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Moontower Madness: Week One

Week One

It’s week one down at Moontower, and spring has sprung with a ton of new faces, lots of familiar old faces, and the same great volleyball action! Here’s a quick run down of how the week unfolded for a few of the teams who made “Game of the Night!”

Monday (3/27)

We Like To Drink vs. That’s What She Set


Their sets just would not end!  That’s What She Set got an early lead in the first set to take the win, 21-13. We Like To Drink answered back with a 21-17 win in the second set to send the teams to a third game to battle it out.  The rallies were long and intense, and the teams went point for point to tie the game up at 16-all. With the cap point at seventeen, the game could literally go either way, but this time the ball fell in favor of That’s What She Set, 17-16.


Wednesday (3/29)

The Outsiders vs Block of Seagulls

These two teams been playing together for a while now. They know each other’s teammates pretty well. Both teams always play well an give a good effort. Last night it was no different. After Block of Seagulls took the first set 15-21, The Outsiders came back to win the second set 21-16. The whole match was full of long rallies, good effort and hustle on both sides of the net. The Outsider completed the comeback by winning 15-13 on a very close one.


Thursday (3/30)

The Tip vs. Dat Ace Doh

The Tip dominated the first set against Dat Ace Doh, 21-10.


After the first set, Dat Ace Doh regrouped and got their act together to bring some competition to the sand. The second second went back and forth with both teams trading points throughout the set. The Tip had a chance to close it out 4 times after being up 20 to 18, but Dat Ace Doh kept fighting and took the set 24-22, forcing a third game!


The third set was equally intense as the set before it: more of the same long rallies and a lot of hustle! Dat Ace Doh completed the comeback to win 15-13! Great, great win!

Sand Volleyball at Zilker is Back!

Week One

Zilker is back, baby! And what a way to start off the season! We had some fun matchups to get the season started right!  Teams were all excited for the nights’ openers, the great weather, and good sportsmanship out there, which is always great to see! Lots of cheering and lots of laughing! We wouldn’t want it any other way!


Monday Night

Ball Busters balled it up and claimed their victory against team Jacobs, 21 to 13 and 24 to 22.


Jacobs had a double header in their first week, and played against Bumpin’ Uglies for their second game. Jacobs needed to win in order to redeem themselves after their first lost against the Ball Busters. Bumpin’ Uglies was a super fun team, keeping it social, laughing up a storm at all of their mistakes and cheered for others.  Sadly, they did lose to team Jacobs, 5 to 21 and 13 to 21.


Sets on the Beach stole the fire from RK Fireballs and sealed the match with a 2 game win, 21 to 14 and 21 to 17.


Ali Cats Spike spiked their way to victory in a 3 game runner of 10 to 21, 21 to 19, and 15 to 7!




Sactown Spikers clinched their first win against Sets on the Beach by spiking their way to a 21-10 and 21-14 victory!


Volley Llamas vollied it up against Thunder Ducks, but there would be no thunder on this Tuesday night. Thunder Ducks fell to the Volley Llamas, 8-21 and 9-21.


Smasherz could not smash their way to victory with a loss in three sets, 13-21, 21-18, and 5-15 against the New Locals.


Sets Offenders laughed their way to their close loss against Will Work For Sets with scores of 16-21 and then 19-21.  “Son of a beach” is what team Son of a Beach wanted to say in their match against That’s What She Set, but instead, they laughed off their errors and shrugged off their loss against Thats What She Set, 12-21 and 13-21.



Serves Up! an Indy team that just met, came busting out the gate with a bang, winning both of their double headers!


First, they faced Cevitas Fajitas in a challenging match up that went three rounds! Serves Up lost the first game 10-21, but managed to regroup after the first set to come back and win the next two games 21-14 and 15-4! They kept their momentum going by defeating their next opponent, SPIKEological Warfare in two sets, 21-9 and 21-16! What an awesome way to start the season! Congratulations, newbs!




Gourdough’s Happy Hour


Whether you play sand volleyball at Zilker on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, Gourdough’s is your Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour location! Bud Light is only $2 Dollars when you show up in your ASSC gear! Don’t forget to use your team card after your game to save $10 bucks on a $20 dollar or more tab!


Come out and show your smiling faces, meet new people, make new friends! We’re all about keeping it social!

Sand Volleyball: Winter Playoff Edition

Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

Our winter season of sand volleyball has come and gone and we are well underway with the spring season, but before we spring too far ahead of ourselves, here are all of your winter season champs!


Hanover’s – Round Rock

First off, congratulations goes out to Bumpin’ Uglies over at Hanover’s in Round Rock.
The championship was a great matchup between Bumpin’ Uglies and Sets on the Beach. The first set was intense and full of long rallies. Sets on the Beach held a 5-point lead and was on their way to take the first game, but Bumpin’ Uglies brought in their ace server to tie the game up, take the lead, and bring them home, 24-22! Things got interesting in the second set as both teams went point for point with some great plays at the net. Sets on the Beach took the second set, 21-15, to force a third. The third set was filled with tons of hustle and diving from both teams, but Bumpin’ Uglies’ court awareness allowed them to place the ball just out of their opponents’ reach.  Bumpin’ Uglies won the game proudly and held that championship banner high…well, to a reasonable level for their photo op!!




