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Serve, Set, Spike …… Can You Dig It?


On Monday night at SARC, what sport can you use your feet, hands, arms, head, elbows and knees to keep the ball in play? VOLLEYBALL!!

Finding Score-y v. ACN Hawks: Blowout game. Finding Score had great serves and spikes all night and made it look all too easy. ACN Hawks took the loss like troopers. They’ll be back next week!!

Practice Safe Sets v. Incredibles: PSS played a man down and still took advantage of the Incredibles. They had a couple awesome saves with soccer moves but you can only use your feet instead of your hands for so long……Practice Safe Sets takes both sets. Great try!!

Spike-ahontas v. Hunchblock of Notre Dame: Pretty solid game of volleyball. Hunchback was on point with their play execution, with great passes, digs, sets, spikes, blocks, and serves. Spike-ahontas had their share of errors with too many netters and balls falling just out of bounds. Lots of action and great play with Hunchblock taking the Dub-Yah!

Hot Sets v. Single and Ready for Pringles: one of the better games of the evening. Both teams matched up skill-wise and went three rounds. First set had a lot of rallies with Single Pringles spiking the hell out of the ball, but Hot Sets was always in position for awesome digs. It was a close game, but Hot Sets took the first set. The roles reversed in the second set…literally, and HS started feeling the heat with too many turkey leftovers bogging them down. Third set was all Single Pringles who led from the beginning and never looked back…..15-5 was how it all ended. Great games!

Gourdough’s was hopping with cold brewskies and hot challenges for next time. See you next week!


Who’s Hungry For a Win? Take a bite…it’s Spikalicious


Every Monday night SARC serves up some indoor volleyball and here’s what went down before the big Turkey Day!

Spike-ahontas vs. Single and Ready for Pringles: Awesome match up with evenly-skilled players on both sides of the net. The first set was a race to the finish line as it was neck and neck from the first whistle with both teams swapping the lead. Spike-ahontas’ front line was a wall that was a challenge for Single Pringles to break through, and they had key spikes that led them to victory in the first set (23-21). Unfortunately for Spike-ahontas, it looked like they burned up all their fuel in the first set, resulting in an easy 21-11 win for Single Pringles in the second. Single Pringles carried their momentum into the third set, and stomped Spike-hontas 15-5. Wow!!

Hunchblock of Notre Dame vs Hot Sets: Best match of the night with the most advanced teams facing off! It was an exciting first set as both teams played point for point against each other. It was a fast-paced, high intensity game that left the spectators unsure of who would win the set. With the score tied at 23, Hot Sets took possession of the ball and scored the final two points off serve-receive errors. Hunchblock came into the second set wanting revenge. It was another close set with both teams fighting for the lead, but Hunchblock pulled away at 15 points, leaving Hot Sets behind with a loss 12-15. The third set of the match was a repeat of the first set: fast-paced, high intensity, scrappy plays, and big hits. Every other play was a tied game, but in the end there could only be one winner, Hot Sets took home the W, 15-13. Awesomeness!!

Gourdough’s was the place to be after the last spike was put down. A few brews to tip back and challenges thrown down for next week. Come check it out and make sure you know how to duck!!

Screeeech! What’s That Sound? It’s ASSC Indoor Volleyball!



Even though there were no split set matches, there was a lot of skin left on Pan Am’s indoor volleyball court on Wednesday! Let’s see how it all got there!!

Spike-A-Logical Warfare took on Smash Squad, who was just a few smashes short of a victory. They fell 2 games to none against Warfare who was hitting on all cylinders….as well as blocking, digging and serving on all cylinders too!

Killing It did jut that against Ballin’ Ain’t Easy not allowing a single game in the win column. Both games were tight but Killing it couldn’t be stopped and took out Ballin’ early 2 games to none.

New Kids on the Block didn’t have much luck on the courts either by falling 0-2 to All Sets Are Off. All Sets was too powerful at the net and had great communication that landed them in all the right spots all night.

All About that Ace lived up to their team name and sailed a few serves in for winners against Dirty Diggers. The first set was close but held on for the win, then kept up their momentum to easily take the second set. All About that Ace takes the night 2-0!

Even though Quabe Nachos had a rough nite, it wasn’t for lack of trying! In their opener, they lost a close one to Spike-A-Logical Warfare and then took a legit run at Gryffitherin in their second match of the night. What they lack in techniques, they make up for in hustle….they go after every shot! Gryffitherin had a solid history together and came out on top when it was all said and done. They took the win in straight sets but definitely had their hands full with the Nachos!

