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Softball is underway!

With another great season of Softball at Havin’s and Southeast Metro Park underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having fun on the field.  Don’t forget to snap fun photos at the fields, Craftsman, and Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge, then share with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

We’ll Show You Our Bat If You’ll Show Us Yours!


It’s playoff Sunday at Havins Field and boy did we see some awesome action en route to the Championship Game! Teams were eager, hot, hungry and thirsty for their shot at the playoffs. Here’s how it all played out:

Tickle Monsters racked up 13 runs to The Dustin Cookes’ 6, to take the night’s first win right out of the gate.

In their second game, The Dustin Cookes couldn’t seem to score more than 6 runs….again! Final score: Swinging & Swigging 7, The Dustin Cookes 6!

Beer Sox had a field day up against Hit Squad dropping them by a 12-2 score. Ouch!

Brew Crew split their 2 games with a win and a loss both. They were on the short side of the stick in their first game, falling 4-11 to Pitches Be Crazy. On a bright note, they blanked Chixson Dix 7-0. Nice comeback win!

Win’r’ Lose We Booze had a nice night with 2 decisive victories. First, they blanked Statoil Sluggers 7-0 then they rolled over Two Gens 8-2. Nice night at the ballpark!

Two Gens were able to bounce back in their second game taking the 6-2 win over Blood, Sweat and Beers. Nice turnaround!

Hamvengers wound up on the short side of the bat, falling 4-9 to DuggouTGuzzlers. Then Smoking Bases took it to Hard Drives 7-0 in an uneven match up.

In the first semi final game of the night, Pitches be Hatin’ took on undefeated Muskrats for a thriller! This is what playoffs are all about! This game had 4 lead changes in 4 innings! When the dust settled…..literally……Muskrats 10 with Pitches be Hatin 8! OMG, what a game!

In the other half of the draw, and another close game, Tickle Monsters went up against Rule 34. This game was also close with some timely base running and crucial double plays. After it was all over, Rule 34 barely edged Tickle Monster 6-5 to head to the finals! Can you say awesome!!

Once again Muskrats were undefeated and made it to the final! The game was competitive but social and a blast to watch, since both teams knew each other well. Rule 34 came prepared and was dominating the first three innings. Muskrats tried to keep it competitive but Rule 34’s offense was just too strong. Rule 34 fought hard and pulled the ultimate upset with a 13-8! Champions!

It was a great night at the Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for happy hour after the games. As the Championship team entered the door, the other teams showed their respect with lots of cheers and even a standing ovation! Now that is how we do it in ASSC leagues! Come give us a try this next season and see what you’ve been missing!


Bats, Balls, Bases and Beer! That’s Our Kind of League!

Get out your softball gear and beer coolers…’s time for ASSC Sunday night softball at Havins! Here’s a rundown (no pun intended) of how it all played out:

Although Swinging & Swigging got on the board first, it was Pitches be Hatin’ that took it all home with a 10-4 victory.

Pitches be Hatin’ was on a roll and took their next game 14-7 over Rule 34 to make it a complete night on the diamond!

Muskrats also had a winning night by first beating Beer Sox 16-6 then taking it to Hit Squad with a 9-2 victory. Nice!

Hit Squad had a nice comeback win against Dustin Cookes 9-3 to redeem their earlier loss. Swinging & Swigging also notched a Dub-yah on Dustin Cookes with a 12-8 final score.

Hamvengers and Two Gens had a close game going into the final inning when Two Gens broke out the big bats. Thanks to some timely homers, they were able to take the win at 10-6! Great game! Two Gens wasn’t finished just yet and really took it to Statoil Sluggers in their next game. When the dust settled, Two Gens took the win at 7-0! Awesome!

DuggouTGuzzlers had an interesting day. They barely got on the board in their first game only scoring 4 runs to Blood, Sweat and Beers’ 10, then they turned around and drilled Smoking Bases 21-0! Can you say “run rule!”

Chixson Dix got their money’s worth on Sunday with a real cray-cray kind of night! First, they blanked Hard Drives with a 7-0 victory. Some nice base running sealed this deal! In their second game, they took on Brew Crew with both teams playing great! It went back and forth with some timely hits and base running. After 4 intense innings, both teams had scored 9 runs and that’s how it ended! A tie?! After all that……a tie?!

In their next game, Brew Crew looked a little deflated from their earlier game but held strong against Slap a Pitch. An infield single snuck through and the winning run came across the plate to give Slap a Pitch their narrow 5-4 victory! Whew!!

In their second game, Slap a Pitch had their hands full again, this time with Hard Drives. This was like groundhog day all over again! The game was tied again in the final inning with the winning run on second base. Batter hits a single up the middle but this time it’s caught and runner is out at first! Tie ball game at 4 apiece! Drat…. but another great game!