With so many teams at Moontower on Monday nights, there were two divisions running on the courts: Shock Top division and Land Shark. That means there’s two championship games with twice the fun! Here’s how the two divisions made out:

Shock Top Final:  Dodgeball v. For the Watch – The championship game on court one was as straightforward as it could get. The first set was a close game with Dodgeball coming out on top, 21-19. The momentum carried over into the second set, and Dodgeball only allowed 14 points to be scored against them.  For the Watch was able to put up good blocks, but couldn’t stop all the great plays ran by Dodgeball. Dodgeball had control of the match the entire night with ace-makin’ serves and killer spikes. Dodgeball took the championship game in two sets, 21-19, 21-14!   Way. To Go.



Land Shark Final: Cash Me Outside v. Block Party – Awesome championship match up between these two teams. Cash Me Outside had some of the most amazing sets to help complete their plays, and Block Party’s defense was out of this world. The sets were intense and the rallies were long. Both teams left everything they had out on the court that night, but only one team can be on top. Cash Me Offside won the Landshark division championship game in two sets, 21-14 and 21-17.




Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Rough Sets took on That’s What She Set in their championship game, and boy, was it a game for the books! Every set went point for point, and you could tell that both teams wanted to win real bad. The hustle could not be ignored on either side of the net; both teams were diving in the sand and executing their 3 hits, giving it their all on each possession! That’s What She Set took the first set in a nail biter that boiled down to the final points with both teams calling time outs to catch their breaths! The intensity carried over into the second set, and Rough Sets was determined not to go out in two sets. They played some scrappy volleyball and ran all over the place to get the ball back over the net. Rough Sets took the second game 21-13! The third set was totally dominated by That’s What She Set; their net game was too strong and they were too hot to handle. That’s What She Set easily took the final set 15-5.






There were two awesome championship games at Moontower again on Wednesday, only instead of two different divisions, we had fours and sixes playing for the titles.


Over in the fours bracket, Burrito and Spike Fest went three rounds in an insanely close match! Both teams traded points throughout the first two sets. Spike Fest won the first set, 20-22, and  Burrito won the second, 21-19. After being tied at six in the third set, Spike Fest was able to gain distance and momentum, and pulled away little by little to take the championship game with a final score of 15-9! Great match!!!



It was easy money over in the sixes bracket with team Chaos advancing to the finals due to a forfeit by the Bad Guys, and Volleybrawlers spiking their way to the championship round against Loser Buys Drinks in a two set match. The championship game had the top two seeds facing off to see who would hoist the mighty banner. The first set had some good rallies between the two teams but Chaos ultimately took control of the game and won 21-17. The second set didn’t see much improvement from the Volleybrawlers, so Chaos continued with their winning streak, and easily took the game 21-10 to become the next season champs of the sixes court!



Hanover’s – Round Rock

With only four teams at Hanover’s in Round Rock, all of the teams made it to the playoffs to take a stab at winning the championship title. The Benchwarmers coasted into the finals with an easy win against Puddin’ Pops in the semi finals. Get Off My Nets had a little more of a challenge against Set’Em Hussein to get to the finals, but also won the match in two sets.


The championship game was a battle against the top two teams, The Benchwarmers and Get Off My Nets. In the first set, Get Off My Nets grabbed an early lead with a 4-0 run, but The Benchwarmers had an answer for that and went on their own 4-point run to tie the game up. Tied at 4-4, both teams traded runs to make the first set a race to the finish, but Get Off My Nets was able to build a lead and get the win by finding the holes on their opponent’s side, 21-18.

Coming off of their first loss in the set, The Benchwarmers needed a win if they wanted a chance at hoisting up the championship banner.  The second set in the finals went point for point from the beginning, and was yet another race to the finish line. The game was all tied up at 20-20, and with rally scoring you have to play to win! The Benchwarmers had possession of the ball and just needed to get their serves over the net and keep the ball in play, and that is exactly what they did! The Benchwarmers took set number two 22-20 to force a third game!

Following suit like the first and second sets, the final game was just as intense and boiled down the last points before hitting the cap. The game stretched out with almost every point being played. Once again, The Benchwarmers and Get Off My Nets were tied at the end, 14-14. Get Off My Nets was able to pull off the upset of the season by beating the undefeated Benchwarmers, 16-14, in the third game! Way to go, Get Off My Nets!!


