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Kickball is underway!

With another great season of Kickball underway at Havin’s, Pan Am Recreation Center, and South Austin Recreation Center, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having a fun on the field! Remember to snap fun photos at the field, Little Woodrow’s on Tech Ridge, Craftsman, and Toss, then share with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

Kickball and Toss-o Tuesdays!

This past Tuesday was…as the cool kids say, “lit!” There were tons of players and fans out at the fields! The sidelines were packed with screaming fanatics and family members alike. With so many games and fields, the vibe was buzzing with excitement! This week was week numero cuatro (number four), and man-oh-man did we have some great games! Teams who had never won began to taste the sweet taste of victory, and that livened up the mood even more!


What Up, Joel Ray Salon?


Joel Ray Salon came into their game against Crunktastic with 4 losses and exactly 0 runs on their record. Well, that all changed as the man himself, Joel, said before the game that he didn’t give a $#!% about the previous games and that they were in it to win it!


Joel Ray Salon put their money where their mouth was and scored 15 more runs than they had combined the whole season (15 runs), and blew Crunktastic out of the water, 15-3! Now they’re averaging 3 runs a game and sitting pretty at spot number 4 in their division. Will Joel Ray Salon continue on their up-and-up, or will they fall to team All My Pitches Love Me next week? Stay tuned!



Blooper of the Night!


Another team worth mentioning are the Proscorians. Proscorians won both of their games as they all of a sudden look like a team that no one will want to face. Their victories, however, are not the reason they get a shout out. Their most athletic girl had the blooper of the night, as she was caught off of base on a caught fly ball! Here’s how it went down:


The outfielder who caught the ball threw it all the way in, and by some blip in the time continuum, hit her on the fly. The throw was so forceful that when it hit her, she could not gather her balance and after 15 feet of stumbling and nearly falling, she crashed down into a group of her teammates with force. Instead of helping her, her entire team was laughing so hard that it took a few minutes for them to regroup and take the field! She was also laughing and there was no injury so it was an overall hilarious point in the game. Proscorians defeated Crunktastic, 6-1, and All My Pitches Love Me, 11-6!



Toss-O Tuesdays!

When you live in Austin, Texas, Tuesdays are always and automatically “Taco Tuesdays.” However, we at Austin Sports and Social Club look forward to our Tuesdays at Toss Pizzeria where you can get $2 Bud Lights all night and $10 off your $20 tab when you present your players’ appreciation card given to you by either the Game Day Coordinator or Social Coordinator. Believe me, you don’t want to be the one who doesn’t show up at Toss after the games because you will suffer from serious FOMO.


Just. Be. There.



PrimeTime (WHITE) 6 AT Sit On My Base (LIGHT PINK) 2

Red Balls and Vodka (MAROON)  5 AT Rubber Busters (ROYAL BLUE)  1

Crunk Kickers (GOLD) 6 AT Drinkers with a Kicking Problem (AZALEA)  0

Dude, Where’s My Dunder? (IRISH GREEN) 4 AT Sit On My Base (LIGHT PINK)  3

PrimeTime (WHITE)  13 AT Rubber Busters (ROYAL BLUE)  1

Crunktastic (MILITARY GREEN)  1 AT Proscorians (ORANGE)  6

Das Boot (INDIGO BLUE)  0 AT Dude, Where’s My Dunder? (IRISH GREEN) 13

All My Pitches Love Me (SPORT GREY) 6 AT Proscorians (ORANGE) 11

Crunktastic (MILITARY GREEN)  3 AT Joel Ray Salon (PURPLE)  15

It was a Crunktastic Tuesday at Gillis!

Week Three




In a night of blowouts across the board, All My pitches Love Me and Crunktastic had a great time in the final game of the night. Crunktastic was winless this season but put together a hell of a comeback. Down 4-1 to start the game, Crunktastic mounted a comeback with the chipping a little off the top method. They scratched and clawed their way back with two runs at a time and eventually took the game 11-5!


Even though they haven’t won a game or even scored a run, Joel Ray Salon still came out in full force and played their hearts out in both games!

These guys (and gals) have come out every week sporting the best attitudes and are just an overall nice and fun team that definitely deserves some recognition and a lil shout out!

Thanks, Joel Ray Salon for always keepin’ it social!






