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Wiffleball is coming back soon!

Wiffleball is going to be happening soon! Get ready to have some fun with a good mix of veterans and newer players, and make some new friends! While you’re out there, don’t forget to snap photos and submit them to #AustinSSC for a chance to win pic of the week!

Sunday Wiffleball: Fun was Had, Hands were Shook, Ball was Wiffled

All you need to know about Sunday night is written in the title. My work here is done!



No? Okay, okay! This past Sunday, the top four teams met up and faced off in the semi-final rounds to compete for a chance to hold on to that Austin Sports and Social Club championship banner and earn the “we da best” bragging rights!


Number one seed, Village Idiots, faced off against four seeded team, Blue Wiffles in the night’s opener. There would be no Cinderella story here for the underdogs. It was close, but no cigar; Village Idiots advanced to the final rounds with ease, defeating Blue Wiffles 5 runs to 3. Thanks for playing, Blue Wiffles! Hope to see y’all next season! Check back at for registration announcements and details!


The second game of the night had seeds two and three battling it out in a rather one-sided wiffle fight. I wouldn’t necessarily call this game a Cinderella story, either, or even an underdog victory because Saved by the Balls and We Got the D! had a tied record of 4-2 going into the semi-finals. It just happened to be that number three seed, We Got the D! (D is Short for “Dragon” You Perverts!), brought the heat and wiffled the hell out of the ball and smashed their way to an uncontested victory, 4-1. We Got the D! moved on, and Saved by the Balls moved out!


Championship Game


The championship round with We Got the D! and Village Idiots was everything you’d hope a championship game would be. It was hotly contested and went to extra innings! The teams each fought hard to a 2-2 tie at the end of the 6th inning. In the extra inning, The Village Idiots were able to get runners on base, and with a brilliant final at-bat had a walk off RBI. The Village Idiots held on to their number one spot all season and showed everybody why they’re the best! They remain number one and are looking for a challenge next season, who’s going to take it from them? Are you up for the challenge?


Aside from being able to get a team photo with the championship banner, the winners walked away with some sweet dinero in the form of gift cards, redeemable at Little Woodrow’s. All the teams met up afterwards to booze and schmooze with each other, and the Village Idiots used their winnings to buy a round of drinks for everybody, including our awesome ASSC official! What great sports and even greater socializers! Shout out to all the wiffleballers this past season for making this season a fun one! Keep an eye out for registration announcements, and in the meantime, try another spring sport to keep you in the game! See y’all soon!



(Shout out to Adam W. for the awesome title!)



Sunday Wiffleball: Just Wiffle While You Twerk!

The last week of regular season play went down…at this point…it was a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, guys! No worries, though, because playoffs also got postponed to March 5th! Anyway, it was a super chill night at the Northwest Rec Center. There were only two games that evening with the third game being a pre-notified forfeit (thanks for the heads up, Village Idiots!) Like that Sunday night, this will be short and sweet!


Our night opened with BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 going up against Blue Wiffles in a friendly game of who can run the bases the most. The winner of the evening went to Blue Wiffles who outran BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 9 to 4. Blue Wiffles improved their record to 3-3, and BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 finished the season 2-4.


The second and final game of the night was played by A Case of the Wiffles and Saved by the Balls. A Case of the Wiffles was wanting to get a win under their belt before the end of the season, and Saved by the Balls was needing the win in order to be considered for the playoffs.

It wasn’t looking too good for A Case of the Wiffles, though. They were down 10 runs to zip in the 7th inning. Nobody can be too sure how they did it, or what wiffleball god they prayed to, but A Case of the Wiffles all of a sudden caught a case and scored a run! Then they scored another run! And another run! And another one! (I hope you all started reading that in DJ Khaled’s voice!) A Case of the Wiffles went one an 8-run run and had Saved by the Balls looking scared! Unfortunately, their runs were cut short and A Case of the Wiffles was unable to make the miraculous comeback that everybody was starting to anticipate. Saved by the Balls took home the win, 10-8, and snatched the number two spot in the rankings!


What an awesome game!


Playoffs are on Sunday, March 5th. Village Idiots will be playing Blue Wiffles, and Saved By the Balls will go up against We Got the D! (D is Short for “Dragon” You Perverts!) in the semi-finals. Stop by the rec to catch all the fun and excitement to see who moves on to the finals! After the playoffs, A Case of the Wiffles will be back to play against Balls!1Balls!1Balls!1 in an exhibition game!