Hanover’s – Pflugerville

It was an easy peasy night for the undefeated Safe Sets as they plowed their way through the semi finals and into the championship game against the number two team, Bad Aces. Safe Sets rallied to consecutive points in the first set and dominated throughout. Bad Aces never stood a chance, they lost 21 to 6 in the first set. Bad Aces improved a bit in the second set, but could not get it together to pose a challenge to Safe Sets. Safe Sets’ had a great second set with most serve points rallied and won the championship 21-13!!





We had another night of fours and sixes at Moontower on Thursday, and because this playoff edition is so long, let’s cut to the chase. Our top teams in both groups made it to the ‘ship and sailed away with victories! Congratulations to the number one ranked fours team, Sets Kittens! They were undefeated all season and made their way through the playoffs with ease. Sets Kittens knocked out the Sand Goonies in the semi finals in two sets, 21-10 and 21-6, and faced off against the number two seed, Serving Like Lunch Ladies in the final round. The first set was done before it started; Sets Kittens only allowed 8 points to be scored against them before going into the second set. Serving Like Lunch Ladies had a better attempt in their second game, but still ultimately fell to the undefeated Sets Kittens, 21-17! Congratulations, you cutie pies!



Last, but certainly not least, the undefeated SAF guys and gals easily made their way to the championship round against number two seed, Swiiiitch, by knocking the Volley Llamas out in two sets, 21-8 and 21-6. Ouch.

It wouldn’t be that easy against Swiiitch, though. SAF lost to Swiiitch in the first set, 21-17, but made up for it in the second. SAF took the last two sets and won the championship title for the season (17-21, 21-10, 15-11)!


Since I’m a million weeks behind, our spring season is up and going! The courts are busy, busy, and the games are crazy, crazy! Stay tuned for more updates and always check out for even more sand volleyball registration dates!

Sand Volleyball: Who Survived Week Five’d?

Week five was last week (yeah, I know I’m late!) for our winter season of sand volleyball, which means it was the final week of regular season games before the playoffs next week (which is actually this week, read about it here). Read on to see if your team made it in the “Game of the Night” highlights!



Hanover’s – Round Rock



That’s What She set played Sets on the Beach in some harsh winds. In the first set, That’s What She Set came out on fire with some great serves. Sets on the Beach had some great plays at the net, but it was not enough to pull out a win. That’s What She Set took the first set, 21-12.


That’s What She Set was still bringing the heat with their serves in the second set, leaving Sets on the Beach struggling to return the ball. However, when Sets on the Beach was able to complete a serve-receive and get the ball in play, the rallies were long and hard-fought, but the errors on Sets on the Beach’s part were too much to give them a shot at the win.  That’s What She Set won the second set, 21-12, and walked away with the big W for the evening!




Monday at Moontower had so much action that our refs and coordinator couldn’t pick just one team. Instead, with the season coming to an end, we have the run down on how some of the teams finished off!


In the Shocktop division, Dodgeball had a bye, so they’re going into the playoffs with a 5-1 record at the number one spot! For the Watch played two great matches on Monday night in their double header. They were down a player all night but refused to let that be an excuse. In their match against Spike it Like Cosby, For the Watch hustled so hard, Spike It Like Cosby didn’t stand a chance! Spike It Like Cosby fell to For the Watch, 12-21 and 9-21, and finished their season 2-3.

In their second match, For the Watch looked like they were feeling a bit winded from their first match against Spike It Like Cosby. They put up a great fight against Suck My Dink in three rounds, but ultimately dropped the ball in the end. Suck My Dink beat For the Watch,  17-21, 21-14, and 15-9.  For the Watch finished the season at 3-3, while Suck my Dink move to the 4th spot at 2-4.


Over in the Landshark division, Cash Me Outside finished the regular season undefeated by knocking out Block Party. The game was relatively easy for Cash Me Outside as they took the match in two sets: 21-6, 21-12.

Block Party is still sitting pretty at the number two spot with a record of 4-2, followed by How I Set Your Mother. How I Set Your Mother had a good victory on Monday, beating Notorious DIG 21-15 and 21-13. With that win, How I Set Your Mother has a 2 point differential at the three seed against the number two spot, Block Party, and Notorious DIG moved to 4th place.





Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Rough Sets faced off against That’s What She Set in an exciting two-set match filled with lots of hustle, great plays at the net, awesome serves, and long rallies! Both sets started close with each team capitalizing on serves and long rallies. There were quite a few lead changes early on and a lot of back and forth between points before That’s What She Set took the lead and ran away with it. Rough Sets fell to That’s What She Set, 13-21 and 14-21.



The Outsiders always seem to make things interesting week after week.


According to our favorite Dominican coordinator, Juan, he says (please read this in your best Dominican accent), “This team are never out of it, they always keep it close even if they lose.”


This past Wednesday was no exception! The veteran team went up against Dirty Sanchez in a three-set match. Both teams were evenly matched, both with good communication and excellent passing skills.


