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Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Ace, Ace, Baby!

Week Five

This past Sunday had some really exciting volleyball games over at the Austin Rec Center. Bump Around 2.0 took Hits For Brains to school in two sets, winning 21-12 and 21-17 on court one. Court two had a similar show with Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them playing against Kiss My Ace, but Kiss My Ace definitely made Fantastic Sets work for it. Kiss My Ace took a 6-2 lead early in the first set, but Fantastic Sets was able to tie the game at 7-7 before they went on a 5-point run. Kiss My Ace took a time out to try to regroup, but was ultimately only able to score 3 more points before Fantastic Sets spiked their way to the first win of the match 21-10. The second set had a similar feel about it as Kiss My Ace, once again, took a 7-3 lead against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them. Just like the first set, Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them was able to tie the game up at 8-all. The rallies from that point on were intense, and the hustle was undeniable as both teams exchanged point for point up to 13-13. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them scored five more points before Kiss My Ace took their time out to try to ice their opponent’s server. The time out still did no good, and Fantastic Sets finished off the game 21-13.


Back on court one, Block Heads played against Death at the Net in game two of the evening. Block Heads took Death at the Net out in two sets, improving their record to 1-4. There was more excitement over on court two with Setsual Healing playing against Aces in what I have decided to be worthy of the title “game of the night.” As the weeks have gone by, poor Setsual Healing’s team has slowly been diminishing one player at a time. This past week, they were able to get four players on the court, which is the bare minimum allowed to avoid a forfeit. As the saying goes, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” and this team, most definitely the underdogs, came out and fought hard. In the first set, it took a bit of strategizing and adjustment for Setsual Healing to compete with Aces, but they stuck it out and was able to stay in the game. They lost the first set 19-21, with the errors being mostly due to their two ghost players. In the second set, Setsual Healing came out strong and confident, realizing that they actually had a chance to win. With four players, they made it look easy and was able to win 21-14! Going into the third set, the outcome really could go either way, but it would seem as if Setsual Healing gave it their all in the first two sets and slowly lost their momentum. Aces was able to pull out the win 15-8, taking home the W for the match. Setsual Healing is 0-5, and Aces’ win has put them in a 5-way tie at 4-1.



The last game of the night was another exciting one from start to finish. European Wax Center duked it out with Two Blocks Away in a spike-a-thon to say the least! Set one had an even exchange of points between the two teams with Two Blocks Away taking the lead and holding onto it. European Wax Center called a time out at 16-13 to catch their breath and regroup. If they wanted to win, they would have to reduce their errors and keep the ball out of the net. The game’s intensity went up a couple notches as there were way too many spikes back and forth to keep count. It was an awesome rally at 19-17, with Two Blocks Away in the lead, but European Wax Center laid down a killer spike that was undiggable. The score is now 19-18. There was more of the same intense back and forth to tie the game up at 20-20 with European Wax Center up to serve. After that, it was smooth sailing for European Wax Center. They won the last two points on their serves, 22-20. After both teams switched sides, it was time for the second set. European Wax Center took a small lead before Two Blocks Away was able to tie the game up 5-5 with a solid block by their outside hitter. Unfortunately, the second set dwindled a bit as the game went on. Two Blocks Away started getting sloppy with their spikes and started sending too many balls out of bounds. With too many errors on Two Blocks Away’s part, and European Wax Center’s game (and spikes) getting stronger, the set was over at 21-10.  European Wax Center is in the middle of the 5-way tie with their record at 4-1, and Two Blocks Away is at 3-2.


Next week is the final week before playoffs. There are five teams sitting at a tie with records of 4-1, so anything is possible! We have Hits For Brains playing European Wax Center, and Death at the Net playing Kiss My Ace in the first games on Sunday. Game two has Aces facing off against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them, and Two Blocks Away playing against Bump Around 2.0, followed by Block Heads and Setsual Healing closing out the night. Games start at 6:15! Good luck!



Monday Indoor Volleyball: The Spikes Just Keep On Coming!

