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Looking To Kick Some Balls……Legally?



Tuesday night at Pan Am balls were flying…..kicks were swinging…..runs were scored……laughter and happiness abounded! It must be ASSC kickball night at Pan Am in Austin! Let’s kick off the night’s events with the rundown of how it all played out:

In the early game, Drunk and Looking to Score went up against Spark Warriors. Although there was some spark, the Warriors managed only 4 runs against Drunk’s 9 players rounding all the bases. They didn’t have to look too far to score…..they did it all night long! Nice game!

Speaking of booze, the 7:20 pairing saw Bunt Rollaz taking on Booze on First in their Irish green jerseys. When it was all over, it looked like Booze on First might have imbibed a little too early, falling 2-12 to Bunt Rollaz in a runaway. There were more than just bunts rolling their way tonight! Awesome game!

In another lopsided affair, Club Foot took a beating from The Funk Train only managed 2 runs up against their 12. Defense was the name of the game with every Funk Train playing seemingly in the right place for every Club Foot at bat. Short, medium, long, low and high… matter where they were, Funk Train was there. 3 up, 3 down over and over. Nice win for the Funkies!

In the final game of the night, I Feel Like a Schoolboy Again took on Kickaholics in a close one. Both teams showed up with great offense and strategic defensive schemes. The feet were hot with both teams swapping runs in the earlier innings. Schoolboy let up just enough in the late innings to allow Kickaholics a couple more runs across the plate. They took the Dub-Ya 6-4 in a close one when it was all said and done. Yes…..this is why we play the game!

Once again, Craftsman was the place to be after it was all over. With the World Series on the telly and cornhole outside, there was something for everyone after the games. What better place to share the night’s highlights…..and lowlights…..over a few cold ones!


Ballkick or Kickball? Let’s find out………



Kickball: NOUN

North American

  • [mass noun] An informal game combining elements of baseball and soccer, in which a soccer ball is thrown to a person who kicks it and proceeds to run the bases.

    Looking for some kickball action on a Tuesday night? Head over to Gillis Park and you’ve hit the mother lode! Here’s the night’s breakdown on the diamond:

Dunder took on Kickin’ Grass and took the win going away. Kickin’ managed a couple of runs early but it was all Dunder’s game, scoring a whopping 14 trips around the bases. Powerful offense with a rock solid defense made it look easy for the defending champs!

Next matchup saw Kicks out for Harambe take on 4th base, who was looking for any kind of run scored. Kick out for Harambe held tough and posted up 4 runs while holding off Kicks from every crossing home. Can you say skunk?

In another lopsided victory, Bases May Not Be Loaded actually went against their own team name……they did indeed keep their bases loaded…..again and again! The racked up 11 runs while holding Ace of 2nd Base to only 2. Great win for Bases May Not Be Loaded!

Pitches and Cream faced off against Sit on my Base for what started out as a close game. Both teams scored runs early but Sit on my Base broke through with 3 extra runs late. They took the win at 6-3 in the last inning. Exciting game!

In another awesome match up, Coming in Hot took on Win or Lose and it all came down to the wire. Both teams tied in the bottom of the last inning with 2 outs. Last and final player is up at the plate and kicks a whopper that brings in the winning run……it doesn’t get much better than this! Awesome!!

In the game of the night, defending champs Dunder took on Primetime. Dunder has always had the upper hand when these 2 teams meet up but there was something different in the air on Tuesday night. David vs Goliath all over again! Primetime fell behind early and it felt like Groundhog Day all over again! All was not lost when they managed to tie it up at 2-2. The Gods were with them when Primetime squeaked in 1 more run to take a wild victory by 3-2! This is why we make it out to Gillis Park on Tuesday nights……to see some awesome kickball in Austin!

The fun didn’t stop there……Doc’s hosted another super happy hour where stories were swapped and challenges thrown down for the next game. Still looking for some action? ….. come join us again next week and you’ll find it!

What’s Got 4 Bases and a Gigantic Ball? ASSC Kickball!!


Who wants to kick a giant ball around on a baseball diamond at Pan Am Rec Center on Monday nights? We do…..that’s who!

The Fun Bags played a solid defensive game and put up enough offense for a smooth 6-2 win over Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. The Fun Bag defense put just the right players in just the right spots to keep Pitch from cracking through for any more runs. Well done!