The Outsiders took the first set in a close game, 21-19! Dirty Sanchez came back in the second set with some tough plays and was able to out-hustle The Outsiders in a 21-14 victory. The third set went point-for-point in an exciting exchange of rallies up to 7 points before The Outsiders pulled away to take the match 15-9!




Hanover’s – Round Rock



Get Off My Nets and Set’em Hussein played an exciting match on Thursday night. The match only went to two sets, but both of them were extremely close! The game was evenly matched, competition-wise, and the outcome of the game boiled down who had better court awareness. Get Off My Nets was able find the open holes and scored points off of a few well-placed hits, and found the targets with their serves. They took both sets 21-16 and 22-20!


Hanover’s – Pflugerville


Taylor’s Team and How I Set Your Mother went three rounds on Thursday night in a spectacular match that was too close for comfort!  In the first set, Taylor’s Team lost 15-21, but was able to come back in the second, 21-18. The last set went point for point with How I Set Your Mother edging out the win, 15-12!


According to Doug the Fun Coach, this game had some of the most awesome digs by How I Set Your Mother that he had seen all season! How I Set Your Mother’s win was well-deserved with the hustle they displayed!


I’ve mentioned before that not all game of the night winners get a shout out based solely off of competition and skills. This week, No Diggity takes the cake! You know they’re a good time when other teams are requesting to play against them! Doug the Fun Coach added that they’re “the most fun team ever,” and “all of their crew are fabulous!”  Thank you, No Diggity, for Keepin’ it Social and being a fun bunch!





Rained out at Moontower this week. Bummer.


Well, that’s all for week five. Check back for the latest and greatest headlines by yours truly! Be sure to go over to for sand volleyball registration dates and info! Today is the last day to register for the next season of sand volleyball all across Austin. If you haven’t registered, you better get on it! Otherwise, you will have to sit the sidelines and wait it out!

Sand Volleyball: This is Where We Build Sand Castles…Right?


Hanover’s – Round Rock


Week four’s featured games started with an epic battle between Block You Like A Hurricane and A Team Has No Name in an exchange of points and leads! Both teams would take turns scoring 3 points in quick rallies to take the lead before the other side put an end to the run. This back and forth action went on until the score was at 20 to 19 with Block You Like A Hurricane at game point. A Team Has No Name was relentless and refused to let the ball drop. They fought back and were able to tie the game up 24-24 to bring the set to a shoot out at the cap point. Block You Like a Hurricane turned into a tropical storm at that point, and the ball fell in favor of A Team Has No Name, 25-24!

Going into the second set, A Team Has No Name carried over their momentum and went on a 6-point run to take an early lead. The rallies were intense, again, with Block You Like a Hurricane making some great saves and strategic dinks at the net, but the dinks just weren’t enough to pull out a victory. A Team With No Name put an end to the second set at 21-16. Maybe next time, Hurricanes.


Making our way down south to Moontower, the matchup of the evening was between For the Watch and That’s What She Set.


For the Watch built a 5-point lead in the first set and never looked back. They were able to hang on to their lead and take the first set, 21-19. In the second set, the rolls were switched like Freaky Friday. That’s What She Set came out f the gate and took 5-point lead of their own, giving For the Watch a taste of their own medicine. There was a bit of a game changer when For the Watch tied the game at 18-all. Determined not to be knocked out in two sets, That’s What She Set was pull away to finish out the game 21-19. With the match tied 1-1 and the scores extremely close, nobody knew which way the ball would fall until the whistle blew.  For the Watch played valiantly but was unable to keep up with That’s What She Set. That’s What She Set took the game, 15-8.




Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Tuesday night was a night of redemption for team Rough Sets.  In their first game against Beer Pressure, Rough Sets was caught in a rough patch and couldn’t handle the pressure being sent their way. Beer Pressure was too much and was able to knock Rough Sets out in two sets, 21-11 and 21-16.


The night wasn’t over for Rough Sets, though, as they had a double header to get through. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to go into a new game coming off of a loss, but that wasn’t the case for Rough Sets. They were able to pick themselves up and brush the sand off their shoulders (and any and everywhere else sand can get), and gave 1 Hit Wonders a run for their money. The run was so good for Rough Sets that they were able to score 15 points in a row on serves alone! Redemption was sweet for Rough Sets; they took the first set 21-5! 1 Hit Wonders didn’t take the first loss very well, so they rallied and made Rough Sets work hard for every point earned. Fortunately for Rough Sets, 1 Hit Wonders wasn’t able to catch a break and could never take the lead away. Rough Sets finished off 1 Hit Wonders, 21-17, and skipped off the courts to celebrate at the bar!




Wednesday volleyball is back down south at Moontower where The Outsiders played a great game against Block of Seagulls for the game of the night.


This game was all about communication and hustle. The Outsiders had both and was able to out-communicate and out-hustle Block of Seagulls in two sets.