We’re only at week four for indoor volleyball at South Austin Rec Center, and we just can’t get enough! What a better way to fight the Monday blues away than to wind your night down with some volleyball action with your friends! This past Monday was laid back, smooth sailing, and a great time with two games on two courts. Our openers of the night on court one were Trump Nation and Hit It & Quit It–basically, the defeated team against the undefeated team. What do you think happened? Hit It & Quit It took Trump Nation through two rounds, easily sending them home with their fourth loss, 21-12 and 21-16. Hit It & Quit It remains on top, and Trump Nation is still looking for their first win. If only all of our politics could be solved by playing volleyball…if only. Court two’s opener had Just The Tip going up against the Volley Outlaws in the game of the night. In the first set, Just The Tip established their dominance immediately and caught the Volley Outlaws on their heals. It was an easy win for Just The Tip when the Outlaws brought nothing to the court but their pretty faces, and Just The Tip’s service game was on point. Just The Tip took the first set 21-11. Going into the second set, Volley Outlaws stepped their game up; they buckled down and went back to basic volleyball 101, and we finally had a game on our hands! There was a good exchange of volleys between the two teams, but it ultimately boiled down to the game being tied at 20-20 with the last two possessions falling in favor of the Volley Outlaws. The third set, once again, started off with Just The Tip taking the lead and finding Volley Outlaws stuck on their heals, but Volley Outlaws quickly regrouped and was able to catch up. There were some great blocks on Volley Outlaws’ part, but there were some even greater spikes from Just The Tip. Playing with a woman (or man) down the entire night, Just The Tip won the third set, 15-12.

The second games of the night had Block Party facing off against 2 Bump Chumps in an exciting two-set match. 2 Bump Chumps dominated Block Party in the first set, winning 21-10. Things looked quite different in the second set, with 2 Bump Chumps thinking they had the game in the bag. Block Party decided to show up and take the game all the way to a tie at 22-22! Where the heck did that come from? It was a scrappy second set, but 2 Bump Chumps were not going to be played for chumps. They ended up winning the second set, 24-22. Awesome effort on Block Party’s part! Maybe bring your A-game earlier next time so you guys can bring the heat when y’all face off against the undefeated Hit It & Quit It! Over on court two, May The Spike Be With You had a show down with Wentwoodies in a relatively quick match. This was one of those games where the planets aligned and the volleyball gods showed their favor to May The Spike Be With You, or in this case, the spike was with them. They defeated Wentwoodies in two sets, 21-17 and 21-16.

Well, that’s it for now. There’s two weeks of indoor play left before the playoffs, so that means there’s still time for teams to make moves into the top four in order to be eligible. Stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to stop by Craftsman after the games to chow down on some tacos and take advantage of the $2-dollar Bud Light special to wash them down!

Wednesday Indoor Volleyball: When You Come to Pan Am, You Better Bring It!

Wednesday night volleyball at Pan Am is by far the most intense and competitive night that Austin Sports and Social Club hosts in comparison to our other indoor volleyball nights. Don’t let that scare you though, because our players are equally as social, outgoing, and fun! This past Wednesday was quite a long night with four out of the six games going into three sets, so get your popcorn ready because this is going to be a long one!

The first games of the evening had Just the Tip going up against Blockmanity, and Flicka Da Wrist throwing it down with 2 Legit 2 Hit. Over on court one, Blockmanity had a bit of a rough start only scoring 10 points in the first set. Feeling like they were on cloud 9, Just The Tip went into the second set with their spikes blazing, but Blockmanity had other plans and shut it down. It was a closer second set, but this time Blockmanity came out on top, winning 21-17. There was a lot of back and forth in the third set, but ultimately Blockmanity’s momentum from the second set carried over and led them to their first win of the season. Blockmanity sits at 1-4, while Just The Tip is still left with only their tip at 0-5. Court two’s game with Flicka Da Wrist and 2 Legit 2 Hit was almost 2 intense 2 handle! 2 Legit 2 Hit came into the game with an undefeated record and was looking to continue their streak, while Flicka Da Wrist had their eyes set on knocking 2 Legit off their throne. Both teams came out with balls blazing, never letting either side run away with the lead. The rallies were long, the plays were impressive, and the excitement was too much for 2 Legit 2 Hit; Flicka Da Wrist took the first set 21-19. The second set was a straight up role reversal! 2 Legit 2 Hit didn’t like the feeling of losing, so they stepped up, set up, and spiked ’em down! 2 Legit 2 Hit won the second set 21-18!  The final set of this Wednesday night opener was a race to the finish line. Both teams went point for point, exchanging spikes and digs and the occasional tip over the net, but in the end only one team could come out on top, and Flicka Da Wrist managed to put an end to 2 Legit 2 Hit’s undefeated winning streak, winning 15-13! Flicka Da Wrist improved their record 4-1, and 2 Legit 2 Hit had to add a 1 over on the losing side of their record (4-1). The rest of the games over on court one went like this: Dig Picts played An Overwhelming Surplus of Diggity in game two, and was left feeling underwhelmed when they laid the spike down on Diggity, taking them out in two sets 21-8, 21-12. Team Killing It basically killed it against I Wanna Set You Up in two sets, as well. I guess I Wanna Set You Up set up Killing It for their win, 21-14, 21-11.

