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Flag Football is underway!

With another great season of Football at South Austin Recreation Center and Barton Springs underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having a fun on the field! While you’re out there, don’t forget to take fun photos at the field, Craftsman, and Little Woodrow’s on 6th and share with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

Barton’s Back Again!

Week One

Week one is always the most interesting night for any sport at any time. We see a lot of new faces and a ton of familiar faces. We have people who have never played before, and lots of people who swear they are professionals. All in all, though, we all come together on Sundays to have fun, play the game we love, and then head over to happy hour to amp up the socializing!

Abusement Park vs Zeke and the Geeks

What a great game! Zeke and the Geeks have played with us before and were honestly quite terrible when they first started. However, this past Sunday they started strong and scored on their first drive! Abusement Park took a bit to get in the groove and started with 4 interceptions in a row. Ouch. However, they made some great long passes, found their groove, and ended up scoring on every other drive in the game. Zeke and the Geeks suffered some interceptions and player injury, but maintained the ability to make great plays. Abusment Park wound up on top 40-26 after multiple interceptions leading to TDs.



Win 1 for Phil n Mal vs TMI


All game, both teams had fantastic rushers that made imperative plays.


Win 1 for Phil n Mal started extremely strong offensively, scoring on all their drives in the first half. TMI took a while to warm up, suffering a turnover and interception in the first half.


However, they turned it on and wound up scoring on the remaining three drives of the game. It came down to an imperative last minute end zone pick by Win 1 that prevented TMI from tying it up last minute. In the end, Win 1 for Phil and Mal held on and won 28-20.


Le’Veon a Prayer vs Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah?


The teams were very well balanced, both with strong offense and defense. Le’Veon opened the game with a TD and successful 3 point conversion . Due to some fantastic deep passes, they proceeded to score on the next two drives. Cash Me Offside suffered an interception early on, but then turned on the heat with strong running game and speedy receivers. The females had a particularly successful night with some very impressive catches on gender plays. Unfortunately, Le’Veon did not have much offensive time in the 2nd half and was only able to score once. Cash Me Offside played smart and used the downs to their advantage, keeping themselves on offense most of the second half. This allowed them to come out on top 30-29.


Happy Hour is Where Now?


The previous couple of seasons have had their fill of donuts, but we’ve relocated our happy hour to one of the hottest locations in good ol’ ATX. After the football games, be sure to join up with the officials and fellow ASSCers at Little Woodrow’s on West 6th! If you weren’t inspired to Sunday Funday it up, you will be now!

Flag-tastic Times at Barton Springs!

Week Five

There was quite a lot of flag football action at Barton Springs on Sunday night, but this week, only one game stood out that was noteworthy of earning “Game of the Night” status! Shout out to B Teamers and Lean Dak for putting on quite the show!


B Teamers v. Lean Dak:


Lean Dak had an early lead in the first half, 22 to 12, but B Teamers came back at the start of the second half to tie the game up 22-all!


Trying to get some distance between themselves and B Teamers, Lean Dak got another TD under their belt to give them a 6-point lead. Those B Teamers, though, weren’t going to let Lean Dak get away so easily. They stayed right on Lean Dak’s heals by scoring another TD and two extra points in their next drive!


With the game neck and neck, tied at 36-36, and only seconds left on the clock, Lean Dak managed to score one more touch down to pull out the win, 42-36!


But What About Us…?


Here’s how the rest of y’all footballers made out in week five:


Squad (Carolina Blue) (A) 30 AT Off to Monkeys (Black) (H) 14

Le’Veon my Wayward Son (Military Green) (A) 28 AT SCLSU Mud Dogs (Sky Blue) (H) 6

Lean Dak (Maroon) (A) 42 AT B Teamers (Indigo Blue) (H) 36

Make Flag Football Great Again (Sport Grey) (A) 52 AT Zeke and Geeks (Azalea Pink) (H) 24

Make TDMP Great Again (Gold) (A) 44 AT Hey… That’s Not My Flag (White) (H) 18

Multiple Scoregasms (Orange) (A) 21 AT Cash us Offside – HowBow Dah (Lime Green) (H) 0 FORFEIT

Jacker T. Ma (Royal Blue) (A) 32 AT Fast Flags (Sky Blue) (H) 14

Wilfork On The First Date (Purple) (A) 21 AT Get Lit or Die Tryin’ (Irish Green) (H) 0 FORFEIT


Happiest of Hours at Gourdough’s


As per usual, after the games the teams and officials all meet up at Gourdough’s to chow down on some donut treats and recharge with $2 Dollar Bud Lights. Those prices are only available to Austin Sports and Social Club players, so make sure to show up with your current season shirt and give GetMe a holler if you feel like you may have overindulged…on booze or donuts!