The Outsiders had an amazing back row defensive specialist who ate so much sand to make sure no ball dropped while she was on the court. The Seagulls put up a good fight, but it was not enough to break through The Outsiders’ defense.  The Outsiders took home the W, defeating Block of Seagulls 21-12 and 21-18 in a much needed win after their tough loss last week. Way to go, Outsiders! Keep up the awesome hustle!



There’s always a ton of sand action on Thursdays all over Austin. We’ve got games in Round Rock, Pflugerville, and way south Austin at Moontower.

Hanover’s – Round Rock


Beginning at Hanover’s in Round Rock, the games were just too good for our officials to choose which was best, so here’s a quick run down of the note-worthy matches:


Benchwarmers versus Set ‘em Hussein went two rounds with the Benchwarmers controlling the entire match. They had amazing serves that were near untouchable, and when Set ‘em Hussein was able to finally receive the ball, Benchwarmers took ‘em to town (21-8, 21-14)!


Puddin Pops versus Get Off My Nets win the social highlight of the week. Puddin Pops are basically a mess and are there for the drinks and dinks! They show up early and stay late and are always having a good time. The two teams had a great time exchanging rallies; Puddin Pops spent most of their time laughing their butts off in the sand, and Get Off My Nets spent their time winning! Get Off My Nets did the damn thing and took the match in two, 21-15 and 21-13. Everyone walked away happy and wondering who was buying the next round!


Hanover’s – Pflugerville

Making our way down to Pflugerville, veteran team Bad Aces took on Empire Spikes Back in a friendly game of scrappy volleyball. There was a ton of chatter filled with positive vibes and high fives! The hustle was real on both sides of the court, but the experience from the veteran team outweighed everything else. Bad Aces took home the win in two sets, 21-12, 21-13!




Last but not least, the Volley Llamas faced off against Notorious DIG in a battle of the sixes! Coming off of their first win of the night, Volley Llamas were feeling cocky and confident in their double header. Momentum was going strong for the Llamas and they took the first set 21-15. Notorious DIG wasn’t about to go down like that. After dropping the first set, Notorious DIG came back to win the second one 23 to 21! The third set was a thriller to the very end! Both teams traded possession and points all the way to 13-all!  Volley Llamas had possession of the ball and just needed to be able to play under pressure to finish off Notorious DIG…can they do it? YES, THEY CAN! Volley Llamas pushed two more points to end the game,15-13,  and went home undefeated for the night!


If you haven’t had enough sand volleyball, there’s still more to come! Week 5 starts up March 6th (weather permitting), and ShamBLOCKS sand volleyball tournament is on March 25th! You’ve got 4 days left to get your team together and register to get in on the fun!

Tuesday Sand Volleyball: Turn Up Tuesday! Pflugerville Style!

It was a chilly night this past Tuesday at Hanover’s in Pflugerville, but that didn’t stop our Austin Sports and Social Club volleyballers from showing up and turning out! Or is it showing out and turning up? Either way, it went down on a Tuesday!

Week Two

Week two started with That’s What She Set versus Beer Pressure. Their game went to two sets in favor of That’s What She Set. Apparently, Beer Pressure couldn’t take the pressure and needed to tap out!

Game two had Ya Dig? playing against 1 Hit Wonders. Ya Dig? had a slow start in the first set and lost 13-21. It would seem that Ya Dig? finally warmed up in between sets because they were able to rally in the second set to give 1 Hit Wonders a run for their money. Ya Dig? took game two 22-20! 1 Hit Wonders and Ya Dig? battled it out in the third set, but Ya Dig? was playing off of a high note from the second set and was able to finish off strong, 15-7.

The last game featured Rough Sets against Beer Pressure in their double header for the evening. Rough Sets kept it rough and tough all night, and Beer Pressure just couldn’t get it together. Rough Set took home the W in two sets.


After the games, all the teams stuck around to imbibe on $3 Dollar Bud Lights and jello shots to keep warm. Everybody’s looking forward to this season of sand volleyball…and warmer weather!  There’s even more sand volleyball to look forward to! Early bird registration opens up next week for this year’s first volleyball tournament down south at Moontower, so if you can’t get enough sand volleyball, mark your calendars for February 24th! Sign up quick to save big! Tournament runs on March 25th!


Monday Sand Volleyball: Keepin’ Austin Sandy from North to South


There was a lot of action this past Monday on the courts all across Austin and the happy hours saw even more action after the games. Whether you are north or south, you will be sure to find some sand volleyball fulfill your sandy needs!

