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If you kick the ball with your foot, why isn’t it called football?!!


Kickball…….whatever you call it….it was happening Thursday night at SARC!! Let’s see how it all turned out!

Pitches Be Crazy started things off by taking on the powerhouse, Menace 2 Sobriety. Playing to the contrary of their team name, Menage 2 Sobriety proved to be more of a menace to Pitches Be Crazy! They thumped them pretty good by a closing score of 12-4. Those Pitches might be Crazy but they couldn’t keep up with Menace on this night!

Next up saw Friends That Fight take on 2 Legit 2 Kick on field 1. Although 2 Legit did manage to kick a few, only 1 runner was able to score. Friends That Fight were ready to battle posting up 8 runs of their own to take the Dub-Ya. Nice game!

Wasted Potential vs Kicken and Waffles – Wasted Potential and Kicken and Waffles played a tight game on field 1. Both teams showed up with some great defensive schemes keeping this one a low scoring affair. In the end, Kicken was able to squeeze out a one run win in this squeaker! Great game!

On field 2, 2 Chix held off Red Balls and Vodka by the same 3-2 score. 2 Chix scored an exciting run in the bottom of the 6th to break the tie and take the win! Eww-wee….this was a close one!

And finally, in the night’s runaway score, Stepdads lapped the diamond 16 times….whew…they were gassed after this one! Don’t Stop Ballieving were good sports and seemed to enjoy the 2 runs they were able to get across the plate. This team might be on the low end of the scoreboard but they always seem to come out on top in spirit…..great night at the diamond!

As always, Doc’s was the place to be for a few libations and swapping stories of the night. The only thing that beats Thursday night NFL is Thursday night kickball…..come join us again next week as we throw it down again!


“Playoffs? Don’t talk about—playoffs?! You kidding me? Playoffs?! YES!!!



Yes…’s playoff night at Richard Moya Park so get your kickballs ready and take cover!!

Let’s talk semis first….4 teams made the playoffs and squared off with each other to see who goes to the big show….the ultimate….the mother of all games….the Finals! Your contestants are:

Balls & Dolls, Drunk Again and Looking to Score, Brew Ballers and I’d Hit That.

Since every team wanted to hold that Championship Banner, there was no let up for any team or player on the field tonight! Balls & Dolls started things off against Drunk Again and Looking to Score. Everybody was sober for this one with both teams scoring one apiece in their opening innings. Drunk Again tacked on a couple more to take the lead. Balls & Dolls had the bases loaded but couldn’t push any runners across… close! Drunk Again tacked on another run for good measure and took their game 5-2. On to the finals!

In the other semi final showdown, Brew Ballers went up against I’d Hit That in a nail biter. Both teams put up great defensive schemes to keep this one close. 3 innings down and no one has crossed the plate! Is anybody going to break this one open?! Brew Ballers struck first with a few hard fought singles finally paying off. I’d Hit That did just that……scoring 1 of their own…..all tied up! I’d Hit That had 1 more at bat and made the most of it. They only needed 1 run to take the V and the crowd went nuts when they managed that last single for the win. Awesome game!

It all came down to this…..2 of the toughest and most talented teams vying for the Championship. Who will take it all the way?! Again, both teams posted a couple of runs early to get things started. Drunk Again got started first with 4 runners crossing home. What a great start! I’d Hit That came back with 2 of their own to keep things interesting. Tough defenses held on to give the 4-2 win to Drunk Again and Looking to Score! Awesome playoffs…..awesome games….awesome players!

Lustre Pearl East hosted the night’s Happy Hour where there were lots of toasts to be made and challenges for next season to be made! Another great one in the books…..what do you say we do it all again!

Game 7 of the World Series or Kickball at SARC? No Brainer!!


ASSC Kickball league proved you can get in some World Series and kickball watching…..all in the same night! No Cubbies or Indians here but let’s take a look at our series lineups!

Liver Let Die got things started by taking on Kicking is Wrong on field 1. Both teams scored a couple of runs early but it was Liver Let Die that kept up the momentum into the late innings. They took the Dub-Ya at 8-2 on the diamond. Well done Livers!

Tears for Beers was penciled in for a double header first taking on Brews Ur Daddy in the earlier matchup. Early scoring from both sides kept this one close until the last inning. Brews Ur Daddy tacked on 3 more runs to seal the win at 5-2. After a tough loss in their opener, Tears for Beers went up against Shakicks in hopes of righting the ship. Something must have been in that Gatorade between games because Tears for Beers could not be stopped! Kick after kick… after run….it was a dizzying array of run scoring. Some of their players are still rounding the bases. Final tally……13-4! Wow!!

