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Indoor Soccer at SZSA

With another great season of Indoor Soccer at SZSA underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having a fun on the field.  Don’t forget to snap fun photos at the field and Moontower Saloon, then share them with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

Monday Indoor Soccer: It’s No Secret Who Won!


Last Monday night was playoffs over at Soccer Zone. The top four teams of this season met up in the semi-finals to play for a spot in the championship round. The first game of evening had Nice Ball Walter going up against Victorious Secret. As to be expected, the outcome of the number 1 seed against number 4 seed resulted in favor of the higher seed. Victorious Secret advanced to the finals with a win against Nice Ball Walter, 25-16.

The second game in the semi-finals had Oh Pitch Please and Sons of Pitches battling it out on the pitch for that final spot in the championship game. Sons of Pitches outscored Oh Pitch Please 19-17 in a close game and advanced to the finals to face off against Victorious Secret.

Sons of Pitches started off with a quick 7-2 lead in the opening half of the championship match. Victorious Secret, down by 5 goals, hustled hard to close the gap and tie the game 7-7. That wasn’t enough for Victorious Secret, they continued to score another 7 goals and finish the half on a 14-point run! The score was 16-7 at the half, in favor of Victorious Secret. Goals were exchanged between the two teams in the second half making it a close game down to the very end. Sons of Pitches came within 2 points of Victorious Secret in the second half but couldn’t get any closer than that. With five seconds left in the game, Victorious Secret sealed their victory with a final female goal! Victorious Secret remains on top and goes home the champion!  Way to go, ladies and gents! What a great season and well-deserved win!


It was a great end to a great season! We’re taking soccer outdoor for the spring now, so make sure to enjoy the outdoors with us! Check back at for registration deadlines and information!

Thursday Indoor Soccer: Playoff Night at Soccer Zone!


Well, we’ve come a long way this past season and we finally made it to the playoffs. The top four teams that made the cut were The Winning 4mula, Just 4 Kicks, Robots in Rowboats, and Queen LaFifa. Tearing Up the Turf and Spread the Cheeky had an exhibition game at 9:45, but Tearing Up the Turf was a no-show.


The semifinals kicked off with an exciting start when The Winning 4mula faced off against Just 4 Kicks! The first half of the match was a battle! The Winning 4mula immediately took the lead and quickly went up by 5 goals. The lead didn’t last long, though. Just 4 Kicks scored a few female goals shortly before the end of the half to tie the game 10-10. In the second half, The Winning 4mula started out ahead again with a male goal followed by a female goal right out of the gates! Just 4 kicks was quick to tie the game back up and kept it that way until they finally took the lead, 16-15, with just minutes left. The Winning 4mula then scored a female goal and took back the lead with 2 minutes left. It was getting intense! Just 4 Kicks scrambled and managed to score a female goal of their own and again stole the the lead from The Winning 4mula with under 30 seconds left! The Winning 4mula rushed to take the kickoff and landed a shot with seconds left in the game! The whistle blew and the game ended in a tie, 18-18! The teams were going into a shootout. During the shoot out, The Winning 4mula made every shot, while Just 4 Kicks missed their first and third, ending the game with The Winning 4mula’s fourth shot. The Winning 4mula advances to the finals, 19-18!

The second game with Robots in Rowboats against Queen LaFifa was another good one! Robots and Robots had the lead the entire match, but Queen LaFifa was constantly on their heals, threatening a comeback. Unfortunately, the underdogs, Queen LaFifa, were unable to close the gap and steal the game. Robots in Rowboats won, 24-20, and advance to play The Winning 4mula in the championship game.

The number two seeded team, Robots in Rowboats, squared off for the final dance against the number one seed, The Winning 4mula. It was an intense match and both teams played extremely hard to earn the championship title for the season. Both teams battled it out and gave it everything they had, but on that Thursday night at Soccer Zone, a new champion would reign. Robots in Rowboats dethroned the season’s number one team, The Winning 4mula, 15-12! This game was not only incredible, competitively, but both teams exemplified the social aspect of the game: they congratulated each other on great shots and goals, high fived, and cheered each other on. Congratulations to the underdogs, Robots in Rowboats!