As if court two couldn’t possibly experience anymore excitement after the first game of the evening, the best game of the night went to Spikalogical Warfare versus Cool Rubbings! The first set was pretty much dominated by Cool Rubbings. They made some killer plays and killer saves–shout out to the girl who executed the most beautiful pancake save I have ever seen in my life! Cool Rubbings’ hustle and teamwork in that first game was deserving of a winning score of 21-12! After the teams switched sides, the second set got underway! Spikalogical Warfare turned their intensity up to level 150 and basically declared war on Cool Rubbings. The rallies were so long and so intense, a spectator could have gone to the bathroom, taken their time, come back to their seat, and still would have been able to catch the end of that one-point play! With the score inching its way along, the game was tied at 20-20, and one team has to win by two points. Each team had an opportunity to win, but where one team wanted the win, the opposing team wanted it just as bad! The second set went all the way to 24-24, reaching the cap point at 25. The final rally for that last point had both sides playing scrappy, and in the end Spikalogical Warfare was able to shut it down and win that final point, 25-24, forcing a third set! Going into the third set,  both Spikalogical Warfare and Cool Rubbings were exhausted and worn out, but both teams dug deep and gave it all they had, leaving everything on the court. Spikalogical Warfare came out on top early in the set and was able to keep the lead, winning the set and match 15-11! Amazing game, guys! Y’all deserved a couple cold ones, for sure! The final game of the evening had Quabe Nachos facing off against team Yeah Yeah Yeah in another great match of solid volleyball. Not wanting to break the three-set trend of the night, Quabe Nachos and Yeah Yeah Yeah went three rounds too. It was a great effort on both teams’ parts, but team Yeah Yeah Yeah went home the winners (21-16, 15-21, 15-12).

After all of the excitement was done at Pan Am, everybody headed a couple blocks over to Craftsman to take advantage of the $2 Bud Light Specials and chow down on some street tacos! The representation of Austin Sports and Social Club volleyball players was unreal and the camaraderie was exceptional! This is what we’re all about! Registration for Wednesday indoor volleyball is still open, so if you want in on this action, get a team together (or sign up individually), and register now!

Monday Indoor Volleyball: Tip! Tip! Hurray!

There’s one day left to register for Austin Sports and Social Club’s sand volleyball league! The fun begins next week at all of our North and South locations, so if you feel like taking your indoor skills outdoors, now’s the chance!

Monday night volleyball is the perfect mix of skills and social fun, and this past Monday was no exception! Three out of the four matches of the night ended in two sets, giving players plenty of time for some free play after their matches. Once again, Trump Nation got swept under the rug in a two-set knock out by Just The Tip. 2 Bump Chumps bumped Wentwoodies on over in two sets, and Hit It and Quit It did just that to the Volley Outlaws: they hit it, and quit it!