More Scores

In case you forgot how your team fared out in week three, look no further than the next few lines!



Red Balls and Vodka  3 AT PrimeTime 7

Joel Ray Salon 0 AT Drinkers with a Kicking Problem  10

Das Boot  1 AT Sit On My Base  7

Crunk Kickers 15 AT Joel Ray Salon  0

Rubber Busters 2 AT Dude, Where’s My Dunder?  13

Crunktastic  11 AT All My Pitches Love Me  5


Austin Sports and Social Club Happy Hour


The night wouldn’t be complete if you don’t make your way over to the hottest happy hour ASSC has right now! Toss Pizzeria is where you can find a sea of Austin Sports and Social Club players from all different sports, so get your butt over there and indulge in some of the best pizza and garlic knots in all of Austin, and wash it all down with $2 Bud Lights!

Cure Your Blues with Kickball News

Want the run down on what’s been kickin’ with our Austin Sports and Social Club kickballers? This week, I’ve got the highlights and scores to satisfy your kickball needs. We’re all over the place in terms of what week it is for each location due to rain outs and whatnot, so bare with me!


(Pan Am)


Sunday is always a great night to kick off week three of kickball, and what’s a better way to get the night going than to shotgun a few beers to get the athletic juices flowing…or maybe it’s just the social juices? Anyway! It was a great night out at the Pan Am fields – teams are getting a hang of the game and enjoying taking part in the full social aspect of what ASSC is all about: having fun, playing great, and keeping the party going afterwards! Every game was played closely and fun without any problems. Most games were decided by one late run, which made for some excellent kickball!

The last game of the night with New Kickz on the Block and Pataderos De Pelotas started with a beer-shotgun and a lot of fun. All night the kickball was amazing, and the last game was no slouch. The teams went into the seventh inning tied, after six hard-fought, well played, and fun innings. Pataderos Pelotas had an amazing walk off RBI that ended the game.


Keep the Weekend Going – 3 at Scott’s Tots – 1

Sunday Funday – 5 at The AMLI Recess All-Stars – 4

Sunday Funday – 0 at New Kickz on the Block – 1

New Kickz on the Block – 3 at Pataderos De Pelotas – 4



(Pan Am)

A couple teams had a bad case of the Mondays this past week. Games 2 and 4 were forfeits, giving easy money wins over to Roller Dogs and Ballsy. Kicking It Old School had seven players, ultimately, which wasn’t enough for a regulation game, so they literally kicked it, old school, and had a fun scrimmage against Roller Dogs.


As for the real games, Susan’s Hearts and Holes scored 7 runs in the 1st inning and never looked back, winning 14-1. Winnie the Pooh and His Murderous Moppets of Mayhem scratched out an 8-1 victory over Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. Easy night out at the fields, if I do say so myself!


Susans Hearts n holes – 14 at Sassholes – 1

Roller Dogs – 7 at Kicking It Old School – 0 (forfeit)

Winnie the Pooh and His Murderous Moppets of Mayhem!- 8 at  Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe – 1

Tears for Beers – 0 (forfeit) at Ballsy – 7



Up north at Havin’s, there was a ton more kickball action going on that you did not want to miss! The game of the evening went to Kicks McGee and the Squalls in the night opener.

Kicks McGee was down 2 runs the entire game, and it looked like their fate was sealed. Out of nowhere, the kickball gods lit a fire under their…feet…and cranked it up a notch! Kicks McGee scored 5 runs in the last inning and then held the opposing team to pull out a win, 7 to 5! KICKS MCGEE WITH A COMEBACK! It was an exciting game to watch, and a lot of props go to Kicks McGee because they’re an indy team. It can be hard to find that rhythm when you haven’t played together like a lot of seasoned vets do, but once you find it, you’ve got it! Awesome job, y’all!


Balls to the Wall – 0 AT Fresh Kicks of Ballaire – 4

Kicks McGee – 7 AT Squalls – 5

Kick In A Box – 1 AT Might Morphin Meower Rangers – 5

Sir-Kicks-A lot – 2 AT Boot Scoot n Beer Me – 17

BAM! Let’s Kick it Up a Notch – 6 AT Go Suck Your Own Kick – 1

Don’t Stop Ballieving – 0 AT A Green Snake has no Legs – 6




Okay, so clearly I’ve missed something with this Wednesday night because it looks like the season is already over, and all that’s left is the playoffs. Lets pretend it’s not, and I will still just give you a run down of what happened this past week. I’ll make sure to give you Wednesday nighters a special shout out for your playoff night whenever that goes down!


