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Bowling at Highland Lanes

With another great season of Bowling here at  Highland Lanes underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having fun at the lanes!  Don’t forget to snap fun photos at the lanes, and share with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

Thursday night at Westgate Lanes was Championship Night!

It’s Championship Night at Westgate Lanes so let’s see who smashed the most pins and threw back the most beers! Here’s the rundown of how it all went down:

In the Nick of Time played a close one against Pin Pals with only 41 pins separating the two teams. In the end, Pin Pals 941 and In the Nick of Time 900. Nice!!

Turkey Club bowled over King Pins 1023-859 while Splits N Giggle took it to Pairs and Spares 973-847.

Life in the Gutter managed to stay within the bumper pads and took it to Spare Me 925-855.

In a close one, High Rollers edged out Clear Eyes, Full Beers, Can’t Lose 957-913. Meanwhile The Crop Dusters took the 924-855 win over Pin Pals.

On to the Semi-Final showdowns to see who would make it to the Finals. First up, Turkey Club advanced to finals with a score of 1023 to 859 against King Pinz. In the other half of the draw, Pairs and Spares lost to Splits N Giggles in a lopsided game, 847 to 973.

No worries, however, since there is a Consolation Bracket where pride is at stake and everyone keeps fighting! Kin Pins matched up pretty evenly with Pairs and Spares and neither team showed any surrender. In the end, King Pins barely edged Pairs and Spares 904-887. Great showing!!

We saved the best and closest game of the night for the Finals… it should be! Splits N Giggles took on the mighty Turkey Club to see who could hold up the coveted Champions Banner and get the $50 beer card! These teams were not playing around and neither team was looking to take 2nd place. They stayed neck and neck, matching spares for spares and strikes for strikes the entire time. In the end, it was the difference between one strike and one spare. Turkey Club was the victor on this night, taking the crown 931-922! What a game and what a season!!





Wednesday night was Championship night at Highland Lanes Bowl!

Who will hold the coveted Champions’ Banner at Highland Lanes….plus get the $50 bucks for Docs? Let’s break it down and see who came out on top!

In the first Semi Final match up, Pinning Ain’t Easy went up against Big Balls in Bowltown to see who got a shot at a place on the podium. Big Balls is known for their…er…big balls, so they were the team to beat. They got off to a quick start but Pinning Ain’t Easy was not going down without a fight. Both teams swapped some impressive strikes but Big Balls got the upper hand in the end with a 923-838 win. On to the finals!

In the other half of the draw, No Spareway took on the purple pin eaters…Bowl You Over…..and they ate plenty of pins on their way to a dominant win to head to the Finals. No Spareway was on the wrong end of a 1011-895 drumming. Ouch!

Never fear, however, we do have a consolation game to add that 3rd team to the podium. No Spareway took on Pinning Ain’t Easy to see who could save some pride ….. and drink a few more brewskies while hanging out! Both teams laid it all out in the lane and managed some impressive frames until the last ball was thrown. In the end, No Spareway took the win 939-897 to hold onto some pride.

Championship round had seeds one and two facing off against each other in a good old fashioned bowl down. Bowl You Over started off with a strong arm, out bowling the number one team, Big Balls in Bowltown, and keeping the lead by at least 20 pins. Big Balls seemed to have a problem keeping their big balls out of the gutter. They had a chance at redemption in the final two frames with a 20 point differential. It was too close for comfort and had Bowl You Over nervous. This seriously boiled/bowled down to the last frame. Bowl You Over bowled allllll over Big Balls in Bowltown 929-895 in an exciting upset! Wow….awesome!

What a great season with awesome play, sportsmanship and camaraderie…..see you all again next season!


Playoff Bowling – Monday Night at Highland Lanes!!

Where can you act like a kid again….throw things and knock things down with a loud bang? Highland Lanes!!

Monday was playoff night at the lanes and it all came down to who could mow down the most pins…..or knock back the most brewskies! With all the teams looking for a place on the podium, let’s take a look at some of the early action first:

The mighty ThunderBalz took  on the hopefuls from E-Bowl-A. The tension was high tonight with so much at stake. It didn’t take ThunderBalz long to take the lead with a couple of early spares that set the tone. E-Bowl-A came back midway through with some clutch throws to keep it close though. In the end, ThunderBalz added some key strikes that put the game out of reach. They took the victory 983-881 and headed to the finals! Nice showing!