SEMP: Can We Just Play Already?

Week Three

Once again, we find ourselves going through this flag football season at a glacial pace due to multiple rainouts. We finally got to see some action out on the fields for week three, so here’s how it went down…



Drinkin Fortes v. Blood, Sweat and Beers


This was a really exciting game that boiled down to the last seconds! Both teams went point for point the entire night and was tied at 28-28.


Blood, Sweat and Beers managed to get one more touchdown in with only seconds left before the end of the final half. Blood, Sweat and Beers won 34-28!


What House? v. Awesome Balls:

This was another great game with both teams having an answer for each other after each touchdown. The game was evenly-matched, so there was a ton of running up and down the field. The touchdowns were really exciting with a few bobbles that would have everybody holding their breath until the catch was completed and the touchdowns were good! Super friendly game, players were great to talk to both on and off the field. Awesome Balls took the win, 56-46!


Ball So Hard University v. Super Down, Super Excited:

What an intense game! Ball So Hard held the lead in the first half 24-20, but Super Down, Super Excited came back in the second to steal the lead with a 4-point differential. Ball So Hard had an amazing Sports Center Top 10 catch in the end zone with maybe 4 seconds to go–like, diving and rolling on the floor, everybody is holding their breath, and the guy is laying on the floor and sticks his arm in the air to show he had a solid catch! It. Was. Awesome! Ball So Hard went from being down by 4 to up by 2 with that play.


They solidified their win by scoring the extra two points, making it 40-36!




Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah won both of their games tonight in blowout fashion, defeating Tittsburgh Feelers 48 to 12, and Scoregasms 42 to 30.


512 Underdogs had their first wins this season in their double header against XBioTouchdown and Go With the FLO, so they made sure to win with a bang! Both of their games had to be called on the mercy rule, 52-20 and 42-0!


512 Underdogs were trying to get that point differential for playoff eligibility. Their opponents had a fun time though, so it was all good. Plus, 512 Underdogs are always super cool and just come out there to have a good time!

SEMP Flag Football: Double Headers to Make Your Head Spin

Week Two

Guys! Week two FINALLY happened! After what felt like centuries of rain outs, the sun graced us and dried up the fields, allowing us to resume our season! We had a TON of double headers all over the place to make up for the lack of football that we all missed oh so badly!


Field One

Been Runnin’ was king and queen of the field on Monday. They won both of their games against Your Mom’s Favorite Team and Savages. Both games started off exactly the same: both opponents were able to put up 14 points at the half, but Been Runnin squeaked out two extra points to put them in the lead 16 to 14. In the second half of games one and two, Your Mom’s Favorite Team could only get 8 more points on the board, and Savages scored another 17, but Been Runnin’ out hustled them all in the final minutes and scored 25 and 28 more points, respectively to end the games 41-22 and 44-31! Way to go Been Runnin’!


Awesome Balls and Super Down, Super Excited finished off the night on field one, but Awesome Balls had a hard time finishing off their TDs to score any extra points. Super Down, Super Excited was able to keep a 2 point lead at the end of the first half, leading 16 to 14, and started to pull further away in the second half to end in a 10-point differential win, 38 to 28.


Field Two

Field two didn’t get to see much action on Monday as the night started and ended with a forfeit for the no-show Show Us Your TDs. Easy money wins for What House and Ball So Hard University. Game number two had What House and Ball So Hard University facing off in a pretty exciting game. The first half looked like it would end in a 14-14 tie, but Ball So Hard University was able to score a TD and went for two extra points to take the lead 22-14. The momentum continued for Ball So Hard University in the second half, they scored 20 more points to take home their first win of the season, 42 to 20. They’re now going into week three undefeated and looking for a challenge!


