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Pan Am Volleyball: Blood, Sweat, and…Goodwill?

This indoor volleyball season is starting to round the corner towards the finish line with only one week left in the regular season. With only four teams signed up and playing each other every week, the competition is intense and the socializing is fierce! Stop by Pan Am to catch the games and then meet up with the teams and officials at Craftsman after for some delicious tacos and cheap Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour drink specials!



Week five’s “Game of the Night” features our second and third ranked teams: FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill versus What’s Your Bloodtype?


This was an exciting back-and-forth match that kept everybody on their toes. There were long rallies, great serves, several amazing hustle plays, and tons of fun! FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill took the first set pretty easily, but What’s Your Blood Type fought back strong in set numero dos, including a mega scoring rally toward the end. In the third set, FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill looked like they had it wrapped up at 14-11, match point, when What’s Your Blood Type used their last timeout.


Perfect. Icing.


FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill was iced and had to side out, giving What’s Your Blood Type one last chance to stay in the game. What’s Your Blood Type managed to go on a 3-point run to tie the game up, 14-14!  FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill, showing grit, halted the run, got the ball back, and put an end to the match at 16-14!


What! A! Game!

Wednesday IVB Playoffs…Not What You Expected!

The playoffs on Wednesday night at Pan Am were quite exciting and took a total unexpected turn on the “road” to the championship game. Keep on reading to see how the events unfolded!





The top four teams to make it to the playoffs were the undefeated Los Seis Tacos, Blockmanity, Flickadawrist, and Cool Rubbings. Blockmanity and Flickadawrist, the number two and three seeds, squared off in a pretty lopsided battle that went full tilt in favor of Blockmanity. The battle was over before it even began. Blockmanity blocked and spiked their way to the championship round to await their anticipated opponent, Los Seis Tacos.


However, in an exciting and interesting turn of events, despite being ranked the top seed going into tonight’s matches, Los Seis Tacos did not have what it takes tonight. In their match against Cool Rubbings, both teams were short a person to begin. Cool Rubbings would not have a sixth player all night.


The first set was a warm-up for both teams as the servers had to find their rhythms, hustle was not ready, and communication barely there. The first set went to Cool Rubbings. Los Seis Tacos knew the second set was a must-win. They hustled like mad, made great saves at the net, and landed some unbelievably good serves. Los Seis Tacos took the second set, 21-14, to tie up the series! The third set was absolutely epic! It went all the way! Bodies on the floor, serves finding all the nooks and requiring diligence, blocks, counter-blocks, digs, screams, high-fives, high-tens. The last set is tied up 16-16, with only one point left to determine who will advance, and Cool Rubbings in possession–their fate is literally in their hands! Cool Rubbings kept their cool and finally found the winning point, 17-16!


Both sides congratulated each other on a fantastic match, and Cool Rubbings advanced to the final round to face off against Blockmanity in a COOOOOOL beatdown, still only 5 players strong! COOL RUBBINGS TAKES THE WIN TO HOIST THE CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER!


Congratulations, ya cool kids!


Wednesday IVB: Spring Season Recap

With a new season of indoor volleyball upon us (starts today), let’s take a look at what went down last season.


Week One

Great first night of indoor volleyball at Pan Am!  Everyone was awesome and ready to start the season off with a bang, a block, a bump, a set, a spike…you catch the drift (I hope).  This season definitely promised to be a fun one for sure!




All the teams came out in week one flexing their muscles to give us a good idea of who will be making it to the playoffs. The match between Cool Rubbings and Los Seis Tacos was entertaining with so much talent on the court!  The taco lovers took this match in two sets:  21 to 18 and 21 to 10!  In their double header, Cool Rubbings robbed SET-sy and We Know It in two sets with a victory of 21 to 10 and 21 to 4! Cool Rubbings now sits at 1-1 in week one…not a bad place to be, guys!  The Incredibles had an incredible win against I Wanna Set You Up in a three-set match. I Wanna Set You Up is a veteran team that was expected to take this first win, but they just couldn’t get their sets right and everything else just seemed to have difficulty falling into place for them. Better luck next time!


Week Two

Week two had teams starting to pull away in the race to the playoffs, and if our predictions are correct (we’re just going to keep those to ourselves), it’s going to be a match up for sure!