In the other side of the bracket, Gutter Train went up again Glory Bowl to see who would be going to the Big Show. This was a tight one with each team keeping pace with the other. At one point, only three pins separated these two teams looking to make the finals. Glory Bowl tried to keep up late in the game, but Gutter Train managed a couple of key strikes to take the win 978-905! Awesome showing!!

In the consolation bracket, Glory Bowl and E-Bowl-A both had something to prove and some dignity to save. Both teams poured it on and never let up with some impressive ball slinging and pin crushing. When the resin settled, E-Bowl-A edged Glory Bowl 964-937 to take 3rd place. Not to be forgotten, Glory Bowl took home the Miss Congeniality trophy!!

The Finals saw Gutter Train take on the powerful ThunderBalz for all the marbles. This one wasn’t even close……fun…..but not close! Gutter Train gutted ThunderBalz 1009-958 but there were lots of high fives, none the less. As always, Championship Night never disappoints and only gives us fuel for next season. See you then!!

Royal Blue, Purple, Maroon, Orange…..Bowling Ball Colors or Jersey Colors?


Balls and pins were flying Monday night at Highland Lanes….let’s see if they actually hit anything!

First up was the royal blue team of Q1Media’s Blue Ballerz taking on the maroon team of Gutter Train. Not many gutter balls on this train as they rolled over Blue Ballerz 988-874 to get things started.

Next up, the orange jersy’d team of Glory Bowl went up against E-Bowl-A in their purple T’s. This was a close match with each team matching pin for pin right up until the last 2 frames. Glory Bowl had the last word and pulled out a nice win with an 868 to E-Bowl-A’s 843. Great game with lots of cheering from both sides of the lane!

In another close one, ThunderBalz in their black T’s took on Q1Media’s Three Finger Flingers. Q1Media held a slight lead throughout and then pulled away with a few extra pins late to take the 956-927 victory. ThunderBalz wasn’t held down long as they went up against Gutter Train for redemption. They had the lead throughout and never looked back to put a spanking on Gutter Train 992-859. Wow!

E-Bowl-A was also looking to notch their first victory of the night when they played Q1Media’s Three Finger Flingers. Although it was close early, E-Bowl-A pulled away with some clutch spares and strikes to take the Dub-Yah at 930-867. Nice comeback!

In what proved to be the game of the night, Q1Media’s Blue Ballerz went up against rival Glory Bowl in an epic nail biter! Blue Ballerz had the early lead and stayed consistent from frame to frame. Meanwhile, on the orange team, Nate was pouring in strike after strike to keep things close. Final frame…..Glory Bowl needs a strike to barely notch the win……ball is thrown…..pins are struck….8 go down….9 go down…..10 go down! Yessssss! What a game….what a victory 936-934.

This is why we love Highland Lanes on Monday nights!! Come back next week and we can do it all over again!


Is This a Picket Line or Something…..With All The Strikers Going Around?!

It’s the ASSC Wednesday night bowling league at Highland Lanes and strikes were flying like saucers at a UFO Convention!! Let’s take a look at who was hot and who was not!

First up, No Spareway went up against Bowl You Over. No Spareway was slow out of the gate and couldn’t seem to catch a break (or many strikes) as Bowl You Over went hard and strong the entire game. When the dust settled, they posted up 998 to No Spareway’s 887. Tough loss on this one!

Pinning Ain’t Easy had an interesting night going up against 2 powerhouse teams looking to throttle someone. Big Balls in Bowltown was their first competition and they dominated by pinning 965 on the gold team. Lots of spares picked up and throw in a strike or 2 and it was all over but the cryin’! No Spareway also had their way with Pinning Ain’t Easy by hanging an impressive 946 on the hapless Pinning Ain’t Easy. Better luck next week!

In the final game of the night…..we saved the best for last! Big Balls in Bowltown took on Bowl You Over where more pins were crushed than the entire night on all the other lanes! Turkeys and Hambones were definitely the fare for the night!

