final score, they edged out Split Happens 933 to 834 for the win! In their second game, Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter took the win over Here 4 The Beer 1051-971.

Turkey Baggers had a great second game with 2 people bowling a 161 and 165 but it wasn’t enough to beat Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter 894-1021. Great night of bowling Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter!!

Freeze Frames and Body By Bowling were very close all the way until the last frame, when Freeze Frames took the Win by only a few pins 840-823 for another close victory. They kept that momentum going in their next match up taking the big Dub-Ya from Snakes on a lane 929 to 864. Nice night Freeze Frames!

Here 4 The Beer took it to Split Happens with a whopping 1020 to 847 final total. This game had some great saves in picking up some timely spares when it counted. Now that’s some good bowling!!

Tonight’s vibe was friendly yet competitive. Some challenges from last week were matched up and that led to lots of friendly banter from lane to lane. Loud, raucous, competitive and supportive…..just a few words to describe what ASSC Bowling is all about. Come check us out next week!!

Bowling – Where You Can Get 3 Strikes and You’re Not Out!

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The best part of bowling at Highland Lanes on Monday nights? You get to sit down a lot and drink a lot!

In the first game of the night, We Don’t Give a Split took on Livin’ On a Spare.This game was neck and neck the whole time despite AT livin’ on a spare having an advantage going in. We Don’t Give a Split had the best game of the their season with 4 of their players bowling over their average. While Livin’ On a Spare struggled a bit with 3 of their players bowling under their average. Although it was close in the beginning, Livin’ On a Spare pulled away to take the win 964-932.

Meanwhile, over on lane 2, Arm Twisters went up against We Don’t Give a Split in their sport grey jerseys. Both teams were a little slow out of the gate but everyone seemed to find their groove after a couple of frames. Frame after frame, more and more pins were falling with some impressive strikes and picked up spares for both teams. It was anyone’s match up until the last 2 frames. Timely strikes was the difference as We Don’t Give a Split took the Dub-Ya 941 to Arm Twisters’ 926. Nice bowling!

Our newest indie team, Bowl You Over definitely had the most fun on this night. They all carpooled and after a quick stop at Sherlock’s before the match, they were ready for the fun to continue…..if you know what I mean! After a few gutter balls in their first game, they settled down and even had an exciting strike in the 8th frame that brought down the house! Meanwhile, Livin’ On a Spare had a mission… have an incredible game and throw strike after strike……and they did just that with a whopping total score of 1144! No other sport on the planet would have a total score anywhere near 1144……crazy!!

Wow….what a great night for fun, laughter and sportsmanship! As they say, that’s how we roll at ASSC……we will see you all again next week!

Anybody Order Up a Couple of Hambone for January? Yesss!

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On the menu for Wednesday night at Highland Lanes were 2 orders of Hambones! Very exciting indeed and this is how it all played out:

Before we get to the scores……Freeze Frame and Body by Bowling both had a team member get ….not 1….not 2….not even 3 but 4 strikes in a row….now that was pure, porcine awesomeness!

In their first game of the night, Turkey Baggers lost a close one, 656 – 695 thanks to a Hambone from Freeze Frames, but bounced back in another nail biter against Minds in the Gutter 577-554. Nice comeback Baggers of the Turkey!!

Minds in the Gutter had another shot at a win against Here 4 The Beer but fell a few pins short in the end 543-595. Here 4 The Beer tried to double down on Freeze Frames and it sure paid off! They took the lopsided win 724 to 607. Nice momentum going tonight for Here 4 The Beer!

Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter couldn’t seem to find their groove against Snakes on a lane falling well short in their first game of the night 479-636. Snakes tried to keep it going against Split Happens but couldn’t seem to pick up those spares when they counted most and took the loss 628 to 692.

Split Happens also tried to stay on their winning train for their second game of the night but Body by Bowling proved too much for them taking the Dub-Ya at 653 – 616. Body by Bowling was just getting warmed up when they met their final opponent of the night…Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter who was trying to shake off an earlier loss. This game started out fairly even with both teams tipping over about the same number of pins to keep it close. Body by Bowling served up the other Hambone of the night to win it going away 691 to 531. What an awesome display of pin crushing from Body by Bowling!!

Knowing they were in the midst of greatness, even the ASSC bowlers showed their support  to a neighboring bowler who rolled a 300….now that is perfection!
As always, all the teams were enjoying their time, cheering, drinking, and exchanging high fives. Just a typical night out with ASSC……plus, we get to do it all over again next week!