Sunday Wiffleball: Come Play Wiff Us!

After a week off due to no games being played on Super Bowl Sunday, our Wiffleballers were back in action this past Sunday at the Northwest Rec Center!

We Got the D! unleashed their dragon (because that’s what the D stands for) on BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 and took the win, 11 runs to 5. We Got the D! (D is short for “dragon” you perverts) improved their record to 3-2 for the season, and BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 sits at 2-3.

Saved by the Balls went up against the undefeated Village Idiots in the second game of the night. It would seem as if Saved By The Balls answered the challenge from two weeks ago to knock the Village Idiots off of their undefeated throne because Saved By The Balls had the lead 3 runs to 1 going into the 4th inning. Feeling anxious about their imminent defeat, Village Idiots had to get it together and dig down deep. At this point, they were looking for a miracle! It’s bottom of the 4th, this is the last chance for Village Idiots, and what do you know? Village Idiots were able to score run after run! They scored so many runs that they were able to clench the lead and pull out a win, 6-3! Village Idiots remain undefeated!

The last game of the night had A Case of the Wiffles playing against Blue Wiffles in a battle of the wiffles that didn’t last too long. Blue Wiffles defeated the defeated team, A Case of the Wiffles, 10 to 3.

Next week is the last week of regular season before playoffs. We have BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 playing against Blue Wiffles in the opener, A Case of the Wiffles versus Saved by the Balls in game two, and Village Idiots against We Got the D! (D is Short for “Dragon” You Perverts!) in the last game of the night.

Happy hour after the games is at Little Woodrow’s! Be sure to stop by for a few (or more, who’s counting?) $2 Dollar Bud Lights and more fun off the field! See y’all next week!

Sunday Wiffleball: Come Get A Wiff Of This!

There’s two weeks left in this winter season of wiffleball (not including Super Bowl Sunday), so what does that mean to you? Well, it means early bird registration opens up February 3rd for spring wiffleball, obviously! Season starts March 5th, so be the first in line to register! Don’t forget to join us after the games at Little Woodrow’s on Burnet for some awesome happy hour specials, including $2 Bud Light drafts and $8 pitchers!

Let’s jump right into Sunday night’s recap of some seriously fun games of wiffleball! Our first game of the night opened with A Case of the Wiffles against We Got the D (D is short for “Dragon,” you perverts!). Even though this game was a bit of a blowout, this opener takes home the prize for being the game of the night! A guy from A Case of the Wiffles was on fire! He caught almost every single line drive that came his way! (Sorry, dude. Unlike your catching abilities, we didn’t catch your name!) And then there there was Tumbling Taylor! This girl was diving and attempting to make any play she could! She really went all out to try to help pull out a win for A Case of the Wiffles. It was awesome and hilarious to watch! Unfortunately for these two characters, We Got the D handed A Case of the Wiffles quite the spanking, 18-1. We Got the D is 2-2 in the season, and A Case of the Wiffles is…well…defeated (0-4). Okay, so you’re probably wondering what makes this game so special that it earned “game of the night.” Sometimes, it’s not always about the score or some crazy Top 10 play that gets the title. At Austin Sports and Social Club we are all about a good time, and We Got the D and A Case of the Wiffles epitomized that culture! Both teams displayed awesome sportsmanship by cheering each other on, laughing, and just enjoying themselves despite the high score. These types of games make it fun for everybody, so shout out to both teams for Keepin’ It Social!

Game two was a showdown between Saved By the Balls and Blue Wiffles, with Blue Wiffles taking home the win in an easy 7-3 victory. The last game of the night was another blowout with the Village Idiots delivering a swift 15-2 defeat to BALLS!!1BALLS!!1BALLS!!1 –did y’all intentionally leave those ones in your name?! Anyway, it looks like the Village Idiots aren’t so idiotic when it comes to wiffleball! They’re undefeated so far! Who will end their streak? We’re looking at you, Saved by the Balls and/or We Got the D!


Who Would Take the Wiffle-Ship All The Way?!

The Event: Wiffleball Championship Tournament……….The Place: Westover Hills Club……..The Reason: To Hoist the Champion Banner and get a few free beers!!