Speaking of crazy nights, Pitches Be Crazy found themselves on both ends of lopsided wins/loses! First, the good news….they took it to Smoking Bases with an 18-5 victory in their first game. The bad news…..they were on the short end of a 7-15 loss against Win’r’ lose we booze in their second game. Wow….what a night on the diamond.

Finally, Rule 34 took the easy 5-1 victory over Tickle Monsters to wrap up another week on the bases!
As always, Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge was the place to be for some cold brews, big screen TVs and lots of reminiscing about the night! We will be here again next week…..will you?



It’s the Mother Bunting Playoffs at SEMP!

Last Thursday was playoffs for our Austin Sports and Social Club softballers down at Southeast Metro Park, and it was a night filled with plot twists and upsets! The top four teams that made it to the playoff rounds were Goatsuckers, who were ranked number one with an undefeated record, The Degenerates, seeded at number two, Mother Bunters in third, and Teabaggers in fourth. What was expected was to be a pretty straightforward night: the undefeated Goatsuckers should take home the “gold,” but like I said: twists, turns, and upsets!






The semifinals had seeds three and two facing off against each other: Mother Bunters and The Degenerates. The Degenerates were favored to win, but a stroke of good luck (or a solid swing) by the Mother Bunters had them sliding into home base one more time to put them ahead by one run!


The number two seed, The Degenerates, were handed an upset, 7-8.


They were great sports, though, because they stuck around to watch the number one seed, Goatsuckers, defeat the number four seed, Teabaggers, in a good old-fashioned spanking, 7 to 4. The Degenerates were even greater sports when they stuck around to watch the championship bloodbath that was anticipated to unfold between the Mother Bunters and Goatsuckers…


Championship Finals

Goatsuckers vs. Mother Bunters


It was not expected that Mother Bunters were going to advance to the finals, but they barely squeaked out that win against The Degenerates and suddenly find themselves playing for the championship banner! Hate to say it, but pretty much everyone was expecting them to be obliterated by the Goatsuckers, per their usual style of winning.


Already exceeding expectations, the first four innings of the final were extremly close! Going into the 5th inning is where Goatsuckers fell aaprt. With Moter Bunters scoring 5 runs in the fifth inning and 3 more in the sixth, they went untouched, beating the Goatsuckers 11-5! The worst loss the Goatsuckers have had to taste all season!



Congratulations, Mother Bunters!



Ball ’til ya Fall with Softball

Week Six

It was a windy, windy week six out at Southeast Metro Park. This added a bit of a challenge to all the games for the evening, but it was nothing that our Austin Sports and Social Club players couldn’t handle. With playoffs right around the corner, all of the teams were looking for some big wins to set themselves apart from each other. This is how the night went down…


We Mustache You a Question!

Bringing out their meanest game faces, That One Team showed up with mustaches and played all night with them on. Quite the intimidating factor!


Even though they got beat down by Mother Bunters 17-2, they had the most fun of the night shotgunning beers, hanging with the other teams after their game, and cheering and rooting for everyone!


You guys may be last place in the standings, but you’re first place in our hearts! Way to keep it social, guys and gals!



“Don’t Call it a Comeback!”


The past few weeks had been a bit…ruff… for Barks and Rec trying to find their team groove, but tonight seemed to be the night that it all finally clicked for them!


Barks and Rec were down 8-9 in the final inning, and it looked like it was going to be another close loss in the books for them.


Determined to end the season with one more win under their belt, the light pink team managed to squeak out two more runs at the top of the final inning, and Sultans of Swat could not deliver when they were up to bat. Barks and Rec took home the win 10-9 and finished off the season 2-4.



“But What About Us…?”


Cool your jets, kids! Here’s the scores for the rest of you!
That One Team (ROYAL BLUE) (A) 2 AT Mother Bunters (CAROLINA BLUE) (H) 17

Bomb Squad (MAROON) (A) 16 AT The Degenerates (BLACK) (H) 12

Barks n Rec (LIGHT PINK) (A) 10 AT Sultans of Swat (SKY BLUE) (H) 9

Belmont Bombers (IRISH GREEN) (A) 0 AT Teabaggers (GOLD) (H) 13

Handsome Devils (WHITE) (A) 5 AT Goatsuckers (TEXAS ORANGE) (H) 13

Happy Hour


Slide on over to Craftsman after the games for some amaze-balls tacos and cheap, cheap booze…we’re talkin’ $2 Dollar Bud Light-type cheap!

Sunday Night Champs!