Los Seis Tacos with their taco cheers put on a heck of game against All Sets Are Off with a two-set win, 21 to 16 and 21 to 17.  FlickaDaWrist had their double header this week against The Stallions and SET-sy and We Know It. If only winning was as easy as flicking one’s wrist, though, because it wasn’t enough for Flicka as they lost both matches.


Cool Rubbings showed up with their A-game, once again, in their match against The Incredibles to try to improve their record. The Incredibles played incredibly, but still couldn’t take the win. It was an incredibly close game, but Cool Rubbings ran off with the win, 21 to 18 and 21 to 16.



Week Three


The Stallions are having a hard time getting a win under their belt, and hoped that week three would be their time to shine with two games on their schedule for the night.


Unfortunately, this week would add two more notches to their losing record as The Stallions lost to I Wanna Set You Up and What’s Your Blood Type? in two long-rallied, fast-paced, intense matches. I Wanna Set You Up set themselves up for a win against The Stallions and fought hard to take the win in the third set, 21 to 12, 19 to 21, and 15 to 9.  What’s Your Blood Type took The Stallions out in two sets, 21 to 16 and 21 to 15.


Cool Rubbings and Blockmanity threw it down in a highly competitive match that went three rounds in favor of Cool Rubbings, 24-22, 18-21, and 15-11! Los Seis Tacos clinched, yet again, another victory against Incredibles with their taco chants and cha cha slides, and FlickaDaWrist managed to make some magic happen against All Sets Are Off in two sets, 21-9 and 21-11,


Week Four


Week four had a lot of friendly match ups, beginning with Los Seis Tacos and I Wanna Set You Up! Both teams are good friends and have played together for a long time. At some point though, the friendliness must be set aside and it’s time to get to business. Lo Seis Tacos took home the W in two sets, but both were close and went point for point: 21-12, 21-18!



What’s Your Blood Type? and Blockmanity: What a match! There was never more than a 2 point differential, and the lead changed multiple times until the score was tied at 16-all. There were too many blocks to keep track of, but it was a battle of the bigs in the front row! After 16-16, the score went point for point in a fast paced, high intensity set. Blockmanity finished off the set 21-19.

They carried their momentum over into the second set and went on a 6-point service run to take a 5 point lead, 8-3. Blood Type could only get 2 more points before Blockmanity went on another 5 point run. Blood Type needed a miracle…

They slowly started chipping away one point at a time to bring the score up 10-15 before Blockmanity used their time out to ice the momentum-gaining Blood Type. The TO worked in favor of Blockmanity, and they finished off the game 21-12!


Week Five

All Sets Are Off and I Wanna Set You Up had a great match to start the night off for week five.

First set was a lot of back and forth long rallies that had both teams fighting for every point. I Wanna Set You Up took the set 21-19.

The pendulum swung the other way in the second set for All Sets Are Off as they took the game 21-15.

Momentum stayed on their side as they went into the third set. It was an exciting last set with both teams playing scrappy, but All Sets Are Off was able to keep a good lead to finish out the set 15-10.

Los Seis Tacos and What’s Your Blood Type? was a super fast match that added yet another notch to the winners’ belt for Los Seis Tacos. They took out Blood Type in two sets, 21-14 and 21-13!

I don’t know if Los Seis Tacos can be touched!



Week Six



Week six was the last week of regular season volleyball before the playoffs and exhibition games in week seven. The Incredibles stole the show for the night in their game against All Sets Are Off.

As their season progressed, so too did their teamwork and volleyball skills! The Incredibles have been a fun team to watch throughout their seasons, and it’s great to see them getting some wins under their belt! In their match against All Sets Are Off, the sets were extremely close, the spikes were really hard, and the blocks were really awesome! Incredibles took home the win in the three sets, 14-21, 21-15, and 15-8!

Monday Indoor Volleyball: Hit It and Quit it like the Champs!


Last Monday was the last day of indoor volleyball at the South Austin Rec Center, and what a better way to end the season than with a little playoff action? The games were long, intense, and exciting, and the victories were well-deserved! Read on to see how the night played out (obviously the photo is the spoiler alert)!



We started the night off with top seeded team, Hit It & Quit It, facing off against fourth seeded team, May the Spike Be With You, in the first game of the semi finals. This match went three sets in an epic back-and-forth battle to keep us all on the edge of our seats! The first set left Hit it & Quit it scratching their heads as they fell to the number four team, 21 to 18. After a brief regroup in between sets, Hit it & Quit it showed us all why they’re the number one team. Hit it & Quit it redeemed themselves and spiked their way to a second-set win, 21-11, forcing a third set. As the match moved along, the intensity grew on both sides of the net. The set went point for point with Hit it & Quit it securing the lead and driving it home to advance to the finals 15 to 12!