Game of the night was played between Menace 2 Sobriety and Zilker! I Just Met Her! It was close the entire game, with both teams trading runs for runs. Zilker’s defense held strong late in the game, squeezing out a tight win at 6-4. Another great game!

Happy Hour at Doc’s was definitely rockin! World Series on the telly and every table spoken for! Lots of brewskies tipped back and challenges for next week thrown down. The Wednesday night kickballers always know how to have fun….on and off the field! Let’s do it again next week!




Drunk and Looking to Score?! Kickball scores…..that is!


Tuesday……Kickball …… Pan Am …… be there!! Let’s see what happened this week:

Drunk and Looking to Score was doing just that when they came across Spark Warrior who was up for the challenge. Nice, tight game in the first few innings. Singles pushed in by big kicks then a homer here and there. When it was all said and done, Spark Warriors didn’t quite have enough to take down Drunk and Looking to Score, taking the loss 4-9. Great game though!

Speaking of drinking, Booze on First went up against Bunt Rollaz in our next match up of the night. In a word……blowout! Bunt Rollaz rolled all over Booze on First 12-2. Booze on First might have been short on runs but they were loaded with sportsmanship and camaraderie….. great show!

Speaking of blowout…….The Funk Train was headed into the station and was carrying nothing but runs. Club Foot never had much of a chance against the heavy kickers of The Funk Train squeaking out only a couple of runs. All Aboard!! Whew, Whew ….. 12 runs for the win.

Most exciting game of the night goes to I Feel Like a Schoolboy Again picking a schoolyard fight with Kickaholics. Quite the challenge to go up against the big boys but Schoolboy held their own. Early innings saw a tight match….each scoring a couple of runs apiece with the offenses opening up.  When the dust cleared, Kickaholics had rounded the bases 6 times leaving I Feel Like a Schoolboy Again with only 4. Awesome game!

Craftsman was a great happy hour host, as always where lots of players stayed to watch the world series, play cornhole or just reminisce about the night’s highlights. Please join us again when we do it again next week!

What to do when there’s a big red ball coming at you…..kick it!



Tuesday night at Gillis Park, Kickball

It’s Tuesday night and you’re cruising around Austin looking for some action. You see the lights of a baseball diamond but there’s no gloves, bats or baseballs. What’s going on? ……. what’s up with the giant red ball getting kicked around?….. it’s ASSC Kickball night at Gillis Park! Let’s see what all the excitement is about!

Win or Lose won a tight contest over Pitches and Throws. Both teams took a tie score into the late innings and it was anyone’s ballgame. Win or Lose managed 2 sneaky runs and took the win 6-4.

Primetime was headed for a big night rounding the bases over and over again….. like the rotisserie hot dogs at 7-11! Their first victim was Kicking Grass who managed 3 runs while they watched Primetime score 15 of their own. This team knows how to kick and run! Their second victim was Kicks Out for Harambe. Primetime hit a slump and only managed 10 runs while holding Harambe to the big zero. Yikes…..that’s a beating!

In one of the later games, Dunder took on 4th Base in an entertaining game, to say the least. A T-Rex even showed up to play and had an exciting play at home. His ego and dinosaur suit were a little worse for wear but Dunder did manage to score 12 against 6 for 4th Base. Awesome game and awesome sportsmanship! This is what ASSC is all about!

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be after the games …. costume or no costume…..all were welcome! Happy Hour is always a time to reminisce about great plays, great friends and great camaraderie!

Trick or Treat….Smell My Feet….Give Me Something Good to Eat… a Big Red (Baller)!


(Eerie Halloween music playing) Velcome to Halloveen Night at the Pan Am Rec Center vere you’ll see lots of ghosts and goblins all running around the bases avoiding a giant red ball!

Not much candy was given out on this night but a couple of beatings were! We saw some awesome displays of kicking power from some of our own vampires celebrating the darkness of the night! Let’s see who got treated and who got tricked!

Fun Bags was all about the fun on this night rounding the bases 8 times while All About that Base must have been in their sugar crash mode come kickoff time. Although some managed to land on base, that’s about as far as it went…..home plate was as distant as in-laws around the Thanksgiving dinner table! Ouch!

In a much closer match, Pitch Don’t Kill took on Buddha Ballers in a tight one. Both teams scored early and met run for run up until the last inning. Tied at 3 apiece and the bottom of the inning, Buddha Ballers kicked a whopper that’s probably still rolling south toward San Antone! Nice win at 4-3 for the Ballers!