Week Two

Hanover’s Round Rock

The first game on court one was one for the books! We had Sets on the Beach playing against Bumpin’ Uglies in the best game of the night! In the first set, Bumpin’ Uglies straight up dominated Sets on the Beach. The score was 20-8, with Bumpin’ Uglies in possession of the ball at game point. Sets on the Beach received the serve and put the ball into play, scoring one point to delay their defeat. Miraculously, Sets on the Beach continued to push one point at a time, going on a 12-point run to tie the game 20-20! Would you believe me if I said they came back to win the game? Well, you better believe it! Sets on the Beach overcame a 12-point deficit to win the game 22-20 in the first set! What. A. Comeback! Clearly not happy with their loss, Bumpin’ Uglies came into the second set with spikes blazing! The rallies were hot on the court that night, but Sets on the Beach was unable to keep their winning momentum going. Bumpin’ Uglies took the second set 21-16. The set count is tied at two, and both teams were chomping at the bit for this win. Sets on the Beach stole the lead early in the game, but Bumpin’ Uglies was able to come back to tie the game 12-12. From that point on, the game went point for point: 13-13, 14-14, and 15-15. With two points left, Sets on the Beach had possession of the ball and was able to seal the deal on their fate. Sets on the Beach had the greatest comeback of the night, with a 12-point deficit in the first set, to take home the big W in three!


What a game! Honestly, after that game the rest of the teams had an extremely tough act to follow!


Over on court two, Set N Spike played against A Team Has No Name in their opening game at 7:00. Set N Spike brought their A-game that night with strong serves and an aggressive front row to take their team to victory. Set N Spike took A Team Has No Name out in two sets, 21-11 and 21-11.  Back over on court one Bumpin’ Uglies and A Team Has No Name met up for their double header. It would seem as if Bumpin’ Uglies lost their steam from their game against Sets on the Beach, and A Team Has No Name used their first game as a warm up because A Team Has No Name beat Bumpin’ Uglies in two sets, 21-17 and 21-12. The last game of the evening on court two was over pretty quickly as That’s What She Set did a number on Block you Like a Hurricane. That’s What She Set won the match 21-10 in both sets.


Besides the great competition from all of the teams, everybody had so much fun that they all stuck around for happy hour! We’re talking every single player was there! The vibe was super social, the drinks were nice and cold, and everybody had a great time! There was excited chatter about the next weeks to come, and players were making plans to hang out beyond their Monday league nights! See, come here to play and leave with more friends than you can count!


If you’re in South Austin, be sure to head over to Moontower where we’ve got three courts with three games running all night. The games are exciting, the music is live, and the drinks are always flowing! Come take advantage of our ASSC happy hour special, $2 Bud Lights all night long!


Court one had Dodgeball playing against Spike It Like Cosby in the 7 o’clock game, with Spike It Like Cosby pulling out the win in two sets, 21-16 and 21-19. Spike It Like Cosby had a double header and played For The Watch in the second game on that court. Spike it Like Cosby was unable to carry their momentum over and lost against For the Watch in two sets, 21-10 and 21-12. The last game on court one was another two-set match with That’s What She Set taking home the win against Suck My Dink (21-17, 21-7).


Court two stole the show on Monday night with Block Party’s back-to-back double header. In their first match against Notorious D.I.G., Block Party had to take a forfeit in the first set due to not having enough players. Luckily, two more players arrived in the nick of time to be able to start a second set. With three players now on the court, Notorious D.I.G. and Block Party were able to rally. It was a close game, but Block Party was able to out hustle Notorious DIG and put up great defense. Block Party won the second set 21-17, forcing a third set. Now with a full team, Block Party was unstoppable. They took the lead early in the last set, and ran away with a win, 15-6.

In their second game of the night, Block Party met their match, Cash Me Outside. The match was very entertaining, full of long rallies and great passes. Block Party played good enough to keep the game close, but Cash Me Outside cashed in the victory by winning in 2 straight sets 21-18, 21-16! The third match of the night on court two had another double header featuring the now 2-0 team, Cash Me Outside, playing against Balls and Spikes Makes Everything Nice. This game was a one and done type of match because it was over before it even started. Cash Me Outside cashed in another victory, 21-10, 21-6. It’s beginning to look like you don’t want to cash Cash Me Outside on the courts!


Court three had For the Watch rallying with Ball Whisperers in their 7 o’clock game. For the Watch knocked it out in two sets, 21-14 and 21-11. The last game of the night on court three went into three sets with Setsy Sixers against How I Set Your Mother. How I Set Your Mother started off strong, dominating Setsy Sixers 21-7 in the first set. The tables were turned in the second set with Setsy Sixers bringing setsy back, winning 21-11. The final set was a race to the finish line, but there could only be one winner. How I Set Your Mother took the set 15-12 to take home the win for the night!


That’s all for this week’s Monday night recap! Stay tuned, week three will be here before you know it!

Thursday Sand Volleyball: Action Across Austin!

Thursday night sand volleyball is underway and started off with a bang! Here’s the rundown on how week one went, beginning up north at Hanover’s Round Rock location, then popping over to Hanover’s in Pflugerville, and finally making our way down south to Moontower.