Field Four

Blood, Sweat and Beers had their double header on the back field. Their first opponent was Super Down, Super Excited, and they immediately stole the lead and ran with it for the whole game. Blood, Sweat and Beers took an L in their first game, 26-40.


The winds changed direction (metaphorically, obviously) for Blood, Sweat and Beers in their second game as they went up against European Soccer. Both teams were able to score on their first possessions, so it seemed like it would be a close game…until Blood, Sweat and Beers kept scoring in the first half, and European Soccer kept throwing interceptions. European Soccer was rocked in the first half 12 to 30. The bleeding sort of stopped for European Soccer in the second half, they managed to keep the ball out of their opponent’s hands, but was unable to put anymore points on the board for them. Blood, Sweat and Beers added just a bit more insult to injury and scored one more touchdown and two extra points to end the game 38 to 12. Yikes!


European Soccer didn’t have much time to lick their wounds, Drinkin’ Fortes was ready to get a piece of the action in the last game of the evening. Poor European Soccer, they didn’t stand a chance. Drinkin’ Fortes ran all over them, 26 to zip in the first half, and just when it looked like European Soccer was going to get shut out, one girl on the team had some NAS in her system and hauled ass all the way down to the end zone for a touchdown with under two minutes left in the game! The crowd (both teams) went wild, cheered her on, and said she won a puppy! Drinkin’ Fortes took home the win, though, 40-6. Don’t let the blow out scare you off, though. European Soccer was a great sport and had a great time playing both of their games. It’s not always about winning. Keeping it social, meeting new people, hanging out with friends, and just playing the game is what it’s really all about!  Congrats on your new puppy, Speedy McGee!



More double headers for our footballers on Tuesday night out at South East Metro Park makes for a long night of football and a lot of exhausted people, both players and officials.



Field One

This is going to seem like deja vu, but #PimpinJoy was king and queen of the field on Tuesday night. I honestly just can’t think of anything better to say, so I’m going with it. Anyway, #PimpinJoy squashed their first opponent, Scoregasms, 42 to 14, easily. Dak to the Future put up a fight with only six players when they went up against #PimpinJoy in game two. It really could have been another blowout in favor of #PimpinJoy, but they kept it super social and were great sports (and probably exhausted from their first game), and won the game 28 to 15.


Dak to the Future also had a double header out on field one and (spoiler alert) just barely squeezed out a win against Go with the FLO. Both teams managed to put up 14 points in the first half, and then scored another 7 points each in their first possessions in the second half. The final score boiled down to one extra point with Dak to the Future completing their play, and Go with the FLO unable to finish what they started. Dak to the Future finished their night, 28 to 27.

Field Two

Newcomers, XBiotouchdown, are still in a bit of learning curve but was able to hold their own against team Go with the FLO in their first game of the night on field two. Neither team had the prettiest game, but Go with the FLO managed to outscore XBiotouchdown 20 to 6 for the win.


Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O faced off against Scoregasms in their first of two games of the night. It was a close game the entire time, with High Quality H2O leading the way in the first half 20-12. The second half of the game was off to a slow start with Scoregasms unable to complete their first possession and High Quality H20 throwing some poor quality passes. It didn’t take long for High Quality to get their act together, though, as they were able to score 6 points in their next possession to spread their lead further, 26-12. Time was not on Scoregasms side; they were able to score one TD with 2 extra points, but it wasn’t enough to surpass Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O. High Quality H20 takes the win, 26-20.


In their second game of the night, Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O went up against veteran team Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah? in an intense and exciting game that went down to the final whistle! Both teams were neck in neck at the beginning of the first half, tied at 6 all. Cash Me Offside scored another touchdown in their last possession, and High Quality H2O tried to respond but instead threw an interception to give Cash Me Offside the lead at the end of the half, 18-12.

At the start of the second half, Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah scored another TD on their first drive and made the 2 extra points to try pull further away from High Quality H2O. Determined not to let their opponent get out of reach, Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O answered with a touchdown of their own and attempted to go for 3 extra points but was unsuccessful. Cash Me Offside took control of the rest of the game and only allowed one more touchdown from High Quality H2O before they ran down the clock and squeezed in one more touchdown to end the game 38-24!