Thanks to all the players who participated this past season! It was a fun and exciting one! We look forward to seeing you guys next season and in our other Austin Sports and Social Club sports! Be sure to check out for our upcoming registration deadlines and spring sports!






Thursday Indoor Soccer: Who’s Going to the Ship?!

Last Thursday was the final week of regular season for indoor soccer over at Soccer Zone, and it could not have gone better! There were two super close games, one ending in a tie, and the other with the under dogs taking the lead in the last seconds of the game. If Thursday was any preview for what is to come in the playoffs, we are in for one exciting night!

The first game of the evening had Spread the Cheeky playing against Lone Star Quickness Club. This game was neck and neck the entire night with both teams emulating what we here at Austin Sports and Social Club constantly try to promote every game night: Keepin’ it social! When one player scored, their opponent would congratulate them, cheer for them, or even give them a high five!  The game ended in a tie, 18-18, and both teams walked away in great spirits having had too much fun the whole game.

Following Spread the Cheeky and Lone Star Quickness Club was Just 4 Kicks and Robots in Rowboats, in what has been deemed “best game of the night!” This game was extremely exciting and was never slow even for a moment. The whole game was back and forth with Just 4 Kicks leading the game most of the time, but Robots in Rowboats were always right behind them on their heals. In the second half, Robots were able to take the lead and hold on to it…but just barely. With only seconds left in the game, Just 4 Kicks was down by one goal; they would need a miracle to pull out the win. Well, they found their miracle in one of their female players who was able to score a game-changing, spectacular goal! Just 4 Kicks stole the lead and ended the game with a final score of 31-30! What. A. Game.

Rock em Sock em Robots played Queen LaFifa in the third game, and once again found themselves rocked and socked. Queen LaFifa outscored the Robots 11 to 0 in a shut out! Last but not least, Tearing Up the Turf faced off against The Winning 4mula. True to their formula, The Winning 4mula pulled out another victory, winning 22-12 in the final game of regular season and putting them at the number one seed for playoffs. What a great season and night to end on!

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for…who made the cut? This coming Thursday is playoffs and we have the number one seed, The Winning 4mula, facing off against number four seed, Just 4 Kicks at 7:30, followed by number two seed, Robots in Rowboats, playing number three, Queen LaFifa at 8:15. Who will make it to the championship round? Head over to Soccer Zone to catch all the action!

Monday Indoor Soccer: It’s Punny Business Out Here!

Week five of indoor soccer means playoffs are right around the corner. It also means that indoor season is winding down and outdoor soccer is ramping up! There’s only a couple of days left for registration, so be sure to check out for deadlines and info!

This past Monday was a fun night with a lot of laughs from all of the teams! Awesome sportsmanship, great jokes, sick moves, and lots of booze! First, let me give a shout out to our officials of the evening, Jared and Satchel, for setting the tone in all of the pregame huddles. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the officials are humans just like the rest of y’all, and it’s great to see teams come together to share jokes and laugh with everybody. We’re all here because we share the love of sports! Great job to Jared and Satchel, and thanks to all of the players for Keepin’ It Social with Austin Sports and Social Club!