The spikers headed to Craftsman for Happy Hour after the closing whistle to swap stories and compare bruises! There were plenty of both! Come join us again next week when we get to do it all again!


I Double-Dog Dare You To Spike That Ball At Me…….Ouch!


It’s Sunday night and the NFL game is lame, so…….what you gonna’ do? Head over to ARC to take in some ASSC Indoor Volleyball ….that’s what! Here’s how it all went down on the hardwood!

Sugar & Spike goes up first against Los Frijoleros on court 1. Sugar & Spike showed more sweetness than meanness trying to break through for the win against the beans. Los Frijoleros proved too much and took both matches handily for the win.

Next up we had DodgeDipDive…uh wait going up against lil Bump N Grind …..what awesome team names!! lil Bump N Grind had the rhythm going on Sunday throwin’ down some nasty spikes with lots of dodging from the DDD’s. The W/L column gave 2 thumbs up to Bump N Grind in this battle!

Back over on court 1, Burrito took on No Diggity in this pink vs orange jersey matchup. Both teams threw down some great rallies and dug in for the long haul. Burrito’s took a squeaker in the first set and carried that momentum going into the next set. No Diggity actually did their share of digging out some spikes to hold their own. Burrito just had a little more “umpf” in their game and took the second set as well. Great games to both!

Another great matchup pitted No Sets For You against European Wax Center. These 2 teams were evenly matched and had some amazing rallies and great blocks at the net. European Wax barely edged No Sets to take the first set and had their hands full again in the second. No Sets had the lead most of the game but European Wax put up 9 consecutive points to take another exciting game. Wow…..awesome games!

Docs was the place to be after it was all said and done where libations flowed and tall tales grew! Come join us next week when we post it all up again!



Lotta’ Skin Left On These Floors! Ouch!


Looking for some action?…..swing by Pan Am on Wednesday nights for some spikes, blocks, sets and digs! Let’s take a look at how it all shook out.

Gryffitherin  went up against FlickaDaWrist in the early game on Court 1. Gryffitherin only had 4 players in the first game but managed to keep it close before coming up a bit short. FlickaDaWrist took the first game 21-17. Gryffitherin finally got their full roster into the second game and had the slight advantage up at the net. Gryffitherin was still stoked from the first game and took the second and deciding set for the win. Great effort Gryffitherin!

In our next match up, New Kids on the Block took on Smash Squad on Court 2. Smash Squad lived up to their name and smashed the crap out of the ball whenever they had a chance! New Kids held their own as well and took the first set in a close one. In the second set, both teams knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and played up/down to both of them! New Kids proved to be too much and took the second set going away. Awesome match!

All Sets Are Off met up with Spike-A-Logical Warfare to see who could out spike and dig the other! All Sets had their game faces on and never let up in this one! They know how to counter attack everything Spike-A-Logical threw at them and won both sets without breaking much of a sweat! Impressive!

Back on Court 2, Ballin’ Ain’t Easy played All About that Ace to see who was going to rack up the big Dub-Ya. All About that Ace lived up to their name and dropped a few serves in for point after point! Backed up by some long rallies, they held strong for the first then second game to take them both. Great showing!

Let’s keep this thing going and check out Quabe Nachos vs Dirty Diggers over on Court 1. In the first game, Dirty Diggers came out strong, taking the first game with powerful defensive moves, blocks and digs! Dirty Diggers found their footing in the second game and made a match of it. Unfortunately it was too little too late and they couldn’t hold up again the Nachos! Nice games!

In the final match up of the night, we saved the best for last! Killing It took on Spikin Aces in the most evenly matched duo of the night! Spikin Aces was on fire early and took the first set going away. Killing It was having none of it and took it to Spikin Aces in quick fashion. It all came down to the 3rd and final set! This was a close one with both teams just getting warmed up. Lots of long rallies…..killer serves…..awesome blocks…..Killing It took the third and final set! Killer!!

Craftsman was the place to be for post game happy hour. Lots of laughter, sportsmanship, camaraderie and predictions for next week. Come see what all the fuss is about! Laters!

It’s Monday Night………Are You Ready For Some…….Volleyball :-/ Yes!!