Field Four

It was a short night over on field four with only two games. Whiskey Business and Tittsburgh Feelers opened up the evening in a one-sided match in favor of the boozy team. Tittsburgh Feelers were shut out in the first half, 30 to 0, but they didn’t let the score bring down their spirits! In the second half, Tittsburgh Feelers finally managed to score on two drives to give them a whopping 12 points, but unfortunately for them, Whiskey Business’s long drives turned into big plays that added another 14 points to their 30. Whiskey Business had huge plays all night against the Tittsburgh Feelers, and outscored them 44 to 12.


Coming off of a big win, Whiskey Business went into their double header against the 512 Underdogs feeling like they couldn’t be touched. Those Underdogs quickly showed Whiskey Business that they were nothing to be messed with! Both teams went point for point in the first half to go into half time, 14-14. The second half of the game went down to the wire after Whiskey Business scored 7 points in their first possession, and 512 Underdogs put up another 6 to bring the score to 20-21 in favor of Whiskey Business with only seconds to go. Whiskey Business had final possession of the ball; 512 Underdogs needed a turnover if they wanted a chance at winning. With one second left, Whiskey Business found their way to the end zone and scored one more touchdown to seal the deal on their victory. Whiskey Business took home their second win of the evening, 27-20!


Crazy For Craftsman!

Happy Hour after the games are at Craftsman on Mondays and Tuesdays. Craftsman has their own specialty drinks and happy hour prices, but we have an even happier deal for Austin Sports and Social players: $2 Dollar Bud Lights all night (until they run out)! Come out after the games with your fellow team mates and other ASSC players and get your drink and tacos on!



Flag Football: Spring Has Sprung at Barton Springs

Week Four

After what feels like a lifetime of rain outs, we finally caught a break and had some sunshine! Fingers crossed that the rain stays away, and we can keep rockin’ and rollin’ this season! Here’s what went down this past Sunday at Barton Springs!


Field One


Field one had all the social action last week and it’s a good thing, too, because every game was one-sided in terms of touch downs. Can we say “blow out?” The first game had team Cash Us Offside, How Bow Dah playing Make Flag Football Great Again. Cash Us Offside kept throwing to their opponent, making it easy for flag football to be great for Make Flag Football Great Again. For every interception thrown, there was a touch down made. Make Flag Football Great Again took home the win, 36 to 13.


Game two was a double forfeit between Get Lit or Die Tryin’ and SCLSU Mud Dogs. If you don’t have the proper shirt (current season and team color), then you don’t get to play. This has been the ASSC golden rule since the dawn of time. BRING YOUR SHIRT! Both teams did get to play an exhibition game against each other, though, to enjoy the awesome spring night!


Moving right along, Multiple Scoregasms took Zeke and Geeks to town by taking an early lead in the first half, 20 to 7, and finished them off with another 23 points in the second half. Although the score may have been ugly, both teams were super friendly and had a lot of fun playing each other. Multiple Scoregasms ran away with the game and won 43 to 7!


The last game on field one was the most football-filled game compared to the other three games on that field:  less of a blow out, a bit more competitive. Le’veon My Wayward Son took an early lead in the first half against Wilfork on the First Date, 20 to 6. Wilfork on the First Date tried to have an answer in the second half and was able to put up twenty points, but it wasn’t enough to take the lead or the win. Le’veon My Wayward Son also put up another twenty points to add to their final score, 40 to 26.


 Field Two


There was a lot more football action over on the next field, starting off with Hey…That’s Not My Flag playing Lean Dak. Hey…That’s Not My Flag came out the gates with the first touchdown of the evening. Lean Dak needed a couple plays to warm up before they were able to join the dance, but once they scored their first touchdown and two extra points, it was game on! The first half ended at 14 to 8, in favor of Hey…That’s Not My Flag! The second half had both teams exchanging blows of touchdowns with Hey…That’s Not My Flag keeping the lead, but Lean Dak stayed close on their heals with only a six point deficit. The finish line was so close yet so far for Lean Dak when they scored another touchdown and went for two extra points. Victory looked like it would be in their hands at 28 to 26, but Hey…That’s Not My Flag put up one more touchdown to end the game, 32-28.