On the other side of the court divider, Just the Tip and 2 Bump Chumps also went three rounds in their semi-final match up. Just like the game that was going on next to them, the lower seeded team, 2 Bump Chumps, was able to secure a win in the first set, 21 to 15! It’s no surprise, then, that Just The Tip also redeemed themselves and was able to pull out a win with the exact same score as the previous set, 21-15. Unlike the game that was going on on the other side of the divider, this match had an underdog victory. Using just the tip wasn’t enough for Just the Tip to pull out a win this time. 2 Bump Chumps was able to squeeze out a 15 to 11 victory and was moving on to the finals against the undefeated Hit it & Quit it!


Championship Round

The championship round was full of spikes that were hard enough to leave you bruised for days, blocks that were so impenetrable that Trump may want to take notes, and enough hustle to make your feet hurt! In the first set, Hit it & Quit it played almost to perfection!  They had some great blocks and were really able to handle all of the spikes that 2 Bump Chumps were sending over the net.  2 Bump Chumps played so scrappy! They hustled to every ball that came their way, had amazing combination dive plays, and just did everything they could to get the ball back over. Unfortunately for 2 Bump Chumps, fewer errors on Hit it & Quit it’s part outperformed 2 Bump Chump’s scrappiness. Hit it & Quit it took the first set 21-18!

The second set started off with a bang when Hit it & Quit it came out of the gates on a scoring streak that left 2 Bump Chumps in the dust. 2 Bump Chumps was able to capitalize on multiple spikes in order to close in on the gap, but in the end Hit It & Quit It was able to return almost everything that came their way with control and good old-fashioned fundamental volleyball skills. Hit it & Quit it sealed their win with a 21-18 victory and maintained their undefeated record and was able to raise the championship banner high!


Super awesome season, y’all! Thank you to all the ASSC players who showed up every week in this long season!  Monday nights are moving to our central location at Pan Am, and today is the last day to sign up your team…otherwise, you have to wait ’til next season! Head over to now to sign up!

Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Ace-kickin’ Championships!


What do you get when you put a European Wax Center, some Fantastic Sets, and a Bump Around together on a volleyball court? Ummmm…SOME AWESOME VOLLEYBALL! DUH! Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff…



Bump Around 2.0 vs. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them

We had a forfeit in the first game of semi-finals with Hits For Brains only having two players show up. I guess the rest of their team wasn’t into winning…Oh well, easy money for European Wax Center. They moved on to the finals and had time to kill until the championship game.


The second game in the semis was played against Bump Around 2.0 and Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them. Before the games, we told the players that that we are on a strict time crunch so we needed to get the games going as fast as possible. As soon as the first whistle blew, both teams lit up the court! The first set was fast-paced and intense! Both teams spiked the ever living hell out of the ball. There were so many awesome digs and plays at the net, it was unbelievable! Bump Around was all over the court, and they threw their bodies on the floor every time to try to save a ball. They played extra scrappy! Fantastic Sets took the first set 21-11.

The second set started just as fast and intense as the first set, but Fantastic Sets came out of the game even faster and took the lead. Once again, both teams displayed incredible effort and talent, and Fantastic Sets had spectacular plays/saves by one of their setters. She would make near-impossible touches, like diving plays, to pop the ball back up for a perfect set, and a hitter was always there ready to kill it! Once again, Fantastic Sets took the win 21-13 and advanced to the finals!


Dear Bump Around 2.0, your time will come! Keep playing the way you guys play. Swing away, and keep up the positive energy! Y’all always blow my mind every Sunday! Thanks for playing!

Final Round

Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them vs. European Wax Center


Coming from an intense match, Fantastic Sets’ momentum was strong going into the first set. European Wax Center was ready for them though, and made it clear that the game would not end as quickly and easily for them. The rallies were long and there were multiple lead changes throughout the game. Both teams had amazing court awareness and could place the ball in the most strategic spots. Fantastic Sets took the first set in a close game, 21-18.


We saw a change up in the second set when European Wax Center came out of the gate and took the lead early. They had a 7-point lead at 13 to 6 before Fantastic Sets called a time out to regroup. Fantastic Sets was only able to score 7 more points in the game before they fell to the number one team, 13-21.