If you were at South Austin Rec Center on Monday and you saw balls flying…..arms flailing…..sneakers squeaking and spikers spiking……that’s what ASSC Indoor Volleyball is all about! Let’s take a closer look:

Spike-ahontas cleaned up quickly on ACN Hawks, to take both sets right out of the gate. The Hawks managed to make a game of it in the second set but Spike was too much…..too many digs for saves and blocks for points. Nice job Spike-ahontas!

Hot Sets took on Practice Safe Sets in our next match up. Both teams found their stride and took a set apiece. It came down to the third and final set to determine who would take the overall Dub-Ya. Hot Sets came out smokin’ and never looked back! Too many blocks, sets and spikes for Practice Safe Sets…..great match!

Incredibles vs. Single…Pringles: Fun game to watch! Single Pringles had both veteran and new players to kick off the new season. Incredibles worked exceptionally hard to find their flow, and where they lacked in skills, they made up in hustle in laughter. Single…Pringles took the first set in a flash but had to work for the win in the second. Another great match up!

In the final showdown of the night, Finding Score-y went up against Hunchblock of Norte Dame. Both teams working with all new players were trying to work out the kinks and learn to communicate in between balls flying everywhere! For newbies, they were throwing down some great rallies and starting to gel as a team. Hunchblock held it together and took the first set. Finding Score-y started to find their own footing in the second set backed by some steady serves and nice rallies. Hunchblock ended up taking the second set as well and bragging rights for the night’s newcomers. Welcome one…..welcome all!

After the night’s action, the party traveled over to Gordoughs for some libations and story swapping. Veterans and new players alike were throwing down challenges for next week. Let’s see how it all plays out!


Look out… might break a nail!




Looking for some killer volleyball…..indoors….on Sunday night? Head over to ARC and your eyes will boggle once you walk in the door! People jumping, diving, sliding and balls, balls, balls everywhere! Here’s how it all went down:

First up, DodgeDipDive took on Los Frijoleros on court 2. DodgeDipDive did lots of dodging while Los Frijoleros took it to them! Great serves, blocks and kills for the bean team as they took both matches straight up 2-0. We are just getting fired up!

There must have been some big time mojo on Court 1 with all 3 matches going to a tie breaking 3rd set! No Diggity split sets with European Wax Center and the 3rd and final set was a doozy! Both teams were warmed up and had worked out their kinks to take this one to the last minute. European Wax Center prevailed with some nifty serving to take the dub-ya! Awesome games!

Who wants a Burrito? No Sets For You was trying to focus on volleyball instead of their culinary desires but lost another split set tie breaker. Both teams evenly matched and this one could have gone either way. Burrito put the hammer down in the last set and dominated the court to take the win. Awesome sportsmanship too!

With a team name like, You Won’t Like It When We Spike It, they had a lot to prove up against Sugar & Spike. Once again we saw both teams earning victories in the first 2 sets. Set 3 saw each team dig down and go for everything. Lots of digs and dives to keep the point going. Neither team let up until the last serve went over the net. When the smoke cleared, Sugar & Spike took the win in another close one. What’s going on at Court 1 tonight?!

Best match of the night though goes to Benny and the Set vs Lil Bump N Grind. Benny and the Sets was down 6 points in the third game and managed to have an awesome comeback to win the match! Even though Benny and the Sets signed up as a full team a lot of them didn’t know each other until Sunday night. Once they got on the court though, they were gellin’ like a felon! Great work!

Doc’s was hopping after the matches with some new faces to swap some new stories from their time on the courts. Lots of great sportsmanship to set the tone for the season. The best part…..we get to do it all again next week!

Wanna Learn How To Dig It….Spike It….Block It? We Can Show You How!!


After these matches tonight, there was lots of blood, sweat, tears and even some skin left on the Pan Am volleyball courts! Let’s check it……

First up…New Kids on the Block went up against Dirty Diggers in the opening match. Diggers did just that and took the first game in a close one. New Kids on the Block came back strong to take the second game. All tied up……both teams warmed up….servers getting more consistent…..communication was at it’s peak….. who’s going to take the 3rd and final game? Mega tons of rallys back and forth with lots of defensive dives and digs! Throw in some awesome blocks and it was too close to call right up until the end. Dirty Diggers rallied late to take the 3rd and final set. Whew…..great game!