Fast Flags and Off To Monkeys had a fast-paced, back and forth game that ended with a nail biter! Unable to complete their first down, Fast Flags had to play a bit of catch up after Off To Monkeys scored their first touchdown and extra point. On their second drive, however, Fast Flags was able to tie up the game 7-7. Off to Monkeys had one more shot to score before the end of the first half and was able to put another 7 on the board, leading 14-7 at the half. Trying to gain some headway, Fast Flags kicked off the second half with another touchdown and extra point to tie the score up 14 all, but Off to Monkeys had an answer for that: a TD plus an extra point. Monkeys still in the lead, 21-14, with Fast Flags in the rear view mirror. On the next drive, Fast Flags put on their jets and scored another touchdown to make the Monkeys nervous being up by only one point. The competition heated up as the time winded down. Off to Monkeys scored another touchdown and an extra point to try to pull away from Fast Flags, but with only a few minutes left, Fast Flags had time for one more possession and chance tie the game. Unfortunately for Fast Flags, they couldn’t pull off any extra points, and the time ticked down to zero. Off to Monkeys won the game 28 to 26! These two teams may be seeing each other in the playoffs…if we ever get there…


Make TDMP Great Again and the B Teamers faced off in the third game of the night. B Teamers were off to a rough start with three interceptions for every possession, and Make TDMP Great Again took full advantage, scoring on each INT. B Teamers were able to make one touchdown with two extra points before the end of the first half but trailed 22-8 at the half. Half time was crucial for B Teamers; I don’t know what they did during their mini break, but when they came back onto the field, it was a different team. No more interceptions for B Teamers; instead, they were able to find the end zone…three times! Too bad for B Teamers though, because Make TDMP Great Again never forgot where the end zone was and also scored a few more times. Make TDMP Great Again took the lead from the jump and never looked back. Make TDMP Great Again won 36 to 22.


Last game of the night on field two was a battle of the blues: Jacker T. Ma in royal blue versus Squad in Carolina blue. Okay, “battle” is too strong of a word for what happened in that game. Jacker T. Ma was only able to put 6 points up on the board, while Squad ran all over them, 34-6. I guess Jacker T. Ma was singing the blues all the way home.


Who Doesn’t Like Cheap Booze?


After the games, both players and officials made their way over to Gourdough’s to take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social happy hour prices and watch all the madness that is March Madness. Bring your team and wear your current ASSC shirts to drink as many $2 Dollar Bud Lights as you can…until they run out! As always, if you’ve had too much to drink, holler at GetMe to pick you and your buds up!



SEMP Flag Football: Rain, Rain, Go the Eff Away!


Week One

We are still sitting steady at week one for flag football over at the Southeast Metro Park. As I’m writing this, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can get week two underway tonight for Tuesday. Monday was rained out again…bummer. Anyway, eventually the weather will figure itself out and hopefully will let us get our flag football season going! In the meantime, here’s the rundown on what happened in the first week of flag football on Monday and Tuesday.





Best game of the night, by far, was Super Down, Super Excited versus Drinkin’ Fortes. First half, both teams had one interception and Super Down had 2 TD’s making for a score at the half, 14-6, Super Down in the lead. In the second half, Drinkin’ Fortes got to start with the ball and they came out strong, scoring on their first drive and tying the game up 14-all. Super Down missed their extra point on the next drive and Drinkin’ Fortes took full advantage! Drinkin’ Fortes made their extra points on the next drive and took the lead for the first time, 22-20! Both teams then had a turnover each with 2 minutes left on the clock. Super Down was able to milk the clock and get all the way down the field to score the last TD with 17 seconds left on the clock! Drinkin Fortes gave it one last shot with the last 17 seconds left and made it to the red zone. They unfortunately dropped the last pass of the game in the end zone, ending the game, 22-28 in favor of Super Down, Super Excited!