The game of the night goes to May the Spike Be With You versus Block Party! This was the only match that went to three sets and had everybody in the gym crowding around to watch the excitement and cheer on both teams. The first set had an awesome exchange of rallies that turned into a neck and neck race with May the Spike Be With You in the lead. The only downfall for Block Party in the first set was a couple of service errors. May the Spike Be With You was able to keep the lead and finish the set 21-19. The second set was probably the longest set ever to witness, as the entire game went point for point up to 20 points. Both teams have never looked so hungry for that victory. With Block Party in possession of the volleyball, they were able to put away two more points to take us all into the third set! The third and final set started off with May the Spike Be With You taking the lead, 6-1. Once they were able to get possession back, Block Party went on their own run and was able to tie the game 6-6. After that, it was deja vu of the second set with both teams trying to pull ahead, but still ending up tied. This set went down to the final cap point with the game tied at 16-16. Now we’re in a shoot out! May The Spike Be With You served the ball to begin the final rally. There were spikes and digs exchanged, but in the end Block Party was able to lay it down and earn that match point! I’m exhausted just writing about it! What an awesome game! Congratulations, Block Party!

Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Setting You Up for a Great Time!

Week five is now in the books, and this past Sunday was a mellow night with a lot of laughs and fun volleyball games. There was a lot of good, fundamental volleyball being played on both courts.

Our first game of the evening on court one had us all seeing lots of pink: Death at the Net in azalea, and Bump Around 2.0 in light pink. The two teams had an exchange of volleys, but the clash of pink was over before it even got started. Bump Around 2.0 took home the win in two sets, 21-10, 21-6. Court two had an exciting first game with Aces going up against Hits for Brains. The first set had a lot of back and forth plays with both teams fighting for the lead, but it was Hits for Brains’ enthusiasm and teamwork that helped them pull off the win for the first set, 21-17. Aces came back with a vengeance in the second set and dominated with easy tips over the defense, leaving Hits for Brains scrambling to make plays. Aces stole the second set 21-9. Coming into the third set, Hits for Brains readjusted their game plan and picked themselves up after their brutal loss in the second set. They brought the heat and made Aces fight for every point they scored. There were some intense plays that had both teams diving and sliding across the floor, but at the end of the day Aces were still able to maintain better court awareness and found the weak spots to score on Hits for Brains, winning 15-11.

The second games of the evening featured Two Blocks Away versus Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them, and Block Heads versus European Wax Center. Both games were a bit lop-sided with FSWST and EWC favored to win. Both teams also consist of veteran ASSC volleyball players who are going up against teams with fresh faces who may be a bit wet behind the ear. That’s not to say that Two Blocks Away and Block Heads didn’t go down without a fight, though! Two Blocks Away was able to get their hands on a lot of Fantastic Sets’ fantastic spikes, but they went up against a team who runs plays in their sleep. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them took the game in two sets, 21-12, 21-10. The same story can be said of Block Heads against European Wax Center: veterans versus rookies. It was an easy match for European Wax Center, who took the game in two sets, but the heart and determination of team Block Heads is what really made the match exciting. In the first set, Block Heads were able to score double digits against EWC and actually forced them to take the game seriously. Block Heads gave EWC a run for their money, but couldn’t push past the 15-point mark. EWC took the first set 21-15. The second set was dominated by European Wax Center who kept the lead out of the gate with nothing less than a 9-point deficit. However, Block Heads fought and earned each point they scored, and their heart and determination is definitely mention-worthy. Give this team a couple more seasons to play together, and they will be playing with the big dogs! European Wax Center won the second set 21-8.

The last game of the evening was Kiss My Ace against Setsual Healing. This game had a ton of awesome rallies with spectacular saves! Players were making diving saves and showing off their soccer skills by keeping the ball in play with foot touches. Both teams were a great match up, skill-wise. For every spike one side sent over, the other side was in position and ready for a dig. If a block was put up, there was always somebody there to cover the dinks. The determining factor of which team would come out on top boiled down to communication. The more a team communicated, the fewer dropped balls there would be. In this case, Setsual Healing let too many balls fall in between players because the cat got their tongue. Kiss My Ace took the match in two sets, 21-14, 21-13.

After the games, the players met up at Gourdough’s to take advantage of their Austin Sports and Social $2 Budlight specials…and to eat amazing donut concoctions of course! There’s still a few more weeks in the season left, so teams still have a chance to make their way into the playoffs. Next week is Super Bowl, so there won’t be any games at Austin Rec that night. Make sure to check out for the latest registration announcements; outdoor season is right around the corner!

Monday Indoor Volleyball: No Politics Allowed!

