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Sand Volleyball is underway!

With another great season of Sand Volleyball at Hanover’s Round Rock, Hanover’s Pflugerville, and Zilker underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing, having fun, and making new friends!  Don’t forget to snap fun photos at the courts and Little Woodrow’s on 6th, then share with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

What’s Better Than Taco Tuesday?

Sand Volleyball at Hanover’s, Duh!

Austin Sports and Social Club sand volleyballers flock to their favorite watering hole up north to get in on some sixes action in the sand and to turn up on a Tuesday with $3 Bud Lights and $3 Michelob Ultras (if you are trying to stay light on your toes!)! Every Tuesday, these teams show up to show out and compete for the top four spots in the standings for a chance to hoist the coveted championship banner and prize! We’re in week three, which means there are still plenty of chances for teams to turn around and steal some spots in the standings!



Rough Sets vs. Kiss My Ace


This week’s game of the night features Rough Sets and Kiss My Ace! Rough Sets took on Kiss My Ace in quite an interesting and exciting match. Rough Sets only scored one point in the first set and allowed Kiss My Ace to go on a 16-point run before siding out…and then winning the ball back…over and over again. I think it’s safe to say that Rough Sets literally had a rough set!  They lost, dramatically, to Kiss My Ace 1-21.


After that ugly first set, no one imagined or expected the second set to be any better, but surprise surprise, Rough Sets came into the second game a completely different team (figuratively, of course)! There was so much action with both teams diving all over the court, digging balls off the net, and just hustling their butts off! The rallies were longer and the points were closer. Rough Sets took set number two in quite the squeaker, 23-21!


The excitement and back-and-forth scoring continued into the final set that boiled down to a tie at 14-14 with one team needing to score two more points to end the match. Ready to get their socializing on, Kiss My Ace won possession of the ball and eventually added two more points to their score to walk off the court victorious! Kiss My Ace wins the match 2-1 over Rough Sets (21-1, 21-23, 16-14)! Congrats, guys and gals!


Week four is right around the corner! See y’all next Tuesday!


Moontower Mondays is Where It’s At!

Week one at Moontower is always a blast! There were a lot of new faces and new teams just ready to get all sandy! Of course, let’s not forget about all the friendly, familiar faces who return time and time again ready to spike it like it’s hot! With awesome drink specials just for Austin Sports and Social Club players, why would you want to be anywhere else?




Team Chaos had to win the last two sets of their match after dropping the first one, 18-21, against Knoxy and the Skunk Hats. They came back in the second set to win 21-17 and kept their momentum going to take the win in the third set, 15-07!  Good defense and fewer errors helped Team Chaos come back to take the win! Way to go Team Chaos!



After winning the first set 21-12 against Sonova Beach, Servesas were looking to take the next set just as easy, but seemed to get stuck in a rut at 12 points. Down by seven, Servesa needed to take a quick TO to get their act together to try to make a comeback, and comeback they did! Servesa managed to go on a nice run to tie up the game and get some good rallies in with Sonova Beach! The second set went point for point after that and was all tied up 21-21. Sonova Beach needed to win by two in order to take the game to a third set, but Servesa was ready to put an end to it all. Servesa served up a couple cold ones to Sonova Beach, and had the comeback of the evening to win the game 23-21!



Make sure to stick around after the games for a bit of pickup volleyball with the rest of your volleyball fanatics, and stop by the bar to grab a couple $2 Dollar Bud Lights for you and your friends!

Stay Sandy and Social at Zilker!

Week Three

With week three in the books, our nights at Zilker are heating up yet again with more great, fun fabulous nights of sand volleyball.  The nights are guaranteed to have many laughs, tons of socializing, and much entertainment!  The fun doesn’t stop on the courts though, after the games the teams and officials meet up at Gourdough’s off of South Lamar to indulge in tasty donut snacks (or meals) and take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour special: $2 Dollar Bud Light until they run out!


Tuesday (4/4)


Date Ace Doe gets to jumpstart our Tuesday night headline as they took on the New Locals in a joke-filled, two set match.


Dat Ace Doe came back in the first set in a clencher, 22 to 20 against New Locals, and continued in their domination in the second set, 21 to 13. Both teams really epitomized the social aspect of the league as they all laughed and joked around with each other as well as the official. It is exactly what “keeping it social” is all about!


Sets Offenders put on a good battle, but couldnt clinch the match against How I Set Your Mother as Moms took the match 21 to 18 and 21 to 11.


That’s What She Set did just that and sealed the deal against Will Work For Sets who worked hard, but apparently not hard enough against their opponents. That’s What She Set took home the W in two sets, 21 to 15 and 21 to 12.