Blair Newman of team Bowl You Over managed to bowl 4 strikes in a row in her second game! She got tons of high fives for that action. Fellow teammate David Erminger also got in on the strike action and bowled 3 strikes in a row. But wait! There’s more! Bret Britton also bowled 4 strikes in a row…all in the same game! Bunch of strikers they were on this night! Bowl You Over whoooooooooped Big Balls In Town, 1056 to 880. When you’re hot…’re hot!!

It might have been cold outside but it was burning up inside the lanes at Highland. Join us again next week as we reset the table for another exciting feast at the lanes!

Bowling….Booze…..Balls and Buffoonery! We have it all at Westgate Lanes!

Thursday night, these teams were throwing everything back……including some adult beverages! Beers, shots…..more beer and more shots…..and they hadn’t even thrown their first ball yet! Let’s see how it all played out on the west side!

King Pinz needed to pull out two wins tonight or else they would be play off ineligible. They were ranked 8th at the start of the night, but was able to pull out a win against Life in the Gutter 953 – 860 and against The Crop Dusters, 1011-920. Their wins tonight moved them to 3rd place in the standings and punched their ticket for the upcoming playoffs! Great way to start out the night!

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the night’s action:

High Rollers struggled to keep up with the mighty Pairs and Spares, taking the loss 856 to 995. With the momentum in their favor, Pairs and Spares went up against Life in the Gutter but couldn’t hang on to their early lead. They lost a close one 862 – 879.

In the nick of time fell hard in their early game against Spare Me with a 1005 to 956 defeat. They didn’t stay down long, however with a nice rebound against Turkey Club. They easily took their second game 1032-977! Another great showing!!

Speaking of Turkey Club, Splits N Giggles thought they had them beat cruising into the last couple of frames with the lead. Turkey Club picked up the needed spare and strike to take the surprising win 968-946. Great clutch rolls late!

Splits and Giggles had another shot at a victory, however, when they took on Pin Pals in their second game. Splits N Giggles couldn’t seem to stay out of the gutter only able to post up 836 to Pin Pals’ impressive 974. Better luck next time!

Pin Pals was on a roll and needed every drop of the pins up against the powerhouse The Crop Dusters team. This was a close one all the way through! Both teams seemed to go pin for pin…..frame after frame! After the last pin dropped, it was Pin Pals on top with a 916-902 win. Nice!

In the final match up of the night, Clear Eyes. Full Beers. Can’t Lose. went up against Spare Me to close out the night. Spare Me had an impressive victory earlier in the night and hoped to make quick work of Clear Eyes. Their earlier momentum worked in their favor again notching another win 952-907. Another great win!

Look for us again at Westgate Lanes next week….we will be the ones with all the balls and buffoonery!

What Sport Other Than Tennis Has a Foot Fault? Bowling!!


Yes, it’s true……you can bowl the most perfect ball and it could all be wiped out by your big toe falling just beyond the scratch line…..drat!!!

Did we mention these bowlers know how to drink?! Most of them know how to drink better than they know how to bowl…..but’s that’s beside the point!! One of the new, favorite side games going on Wednesdays is the “beer frames.” Some made it shot frames, some used “drinking / timeout spaces” that the beer frame loser would have to go to in order to finish their drink. They got sent to their own Guantanamo Bay to finish their respective drinks. Only in bowling!!!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how things rolled out on Wednesday night at Highland Lanes:

In game 1, Pinning Aint Easy went up against the purple jersy’d Bowl You Over. This match started out pretty evenly matched and both sides picked up timely spares and strikes when they needed them. In the end, however, Pinning Ain’t Easy got a couple of breaks and never looked back. They got the victory 1080 to 874. Nice win! In their second game of the night, they showed no mercy when taking on Big Balls in Bowltown. Again, in the beginning it looked like a close match up but Pinning Ain’t Easy struck down the pins like flies from a flyswatter. 1099 to 847 sent Big Balls packing!

In the later match up, Big Balls in Bowltown took on No Spareway in an exciting game in the lanes. These 2 teams went frame for frame, each just barely edging the other all the way until the 10th frame. Big Balls pulled it out with an exciting 873 to 856 win! Awesome!!