It was a quick night on the courts at South Austin Rec on Monday night with only four games total. Even though it was a short night, there was plenty of excitement to go around!

Over on court one we had Block Party facing off against the Volley Outlaws in the biggest blowout of the night. The Volley Outlaws spiked their hearts out, while Block Party just came to party. The match was over in a quick two sets with Volley Outlaws taking home an easy win, 21-8, 21-9. Court two had a little bit more action with May the Spike Be With You going up against Hit It and Quit It. It was a valiant effort on May the Spike Be With You’s part, but the spike was, unfortunately, not on their side, and Hit It and Quit It did just that: they hit it…and quit it (21-11, 21-15).

The last games of the evening were filled with a lot of excitement, both the good kind and the not-so-good kind. Just the Tip went a couple rounds with 2 Bump Chumps over on court two. It was a friendly match with a lot of laughter, tons of great rallies, and more than just two bumps. The first set went to 2 Bump Chumps, 21-16. At the start of the second set, 2 Bump Chumps were trying to carry over their momentum from the first set and was able to take the lead early on, but an injury at the net lost them one of their stronger female hitters who had to sit the rest of the game out. Down one player, 2 Bump Chumps now had to readjust and find a new rhythm to help them pull it together. Just The Tip took advantage of the situation and was able to take the lead…for a while. Determined not to let their teammate’s injury be in vain, 2 Bump Chumps pulled it together and fought their way back to the top to win the second set 21-16! We’re all wishing a speedy recovery for 2 Bump Chumps!

Our game of the night goes to Wentwoodies versus Trump Nation! In the first set, Trump Nation came out strong taking an early lead but had Wentwoodies right on their heals who tied the game up for the first time at 8 all. Wentwoodies then took the lead and looked to be pulling ahead…but not for long. Trump Nation took a time out to regroup, which worked to their advantage; they were able to tie the game up 12-12. It was an exchange of spikes and great digs between the two teams with Trump Nation slowly starting to pull away, but Wentwoodies hitters were too strong for Trump Nation’s “wall” and were able to keep the game tied at 17. With Trump Nation feeling the heat, they were able to push three more points, pulling ahead 20-18 with game point in the bag. With only one more serve to go, Trump Nation sent the ball into the net, lost possession of the ball, and gave Wentwoodies the chance they needed. Wentwoodies pulled off the win with a final score of 22-20 in the first set! In the second set, Trump Nation came onto the court determined to not have a repeat of the first set. They were able to take a commanding lead early on and could see the finish line, 20-16. Not wanting to go into a third set, Wentwoodies utilized their timeout and were determined to not let Trump have their victory. They regrouped, refocused, and were able to tie the game up 20-20! Wentwoodies worked hard together, as a team, and were able to hold Trump Nation to 20 points and came back from a 4-point deficit to win the game 22-20! Talk about CLUTCH! After the game Trump Nation said that they should win every game simply because their name is Trump Nation. Apparently, the opposite is proving to be true and they should have picked a different name. Way to go Wentwoodies!

After the games, the players headed over to Craftsman for some tacos and $2 Bud Lights–just the stuff you need to recharge your batteries after a game or two of volleyball! See y’all next week!

Sunday Indoor Volleyball: So Intense, You Might Forget to Breathe!

While all of Austin (and the rest of the country) may be sitting at home watching football on Sunday evenings, there are a few dedicated volleyball players at Austin Sports and Social Club who show up to the Austin Rec Center every Sunday to socialize with their fellow players and to enjoy a good game of volleyball! It’s week four for this winter season, and just like the weather, we are heating up!