The night started off with a blowout game with Off To Monkeys dominating Hot Shots, 24-4! Holy Moly! Even though it was a blowout, Hot Shots took their loss with style and grace, kept their head held high, and indulged in some cheering fluids while they watched the next match of Nice Ball Walter against Victorious Secret. It’s no secret that Victorious Secret is trying to get that top seed going into the playoffs. They took home the win against Nice Ball Walter, 29-17. Maybe Nice Ball Walter shouldn’t play so nice anymore…as long as they remember to keep it social! Our third game of the evening was deemed best game of the night, hands down! Man Chest Hair United versus ABCDE FC went goal for goal in the first half with Man Chest Hair U taking the lead with a 5-point deficit a couple times. ABCDE FC didn’t fall off, though, they were able to stay on Man U’s heals and tie the game up 11-11 at the half. The start of the second half looked similar to the first with Man Chest Hair United taking a slight lead right away. There was a lot of back and forth on the field, and with minutes left, ABCDE FC was able to tie the game and take the lead for the first time all night. Man Chest Hair United tried to get back out in front, but ABCDE FC was able to hold on to their small lead and take the win in the last couple minutes with a final score of 20-18! Both teams played an awesome friendly match and kept the game fun all night! Way to go! The last game of the evening was another close one with Oh Pitch Please defending their undefeated record against Sons of Pitches. Sons of Pitches tried hard to knock Oh Pitch Please from the number one spot, but couldn’t get the job done. Oh Pitch Please wins again, 26-24! Can they be stopped? Find out next week when they play Victorious Secret in what should be the game of the night!

After the games, make sure to head on over to Moontower for some more socializing and drink-a-lizing! $2 Bud Light is on the menu, exclusively for Austin Sports and Social players when you wear your league shirt! Week six is next week! Which teams are playoff bound? Stay tuned!


Thursday Indoor Soccer: Kickin’ It Up A Notch!

Week five was underway this past Thursday at South Austin’s Soccer Zone, and all of the teams are getting eager for the championship playoffs that are two weeks away! So far it’s looking like Robots In Rowboats and The Winning 4mula have sealed their spots for the top two out of four positions that are playoff guaranteed. That means that the rest of the teams have to fight it out in week six to see who will be playoff eligible. This past week’s games seemed to be more socially-oriented rather than competitive, as all four games had a 5 to 6-point deficit in favor of one team over the other. Queen LaFifa and Robots in Rowboats were Thursday night’s opening game. There would be no throne for Queen LaFifa that night as Robots in Rowboats stole the show and handed Queen LaFifa a royal whooping, 32-26. The Winning 4mula really does have the stuff it takes to pull out a win every night they step onto the playing field (except in the case against a couple of Robots in Rowboats), because they handed Lone Star Quickness Club a quick loss, 19-14. Maybe y’all could share your winning formula with the rest of us?! The third game of the evening got a little heated between Rock Em Sock Em Robots and Just 4 Kicks. A couple robots must have had some technical malfunctions going on in their software because two wound up with cards in the colors of yellow and red! Remember folks, yellow cards mean you have to sit out and chill for a bit, and red means you’ve got to go! Keep it friendly, keep is social, and we can all have a good time! Ultimately, Rock Em Sock Em Robots got rocked by Just 4 Kicks, 27-21. Our last game of the evening had Spread the Cheeky playing against Tearing Up the Turf. This game was just what was needed to help bring the night to a good close. Apparently, Spread the Cheeky has enough players on their team to form two more teams, and they greatly outnumbered those on Tearing Up the Turf. Share the wealth, guys! There was a ton of laughing and jokes being cracked through out the game; it was a nice change of pace from the previous game. The first half ended with a score of 8-9 with Spread The Cheeky in the lead. In the second half, Tearing Up The Turf’s lack of players and stamina began to rear its ugly head, and Spread the Cheeky took advantage of slowly pulled away. Spread the Cheeky won the game with a final score of 19-14!

After the games, head over to Moontower to take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour drink specials! Thursday nights are $2-dollar Bud Lights all night! Also, make sure to check out for the latest news and registration announcements!

Monday Indoor Soccer: Can We All Just Kick It?