Grab ’em by the Balls won both of their games while Ball Me Maybe went the other direction. Both teams should make the playoffs next week and they will play for keeps. Grab ‘em won the first game due to a forfeit over the Temballers. They earned their second victory over Ball Me Maybe in a 5 to 1 beatdown.


Stone Barred Capital Partners got a relatively easy win over Seal Team Kicks, 6-2, and Free Ballers and Ball Me Maybe played to a 2-2 tie. The game was close the entire way! Free Ballers tied it  up at 2-all in the top of the 7th and looked to be poised for more runs, but Ball Me Maybe came up with 3 outs with the bases loaded without giving up the go ahead run. Neither team could manage anymore runs in the last inning, and the game fittingly ended in a tie.


Temballers – 0 (forfeit) at Grab em by the Balls – 7

Grab em by the Balls – 5 at Ball Me, Maybe – 1

Free Ballers – 2 at Ball Me, Maybe – 2

Stone Barred Capital Partners – 6 at Seal Team Kicks – 2





We end the kickball week on Thursdays down south at the South Austin Rec Center. This past week was week five for these guys and gals with one week left before playoffs.


Balls and Dolls got a hard-fought win over the Brew Ballers in the night’s opener. The teams traded a pair of runs in the 1st inning until the defenses settled down. Balls and Dolls were able to push across 2 more runs in the late innings to bring home the win, 4-2!


Fireball easily handled All the Pitches Love Me in the second game of the night. After jumping to a 9-0 lead early, Fireball pulled in the reigns in the last inning, allowing 5 runs in the 7th. It was a nice gesture but didn’t change the outcome: a 9-5 Fireball win!


Win or Lose, We Still Booze and Bad News Brews cleaned up on the action on field 2. Both teams had a relatively easy time with their opponents and picked up wins. Win or Lose, We Still Booze sent Kick It Real Good packing in a 4-1 loss, and Bad News Brews delivered an 8-2 loss to What the Kick.


Balls and Dolls – 4 at Brew Ballers – 2

Fireball – 9 at All the pitches love me – 5

Win or Lose We Still Booze – 4 at Kick it Real Good – 1

Bad News Brews – 8 at What the Kick – 2


Get Your Happy Hour On!


When the games are over and the lights go out at the fields, everybody makes their way over to their respective happy hour locations to continue the party! Sundays get wild at Craftsman, Mondays are bumpin’ at Little Woodrow’s on Tech Ridge if you’re up north, and still wild at Craftsman. On Wednesdays we have pizza parties at Toss on South 1st, and Thursdays we indulge in specialty donuts at Gourdough’s on South Lamar. There’s always happy hour drink specials specifically for you Austin Sports and Social Club party animals, so show up with your team shirts and get your drink on! As always, remember to tip your waiters and bar tenders, drink responsibly, and hit up GetMe if you find yourself in a food coma or feelin’ a bit tipsy!

Sunday Pan Am Kickball: Here for the Beer…and Maybe a Game

Week One

Opening night at Pan Am went off without a hitch! There are a lot of new players who signed up to get in on the action. We had four games this past Sunday, with all of them going good as most teams began to figure out how to play after 1-2 innings.


We kicked off the evening with New Kickz on the Block showing The AMLI Recess All-Stars that they were not a team to take lightly. New Kickz starts their season off 1-0, defeating AMLI 10 runs to 1. Scott’s Tots faced off against Pataderos De Pelotas in game two and was unable to pull out their first win, losing 2-5. Scott’s Tots’ loss did not go in vain as the Pataderos De Pelotas included the Tots in their post-game tunnel to keep the fun vibe alive!


The third game earns the “game of the night” title with Pataderos De Pelotas in their double header against Keep the Weekend Going. The Pataderos jumped to an early lead and appeared to seal the game, but in the last inning, Keep the Weekend Going launched a 6-run rally to keep the Pataderos De Pelotas on their dedos de los pies (toes). In the end, the 6 runs weren’t enough, and los Pataderos won the game 9 to 6. It was a great defensive game, and the fun tunnel was erected by the Pataderos De Pelotas once again after a friendly exchange of handshakes. Our last game of the evening had another double header featuring Keep the Weekend Going against team SundayFunday in a low-scoring game of 3 runs to 1 in favor of SundayFunday.