The third set was probably one of the most intense sets of the season. Both teams had been playing at 130% all night, were tired, but were not giving up. Fantastic Sets started the game off with exactly that: a fantastic set that ended with an untouchable spike to earn the first point. The next play ended with a solid block in the middle front made by Fantastic Sets, earning point number two, and they were off on an 4-0 run. It took European Wax Center a bit of time to pull themselves together, but they were finally able to get some points on the board and get in the game. However, they could never actually catch up to Fantastic Sets to steal the lead, and they had too many errors on their part. The number one seed fell to Fantastic Sets 10-15. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them went home with the championship title and $50 to Gourdough’s! Congratulations to Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them! You guys always stayed positive and had amazing teamwork the entire season! European Wax Center, it’s always a pleasure watching you all play season after season!


Spring indoor volleyball starts back up March 25th! You’ve got THREE days left to register! Get on it and get out on the floor! Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces! Later days!


Monday Indoor Volleyball: SARC After Dark!


This past Monday was the last week in the regular season of indoor volleyball at the South Austin Rec Center before the playoffs next week, and it was a great ending to the winter season.


We started the night off with a forfeit on court one when 2 Bump Chumps was a no show, thus giving the Volley Outlaws a much-needed win to be considered for the playoffs.


Over on court two we had Just the Tip and Block Party exchanging volleys in three sets. The first set was really close with Block Party squeaking out the first win. Block Party made few mistakes and had some great blocks to help their win, 21-18. Just the Tip came into the second set warmed up and ready to give Block Party a taste of their own medicine. Just the Tip was able to control their passes, get their serves over the net, and lay down some hard-hitting spikes to take the second set, 21-10, and forced a third set. The momentum continued for Just the Tip as they dominated the third set and took home the win, 15-5. Just the Tip sealed their position in the playoffs in the number two spot with a record of 5-1.


Wentwoodies and Hit It and Quit It followed suit in another three-set match. The first set was a pretty easy win for the undefeated Hit It and Quit It as they only allowed 14 points against Wentwoodies. In the second set, the teams went point-for-point and had long, exciting rallies, but Wentwoodies was able to come out with the win 21-19 to take the match to a third set. The third and final set was a race to the finish with both teams hustling all over the court and playing scrappy, but Hit It and Quit It wasn’t about to let Wentwoodies put an end to their undefeated record. Hit It and Quit It finished off the match 15-11, and remain number one going into the playoffs!


The final game on court two had May the Spike Be With You taking Trump Nation out in two sets, 21-17 and 21-13. May the Spike be With You finishes off the season with a 3-3 record and is tied with the Volley Outlaws. Trump Nation remains the defeated team with an 0-6 record, but they were definitely a fun team to watch. Maybe next time, they should try a different team name…just sayin’.


Anyway, that’s a wrap for the winter season of indoor volleyball. Next Monday will be the playoffs with the top four teams competing for the championship title on court one, and a couple exhibition games over on court two. Happy hour is at Craftsman after the games, so come through with your ASSC shirt and get down on some $2 Dollar Bud Lights!

Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Calm Before the Playoff Storm

Week Six

It was a pretty slow night at the Austin Rec Center for week six of indoor volleyball. We started and ended the night with forfeits from two different teams either not showing up or not having enough players.


European Wax Center sent Hits for Brains home in an easy two sets to open up the night. The second matches of the evening were both exciting! It was hard to focus on just one game, so sitting in the middle where you could view both courts was the best seat of the house! Over on court one, Two Blocks Away played Bump Around 2.0 in an intense 3 sets, and Aces played Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them in a close two sets on court two. Bump Around 2.0 were not joking around when they came to play. They handed Two Blocks Away a swift 21-8 loss in the first set. Two Blocks Away dusted their kneepads off and walked back onto the court ready for round two. This time, Two Blocks Away turned up the intensity and set their front row and back row players up for some killer spikes! Two Blocks Away was unrelentless in their 21-16 second-set victory against Bump Around 2.0, and looked hungry for more going to the third. Bump Around 2.0 and Two Blocks Away had long and loud rallies in the third set. Both teams played scrappy, and both teams wanted that win. Bump Around 2.0 was able to outscore Two Blocks away 15-8 in the final set!