Smash Squad was on the receiving end of the smashes on this night. FlickaDaWrist could not be stopped, taking straight sets without a doubt. FlickaDaWrist is a force to be reckoned with and kept up their momentum in their next match up with Ballin’ Ain’t Easy. Same court….same result! Winner, winner….chicken dinner for FlickaDaWrist taking down Ballin’ in straight sets. Awesome display!

Spike-A-Logical Warfare came with their best strategy when taking on Quabe Nachos on court 1. Spike-A-Logical Warfare communicated well and anticipated their next moves without a hitch. Nachos never seemed to get going dropping both sets and wondering how it all happened. They will be back though and so will we!

In the next round, Killing It took on All About That Ace in the 8:50pm game. Killing It lived up to it’s name with some aggressive play from every player when it counted most. All About that Ace had 2 hard fought games but came up just short in each battle. Killing It came out on top taking both sets for a big win!

Best game of the night was the 8:50 game on court 2. All Sets Are Off went up against Gryffitherin. It was a great match both ways but All Sets Are Off had some heavy hitters so it was tough to keep up, but Gryffitherin had some good defense to keep it close. Although All Sets Are Off took both sets, the play was closer than the score. Great game!

After the games, the crew headed over to Craftsman for $2 Bud Lights and lots of stories to tell and challenges to throw down. The best part is we all get to do it all over again next week….come join us!


Can you dig it…or spike it…or block it….or set it? Then prove it!

Where were you Monday night? At South Austin Rec Center? Then you saw some awesome indoor volleyball you can share with all your V-Ball friends!

Big Tomorrow vs. Hit Heads: Amazing first set. BT’s team cohesion and court awareness keeps getting better week after week. They stepped up their game and were able to compete and challenge Hit Heads…and then it fell apart in the second set. In the end, HH’s skills were just a little too out of reach and they took the match in 2 games.

Planet Volleywood vs. Attack Pack: PV dominated the first set, leading the way to game point with AP only scoring 14 points. What should have been PV’s winning serve turned into a chance for AP to get back into the game. They closed the gap to within a point, 19-20. AP got a little too close for PV’s comfort, so they shut it down 21-19. The second set was filled with awesome rallies, great sets, and a lot of hustle. Planet Volleywood, learning their lesson after the first set, made it clear that they wouldn’t let Attack Pack close in on their lead. PV wins the second set 21-16. Awesome play by both teams!

Smashers vs. Hot Sets: All three sets went back and forth with great offensive plays on both sides of the net. Both teams had several 5-minute rallies to keep it going. In the second set, Hot Sets came back from a 5-point deficit to win 22-20. The final set was exciting to watch, as the teams went head to head, fighting for every point. It was non-stop action until the Smashers were able to bring it to a close, winning the game 15-13.

Another great night at the gym and then on to Doc’s on Congress to tip back a few $2 Bud Light Drafts and $7 pitchers to replay the night’s highlights. Just think, we get to do it all again next week…..see you then!






SARC is the place to be on Mondays for some awesome indoor volleyball so let’s take a look at the rundown of how it all played out:

Block and Awe v. Big Tomorrow: Big Tomorrow had lots of heart and determination, but couldn’t seem to get on the same page against Block and Awe.  B&A dominated the match, taking both sets for the big Dub-Yah 21-13 and 21-16. Hang in there BT!

Smashers vs. Planet Volleywood: Awesome game night opener! For the first 12 possessions, Planet Volleywood seemed like they were still orbiting in outer space before coming back to earth.  They finally picked up some momentum and their rallies seemed to take on some new energy. They managed a spectacular come back to tie it up 18-18 and even took the score to 20-19. Smashers had a come back of their own and wound up taking the first set by a close one. Wow….what an opening set!

Using their first set as the warm up, VP came back looking awake and ready for revenge. The second set pretty much went point for point with the score being nothing more than a 4 point difference between the two teams! This back and forth rallying went all the way to the final whistle where VP won 25-24! We are tied at one set apiece….this is what makes ASSC so great!

With momentum on their side, VP went on a 5-0 run until Smashers took a mean spike back to show they were all business in this final set! It was Smasher’s turn to go on a 5-point run, followed by the back and forth, nail biting, point-for-point possessions. The final set went to the cap point of 17 with VP defeating Smashers 17-15! OMG, what a match!!

After it was all said and done, Doc’s was the place to relive the night’s great matches. Everyone was there, mixing and mingling with old and new teammates, competitors, allies and enemies…..all are welcome at Happy Hour!

Come join us again next week for another great night on the courts!