Monday night we had four games with some great 4-on-4 action over at Soccer Zone in South Austin! All of the games were really close and always came down to the wire. Man Chest Hair United versus Sons of Pitches was no different. The first half of their game had a ton of back and forth goals, ending with a tie, 9 to 9. During the second half, Sons of Pitches was really able to move the ball around and string together sequences of passes around MCHU, allowing Sons of Pitches to get the ball around the defense and score some well-deserved goals. Man Chest Hair United was only able to score 9 more goals in the second half, while Sons of Pitches ran circles on them, scoring 13 goals. Sons of Pitches defeated Man Chest Hair United 22-18. The second game of the evening had team ABCDE FC looking to get their first win under their belt against Oh Pitch Please. Unfortunately, it was close, but no cigar. Oh Pitch Please looks like they are starting to take off on a winning streak with a record of 3-0-1. They beat team ABCDE FC 23 to 20. The intensity went up a couple notches with Off To Monkeys and Victorious Secret taking the field in game three. It seems like when Off To Monkeys shows up, there’s always some monkey business going on. The match was heated with both teams playing aggressive and making the competition fierce. Do we need to remind y’all about our favorite phrase? LET’S KEEP IT SOCIAL! It’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun. Make friends, not enemies! In the end, Off To Monkeys put an end to Victorious Secret’s winning streak, and left them UN-victorious, 19-14. Our last game of the evening ended with undefeated Nice Ball Walter playing against the defeated Hot Shots. True to each of their records, the streak continues for both: Nice Ball Walter took home the W, outscoring Hot Shots 28-22.

Happy Hour after the games is at Moontower off of Manchaca. Warm up by the fire, drink some $2 Bud Lights, and get social with your fellow ASSCers! And if you haven’t had enough soccer, early bird registration is now open for the next season’s 5-on-5 indoor soccer. Rally up your team, sign up, and we’ll see you back on the field February 28th!

Thursday Indoor Soccer: Robots, Queens, and 4mulas, Oh My!

Week two was filled with a lot of close games and some not so close games, but in the end all of the players had a great time and kept it social!

Lone Star Quickness Club played against a different set of robots this week: the Rock em Sock em Robots, to be exact. It was a high-scoring game for these two opponents, but in the end there could only be one winner…unless it’s a tie, but it wasn’t! Rock em Sock em Robots took the quickness out of the Lone Star Club, and rocked em 22-20. Game two of the evening had the veteran team Robots in Rowboats face off against Tearing Up the Turf. The Robots must have been oiled up tonight because they left no room for error and sent team Tearing Up the Turf home in a rowboat with a loss. Robots in Rowboats won 23-12!

Best match of the night goes to Spread the Cheeky versus Queen LaFifa. Talk about a neck and neck game! Right away both teams let their ladies take the lead in scoring goals: 2-0, 2-2, 4-2, 4-4…this is going to get exhausting! Queen LaFifa scored one more goal to try to pull away from the race, making it 6-4! Spread the Cheeky scored a few male goals, almost tying up the score, but Queen LaFifa’s momentum was too hot and they pulled ahead by 5! Score at the half was 11-7! The second half was an immediate role reversal, as Spread the Cheeky came back looking for some revenge. Well, they found it and tied the game up before you could even blink! With the score tied, Spread the Cheeky tried hard to pull away, but Queen LaFifa said “not today,” and put an end to the race 21-19! Both teams earned a couple nice cold ones after that and headed straight to Moontower for the after games happy hour!

The last game of the night was a bit of a blowout, to say the least. Just 4 Kicks played against The Winning 4mula, and once again, it was obvious who had the formula to win. The match started off with 3 on 4 because Just 4 Kicks didn’t have enough females, and The Winning 4mula took advantage of this power play. However, when it became evident that a blowout was on the horizon, The Winning 4mula backed off a bit to give the other team a chance. By half time, both teams really wanted to just have fun, so Just 4 Kicks ended up taking a forfeit in order to play with their extra man on for a 4 on 4 match. It was friendly and fun after it was all said and done. The Winning 4mula walked away with their second win of the season, 17-2.

Our postgame happy hour at Moontower featured live music and plenty of Budlight on draft! For only $2, the players drank to their hearts’ desire. As always, if you’ve had too much to drink, GetMe is at your service to get you home safely! Week 3 is right around the corner! Stay tuned!