Let’s get started with how the semi-finals action played out:

Village Idiots vs. Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay: In the first game, Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay barely made the playoffs as the 4th seed. In the last inning, down by 3 but STILL having a ton of fun and rooting each other on, Watch me wiff got a 3-R HR with 2 outs to tie up the game. Both teams were cheering for each other and the celebration was mad cool as they went into extra innings. Village Idiots ended up taking the narrow win at 6-5….what a finish!!

In the second semi-final matchup, Just Here for the Beer took on Making Wiffle Great Again: Although not as close as the other semi-final game, both teams fought hard to get into the Big Show. The game was close early but, in an upset, Making Wiffle Great Again came out on top 7-3! Way to go underdogs!!

Now for the big showdown to decide who holds the Championship Banner and has a couple of extra beers without having to pay for them!

Making Wiffle Great Again vs Village Idiots: Lastly, the championship was close play after close play with many off-ball outs- a few double plays, one-handed tags and force outs! Eventually the key for the winners was baserunning, as both teams were zoomin’ around the paths. Village Idiots won the ‘ship, 8-4 but it was a hard fought battle by both teams. Job well done with lots of nifty base running!!

Doc’s on 38th was packed for the Eagles/Giants game but more importantly…..the Wiffleball Champions! Wings were flyin’ and buckets of beer were all around. With so many close calls throughout the night, there was much to discuss and some left over emotions to let out. What a season…..let’s do it all again…shall we?!


‘We “Wiff” You a Merry Christmas…..’

It’s Thursday night and time’s running out…..Doc’s is closing and the weather is turning colder…..what are we to do? Let’s cheer on our Wiffleballers as they bear down for the last few games of the season!

Solid night overall! There were a ton of off-the-wall catches on defense, some great base running for some sneaky runs and a whole lot of booze and celebrations on the sidelines. We even had a team dressed up in Christmas costumes and Santa brought them a critical win for their spirit!

Village Idiots had the double header, but struggled a bit late in a close one. In their 1st game, they went back and forth in a high scoring game with Making Wiffle Great Again. The lead constantly changing, but one big 5 run inning made the difference for Village Idiots. Wiffle had a chance in the last inning with runners on 1st and 2nd, down 2, but the pitcher made a reaction one hand slap to a line drive right at him- resulting in an surprisingly easy pop-up final out. Yikes…that was close!

“Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay” came locked and loaded with the league’s best pitching to take on Village Idiots in the 2nd game. There were a lot of pitchers’ strikeouts (just great pitching) and some incredible defensive and base running plays. In their last chance at bat, Watch Me Wiff scored 2 runs in the top of the final inning to take the lead and held Village Idiots to only 1 run for the whole game. The team loved the solo HR from Village Idiots and every player came came off the bench for the home plate celebration and the 2-1 victory! Yesssss!

The final game was Wiffle While You Work taking on Wiff This in their seasonal costumes. Over the season, both teams learned the power of base running resulting in lots of extra runs scoring from second base. Wiff This made the most of it outlasting Wiffle While You Work 5-2.

As always, everyone headed over to Doc’s on 38th for more fun and merriment. Lots of cold brewskies to tip back and reminisce about games past and our love for Doc’s. We will miss you!

It’s almost Christmas….look out for the Wiffle-toe!


EWWWW-WEEEEE, it’s getting cold outside! Are we still in Austin Texas? Yes! We are at Westover Hills on Thursday nights for Wiffleball!

With the weather near freezing outside, the warm gym was heating up with some awesome wiffleball action! Some batters were ice cold against some new pitchers where there were lots of strikeouts with some power arms coming in as relief in the clutch. With each passing week, we continue to see improvement across the board on both defense and on the basepaths. Let’s hope it continues as we move into more competitive late-season action!

Games were all REALLY close. Players are getting a better understanding of situational running and the strikezone/pitch count, so the bases were loaded a lot. However, there were more strikeouts this time around where lots of players got caught looking at some nifty pitches! Let’s see how it all shook out last week:

Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay took on the powerful Just Here for the Beer to get things started. This was truly a game of strategy with every pitch counting and every base runner on high alert. The game stayed close early on with both teams tied at 5-5 at mid point.  Just Here for the Beer started to make a move….one run at a time and ended up holding on for the win at 8-5. Great game!