We are going to skip right to the good stuff because this game looked like it was going to be a blowout with indy team, The Brew Crew, taking a solid lead at 9-0 against Win’r’Lose, We Booze at the bottom of the fourth inning. Keep on reading below to see how the night unfolded, filled with plot twists and heartbreaks…


Championship Game

Win’r’lose, We Booze (white) vs The Brew Crew(pink)



Top of the 5th, The Brew Crew is up to bat and ready to continue their domination towards the mercy rule, but Win’r’lose played some great defense and managed to get three outs in a heartbeat!

Before lining up to bat, and Win’r’lose currently losing, they got their team together for a brief pep talk to remind each other that they had come so far and are in the finals, and cannot go out with a big, fat goose egg. Their first batter goes up and hits a line drive way out in the middle of the field, and manages to run all the way to third! Next batter goes up and lands a solid hit to get on base, followed Win’r’lose’s third batter who hits a home run to bring in his two players and himself!   Win’r’lose, We Booze finally got some points on the board, 3-9!


But wait! There’s more!


Win’r’lose, We Booze squeaked out 3 more runs in the fifth inning making it a 3 point game!


The 6th inning was total domination for Win’r’lose, We Booze! Again, they played great defense and did not let The Brew Crew get a single player on base! Win’r’lose is up to bat again.  First batter hits and it’s caught. OUT! Win’r’lose didn’t let one out defeat them though. They kept their heads up and the next two batters smashed their way to home base! If you’re keeping score, it’s now a one-run game, 8-9, The Brew Crew.

The excitement on Win’r’lose, We Booze could not be contained! The next two batters made base hits and just needed somebody to bring them on home! Their next batter, who is female by the way, hits a line drive down the middle to allow her other two teammates to advance to second and third! The ball in play is bobbled by their opponent. Batter gets out, but the two players on base waited for their magic moment and scrambled to home for two runs, putting them ahead by one run, 10-9, and also making them the new Austin Sports and Social Club champions of the season! Win’r’lose, We Booze celebrated their victory like they just won the world championship!

It might be a softball, but we play it hard for the wins!


Sunday Softball is back at Havins and have we got some stories to tell! Let’s get right to it:

13 was not unlucky for Texas Stampede as they walked all over the Masterbatters by 8 runs to take the win 13-5. Nice start Stampede!

Inglorious Batters couldn’t keep those axes swinging enough to keep up with Beer Sox. For every once around the bases for the Batters, Beer Sox went 5 for a score of 10-2 when the dust settled!

Masterbatters wasn’t done yet, however, trying to take out their earlier frustrations on Quit Your Pitchin’. This one stayed close until the last inning with Masterbatters posting up 7 runs to Quit Your Pitchin’ crossing home plate with 5 runs. Nice, close game!

Both Beer Sox and Texas Stampede had more gas left in the tank for another go at a win. Beer Sox dusted off their big bats and took it to Texas Stampede 10-6. Nice night on the diamond Beer Sox!

Rule 34 definitely came to play, almost shutting out Quit Your Pitchin’ in a hasty fashion. Quit Your Pitchin’ did manage to get 4 runners across the bag but Rule 34 went around all the bass 22 times……22 times! That’s like a football score….sort of!

In one of the closer games of the night, I’d Hit That was trying to do just that against Inglorious Batters. Both teams had some great defensive plays but managed to get a few hits in when they were needed. When the dust settled, Inglorious Batters 7, I’d Hit That 6! Awesome game!

Rule 34 got another shot to rack up the score on their opponent and wasted no time against Falling Apart At The Seams. They did allow 3 runs but not before racking up 11 of their own… goes to Rule 34…..again!

Saved By The Balls held their next 2 opponents to just 6 runs apiece while scoring 16 then 12 of their own! Get out of this team’s way, they do not mess around on offense!

In the game of the night, Falling Apart went up against Seams vs Snatch Monsters. It looked like the game was going to end in a tie because both teams were neck and neck the whole game! But somehow and some way Falling Apart at the Seams hit a walk off home run in the bottom of the last inning to take the Dub-Ya 9-8! What an awesome way to end the night!

There’s no better place to kick off the season’s happy hour than Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge. Lots of highlights….and lowlights….to discuss as well as new friends to be made. We will mos’ def’ be back next week…..will you?

Week One! (Wednesday and Thursday)

The beginning of the Fall season is upon us as Softball will be back in action this Wednesday and Thursday out at Southeast Metro!

Come early, stay late, and wear the right jersey as Week One will go on with a bang (if Mother Nature does not interfere!)

Bring a cooler of your favorite beers (and cups too) and a smile as team pictures will be the first plan of action. Follow that with softball and that makes for a great night on the fields.

We’ll see y’all out there and then at Craftsman afterwards!