Monday Scores


What House? (Purple) (A) 20 AT Been Runnin’ (Maroon) (H) 36

Savages (White) (A) 14 AT Your Mom’s Favorite Team (Gold) (H) 29

European Soccer (Irish Green) (A) 14 AT Super down, super Excited (Black) (H) 33

Show Us Your TD’s (Carolina Blue) (A) 22 AT Been Runnin’ (Maroon) (H) 30

Drinkin’ Fortes (Sport Grey) (A) 22 AT Super down, super Excited (Black) (H) 28

Blood, Sweat and Beers (A) 28 AT Awesome Balls (Royal Blue) (H) 22


(Cash Me Offside, holler at me for a team pic!)


Cash Me Offside starts the season with an undefeated record, beating #PimpinJoy 34-26 in the first game, and 30-21 against the 512 Underdogs. We had our first tie of the season with the 512 Underdogs and Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O on field 4, score 28-28. Tittsburg Feelers and Go with the FLO battled it out in an exchange of touchdowns that came down to the wire. Go with the FLO squeaked out the win 26-22. The last game of the night on field 1 was a massive blowout with Dak to the Future running circles around XBioTouchdown and outscored them 44-6. Even though it was such an ass whooping, both teams had a good time playing against each other. X Bio is just learning how to play the game, so their forecast looks a bit turbulent. You never know, though. Anything can happen on any given Tuesday… stay tuned!


Tuesday Scores

#Pimpinjoy (White) (A) 26 AT Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah? (Irish Green) (H) 34

Now that’s what I call high quality H2O (Orange) (A) 28 AT 512 Underdogs (Maroon) (H) 28

Tittsburgh Feelers (Azalea Pink) (A) 22 AT Go with the FLO (Purple) (H) 26

512 Underdogs (Maroon) (A) 21 AT Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah? (Irish Green) (H) 30

Whiskey Business (Sky Blue) (A) 34 AT SCOREGASMS (Lime Green) (H) 20

XBiotouchdown (Sport Grey) (A) 6 AT Dak to the Future (Royal Blue) (H) 44


Come Get Your Happy Hour On With Us!


Cruise on over for happy hour at Craftsman after the games! Show up with your teams and your player appreciation cards for $10 off your $20 purchase! Craftsman has $2 Bud Lights just for our ASSC players. Get your taco and drink on with the coolest officials in Austin, and socialize with your fellow footballers and even soccer players! It’s a great time all around! Hit up GetMe if you need a ride home!


Keep your fingers crossed that the rain will stay the eff away!

Flag Football: Barton Springs, Where the TDs Are Plentiful

Week Three

Flag football was a great time right from the start with two really good games to open up the evening. We had a forfeit in one of the second games due to a pre-notified no show, but with plenty of footballers around, we were able to put together a good exhibition game. The third games of the evening were nail-biters with both coming down to the last touchdowns that happened in the last seconds of the game! One of those games earned the “Game of the Night” title! Read on to see what game went home with the belt! The 8:40 games were too close for comfort; one was so close, that it was a tie, but it was a great ending to another fun night of Austin Sports and Social Club flag football!

Game of the Night

Get Lit or Die Tryin’ versus Make Flag Football Great Again!


In the first half, both teams went TD for TD, keeping the score at a neck and neck race against the clock. Get Lit or Die Tryin’ was able to score on three drives, putting them ahead at the half, 19-16. The second half had the same back and forth play with no turn overs. With only two minutes left, Get Lit or Die Tryin’ scored and went for 3 points. Luck was on their side! Get Lit was able to catch a near uncatchable pass that put them ahead by 6 points with now under 2 minutes left in the game. Time was ticking…Make Flag Football Great Again needed a miracle, and a miracle they got! Make Flag Football Great Again made a huge play that put the ladies on the map, getting them 60 yards down the field and in scoring range with just one more play left! At this point, I would assume that Make Flag Football Great Again got Get Lit or Die Tryin’ a bit shook up! With the last play of the night, the same female who made the game-changing catch did it again! The miracles just keep on coming! The game is now tied 36 to 36! Not wanting to push their luck much further, Make Flag Football Great Again went for only one extra point and nailed it!  Final score: 37-36, Make Flag Football Great Again!


