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Winter Indoor Soccer Season Is Here!

Thursday night’s indoor soccer season opener started off with a bang! Right off the bat we had newcomers Lonestar Quickness Club face off against an almost untouchable veteran team, Robots in Rowboats.

Robots in Rowboats came out strong, leading by 5 goals midway through the first half with a score of 7-1. Because Robots in Rowboats were leading by more than 5 points, the veterans had to play with a player down, allowing Lonestar Quickness Club to regroup. The rest of the first half consisted of Lonestar QC pressing and on the attack, which allowed them to score 5 more goals, but Robots’ defense was too strong and had an answer for almost every goal their opponent scored.  Robots in Rowboats kept the 5-point lead to the half, making the score 11-6.

Determined to show Robots in Rowboats what they’re made of, Lonestar Quickness Club came out strong in the second half and scored the first goal of the half. Now with only a 4-point deficit, Robots were finally able to put their fourth player back on the field, but was unsuccessful in widening the point gap again. Lonestar QC fought hard in an exciting second half and may have had Robots in Rowboats shaking in their robot boots as the point deficit kept getting smaller and smaller, while Lonestar’s momentum kept getting stronger and stronger. Lonestar Quickness Club was able to score 3 more goals in the second half, and only allowed Robots to score 3 goals, despite having their fourth player. The game ended in a tie, 14-14. It looks like Robots in Rowboats may have met their match!

It was a tough act to follow, but the next three games were equally as exciting and intense as the first! The Winning 4mula played team Queen LaFifa in an exchange of goals, and like their name suggests, The Winning 4mula must have had it that night because they won 20-16! The third game of the night was a blow out as Spread the Cheeky dominated Just 4 Kicks, 11-0. Ouch! Maybe next time, Kicks! The last game of the night was a show down between Tearing up the Turf and Rock em Sock em Robots. This was one of those games where the winner could not be easily determined until the second half and was the highest scoring game of the night. Well, the turf was tore up and the Robots got rocked and socked on this night, Tearing up the Turf won, 22-19!

After a long night of indoor soccer, the best place to celebrate victories (or drown your sorrows) is at Moontower! With $2 Budlight Specials, how could you not swing by for a couple rounds? Wear your shirt and show off your team pride, these specials run all week!



5s Soccer Playoffs at SZSA……What a Night!!

Wow……. what a night for 5s soccer playoffs! Every game was super close and there was even an underdog victory with lots of emotions running high the entire night!  Every player on every team went all out to see who would eventually hoist up the Championship Banner! Let’s see how it all played out!

In the night’s first semi-final matchup, Spread the Cheeky took on Goal Diggers in a close one. Not many scores in the defensive match up with Goal Diggers edging out Cheeky 9-6 when it was all over.

In the other semi-final game, Drunk Dribblers played Flooligans in a close one. Both teams played this one tight and kept it close throughout the game. Drunk Dribblers pulled away with a couple of nifty goals taking the win at 18-13 and earning their trip to the Finals!

In the Championship game, Drunk Dribblers went up against Goal Diggers. Drunk Dribblers had just finished playing a game against the number 2 seeded team and had to fight for every goal to come out on top as the underdogs going in. Game started off with Goal Diggers scoring just about nothing but female goals for their first 3 goals while Drunk Dribblers could only muster up a few male goals.  They did a really good job hanging on while keeping the score tied at 4 all before Goal Diggers finally pulled away for good. Score at the end of the first half was 8-4. Second half Goal Diggers managed to hold the lead but only barely with Drunk Dribblers finally making a female goal or two and scoring more points than Goal Diggers. In the end, Goal Diggers focused on defense with the stand out star being their keeper, who actually jammed a finger in their first game. He was all over the place making incredible saves all game and took the team to victory at 11-9! What a showing!

As always, Spread the Cheeky was in rare form at the post game happy hour at Moontower. Goal Diggers made the most of the night swapping highlights with this season’s competitors and throwing down the gauntlet for next season. Let’s agree to do it all again!



Drunk Dribblers (Purple) (A) 9 AT Goal Diggers (Sport Grey) (H) 11

Are we having fun yet?! Yes….again and again!!


Wednesday nights at SZSA is time to get your soccer on! Here’s how it all went down:

Great final night of the regular season with every game really fun to watch and super social by the players. Just in the Nick of Time went up against the Targaryens in an exiting opener of the night. Both teams polishing up their games in preparation for next week’s playoffs but Nick of Time held the advantage for most of the game. They held on for the 21-16 win to make a statement that they are here to win it all!

Drunk Dribblers v. Can…You…Kick It?!: Drunk Dribbles also wanted to throw down the gauntlet that they should be favored to take it all next week. Can…You…Kick It?! had a little something to say about that early in the game. They actually took the lead first but couldn’t seem to answer to Drunk Dribblers goal after goal. They ended up taking the Dub-Yah at 24-12! Great footwork by both teams though!