All About that Bass put up 11 runs and it could have been more. The defending champs let Buddha Balls put up some runs, but the outcome was never in doubt. They took the L at 6-11 and couldn’t keep up their offensive attacks against a solid defensive front.

Good news…..bad news……..Sanders/Wingo played a great game for 5 innings, but unfortunately the game went 6 innings. Kicky McKickerson scored the winning run with 2 outs in the bottom half of the 6th to take the 3-2 win with the crowd going crazy! Who says there isn’t much drama on the diamond…..awesome!

Dr Dragon absolutely destroyed the Big Red Ballers. After scoring 7 in the first, the Ballers did manage to post up 4 runs to keep things interesting. Dr Dragon’s strong offense and heavy hitters, never let up, adding 10 more dizzying runs to win it going away 17-4.

Craftsman was the place to be for the after-party happy hour. Buddha Balls might have posted a loss on the diamond but definitely posted a win at the happy hour! They love to have a good time whether it’s during the game or after and continued kickin’ it with All About that Bass. Great play…great sportsmanship….great spirit. Just the way we like it at ASSC! Join us again next week and we’ll show you how it’s done!




It’s Monday Night… you know where your kickball is?…..Havins!!


The only thing more fun than these team names is the game results when they all matched up on Monday night! Let’s get right to the highlights:

In a tight defensive battle, Fresh Kicks of Ball Air shut out Alco-Ball-Ics by scoring only 1 run. Afterall, that’s all it takes for a victory is 1 more run than the other team!

Balls & Dolls took on Kick In a Box in another close one. Although Balls & Dolls scored first, Kick In a Box came back with a run of their own then scored another exciting one late in the game to take the Dub-Ya 2-1! Awesome game!

Go Suck Your Own Kick met up with Kicks out for Harambe in an offensive battle with some well placed kicks. Both teams scored early matching run for run in the first few innings. Go Suck kept the momentum going late and managed 2 more late runs to take the win by 4-2. Great game!

Ballcoholics was looking for a run……any run at all against Don’t Stop Ballievin. Looked like Ballcoholics needed a 12 step program to recover, dropping the game 0-3 to Don’t Stop Ballievin. Never stop Ballievin Ballcoholics!

Fireball went up against Off With Sandpaper in another close one early on in the game. Both teams scored right out of the gate but Sandpaper couldn’t seem to find the holes to get on base. Too many 3 up….3 downs took them out of the game and Fireball walked away with the 3-0 win.

In the battle of the team names, both teams won for creativity but only 1 team won the actual kickball game! Pitches on My Kick scored 7 runs while I wanna ki-ki-ki-kick u from ur head to ur toes couldn’t make it on the board with a run. Scoreboard read 7-0 after it was all over.

Another PG rated team name posted up 7 runs to take the big Dub-ya. Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard (OMG!) took on MSR Athletics where a total of 8 runs were scored……the bad news for MSR Athletics is they only managed 1 of those runs! Your Pitch takes an easy one at 7-1 for the win.

Fried Kicken went up against Amazeballs……red vs purple! This was awesomely close the entire game with both teams keeping the runs to a minimum. Final inning shows both teams knotted up at 2 apiece. Game finishes in a tie…..nobody likes a tie!!

Let’s Get Social went postal on Happy Hour Heroes. They scored early, often and late to hang 11 runs up against 1 by Happy Hour Heroes. Speaking of social, both teams showed support and sportsmanship throughout the game and carried it on to Happy Hour after the game. Nice!

In the libation themed match up between We are Here for the Drink Specials vs Ballers of the Bar, both teams got on the board in their first at bat (er… kick). Ballers stiffened up their defense to hold back the Drink Specials from upping the score. They also managed to tack on 5 runs when it was all over to Drink Specials 2. Another awesome game!

Neck and neck the whole night, Kick it and Quit it vs Stumblin’ and Bumblin’ was a hard fought game. Lots of great defensive stops for both teams throughout so no one was going to run away with this one! As soon as Kick it and Quit it scored, the next at bat, stumbling’ bumblin’ scored. It could have easily gone one way or the other but both held tight to take home a 1-1 tie! Sooooo exciting!

Little Woodrows was the place to be for the post game happy hour. Lots of storytelling, camaraderie and sportsmanship along with lots of thirst quenching brews to tip back. The best part…..we get to do it all over again next week. See you there!