Now, that is most definitely deserving of Game of the Night! Awesome job to both teams, and congrats to Make Flag Football Great Again!


Week 3 Scores


Squad (Carolina Blue) (A) 44 AT Make TDMP Great Again (Gold) (H) 39

Le’Veon my Wayward Son (Military Green) (A) 26 AT Multiple Scoregasms (Orange) (H) 28

Zeke and Geeks (Azalea Pink) (A) 21 AT Wilfork On The First Date (Purple) (H) 0 (forfeit)

SCLSU Mud Dogs (Sky Blue) (A) 39 AT Cash us Offside – HowBow Dah (Lime Green) (H) 13

Lean Dak (Maroon) (A) 38 AT Fast Flags (Sky Blue) (H) 33

Make Flag Football Great Again (Sport Grey) (A) 37 AT Get Lit or Die Tryin’ (Irish Green) (H) 36

B Teamers (Indigo Blue) (A) 26 AT Jacker T. Ma (Royal Blue) (H) 22

Off to Monkeys (Black) (A) 26 AT Hey… That’s Not My Flag (White) (H) 26


Happy Hour at Gourdough’s

Every Sunday night after the games, the teams meet up at Gourdough’s to throw back a couple $2 Bud Lights and chase them with $3 Fireball shots. Maybe I’ve got that backwards… either way, happy hour is a blast! We got nuts for donuts and even nuttier for cheap booze!


Catch y’all next week!

Flag Football: We Da Best at Barton Springs!!

Week Two

Week two at Barton Springs was a night full of injuries. Okay, there were four in total, but four is still one too many, and it seemed to be what stuck out for the night.

Guys and gals, watch out for your own teammates, you’re not the only one on the field. You’re bound to run into each other if you’re not paying attention. Keep it social and play safe. This is a no-contact league…even if the player is on your own team!


Aside from the list of injuries, the night went a little something like this:


B Teamers, Hey…That’s Not My Flag, Zeke and Geeks, and Cash us Offside – HowBow Dah opened up the evening on both fields. B Teamers gave Hey…That’s Not My Flag a run for their money, but ultimately fell 27 to 52. Zeke and Geeks couldn’t be caught offside, and instead focused on catching all the balls! Cash Us Offside was left cashing Zeke And Geeks’ dust, and lost 6-48 in a blowout!


At 6:50, Squad handed Fast Flags a swift beating, 42-20, and Le’Veon my Wayward Son dropped the ball against Get Lit or Die Tryin’. Get Lit or Die Tryin’ lit up the scoreboard and won 26-19 in a close and exciting game!


As the night moved closer to our last few games, so too did the scores between all the teams. Lean Dak barely squeezed out a win against Make TDMP Great Again, 26 to 24. Make Flag Football Great Again is still working on just that, however, Multiple Scoregasms would probably beg to differ. They scored multiple times against Make Flag Football Great Again, and definitely had a happy ending, winning 34 to 20. We had another close game against Off to Monkeys and Jacker T. Ma. This game boiled down to just a one-point difference with the ball falling in favor of Jacker T. Ma, 20-19!


It must be deja vu or something because SCLSU Mud Dogs and Wilfork On the First Date replicated the exact same score as that of Off to Monkeys and Jacker T. Ma, only this game earned the title “Game of the Night!”

It was a super close, fun, friendly game. In the first half, Mud Dogs crushed it, scoring two touchdowns and only giving up one touchdown on a pick six with Wilfork scoring the only extra point in the half. The score was 12 to 7, in favor of the Mud Dogs at the half. Things were not looking good for Wilfork, as Mud Dogs scored on their first drive in the second half, making it 19-7. Wilfork wasn’t going to just sit back and take the beating, though, so they answered back, bringing the score to 19-13.

Mud Dogs were about to seal the deal on their victory by throwing a nice and easy pass, but out of nowhere Wilfork was able to intercept the ball and take a knee in the end zone giving them just the chance they needed! With plenty of time left on the clock, Wilfork was able to relax, take their time, and take control of the game. Wilfork ran the clock down and scored the extra point with no time left on the clock! Wilfork On the First Date stole the show and walked away victorious, 20-19! I have a feeling the Mud Dogs will be wanting some revenge down the road!