Thunder Ducks came in with the thunder rolling, but just as a storm passes so did their chance to win.  Sets on the Beach took this match in three sets:  22 to 20, 21 to 15, and 15 to 7.


To end our Tuesday night, Smasherz smashed their way to victory against Sets on the Beach, 21 to 19 and 21 to 9!


All in all, it was another fun Tuesday night of Zilker sand volleyball with more amazing and funny moments to come!


Thursday (4/6)



There was only one game on Thursday that stole the show and earned “Game of the Night.” How I Set Your Mother had two epic runs to steal the win against Go Balls Deeper. In one game alone they went on a 12-point run with an amazing server! The sets were extremely close, and had it not been for How I Set Your Mother’s amazing comeback and their star server of the night…they would have lost. Go Balls Deeper played some amazing defense and had great team work, their loss was a heart breaker and everybody was shocked that this match didn’t go to three sets. How I Set Your Mother took home the win, 21 to14 and 21 to 16.

Congratulations on your well-deserved and hard-fought win!

Pflugerville: The Win Went to Who at Hanover’s in Week Two?

Check out how a few of the games went this past week at Hanover’s in Pflugerville!


Tuesday (4/4)

Rough Sets vs. Sand Stormers

Rough Sets and Sand Stormers squared off on Tuesday night in the battle of old versus new:  Rough Sets, the returning veteran team, and Sand Stormers, noobs.


The two teams were equally matched in hustle, point rallies, and scrappiness!  Both teams split the first two games, 21-14 and 21-17, keeping it close all the way.  With team experience on their side, Rough Sets pulled away in the third game to take the win, 15-8.



Wednesday (4/5)

Space Jam vs. *Funny Name I Googled*

Space Jam had another good night this week to continue on their winning record for week two against *Funny Name I Googled*.


It was no walk in the park for them, though as *Funny Name I Googled* played their scrappy hearts out with two-touch plays.  Space Jam’s fundamental volleyball skills of bump, set, pass is what helped them take home their second win in the season!


Space Jam won the match 2-0 (21-17, 21-15).





Thursday (4/6)

Mikasa Es Su Casa vs. The Empire Spikes Back

Mikasa Es Su Casa had quite the rollercoaster of a match against The Empire Spikes Back on Thursday night.


Mikasa took the first set, 21-16, in a long and competitive game.


It looked like Mikasa forgot to show up in the second set. The Empire Spikes Back dominated the game, allowing only 7 points against them, and went on a 10-point service run to start! The Empire Spikes Back played Mikasa Es Su Casa, 21-7!


The competition evened out in the last set as Mikasa decided to show up and turn up the heat against The Empire Spikes Back. The third set went back and forth and point for point with Mikasa Es Su Casa edging out The Empire Spikes Back, 15-13!

Hanover’s Round Rock: Show Up Early, Stay Late! Way Late!

Week Two

It was a great week for sand volleyball over at Hanover’s in Round Rock! Lots of fun was had and the competition level in this league is outstanding…in the most social way possible! Everybody shows up early to take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour drink specials, and they stay late to socialize and take even more advantage of those drink prices! Keep on readin’ to see how Monday and Thursday night went down!


A Team Has No Name took on The Volleybrawlers in the night’s opener and went three rounds with them!

Coming off of a loss in their first week, A Team Has No Name really needed to win this one in order to avoid getting stuck in a losing rut.

Luckily for them, The Volleybrawlers only managed to win one set, so A Team Has No Name can put a win down for their record, 21-14, 10-21, 15-9!


There was more volleyball action for A Team Has No Name in their double header against Four Play. It seemed that the team with no name carried their momentum over from their first match win of the night into the first set against Four Play as they took the game, 21 to 15. Unfortunately, A Team Has No Name started losing steam in the second set and just couldn’t keep up with Four Play’s intensity. Four Play took the second set, 21 to 13. A Team Has No Name had their chance at redemption in the third set, but couldn’t seem to break past the 10-point barrier. Four Play used this to their advantage and took home the win, 15-10! A Team Has No Name now sits at 1-2 for the season.






DTV played Get Off My Nets in the “most amaze balls match ever” according to one player. The game went to three sets and almost every possible point was played!


The first game went back and forth with Get Off My Nets taking it, 21-17. DTV came back in the second set and fought for every point! Both teams went point for point down to wire, and DTV managed to squeak out the win, 23-21!


The last game was intense! Every point involved long rallies with both teams diving all over the court and getting nice and sandy! DTV had some outstanding pancake digs, but they weren’t enough to come out on top. Ultimately, Get Off My Nets took home the win, 17-15!