The Big Red Ballers got a big win over Sanders/Wingo. They dominated from start to finish averaging 2 runs an inning to Sanders/Wingo’s lone run across the plate. Big Red Ballers took it going away at 10-1. Great game!

Dr. Dragon and Kicky McKickerson played the game of the night. There were a lot of close plays, good defense and good laughs. The game was tied 2 all in the bottom of the 5th inning with both teams looking to break out the winning run. Defense prevailed for both the home and away team leaving them to the 2-2 tie when it was all over.

Even with other Halloween options, lots of kickers took their fun over to Craftsman to tip back a few and throw down the gauntlets for next week. Let’s see who can scare up the most runs next week?!




Why are we on a baseball diamond without a bat?! It’s Kickball!



Who wants to get down and dirty on Monday nights at Havins?! We do….don’t forget to bring the giant red ball!! We have lots of games to cover so let’s get going:

First off, Alco-Ball-Ics took on Fresh Kicks of Ball Air to get things started. This was a low scoring, defensive game all the way around. Fresh Kicks managed just 1 run but it was 1 more run then Alco-Ball-Ics, taking the win at 1-0.

In another low scoring matchup, Balls & Dolls managed 1 run across the plate but Kick In a Box was able to do them 1 better, getting the Dub-Ya at 2-1. Nice close game!

Drinking Team with a Kicking Problem must have stayed at the bar a little too long this night, getting blanked 0-7 by Kick it & Quit it. Drinking team couldn’t seem to close the gaps in the infield and outfield with lots of balls getting through. Good news is, we get to try it again next week!

With a borderline risky team name, Go Suck Your Own Kick got by Kicks Out for Harambe 4-2 for the win. Both teams posted early runs to keep it close but Go Suck added 2 more late to pull ahead. Great game!

Don’t Stop Ballievin took it to Ballcoholics on the diamond scoring 3 quick runs in the early innings. Their awesome defense held Ballcoholics to zero runs taking the win 3-0.


In our next match up, Fireball took on Off With Sandpaper in another close one. Sandpaper scored first but couldn’t seem to keep putting the pressure on, allowing Fireball to score 3 runs when it was all said and done.

Pitches on My Kick took it to I wanna ki-ki-ki-kick u from ur head to ur toes keeping them from scoring a single run. Pitches scored consistently from inning to inning managing 7 runs across the plate. Well done!

Speaking of 7 runs across the plate, Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard managed just that against MSR Athletics in their royal blue jerseys. With a sturdy defense and consistent offense, Your Pitch took the victory at 7-1 when it was all over.

Runs, runs, runs……it was dizzying to see Let’s Get Social round the bases over and over! Impressive indeed! Happy Hour Heroes managed 1 across but with Let’s Get Social scoring 11, it was all over before it began!

We Are Here for the Drink Specials looked like they were only here for the drink specials!! They did manage 2 runs but Ballers of the Bar circled the bases 5 times to take the coveted “bar related team name” trophy! We’ll drink to that!

Although Fried Kicken and Amazeballs fought through a close one, neither team could take it all the way to victory. Each team scored 2 runs but couldn’t manage to break the tie…..and you know how we hate ties! AAAARRRRGGGG!

Speaking of ties…..grrrr……Stumblin’ Bumblin’ and Kick it & Quit it also couldn’t seem to get over the final hump to victory. Kick it scored first but Stumblin’ came right back with a run of their own. Incredible defense on both sides kept the score tied and that’s how it all ended. Dangit…….we hate ties!!

After the game, everyone headed over to Happy Hour at Little Woodrow’s to recall the high and lowlights of the night. Plenty of challenges were thrown down for next week’s match ups so join us again to see how they all play out.



What game involves a ball, 3 bases, home plate…but no gloves or bats? Kickball!



If you drove by the softball fields Thursday night at South Austin Rec Center and saw fans screaming, balls flying and runners running… just passed by one of the most exciting games in Austin…..kickball! Let’s see what all the fuss was about:

Wasted Potential and Kicken and Waffles played a tight game on field 1. Both teams scored a couple of runs early but went silent after that. Last inning…..someone has to break it open and Kicken was determined enough to punch out that final run for the 3-2 win. Must be the waffles :-/

On field 2, there was another nail biter coming down to the wire. Blue Balls scored first quickly followed by 2 Chix with a run of their own. Next inning saw the same thing….one team scored and the other team followed right up. Both teams took the 2 all tie into the 6th and final inning. Blue Balls had a couple of chances but couldn’t convert any additional runs. 2 Chix came to bat with 3 chances to win the game. It only took them 1! One giant kick….one giant homer… over! Wow…..awesome!!