Monday Indoor Soccer: Week Two is Heating Up!

Guys, the competition is fierce this season! Has anybody reminded y’all to keep it social lately? Well, just in case: KEEP IT SOCIAL!

First game of the night: ABCDE FC versus Victorious Secret. Once again, it was no secret who would be victorious in this match. With ABCDE FC coming into the game with only three players, VS was already at an advantage. Unable to recruit a fourth player, ABCDE FC was handed a serious spanking, 12-24. Is there anybody out there who can put an end to Victorious Secret’s winning streak? Game two featured Hot Shots against them good ol’ Sons of Pitches. The match started off great with tons of goals made from half court! Hot Shots was looking hot as they lead the first half 12-9! Unfortunately, Hot Shots gave it all they had in the first half. They lost steam really quickly, started slipping, and lost by 12! Sons of Pitches takes home the win 24-12! The third game of the night was intense! Like, scary intense! Like, maybe take it down a couple notches, intense! Off To Monkeys and Oh Pitch Please were determined to give it all they had. This was a match where one goal was quickly answered with another goal from the opposing team. Tied at the half, 7-7, it was obvious both teams were going to play relentlessly. Each team scored scored six more goals and ended the game in a tie, 13-13. It was a great match, but next time make sure to leave your slide tackles at home, please!

The last game of the night is a great example of friendly competition and keeping it social! Man Chest Hair United faced off against Nice Ball Walter, and boy do both of those teams know how to play! Man Chest Hair United came out with guns blazing, but it wasn’t anything Nice Ball Walter couldn’t handle. Nice Ball Walter only had four players the entire night, and managed to keep up with the level of intensity that was thrown at them. Strategy was key in this game, as both teams made sure to showcase their ladies, allowing for a majority of the points to be scored by them. As our lovely official of the evening, Dani, put it, “yay girl power!” Just when you though the story was over, there’s a plot twist: Nice Ball Walter came back and stole the show, 26-18! Way to go to all the players!

In case you can’t get enough soccer, registration is now open for outdoor soccer! That’s right, the warm weather will soon be upon us, and that means OUTDOOR SEASON IS BACK!! Register now for early bird prices! See ya next week!

Monday Night Indoor Soccer Season Opener, In the Books!

Monday night’s season opener brought in a lot of new faces, which means new competition to look out for! Victorious Secret let the cat out of the bag early and showed that it would be no secret that they came to win! They kicked off the season with a 23-13 victory against Hot Shots. Maybe Hot Shots are just getting warmed up… for now, we’ll call them Warm Shots! The second game of the evening was a nail biter as Nice Ball Walter squared off against Off To Monkeys. With both teams matching goal for goal, this game could have easily ended in a tie, but Nice Ball Walter wasn’t having it and scored one more for good measure. Nice Ball Walter wins, 15-14. The 8:30 game was the game of the night! Oh Pitch Please faced off against Man Chest Hair United and it was quite the tangle! Oh Pitch Please took the lead from the start, taking advantage of the girl goal rule, and left Man Chest Hair U in the 5-point deficit range multiple times in the first half. Man Chest Hair United stepped up their game in the second half, found their rhythm, and posed a threat to Pitch’s imminent win. Unfortunately for Man Chest Hair United, they lost by 1 goal, and Oh Pitch Please walked away with the win, 21-20. I guess you could say Man Chest Hair was one hair short of a win! The last game of the evening was played by Sons of Pitches and ABCDE FC. It was another high-scoring game, but Sons of Pitches ended up dominating 27-17.

After the games, the teams made their way over to Moontower to take advantage of the 2 dollar Budlight Specials! It was a great way for the new players to meet and socialize with their fellow soccer enthusiasts! This season looks like it is going to get interesting with the fierce competition, but as always LET’S KEEP IT SOCIAL!