In the final face off of the night, No Spareway took on Bowl You Over to see who could notch the big Dub-Yah. Bowl You Over took the early lead and looked like they would come away the victor. No Spareway had other ideas and mounted a nice come from behind victory topping Bowl You Over 949-910!

Great night at the lanes so come join us again next week!


How Can There Be Strikes Without a Bat and a Plate?! It’s Bowling….that’s how!!

Riddle me this Batman: We are a family. We live in an alley on oily ground. We all look exactly the same, and when we get hurt we get pushed out of the way and replaced. We fear the almighty sphere of death.  What are we…..? If you miss this one…….stop reading this and go back to whatever you were doing!!

Seriously, let’s check out what went down at Highland Lanes on Wednesday night….a few drinks….a few shoe rentals….a few balls polished…..a few more drinks……okay, now for the bowling part:

First up, Bowl You Over went up against No Spareway to get things started. Although not a high scoring game between the two teams, they seemed to match up, pin for pin after each frame. No Spareway took a slight edge going into the final frames but Bowl You Over scored some timely strikes and came from behind to take the win 896-858. Well done!!
Big Balls in Bowltown got off to a strong start against Pinning Ain’t Easy but hit a wall……er some gutters…..midway through. Pinning Ain’t Easy stayed consistent and picked up 2 straight spares in the closing frames to come out on top 873-844. Nice playing!!
With both teams warmed up after their first games, No Spareway and Pinning Ain’t Easy went at it for their second games of the night. Pinning Ain’t Easy was trying to ride the winning momentum from their first game and No Spareway was looking to avenge an earlier loss. Early on, it looked like No Spareway was going to run away with this one in quick order. They had a huge lead with just a few frames to go. Pinning Ain’t Easy came up with a 4 strike turkey to close the gap but it was too little, too late. Nice try though and a great game!!
In the final match up of the night, Bowl You Over was going for their second victory while Big Balls in Bowltown was looking for their first Dub-Yah. These two teams went at it, pin for pin so it was anybody’s game to take. Once again, it came down to the last couple of frames. It was Big Balls in Bowltown who held on with some key pick ups to take the victory lap at 956-905. Awesome!

Don’t forget to join us again next week…..and don’t forget to pack your shoes!

Bottoms Up Bowlers!!

Time for another exciting season at Westgate Lanes with some new faces… groups…….new drinks! That’s how we do it in ASSC!

The King Pins and Pin Palz played one hell of a game that will be sure to ruin their respective handicaps from here on out……..maybe. But they went toe to toe as the King Pins prevailed thanks in large part to a Michael 191. Pin Palz were consistent from top to bottom and nearly took down Team Brenda but King Pins took the victory…..700-598!

King Pins had a nice comeback in their second game of the night. They tacked up 761 to Pairs Spares’ 575. Great showing!! Pairs Spares had a nice comeback of their own in a nail biter against Spare Me. In the end, Pairs Spares 591 and Spare Me 588.

Spare Me fought hard in their second game but fell short to Life In The Gutter 662 to 614, Nice game though! Life In The Gutter was on a roll as they went up against Clear eyes in their second game. They dominated with a 715 to Clear Eyes’ 465. Ouch!!

Bowling Stones had a back and forth kind of night. Their balls were hot against Turkey Club, taking the 548 to 503 win. Things went cold, however, in their next match up, taking on Crop Dusters. This was a close match early on with both tames picking up spares when they needed and a couple of strikes here and there. When the dust settled, it was Crop Dusters taking the 592-542 win. Nice!!

Crop Dust didn’t stay down long, taking on Splits N in their follow up match. Another lopsided victory that started out close with Crop Dust on top by 590-492. Split N couldn’t seem to find their groove…..or the pins for that matter! They fell again, this time to Nick of Time 530-472.

In the final game of the night Pin Palz went up against Nick of Time and they saved the best for last! Each frame went pin for pin with teams matching each other’s spares with spares and strikes with strikes!! In the end, Pin Palz barely edged Nick of Time 621 to 610! Awesome!!

Let’s do it all again next week!