The excitement continued over at Craftsman where the Austin Sports and Social Club representation was overwhelming! Five of the six teams showed up to take advantage of the ASSC happy hour special: $2 Dollar Bud Lights. To that one team who didn’t show up (not naming names), where y’all at? Week two is right around the corner!


Thursday SARC Kickball: Kick Hard, Party Harder!

Hey! Did you hear? There’s only six days left to register for ASSC’s Spring Kickball tournament! Have you registered? What are you waiting for?? Balls will roll March 1st! Go to to sign up for the fun! Be there or be square!


Week two at South Austin Rec Center was nothing short of a party! Teams showed up early and ready to play. There were lots of shots, beer, and laughter throughout the night! It felt like a party from the very beginning.

The night’s opener on field 1 had Kick It Real Good playing against Fireball! in an exciting first game. Fireball! managed to put up 3 runs in the 1st inning giving themselves a great head start to take the lead and run with it. Just when you thought the win was in the bag, Kick It Real Good managed to lock down the defense and score 3 runs of their own on offense. Neither team was able to out kick the other, the game ended in a tie 3-3. Over on field 2, Brew Ballers and What the Kick faced off in a rather one-sided game. Brew Ballers jumped ahead early and never looked back, dominating What the Kick, 9-2! Back over on field 1 for the second game of the evening, Balls & Dolls won a squeaker over Bad News Brews, outscoring the BNB 3-1. Balls & Dolls won the game with good defense and a very patient offense. Way to go, y’all! The last game of the night on field 2 featured Win or Lose We Still Booze against All the Pitches Love Me. There would be no love for All The Pitches Love Me. Win or Lose We Still Booze jumped out to a big lead early in the game, and All the Pitches Love Me had no answers on either side of the ball, ultimately falling 9-1.

What’s better than a party on the kickball fields? A pizza party at Toss, duh! After the games, our kickballers made their way over to our newest happy hour location off of South 1st to indulge in delicious pizza and our Austin Sports and Social Happy Hour drink prices! It’s always a great time when you’ve got ASSC kickballers around! Week 3 is on February 16th. See y’all on the fields!


Thursday SARC Kickball: Are You Ready For Some Kickball?

Austin Sports and Social Club’s kickball kicked off in week one over at South Austin Rec Center with some rather windy and chilly conditions. With only four games that evening on two fields, there was a lot of time to kick back and throw back some shots to try to stay warm.

Field 1’s games were on the defensive side with strong winds making it difficult to produce runs. Fireball! kicked off their season opener against Balls & Dolls in a low scoring win, 1-0. The second game on field 1 was another shut out with All The Pitches Love Me getting no love from Brew Ballers who out kicked them 5-0.

Field 2 saw a little more action that night with Win or Lose We Still Booze scoring 15 runs in their win against What the Kick?! It wasn’t a shut out, though, What the Kick?! was able to score 6 runs against Win or Lose We Still Booze.  The 7:55 game on field 2 earned the game of the night title. Kick It Real Good squared off against Bad News Brews in an exciting close game. Kick It Real Good came up with a dramatic 6-5 win, scoring a run in the final frame.

After the games, the teams headed over to Gourdough’s on South Lamar for some more fun and socializing. The donuts are hot, the beers are cheap, and the fun is free! Week two is right around the corner! Also, if you haven’t already, check out to register for the Spring Kickball tournament that kicks off on March 1st! You have until Friday to register! Hurry up and get your team together! See y’all soon!



  

Would You Like Syrup or Gravy on those Kicken’ and Waffles?


Thursday night at SARC they were serving up some hefty kicks, fantastic catches and awesome defensive plays on the ole’ kickball diamond!

There was a nice chill in the air as autumn moves through Austin and the kickballs are flyin’. Kicken and Waffles had a walk off win scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th to edge Menace 2 Sobriety 9-8. Wow…..what a great start to a great night!

2 Legit 2 Kick scored 6 runs in the top of the 7th versus Pitches be Crazy. The home team held a 1 run lead going into the last inning but had kind of a melt down out in the field and 2 Legit 2 Kick took the victory 8-3! Crazy game!