Hanover’s Round Rock:

Starting up north at Hanover’s in Round Rock, we had three matches to kick off this winter’s season openers. Set’em Hussein took Puddin’ Pops out in two sets, sending them off to the bar to take advantage of the ASSC happy hour drink specials until their double header in the 8:50 game. The second game of the evening had The Benchwarmers leaving their bench sad, lonely, and cold as they were too busy spiking down what Set’em Hussein was sending their way. The Benchwarmers knocked Set’em Hussein out in two sets, making their record 1-1 in week one, and The Benchwarmers 1-0. Feeling rejuvenated, Puddin’ Pops surprised themselves and started their second game of the night off with a win in the first set. However, their surprise didn’t last long because Get Off My Nets won the second set, sending Puddin’ Pops into a third and final set. The third set consisted of Puddin’ Pops spending most of their time face down in the sand, laughing and giving each other lots of high fives and hugs, while Get Off My Nets smashed their way to victory. Get Off My Nets won the match, putting Puddin’ Pops at 0-2 early in the season.

Hanover’s Pflugerville:

Making our way over to Hanover’s in Pflugerville, there was a lot more action, new faces, and a few more teams to help pump up the fun. Teams were showing up early to get their drink on and mingle before their games, and friends and family came out to show their support as well. On court one, Two Bump Chumps had a spike off against Empire Spikes Back in an epic two-set match that left Empire Spikes Back looking for redemption in their next episode. Court two started with How I Set Your Mother battling it out against Safe Sets, and it was anything but legend…wait for it…dary for How I Set Your Mother. Safe Sets beat How I Set Your Mother in two sets and was ready to carry their momentum over into their double header against Empire Spikes Back.

The second games of the evening featured double headers on both courts. Two Bump Chumps went up against How I Set Your Mother on court one, and Empire Spikes Back took on Safe Sets on court two. Court one had a ton of back and forth action in an evenly matched game between Two Bump Chumps and How I Set Your Mother. This game was a fun one to watch as both teams played hard in a race to the end. How I Set Your Mother took a few pages out of their play book and spiked their way to victory, 23-21, in both sets. In the next episode for Empire Spikes Back, Safe Sets used the force against them and left Empire Spikes Back unable to pull out a win, making their record 0-2. I guess they’re still waiting for the return of their Jedi.

The last games of the night at Hanover’s had Taylor’s Team taking Chaos out in two sets on court one, and Bad Aces defeating newcomers, No DIGgity, in two sets on court two. Next week will have more double headers to watch, and teams looking to improve their record.


Way south at Moontower, we had 4s and 6s running on all three courts. It was a chilly evening, so teams were hyped to play to keep warm. The 7 o’clock games featured The Drunken Badgers playing against Serving Cervezas on court one, with Serving Cervezas taking the match in two sets. Sets Kittens took out the Bomb Squad in two sets on court two, and Notorious D.I.G. went three rounds with the ThunderSnarf on court three, in favor of Notorious D.I.G. 2-1.

The second games of the night had The Drunken Badgers and Sets Kittens playing each other in a fun two sets, with Sets Kittens continuing on with their winning streak, now 2-0, and leaving The Drunken Badgers looking for their first win next week. Serving Cervezas were served everything but cervezas by the Bomb Squad in their double header, leaving them cerveza-less and with a 1-1 record. Over on court three, ThunderSnarf had given their all in their first match and was left winded in their double header, losing to SAF in two sets.

As the temperature continued to drop, the games were heating up. Sand Goonies played their butts off against Serving Like Lunch Ladies back on court one. Both teams showed a lot of hustle and covered the court like nobody’s business, but in the end the Lunch Ladies served up a victory in two sets. The Volley Llamas smashed S*M*A*S*H in two sets on court two, and Rough Sets had a rough two sets against the dark lords, Volleydemort, on court three.

The last games of the night started off with a forfeit on court one. Beach Better Have My Volley was a no-show, so Sand Goonies stuck around to play Spike It Like It’s Hot in an exhibition game. If anybody knows Beach Better Have My Volley, ask ’em if they plan on showing up! With a forfeit under their belt, Beach Better Have My Volley is 0-1, and gave Spike It Like It’s Hot their first victory. Sometimes all you have to do is show up! Congratulations, Spike It Like It’s Hot! Court two had Swiiitch going two rounds with TRUEBalls in an exciting exchange of volleys with both teams scrambling all over the court and eating a ton of sand. Swiiitch took home their first win in two sets. Court three had one of the best games of the night with 2 Legit 2 Hit facing off against Block Party. 2 Legit 2 Hit won the first set, easily, 21-14. Block Party redeemed themselves in the second set, 21-19, forcing a third game. With momentum on their side, Block Party kept going and won the third set 15-12. Party on, partiers! Party. On.


What a fantastic first night for all locations! This season promises to be an exciting one filled with great games and more socializing than you can handle. Week two will be here before you know it. Good luck to all the teams, and remember to keep it social!