To round out the night’s action, Flooligans took on Spread the Cheeky: Wow-Wee……this was the best game of the season by all accounts! This game was super social with both teams laughing and having an awesome time throughout, but staying focused on the task at hand. Both teams started out really strong with two female goals right off the bat. Then the game turned very defensive with little to no goals scored for the rest of the half. Cheeky for the most part controlled the first half coming out on top because they had 3 female goals to Flooligans 1. Score at the half was 7-5. Second half Flooligans came out strong, tying up the score and taking the lead almost right away with 2 female goals. Cheeky only managed to score 3 points in the second half while Flooligans females finally got their goals to count and  turned the game around! They held on to the 17-10 lead until the final whistle blew…..taking the unexpected Dub-Yah home with the victory! Another awesome game!

Even through the wet and cold, everyone headed to Moontower’s for happy hour to tip a few back and get warmed up. The crowd was hopping and the excitement already building for next week’s showdowns! The stage is set for another fantastic playoff next week, so make sure and join us to see who hoists the coveted Championship Banner.







Thursday was a beautiful night outside in Austin and inside South Austin’s Soccer Zone too……let’s take a look at how it all went down:

Dances with Feet took on Sir Kicks-a-Lot in the night’s opener. Dances with Feet was hot that night seemingly scoring at will all throughout the game. Sir Kicks-a-Lot tried to keep up but couldn’t put up enough defense to prevent the 16-26 loss. This game was definitely the game of headers… play had header….after header……after header….after header! Too exciting!!

Dribble Fo’Shizzle had a busy night first taking on Past Justin’s Bedtime then going against Expert Ball Handlers. They couldn’t seem to get much momentum going against Past Justin’s Bedtime, scoring only 6 to their 22. Tough loss!

Their second game, however, proved to be the best game of the night against Expert Ball Handlers. Dribble started this game out strong with female goal after female goal going up by 5 before the other team could even get a point on the board. Dribble was short a female and playing down. By half time the score was 12-5 and Dribble was looking dead tired while Ball Handlers picked up even more subs at half time. Second half once again Dribbles came out strong this time only scoring 1 or 2 goals before Ball Handlers got into the game with a late arrival female showing up to win the game. Ball Handlers came from behind to win 17-16 in the last minute of the game. Woweeee….what an awesome game.

The excitement followed everyone over to Moontower after the matches to revel in the victories, and lament over the losses……. all while tipping back a few cold ones! Let’s do it all again next week!!


How Intense Can Indoor Soccer Be, Anyway?! Ha!!!


So you think indoor soccer is “easier” than outdoor soccer?….. think again! Here’s how it all went down at SoccerZone on Wednesday:

Can…You…Kick It?! went up against the steamroller called Goal Diggers and never knew what hit them! Goal Diggers racked up 23 points to Kick It’s 3……wow…..what a romp!

Goal Diggers came down to earth in their second game taking on Drunk Dribblers. Much closer match with both teams keeping pace with each other until the last 60 seconds. Goal Diggers squeaked in a final goal to take the win at 11-9. Great night for the Diggers!

the Targaryens went up against Spread the Cheeky and made a game of it, despite the final score. Both closely matched early on but Cheeky pulled away and never looked back. They post up the Dub-Ya 22-9.

Game of the night went to Flooligans vs Just in the Nick of Time. Nick of Time had not won a single game this season but came awfully close on Wednesday!. First half had lots of back and forth play seeing the score tied 9 all at the half. Second half saw the same thing with Nick of Time controlling the score board right down to the final minute with the score 13-12 with Nick of Time 1 up with seconds to play.  Flooligans ripped a nasty female shot that hit the back of the net giving them the lead for the first time since the game started and holding on for the 14-13 win. Wow…..awesome!

Everyone headed to Happy Hour at Moontower after it was all over. Lots of brews tipped back and challenges thrown down for next week. Come join us and see what all the fuss is about!

Riddle: What has Cleats, Shin Guards, Long Socks, a Ball and Artificial Turf? Indoor Soccer!!


Give me an S-O-C-C-E-R-Z-O-N-E…..what’s that spell? SoccerZone….it’s must be Tuesday night in Austin! There was definitely some nifty play on the indoor pitch tonight so let’s see how it all went down!

Expert Ball Handlers went up against Dances with Feet in one of the earlier games. Dances with Feet lived up to their name and scored goal after goal. Guys….girls….everyone was scoring! Expert Ball Handlers gave it all they had but wound up chalking this one up in the “Lost” column……7-29. Great game Dances with Feet!

Our next game saw 2 more closely matched teams…..Dribble Fo’Shizzle vs Past Justin’s Bedtime in the 8:15 game. Now this was a great match…..strategic scoring….awesome defense…lots of energy…..and 2 teams vowing to declare themselves the victors! Both teams scored when they could but the defenses were tight, not letting much through. In the end, Dribble was Fo’Shizzle in just edging out Past Justin’s Bedtime 18-14. Awesome game!