The majority of the games last night were on the super social side with only two sets per match. The first games of the night were played by European Wax Center against Setsual Healing on court one, and Kiss My Ace versus Hits For Brains on court two. European Wax Center and Setsual Healing had a good exchange of rallies, but EWC’s spikes were too hot to handle, and Setsual Healing looked like they were in a funk. European Wax Center took the match in 2 sets. Easy Peasy. Kiss My Ace and Hits for Brains was another quick match, with Kiss My Ace easily taking home the W in 2 as well. There were two more games to follow, but the game on court one stole the show. Bump Around 2.0 faced off against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them, both are veteran teams and from the very beginning–we’re talking warm ups–these two teams looked like professionals! This was one of those games where you found yourself holding your breath because it was just so fast-paced and intense! In the first set, the rallies were long, the spikes were hard, and the digs were unbelievable! Bump Around 2.0 took the lead early, but it wasn’t without a challenge, and Fantastic Sets were right on their tail! The set came down to the final two points with Fantastic Sets having the opportunity to tie the game, but Bump Around wasn’t bumpin’ around and sealed their win 21-19. After a quick water break, the teams were back at it and Fantastic Sets played with a vengeance. It seemed as if maybe Bump Around 2.0 lost all of their steam in the first set because Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them absolutely dominated the second set. Just like their team name, they literally had some fantastic sets and spiked them all in strategic spots on the court! FSWST took the second set 21-12. Round three…Fight! Fantastic Sets carried their momentum into the third set, and Bump Around caught their second wind. Once again, we saw a repeat of the first set: Bump Around taking the lead early, lots of hustle, lots of energy, and long rallies. With the game tied up, this was Fantastic Sets’ chance to take the lead, and take it they did! Bump Around was stuck at 10 points, and Fantastic Sets ran away with the game and took home a hard-earned victory 15-10! Both teams were amazing, they played awesome, stayed positive, and showed great sportsmanship! They both showed that it’s possible to play hard and still keep it friendly!

After all the excitement of the night, the momentum continued on over at Gourdough’s on South Lamar. With $2 Budlight on special, along with the Players’ appreciation cards, you can eat, drink, and be merry for a great deal! It’s a great way to wind down your Sunday night with your team!

With the sun finally starting to show its face again, that can only mean one thing: Sand Volleyball is right around the corner! There’s only 4 days left to register for our North, South, and Central locations, so hurry up and get your team together! League play starts February 6! See y’all in the sand!

“We Are The Champions……of SARC!

Monday night in December at SARC can mean only one thing…..playoffs!!

The top four teams of the season faced off to compete for the number one spot…and eternal glory. Single and Ready for Pringles played against Practice Safe Sets in a two-set match, winning 21-12 and 21-17. PSS played hard, but Single Pringles played harder.

The match up against the number two and three spots was another awesome watch. Hunchblock of Notre Dame dominated the first set against Hot Sets and lead the way to victory, 21-13. There was a reversal in roles in the second set, as Hunchblock trailed for the first seven points. Maybe that was their Christmas gift to Hot Sets, because they came back to tie the game and then take the lead. Both teams fought hard, played scrappy, had some miraculous saves, and some not so miraculous plays, but in the end it was Hunchblock’s excellent skills, team unity, communication, enthusiasm, and hunger that advanced them to the final round of playoffs. Hunchblock beat Hot Sets in a close set 21-19.

The championship game had #1 seed, Single Pringles, going up against #2 seed, Hunchblock, in the match of the night! With both teams coming off from a win, the intensity of the game was high, the rallies were long, the blocks were wall-worthy, the spikes were hard, and the hustle was harder! After 23 points, the first set went to Hunchblock, shocking Single and Ready for Pringles!! The Hunchblock train showed no signs of slowing down in the second set and, if anything, their momentum continued to increase. There was a lot of back and forth in the game with great ball movement and close calls. Hunchblock’s court awareness ran Single Pringles ragged, ultimately leading to their defeat. Hunchblock goes home the victors of the night, winning 21-14!  Hunchblock of Notre Dame played excellent all season, and beautifully in the playoffs. Their championship win was well-deserved!

Hunchblock celebrated their victory and kept warm by getting toasted……er…..toasty at Gourdough’s….what a great place to celebrate another victory. Thanks for some great plays….great sportsmanship…..great action. We can’t wait to do it all again!

Playoff Volleyball….inside…..where it’s warm!


First round of playoffs started off with a bang! Both courts had some intense and exciting games. It was impossible to watch just one game. Every team was hungry to advance to the semis, and they left all their heart and hustle on the courts. Quake Nachos played with a man down against Spike-a-logical Warfare which proved to be advantageous to their victory. All About that Ace and Flickadawrist went back and forth in an exchange of blocks and spikes, but it was long shots and bad serves that put an end to AATA’s race to the finals. Both matches in the first round ended in upsets so it’s all up for grabs!