Friends that Fight won a close game against Blue Balls and Vodka. Blue Balls nearly came back all the way from a 5 run deficit, but fell 2 runs short in the end taking the loss 3-5. Another exciting game on the diamond!

2 Chix annihilated Don’t Stop Ballieving. It was over before it even started! “The Pink Team” continues to win and win big….19-1. Ouch!!

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be for Happy Hour where Menace 2 Sobriety had a beer bong flowing, living up to their team name and pulling in the crowd for some raucous lyrics and songs. This is what we love in Austin….cooler weather and hot sports on the kickball diamond!

Spitball….no….Tickball……..Trickball….. no……Kickball! …. Yes!!



It’s Kickball playoff night at Pan Am….are you up for it?!  Yes!! Let’s see how it all went down…….around!

Kicky McKickerson jumped out early on the Big Red Ballers and never looked back. Kicky advanced easily with an 8-1 victory.

The Fun Bags had a little trouble with Kicky in the first semifinal, but 3 runs in the bottom of the 4th sealed a win for the Bags of Fun!

Dr. Dragon came out swinging with 4 runs in the top of the first against All About that Base. It was close until Dragon put up 2 more runs in the last inning to give them a 6-2 win and a spot in the finals! Great game!

Well played game in the finals with Fun Bags taking on Dr. Dragon for all the marbles! Score was tied late in the game. Fun Bags pushed across a run in the bottom of the 5th to pull ahead 2-1. That was the final as Dr. Dragon could not come up with any offense in the final frame and narrowly missed out on hoisting up the trophy…….holding up that big white banner thing!

Craftsman was good after hours. The Fun Bags went to enjoy their winnings. Several members from Dr. Dragon and Big Red Ballers also were there for the night. Good chemistry among the teams, throwing back some beers and throwing some bean bags at the Corn Hole pit. Check out the ASSC website for the next season and don’t forget to sign up early. Peace out!!

Whacky Costumes….Crazy Masks…..Halloween? No, Kickball Night at Havin’s!


Trick or Treat….smell our feet…….uh wait! We need those feet to kick the giant red ball! Here’s how it went down on this night of ghosts and goblins:

Fried Kicken got cooked by Ballcoholics 1-14…not much kickin goin’ on for the red shirts!

Happy Hour Hereos in their UT Orange jerseys took one on the chin from Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard 4-16. Ouch!

Don’t Stop Ballievin went up against Amazeballs and managed to score 1 run in each inning….taking the win by 3.

We Are Here for the Drink Specials blanked out MSR Athletics 7-0. Turns out, MSR Athletics was also just here for the drink specials!

In another close one, Alco-Ball-Ics went up against Go Suck Your Own Kick. Both teams scored early and kept it tied up until the last inning where Alco-Ball-Ics pushed the last 2 winning runs across…..victory at 6-4.

The team with the longest name…..”I wanna ki-ki-ki-kick u from ur head to ur toes” played Kick In a Box in what turned out to be a lopsided matchup. Kick In a Box took the Dub-Ya 10-3.

Let’s Get Social kicked it out of Kick it & Quit it 9-5 where the game was closer than the score indicated. Let’s Get Social pulled out all the stops in the bottom of the last inning to take the win!

Fresh Kicks of Ball Airlit up Fireball 7-0. Fireball couldn’t seem to find the right gaps in the field to push a few really good kicks through. Keep tryin’ Fireball…….there’s always next week!

Balls & Dolls took a beating at the hands of Pitches on My Kick 0-11, not managing a single run across the plate. They made up for it in costumes and ghoulish pranks!

Drinking Team with a Kicking Problem must have tipped a few too many back before the game! Ballers of the Bar shut them out 4-0 but everyone was too hyped up on sugar to even notice! Happy Halloween!

Kicks Out for Harambe brought their ‘A’ game tonight against Off With Sandpaper. Best game of the night. The officials had to bring their ‘A’ game as well because all of the plays were tight and down to the wire. Off with Sandpaper just had that slight edge. Not sure if it was the gorilla outfit, trex outfit, or yeti outfit that brought the edge.

The costumed teams headed over to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge to continue the party. Lots of libations, candy, drink specials, snapchats and Facebook postings were in play! The best part is we get to do it all over again next week……sans the costumes!