Have you always found more success at flipping a cup than flipping off a diving board? Or does putting the ball in the hole make you think of beer pong rather than basketball? Whether you are a bar athlete or weekend warrior, come out and put your bar game skills to the test. We have all the classic tailgate games, including Beer Pong, Cornhole, & Flip Cup. The overall Gold, Silver and Bronze Finishing teams will walk away with some sweet prizes!


Teams of four will compete in prelim games for points (at least one must be female). Based on those points, teams will be placed in a bracket for a single elimination tournament. Winner take all!

Games will include Pong, Corn-Hole, and Flip Cup.
***We at the Austin Sports and Social Club love drinking tasty beverages as much as you do, but we must adhere to the laws of the land. These games will be all about your team’s skills. Therefore, events will be played with water. There will be no exceptions! Also, seriously, that’s gross anyway.***

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