Semi-finals were matched with equal intensity. Flickadawrist, still hungry for more, faced off against the number 1 seed, Killing It. It was a scrappy game with Killing It trailing by at least half of Flicka’s score, and just when you thought it was over, Killing It would go on a double digit run to tie up the game. Flickadawrist was on fire and showed no signs of stopping. In an unbelievable upset, Killing It just couldn’t get their passes under control, and Flickadawrist advanced to the Championship round in two sets!

On the other court, Number 6 seed Quabe Nacos faced off with number 2 seed, All Sets Are Off. What seemed to be Quabe’s advantage of being down a player in the first round, turned into their weakness against All Sets Are Off. All Sets Are Off found all the open spots on the court and let it rain. Quabe Nachos didn’t go down without a fight though. The teams went three rounds, and QN’s sixth player showed up for reinforcement, but it was too little too late. All Sets Are Off advanced to the Championship round to face off with underdogs Flickadawrist.

Just when you thought the night couldn’t get any more exciting, Flickadawrist took the first set, easily, winning 21-11. ASAO quickly regrouped and realized this game wasn’t going to be an easy win, so they pushed back in the second set with sneaky tips over the net and great court awareness. Flicka didn’t make it easy for them, but ASAO took the second set 21-17. Third and final set was everything you could hope it would be! The race to the finish line was neck and neck with the game being tied point for point. It all boiled down to the cap point at 17. Anticipation and nerves were high, and everybody was holding their breath. Flicka took possession of the ball and just needed to keep it in bounds. Flicka serves, ASAO returns the ball with a three-touch play; pass, set, and a roll shot over ASAO’s left block, the ball drops right behind him with nobody to cover. The game is over! Flickadawrist went from worst to first to take it all! What a night!!

The party didn’t stop there with everyone headed over to Craftsman to top off the night. Lots of highlights, close calls and incredible saves to reflect on as the night wore on. The best part is the next season is just around the corner and we get to do it all again! Awesome!!

Where Can You Still Play Volleyball in the Rain? Indoors at Pan Am!!



It’s Wednesday night…..cold and wet outside…… but we don’t care…..we get to play volleyball at Pam Am inside!

All Sets Are Off v. Killing it: Solid match with long rallies. Killing It set up some serious walls at the net that made it really difficult for ASAO to overcome. With solid blocks all night, Killing It took both sets and didn’t look back!

Spikealogical Warfare v. Spikin Aces: Great 3-touch plays topped with killer spikes from SW left Spikin Aces scrambling for points. Fun game to watch, good sportsmanship all around as Spikealogical Warfare headed to Craftsman to celebrate their win dominant win! Yes!

Dirty Diggers v. FlickaDaWrist : More solid plays with 2 teams closely matched. First set was point for point matching with some long rallys and great saves. FlickaDaWrist pulled it out and rode that momentum into the second set, taking the big Dub-Ya! Great play!

New Kids on the Block v. Gryffitherin: This was our “David v Goliath” match up with New Kids trying to take down the mighty Gryffitherin team. Well… wasn’t to be on this night! New Kids tried every trick in the book but Gryffitherin had too many weapons. Great servers…..great setters….great spikers…..great blockers! Nothing got through and they took both sets decidedly to continue their winning streak. Whew!

All About that Ace v. Smash Squad: Once again we saw some close action in the opening set with both teams feeling each other out. All About that Ace took the first set in a close one but ran away with the second. They continue their solid play that has always seemed to keep them at the top of the standings, season after season!
Ballin’ Ain’t Easy v. Quabe Nachos: This was our closest match of the night with both sides taking a set apiece. Lots of great sportsmanship along with great play made these 2 teams an awesome watching party! It all came down to the third set with both teams just getting warmed up. Even with 3 lead changes, you never knew who would come out on top! In the end, Quabe Nachos took a serving run at the end to take the crown! What an awesome show!

It was a chilly night, but the shots and beers at Craftsman were keeping the players warm and cozy. Good vibe, positive spirits and another great ASSC night! Let’s do it all again next week!