What has a ball, 4 bases, a pitcher and catcher but no bat……Kickball!!

Looking for a great vibe with some great action……head out to Moya on Thursday nights for some kickball action and you won’t be disappointed! Under the lights with the feel and smell of fall in the air, what a great way to welcome in autumn in Austin!

In one of the night’s earlier games, Balls and Dolls took on Brew Ballers (also know as the night’s Balls vs Balls match!) Balls and Dolls lined up too many heavy kickers and took down the Brew Ballers 9-2. Balls and Dolls brought in too many heavy kickers who were no match for the Brew Ballers on this night.

In the night’s next matchup, Drinking Team with a Kicking Problem definitely saw their share of problems after getting whupped 3-14 by I’d hit that. Drinking Team watched too many kickers cross the plate to put up much of a defense and it was all over before they knew what hit them! I’d hit that couldn’t be stopped tonight!

In another drinking themed matchup, Kick-a-holics took on Brew Ballers to see who could put up the best diamond defense. In a low scoring game, Brew Ballers barely edged the holics 3-1 in an excellent defensive showdown. Not many runs scored but Brew Ballers took whatever they could get to take a squeaker!

To continue the intoxicated team naming battle, Drunk Again and Looking to Score played YETI Custom Shop in one of the night’s later games. YETI might be “Built for the Wild” but they weren’t built for tonight’s win against the powerful Drunk Again squad. Once again, if your team name involves drinking or drunkenness…… were winners on this night! Drunk Again took it to YETI 14-2 when it was all said and done. Wow….another awesome night on the diamond!

After the games, Lustre was the place to be for Happy Hour. Lots of new players, teams and friendships built on this night! No doubt this season kicked off to a great start with awesome drink and food deals all around…….we can’t wait to do it all again next week. Kickball forever!



kickaholics kickaholics

Spring has turned to Fall which will turn to Winter! (Mondays)

I made the comment that this Spring season is the season that never ends and that may be the case in actuality.

Game 1 was June the 6th. The Final game isn’t going to be until Monday September 19th at the earliest. And as we’ve all seen, that is no guarantee.

Yet we’re still rolling balls on Monday nights up North as this league is made up of total dedication. Dedication to sport and to a social life.

So thanks for sticking with us! We’ll see y’all until November i’m sure!

Kick down so we can get down!

Kickball definition (slangly) – Kickball is a game of passion, of tears, of blood. It is the single greatest game ever conceived! Technically kickball isn’t a game of tears and blood, but a good game is marked by the presence of these two elements (as well as a correctly sized Giant Red Rubber Ball).

Tears, blood and plenty of passion were a def Tuesday night at Gillis Park!

Field 1:

‘Primetime’ started off the night the against ‘Clearheads Full Hearts’, PT was just too much for CFH and ran away with a 10-0 win. CFH also took it to ‘Just Kickin It’ with a 10-0 victory. The 2 veteran teams squared away in a game of strategy and defense in the last game of the night, PT was able to score a run in each of the first four innings before JKI scored their only run of the night in the top of the fifth. PT swept the night after another Dub-Ya against Just Kickin It 4-1.

Field 2:
‘Busted Rubbers’ and ‘Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ got this started with BR scoring their only run of the game in the bottom of the first. PDKMV fought back and was able to get a run in of their own in the top of the fourth to end the game in a tie.

The game of the night saw ‘Cock n Ballers’ squaring off against PDKMV. Both teams were knotted at 3 apiece heading into the top of the fifth. PDKMV scored first but CNB rallied back with 3 more runs to take it all at 6-4!

‘The Legend of Dunder’ played ‘Cock n Ballers’ to wrap up the night. TLOD tacked on 4 in the first inning to Ballers single score. Dunder ended up taking it to the house with 5 unanswered runs to get the 9-1 win.

Kickball rules but good sportsmanship is what we are all about!

The team of the night goes to ‘Primetime’ for showing good sportsmanship after their first game against ‘Clearheads Full Hearts.’ The two teams met up to shake hands and multiple players were socializing with the opposing team, offered some suds, and even coached up other players on defense with bunting and kicking tips. ‘Primetime’ then took to the stands to cheer on the other teams…….this is what we do!!

After the games, the fun continued at Docs to raise a few and swap stories about another great night!

Let’s do it all again next week!