Monday Sand Volleyball: Moontower Edition

Sand volleyball is back and better than ever down south at Moontower! We have twelve teams signed up and ready to leave it all on the courts! With three games on three courts all night long and $2 Dollar Bud Lights, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

Our season openers for the evening put on quite the show! Suck My Dink faced off against Ball Whisperers over on court one, and lost in a two-set match in favor of the team who whispers sweet nothings to volleyballs. Court two was a quick match with Block Party knocking out Balls and Spikes Make Everything Nice in two sets. Veteran teams Four The Watch went three rounds with team Dodgeball on court three, and both looked like they didn’t take a day off from sand volleyball during the off season. Dodgeball jumped to a 6-point lead in the first set, but  For The Watch was right on their heals and tied the game at 11-all.  From that moment on, the set went point for point all the way to a tied game of 24-24. The cap point is 25, so it was a battle until the ball dropped in favor of For The Watch.  With both teams carrying over their momentum into the second set, Dodgeball shrugged off their loss in the first and came back to win 21-19, forcing a third set. The match was tied 1-1, and both teams rallied like it was their last time on the court forever. It was a close last set, but in the end Dodgeball came out on top, 12-15. Talk about starting off with a bang!

The second games of the evening had a couple double headers. Suck My Dink had a chance to redeem themselves and try to grab a win for the night against Dodgeball, but Dodgeball was too hot to handle and sent Suck My Dink home with their second loss for the night. Balls and Spikes Make Everything Nice had their double header against Setsy Sixers. It was a decent cha cha between the two teams, but Setsy Sixers need to step their game up if they want to tango with the best. Balls and Spikes Make Everything Nice was able to redeem themselves and pulled out a win, making their record 1-1. How I Set Your Mother tried to catch Cash Me Outside over on court three, but was unsuccessful. Cash Me Outside took the match in two sets…HOW BOUT DAH?!!?

Last but not least, we had That’s What She Set play Spike It Like Cosby on court one, and Setsy Sixers throw it down against Notorious D.I.G. on court two. That’s What She Set taught Spike It Like Cosby a swift lesson in two sets and said they don’t take drinks from strangers! Notorious D.I.G. basically had Setsy Sixers calling them “Big Poppa” by the end of their match, and took them down in two sets as well. Setsy Sixers is now the underdog with a record of 0-2, can they redeem themselves next week?

After league play, the courts are open for pick up volleyball. Put your shirts on the net early because Austin Sports and Social Club volleyballers can’t get enough! We’re here all night!!


Sand Volleyball in December? Only in Austin and only with ASSC!!


Who says it’s too cold to play outside? Not us….just ask the players at Moontower on Thursday , playoff night for all the marbles!!

Let’s get to it with the night’s first semi-final square off….and it was an exciting one:

Volleywood Videos v. number 1 seeded Blockmanity:  Early advantage to Volleywood since they had a nice warm up match to get the night started. They took the first set win 21-15 against the mighty Blockmanity. Second game saw Volleywood take another early lead at 15-4 and looked to close it all out early. Blockmanity had other ideas though and stormed back to tie it up at 18 apiece! We have got us a game here!! Volleywood bore down, however and weathered the storm to take a close one at 22-20! Great games from both sides of the net!!

In the next semi final match up, I’d Hit That looked to hang on against Just 4 Kicks and try for a place in the finals. Just 4 Kicks was too much for them and took both sets decidedly to make the big show.

In the highly anticipated finals, Just 4 Kicks met up against Volleywood Videos to see who would hold the much coveted Championship Banner. This match up was everything it was hyped up to be….lots of fun, lots of competition and lots of high energy! Volleywood took the first set in a close one 21-17. Just 4 Kicks came roaring back to take the second set in an even closer contest, 21-19. We were down to the third and final set for the big Dub-Yah…plus the $25 drink card for Moontowers after the game! This night was a game of inches…so to speak. First 2 sets were as close as a Texas Rattlesnake’s belly to the pavement in July but, the third set was a true nail biter! In Volleywood’s first title victory, they squeaked out the last 2 points to take the championship at 15-13! This is why we play!!

In the 6’s march to the championship, The Tip and No, YOU Got IT made their way through the bracket to meet in the showdown championship match. The Tip took it to Beaches be Cray in 2 sets but No, YOU Got IT had to go 3 before taking down SWIIITCH.  In the finals match, both teams came to play and neither one wanted to give in, even for a single point. The first set was a close one, but that seemed to be the norm all night! The Tip took it 21-17 but weren’t celebrating just yet. YOU Got IT came to play and made the final set go down to the wire. In the end, The Tip took the whole ball of wax by winning the second set 21-18! Woweeeee this is fun!

As always, for Happy Hour Moontower is the place to be for some great outdoor fun, no matter what time of the year. Suds, spikes and sand….that’s what we like!