Awesome game, guys! Congratulations!


Come one! Come All! Week Two at Zilker is Always a Ball!


Monday’s best match goes to Foundry versus May The Spike Be With You. Both teams have a lot of players new to the volleyball scene, but that didn’t matter as long as everybody was having a great time!


The match was long and intense with a lot of one-bump passes back and forth over the net.


With one win each in the match, the third set was a game worth watching! Foundry played some serious defense against the scrappy May the Spike Be With You players. In the end, May the Spike Be With You came out on top to defeat Foundry, 15-6. One player on May the Spike Be With You left us with a very profound thought: “Ohh man, I’m out of breath…that was intense!”







There were quite a few exciting games on Tuesday with five out of eight matches that went into three sets. Son of a Beach went up against I Wanna Set You Up in a long and intense three-set match to try to improve their 1-1 record, but unfortunately for them Son of a Beach just couldnt claim that win against I wanna Set You Up, losing 12-21, 21-19, and 11-15.


Sandy Smasherz also tried to improve their record going up against Will Work for Sets, but could not smash their way to a win. It was a valiant effort and another match that went into three sets, but Will Work for Sets put the work in and took the W home, 12-21, 21-17, and 15-11! Will Work for Sets sits pretty at a 2-0 record, and Sandy Smashers are off to a rough start at 0-2.


With Smasherz starting off their record at 0-1, they were looking for a win against the Thunder Ducks for a bit of redemption. However, they were off to a rocky start in the first set and lost in a relatively close game, 16-21. After a bit of regrouping, Smasherz smashed their way to the top and took the second and third set 21-18 and 15-10! Their excitement was unreal when the final point was scored in their favor!




Big Dinkers are our Maroon indy team and are undefeated! They keep going to game 3 with every match so far and are really coming together as a team. Lots of hustle and play makers for being new to volleyball. Lead changes were back and forth until the very end.

Moontower: How Did You Do in Week Two?

Week Two

Week two is in the books way down south at Moontower, and y’all, what a week it was! There were tons of exciting matches every night, but there were only three that stood out this week! Keep on reading to see which teams earned the coveted “Game of the Night” title!  After that, be sure to check out for all upcoming registration deadlines!

Monday (4/3)

That’s What She Set vs. Beaches and Creme


The show-stealers for Monday night were That’s What She Set and Beaches and Creme!



The first set was totally dominated by That’s What She Set, 21-8, but before you start putting all of your money on them, though, Beaches and Creme had a nice game of their own. Beaches and Creme came back to win the second set, 21-11! We’ve got game now! That’s What She Set started off strong in the last set and took an early lead to give them the advantage at 13 to 10, but Beaches and Creme was able to make a nice little run to tie the game up 14-14! Just when they were starting to heat up, Beaches and Creme unfortunately ran out of gas, and That’s What She Set put an end to the match, 16-14.


Wednesday (4/5)

The Outsiders vs. Kiss My Face



Similar to last week, The Outsiders were off to a slow start in their match against Kiss My Face in their 8:40 game.


What looked like the signs of a potential blow out, Kiss My Face had a comfortable lead at 10 to 1 in the first set.

I think The Outsiders just like to make things more difficult, or challenging, for themselves because slowly but surely, that veteran team started chipping away at the score and took control of the game. Controlled passing and dangerous smashing was the key to their winning of each point.


It became a race to the finish line once The Outsiders caught up to Kiss My Face. The rallies were intense, and each point was a hard-fought one, but in the end The Outsiders managed to come back from a 9-point deficit to win the first set 22-20!


The momentum continued for the veteran team in the second set as they continued to hammer down spikes with precision and finesse. The Outsiders were relentless on their path to victory in the second set, and Kiss My Face just couldn’t take the heat. The Outsiders won, 21-16!


Thursday (4/6)

The Tip vs. No, You Got It


In another one of those this-will-be-over-quick-just-kidding matches, The Tip and No, You Got It, won the Game of the Night title on Thursday night!


Because The Tip took the first set, 21-6, everybody thought it was going to be a quick match!


…but the joke was on us!


No, You Got It just needed some time to warm up. The second set was a game worth watching as teams seemed to have switched not only sides of the net, but energy! The Tip started off really slow in the second set which gave No, You Got It a chance to go on some nice runs. Eventually, both teams got on the same level, energy-wise, and the game turned into an exciting one! The Tip found themselves in the lead at 20-17, and needed one more point to finish off the match, but No, You Got It took possession of the ball and tied the game up at 20-20! Apparently neither team wanted the set to end because they both kept inching their way to game point, but choking on the final drop! At 22-22, No, You Got It finally was able to put the last two points away to win the second set, 24-22!