In the night’s most one sided match up, The Stepdads – We Beat You, You Hate Us took on Don’t Stop Ballieving. Stepdads played like they had something to prove… you can score almost every time you come up to the plate! 16 players crossed the plate for the Stepdads while Don’t Stop Ballieving managed only 2. Not much hatin’ going on in this game…..just lots of runs!

In other action, Menace 2 Sobriety took it out on Pitches Be Crazy 12-2 and Friends that Fight knocked out 2 Legit to Kick 8-1 in a the night’s late games.

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be after the night’s last inning. Great food, drinks and camaraderie were all on tap while Thursday Night NFL blared in the background. Them amps were definitely blaring on this awesome autumn night in Austin…..let’s do it all again next time!



“Drunk and Looking to Score” Scores!!……to win the Championship, that is!



It’s Kickball Championship night at Moya and, like always, it was a barn burner of excitement. Let’s get right to it:

In the first semi-final matchup, Balls & Dolls looked to take out last seasons’ champs Drunk Again and Looking to Score. The game started out fairly even with 2 quick runs from each side. Drunk Again looked anything but……scoring 3 more in the final innings to take the victory heading into the finals.
In other semi-final action, Brew Ballers took on I’d Hit That to see who would fill the last spot in the championship game. Both teams had a hard time scoring for the first few innings in this nail biter. Both teams traded 1 run apiece midway through before I’d Hit That trickled in one last run in the final inning to take the Dub-Ya! What a close game with lots on the line……well done!
It all came down to this….last year’s champs, Drunk Again and Looking to Score, taking on the strong defenders of I’d Hit That for all the marbles. Who would wave that Championship Banner this season…..the new competitor or the returning veterans looking to become a legacy?! Drunk again looked pretty sober all night in taking out their previous opponent and I’d Hit That had done just that to get to the finals. This game was also a nail biter with the crowd fully engaged in every pitch and every at bat. Both teams kept the scoring down by some great defense and anticipatory shifts to cover all the bases. Drunk Again scored first only to be followed by 2 of their own from I’d Hit That. In the end, the champs proved why they are the best….pushing in 2 late runs to take the win at 4-2 at last! Wow…..this is how we spell Championship Night on the diamond!

Lustre Pearl East was the place to be after the last out, where gauntlets were thrown down for next season and lots of high fives for this season. Kickball in Austin is definitely where it’s at!


Some say “Kickball is the king of the playground” You decide!


Folklore has it that kickball is a game of passion, of tears, of blood. It is the single greatest game ever conceived, besting even that of a good game of dodgeball. Similarly to dodgeball, it is traditionally played with a big, red 10″ rubber ball. Traditional rules are similar to that of baseball (an infinitely inferior game, even if it is more popular). The chief difference is that in kickball you kick a ball, instead of swing at balls with a wooden bat. Kickball also involves the fielders attempting to get out the runners by tagging them, or for those with skill, pegging them. Knocking them over is a plus, but offers no actual advantage, as far as scoring goes. Now that we know what is said about our favorite playground sport, let’s see how it all went down Wednesday night at South Austin Rec Center:
Shakicks took on Kicking is Wrong in the early game to lead things off. Both teams had equal number of players crossing the plate but Shakicks couldn’t be stopped with some amazingly well placed kicks. Kicking is Wrong shook up their defensive looks but Shakicks kept them coming……kick after kick… after run. They crossed a total of 11 times to Kicking’s 3 to take the easy Dub-ya!

Shakicks laced them up again for their next matchup with Menace 2 Sobriety out on the diamond. Shakicks must have hit their wall by only scoring a single run to Menace 2 Sobriety’s 6. Menace posted up some killer defense that seemed to keep any ball from reaching the outfield. Nothing got through that infield! Well played!

Brews Your Daddy and Liver Let Die played an exciting game to wrap up the night’s games. These 2 undefeated teams went back and forth all game until Liver put up 3 runs in the bottom of the fourth and held on for an 8-5 victory. These 2 teams are undefeated for a reason….lots of great matchups, hustle, and determination to earn that Dub-Ya at any cost! Awesome game!

After the games, everyone headed to Doc’s for more fun and a few libations as well. Eating, drinking, and watching the World Series on this beautiful fall evening in Austin is why we love ASSC. Friends or foes, there were lots of beers pounded and dollar tacos enjoyed by all. Come back next time so we can do it all again!