Court two was a clash of the green teams with Aces rocking their lime shirts, and Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them donning their Irish greens. Fantastic Sets was the team favored to win in the match, but Aces gave them a run for their money! Playing with a man down is never easy, but Aces make it look advantageous to their strategy. The only downfall for Aces in the first set were the two ghost points that they lost due to rotation. The first set had great rallies with a lot of hustle on both sides of the net. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them beat Aces 21-19. In the second set, Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them found Aces looking a bit tired from their first game and kept an eye on the empty space void of a volleyball player. Fantastic Sets took full advantage and spiked their way to victory, 21-16.

Well, that was all the excitement for week six. European Wax Center plays Kiss My Ace in the first round of playoffs on court one. Bump Around 2.0 is looking for revenge against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them on court two. Which two teams will play for the championship title? Stay tuned!

Wednesday Indoor Volleyball: It’s An All-Out Spikalogical Warfare!


Congratulations to Spikalogical Warfare who was the number three seeded team in the playoffs that took on number two ranked DigPicts in the semi-finals, and upset them in 2 sets to 0! They met up with the fourth seeded team, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in the championship round. Team Yeah Yeah Yeah beat the number one seeded team, Flicka Da Wrist, in an upset in the semi-finals 2 sets to 0.

In the championship game, Yeah Yeah Yeah versus Spikalogical Warfare, team Yeah Yeah Yeah came out strong early in the first set and continued to increase that lead the whole time with amazing sets and powerful spikes. By the end of the first set, YYY was up 21-13. The second set was all about Spikalogical Warfare. Their team work was amazing and they had some really impressive saves! Spikalogical Warfare was able to turn the tables on Yeah Yeah Yeah and come out on top, winning 21-14! The teams are tied 1-1 in the match, the third set would determine the champion. Spikalogical Warfare carried over their momentum from the second set and dominated in the third. Their first server, alone, scored 13 points on aces and shanks before Yeah Yeah Yeah was able to put a stop to the bleeding and actually return the serve. Spikalogical Warfare dominated Yeah Yeah Yeah in an easy 15 to 1 set.

Their record was 5 -1 during the season, and they came out every week playing their hardest and had a blast. Spikalogical Warfare was also the team you could find hanging out at Craftsman after the games and were always welcoming to join them at their table! They were well-deserving of the championship title!

Monday Indoor Volleyball: You’ve Been Served

We are inching our way closer to the end of this extra long season of indoor volleyball, but with each week that goes by the fun seems to grow. Week five was this past Monday. The music was bumpin’ (shout out to Leczi for the playlist), the teams were arriving early and staying late, and everybody was having a great time.

Week Five

We started off the evening with Volley Outlaws versus May The Spike Be With You on court one. May the Spike Be With You came out strong and took the lead early in the set, but Volley Outlaws fought hard to stay in the game. Both teams were playing very evenly in the first set with a lot of blocks and hard spikes from both sides of the net. Volley Outlaws came back from a 6-point deficit to win the first game, 23-21.  In the second set, Volley Outlaws carried their momentum over and had a good run early in the game, but they slowly started letting small errors affect their mental game, which caused some bickering amongst the teammates, and thus causing careless turnovers. May The Spike Be With You was consistent throughout the whole game and won, 19-21, forcing a third set. In the final set, May The Spike Be With You used the force and let it rain, easily winning 15-6. Both teams are tied with a record of 2-3. Over on court two, Block Party and Hit It & Quit It exchanged bumps and spikes in their first game of the night, but the party was over quickly as Hit It & Quit It knocked Block Party out in two sets, 21-10 and 21-15. Hit It & Quit It remains undefeated in week five, and Block Party is sitting at 2-3.


The last games of the night had Just the Tip knocking Wentwoodies out in two sets, 21-15 and 21-11, on court one, and 2 Bump Chumps playing against Trump Nation over on court two. It was a blow out match on court two, with Trump Nation sitting at the bottom of the standings and remaining the defeated team this season. It was actually a really friendly game, despite the score differential, and it’s clear that Trump Nation is out there strictly to have a good time. 2 Bump Chumps let their spikes rip quite a few times, but also reigned themselves in to give Trump Nation a chance to play. There were a couple attempts at blocking by Trump Nation, but they could never actually complete a wall! 2 Bump Chumps win 21-8, 21-13.


Next week is President’s Day, so there won’t be any games at South Austin Rec Center, but you can still wear your current ASSC league shirt to take advantage of the happy hour specials over at Craftsman! Get on over there! See y’all in two weeks!