The excitement of the second set was carried over into the third! The game inched along, point-for-point, in long rallies! Once again, both teams found themselves all tied up at 10-10 with no clear winner, and just when you thought No, You Got It was going to be able to put some distance between them and The Tip, The Tip was able to close it out to win, 15–13!



Cash Us On The Sandy Courts in Pflugerville!

Hanover’s Week One

Week one at Hanover’s in Pflugerville was so much fun and was a great preview of what’s to come for the spring season of sand volleyball. There is an equal mix of newcomers and seasoned vets to bring plenty of competition to the courts. This first week’s featured games all went into three sets, so keep reading to see how it all unfolded!


Tuesday (3/28)

Net Returns vs. Kiss My Ace


Net Returns took on team Kiss My Ace in Tuesday’s week one opener, and what’s a better way to start the season than to go three rounds in your first game! Net Returns brought their A-game in the first set to win 21-16, but Kiss My Ace came back in the second set to show Net Returns who’s boss! Net Returns could only put 14 points up on the board…or in the sand…before Kiss My Ace ran away with the win, 21-14, to go into a third set. Game three was an absolute blowout. Kiss My Ace literally made Net Returns kiss their many aces when they went on a TWELVE POINT service run before Net Returns could get anything over the net. Kiss My Ace dominated set three, 15-3, and took home their first win of the season.



Wednesday (3/29)


Set it and Forget it vs Space Jam


As soon as I see the name Space Jam, I can’t help but automatically starting singing the Space Jam theme song or R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly…” But that’s neither here nor there, unless that’s what team Space Jam was jamming to before their awesome match against Set it and Forget It.


The first set of the match was a crazy close game that came down to the wire with both teams tied at 20-20. Set it and Forget it managed to close out the first set by winning the last two points, 22-20!


The second set was equally as close in points, intensity, excitement, and hustle! The competition was fierce but friendly between the two teams, and there were some awesome pancake digs off the sand that could/should make Sports Center’s top 10 plays of the week! Space Jam was able to seal the deal on their win in the second set, 21-18, and was ready to move on to the third set.


The last set of the match was all about strategy and court awareness, and both teams had it. Once again, we find ourselves sitting on the edge of our seats as both teams rallied their butts off and played scrappy! In the end, though, Space Jam managed to pull ahead and win the final set 15 to 12!


Thursday (3/30)


Bad Aces vs. How I Set Your Mother

Bad Aces took on How I Set Your Mother on court one and both teams had good rallies, long volleys, crazy hustle, and was an overall evenly competitive match! Bad Aces edged How I Set Your Mother in two sets to one to take home their first win of the season (22-20, 15-21, 15-12).


Sandy Times at Hanover’s Round Rock

Hanover’s Round Rock – Week One

Monday (3/26)

The Setsy Six


The Setsy Six came out with spikes blazing in week one. They balled so hard that they earned not one but two wins in week one! In their first game against A Team Has No Name, The Setsy Six exchanged volleys with their opponent in the first set, but was able to go on a seven-point run to pull ahead and beat the team with no name, 21-14. The second set was a bit more challenging with A Team Has No Name bringing some more intensity to the game. However, the heat wasn’t hot enough for The Setsy Six, so they finished off the game 21-17!


In their double header, The Setsy Six went up against These Nets in an exciting match! It was full-steam ahead for the Setsy Six as they were coming off of their first win of the season, but These Nets wanted to show what they were made of. The first set had a lot of back and forth between the teams all the way to 20-20. With the ball in their possession, The Setsy Six was able to close out the first set, 22-20. Set two was equally as exciting as the first with both teams on each other’s heals. There were a couple of lead changes, but The Setsy Six was finally able to stop These Nets at 17 points to pull away with the win, 21-17.


Thursday (3/30)

Get Off My Nets



It’s the return of the vets and last season’s champions, Get Off My Nets! The returning champs had a double header for their season opener and things may not have gone as well as expected. In their first match against another returning team, No Diggity, Get Off My Nets was off to a great start. They took both sets fairly easily, 21 to 15 and 21 to 16, to start their newly undefeated record. Their second match, however, didn’t go so well…


Get Off My Nets faced off against That’s What She Set in their double header and, boy, was it over before it began… That’s What She Set knocked Get Off My Nets out in a quick two sets, 21-8 and 21-9. Get Off My Nets is now sitting at 1-1 in week one.