Happiest of Hours!

After the games, the players and refs made their way over to Gourdough’s to indulge in $2 Dollar Bud Lights and delicious donut concoctions! It’s the perfect place to mix and mingle with other ASSCers after a long night of tearing up the fields! If you’ve had too much to drink, or find yourself in a food coma, hit up GetMe for a safe ride home!

Sunday Flag Football: Takin’ It to the Springs! Barton Springs, That Is…

Flag football season is here and week one was underway this past Sunday at Barton Springs! Sixteen teams have signed up, so there’s tons of fun and games to be had in the next six weeks!  Alright, so here’s how this is going to go: I’ll give you a rundown of the scores followed by the game or games of the night. If you want your team to be featured, you either have had to play an amazing game filled with awesome sportsmanship, close games, crazy to near impossible plays, or you just have to be the most social team out there having a blast! Either way, you will have plenty of chances to have your team’s picture featured!


Week One

The season openers were Hey…That’s Not My Flag versus Fast Flags over on field one, and Cash Us Offside-How Bout Dah against Get Lit or Die Tryin’ on field two. First of all, awesome names, guys (ladies too)! Alright, so field two ended up being a double forfeit due to not enough players at game time–remember, there must be at least three females on the field at all times. Back on field one Hey…That’s Not My Flag handed Fast Flags an old fashioned spanking, outscoring their opponent 43 to 26.

The second games of the evening had Jacker T. Ma facing off against Make TDMP Great Again on field one, and Lean Dak against Off To Monkeys on Field two. Make TDMP Great Again also delivered a swift beating to Jacker T. Ma, taking the game 49 to 24. Lean Dak and Off To Monkeys played an extremely competitive game and were neck and neck the entire game, but Off To Monkeys was able to squeeze out a win just before the final whistle, 21-20! Close game, guys!


At 7:45, Make Flag Football Great Again sent SCLSU Mud Dogs home with their first loss of the season, 27-18. Wilfork on the First Date played Multiple Scoregasms in the game of the night! In the first half, Multiple Scoregasms had two turnovers and one interception and was unable to score. Meanwhile, Wilfork on the First Date scored on every drive but could never finish…or, could never get the extra point. In the second half, things picked up for Multiple Scoregasms who were able to force a turn over and scored on all 3 of their drives. Wilfork on the First Date scored twice and finally got one extra point on their last TD giving them a 7 point lead. Multiple Scoregasms almost had enough time to finish one last drive to tie the game up making it to the 5 yard line, but unfortunately ran out of time. The game ended with Wilfork on the First Date winning 25 to 18!


The last games of the night had Squad playing against the B Teamers on field one. Due to some technical difficulties (the lights shut off early and couldn’t be turned back on), the game is currently incomplete and pending a final score. What I can tell you is that there was 9:54 left in the second half with the score at 14-15 in favor of B Teamers, who also had possession of the ball on the 30-yard line on their 2nd down. Only time will tell if these two teams will be able to meet again to finish what has been left off.

Last but not least, Le’Veon my Wayward Son played Zeke and Geeks in our social game of the night! This game was a bit of a blowout, but this is less about the score and more about teams taking direction from our officials, being great sports, and keeping it social. Le’Veon my Wayward Son jumped out and took the lead early in the game. We’re talking about a 30-point lead, here. They weren’t being aggressive, but just happened to make great long plays that led to quick scores. In the second half, Le’Veon pulled back a bit, recognizing that the game would be a blowout and not much fun if the other team can’t compete, so instead of catching interceptions, they batted down the ball giving Zeke and Geeks the possession which allowed them to score on that drive. Le’Veon did this multiple times the rest of the game, thus being able to have a decent game on their hands, but both teams were able to have fun and stopped caring much about the score. In the end, Le’Veon my Wayward Son still walked away victorious, winning 47 to 13 against Zeke and Geeks. Thanks for being great sports and keeping it social!


After all the games, the teams headed over to Gourdough’s for some more socializing and boozing. There was quite a lot of chatter and anticipation for what’s to come! We’ve got more football next week! See y’all on the fields!