With possible playoff implications for later, Wiff This went up against the favorite, Just Here for the Beer. Again, both teams posted runs early with another 5-5 tie in the middle innings. In a stunning upset, Wiff This ended up with the needed runs to snatch victory in a 7-5 win! Sooooo exciting!!

In one of the more “social” games, the always fun Wiffle While You Work played Making Wiffle Great Again. Donning costumes seems the norm for Wiffle While You Work and this week was no exception. Light up beanies and Santa glasses/beard were in season but didn’t seem to bring much luck against Making Wiffle Great Again. Wiffle While You Work couldn’t seem to keep up during the game and took the 2-9 defeat. Oh well, St. Nick won’t be dropping coal in these stockings this year!

Doc’s on 38th kept up everyone’s spirits and body temperature after the final base was crossed. Whether it was Fireballs or fireplaces, everyone was toasty warm with lots of good cheer to share. We will be back again next week…..will you?

Swing and a Miss……Swing and a Miss……Swing and a Miss…… Wiffleball is Back!



What happens at WWWWWWestover Hills Club on Thursday nights? WWWWWWWiffleball!!

All 3 games were within a couple key plays of becoming ties. In 2 out of the 3 games, the losing team had the tying and winning runs on base with 2 outs but some critical defensive plays prevented any free Wiffleball. Exciting stuff so let’s look at the highlights….shall we?

Wiffle While You Work  took on Watch me wiff…now watch me nay nay  – Watch me wiff snuck by Blue in a strikeout-filled event actually living up to their name! They took the win 3-1 with wiffs galore!!

Wiff This went struggled against Making Wiffle Great Again.  Making Wiffle Great Again won handily over Wiff This 7-1, but Wiff This minimized huge innings every time with fantastic plays in the outfield. For some added latitude, a player for Wiff This wore a Halloween beard up to the plate for her first AB and had a monster hit …… quite possibly the first of the season for her. Both teams joined in her celebration showing the kind of sportsmanship ASSC is known for! Yesssss!

In the final game of the night, Just Here for the Beer battled with Village Idiots all the way up until the final AB.  They couldn’t capitalize with the bases loaded in their last opportunity and took the stunning loss at 4-6! Ouch!!

It was Thursday Night Football at Docs on 38th with the Cowboys and Vikings game on, so the whole bar was having a great time! Also, Thursdays are beer bucket and wing specials, so those were CLUTCH as always! Overall, a great night on the courts and in the pub…..let’s do it all again next week!




According to the Wiktionary, Wiffleball is defined as:


wiffleball ‎(uncountable)

  1. (US) A game similar to baseball, played with a lightweight bat and ball and suitable for children to play in confined areas. Also the ball used in that game.

Now that we know how to define Wiffleball, let’s check out how it’s played on Thursdays at Westover.


Just Here for the Beer went up against Making Wiffle Great Again to get things started. Just Here for the Beer proved they were here for other reasons as well… scoring some runs! They were locked and loaded from the start and never looked back! They ran around the bases 7 times and Making Wiffle Great Again only went around twice….hence the 7-2 final score :-/

Wiffle While You Work must have been too busy wiffling to notice they had yet to score a run by the end of the game. Village Idiots’ bats were on fire and thanks to some nifty base running, took the Dub-Ya 12 to zip. Awesome display!

In a closer matchup of the night, Wiff This went up against Watch Me Wiff…now watch me nay nay. Watch Me Wiff showed some moves both on the diamond and off, with lots of jammin’ and singin’ to go along with their battin’! They put up their big bats to score 7 while Wiff This scored 4 of their own. Too much music…..too much dancin’…..too much scorin’! Great improvement Wiff This!

Despite 1 blowout, all 3 games were really competitive outside of some slip-ups in baserunning. The plays on defense were stellar overall, many really good putouts to 1st base and a couple wall-bounce double plays. All teams are improving and the 2 weeks will be good for ‘resting up’ after a long first half of the season. Don’t forget to check it all out again after the Thanksgiving break!

There was no waffling for wiffleballers at Doc’s on 38th after the games were over. More crazy plays and crazy predictions for next week so come join us at Westover and….don’t forget to duck!