Speaking of awesome games, Past Justin’s Bedtime didn’t rest long before taking on Sir Kicks-a-Lot in the night’s closer game. This was Past Justin’s second game of the night and they were dead on their feet! Or were they…….. right away Past Justin’s scores the first goal just seconds in, just like in their first game. A few minutes later, Sir Kicks is up 6-1 and has to pull a player off. Past Justin’s then gets a couple of female goals and a male goal, tying the game 6 all and even pulling ahead 7-6. By halftime, Sir Kicks was back up 13-7. They stayed up by 5 until the waning minutes of the game. With 5 minutes left, Past Justin’s caught back up making it a 1 point game! We got ourselves a game folks!! Sir Kicks turned up the heat and led by 5 once again! With a tight defense, they held the lead to take the 23-18 Dub-Ya! Holy Cow!


After all the excitement was over, everyone headed over to Happy Hour at Moontower to compare stories and lay down bets for next week. Come see what all the fuss is about and check out ASSC at SoccerZone!


What do you say we all get zoned?! Soccer Zoned….that is!


What do you do when it’s Monday night…’s cold and drizzling outside but you want to play soccer? You head over to SoccerZone….that’s what you do! Let’s check out the action from this week:

Buffalo Theory went up against Not a Terrible Pun in their Azalea Pink jerseys in a close one! Both teams matched up nicely in this one with some great defensive strategies to get things rolling. Each team matched scoring shot for shot with Buffalo taking the early lead. Persistence was the name of the game for Not a Terrible Pun as they chipped away at Buffalo’s lead and kept it interesting. With the momentum on their side, Buffalo was able to pull ahead and close out the match 23-19 for a squeaker! Nicely played pink jerseys!

In our next matchup, Goal Trolls took on ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM ROBOTS in another close one! ROCK ‘EM took the early lead with 3 quick scores and looked like they were going to run away with it all. Goal Trolls had other plans, scoring some counter goals of their own to keep them in sight. In the end, ROCK ‘EM proved to be too much, scoring some late goals to seal the victory 21-16. Another great game!

Thund3rCougarFalconbird!! vs Liquid Football was about as close a game as you could get! Defense was the name of the game with both teams not letting much through for scores. Halftime saw both teams all knotted up at 6 apiece. Ewww-Weee…..we are in for an exciting second half! Again, great defensive schemes kept the second half scoring on the low side. With 5 minutes left in the game, Thunder was able to score a female goal to take them up by 1. Liquid Football just couldn’t answer and took the narrow defeat 11-12! What a game!

There’s no better place than Moontower to lick your wounds after the game and throw down the gauntlet for next week. If you’re still looking for some soccer next week, come join us!


When it’s cold and wet outside, where do you go to play soccer…..inside!!


Welcome to the Indoor Soccer 5s ASSC league play at Soccer Zone! Rain or shine, day or night, this is where it’s at for some indoor soccer on Wednesday nights! Let’s see how it all got started at The Zone:


The Flooligans in their black jerseys took on the Targaryens to get it all going. Both teams scored early and kept the heat on with some innovative goals early. It wasn’t until mid point that Flooligans took the lead and never looked back, taking the Dub-Ya 17-10. Now that’s what we’re talkin’ ’bout!

Flooligans wasn’t finished for the night with the next victim Can…You…Kick It?! were hoping to make it a game. Flooligans was just getting warmed up and had other ideas about how the night was going to play out. Although Can…You…Kick It?! put up a good fight and scored 9 points of their own, Flooligans 14 points was too much. Nice games!

In another lopsided win, Goal Diggers pumped up 14 points while holding Nick of Time to only 5. Great defensive plays for the Goal Diggers was the difference tonight!

What an amazing game for both Drunk Dribblers and Spread the Cheeky!  Drunk Dribblers started out behind right away but managed to catch back up with a couple of female goals. They fell behind again trailing by 5 going into the half 11-6, in Cheeky’s favor. Second half was looking the same with Cheeky keeping a 4-5 goal lead. In the last few mins, however, Dribblers started their comeback and the next thing you know, with 1 minute left, the Dribblers are only down by one! They got a couple of really good passes in and an amazing, perfect shot to tie it up. Final score ends in a 16 all tie…… we hate ties!

One thing we don’t hate, however is Moontower’s for Happy Hour after the final whistle blew. Lots of highlights to discuss and predictions for next week. Come out and join us again next week!


Gold, Pink, Purple and Lime……it must be Wednesday night soccer time!

Let’s break it down…’s Wednesday night in south Austin… are looking for some super, soccer…..well you better head over to SoccerZone to catch some fabulous 4s! No matter what their jersey colors, everybody played for bragging rights to see who would come out on top!

In the early matchup of the evening, the purple power of MmmBop took on the greeny Tearin’ Up My Heart for an awesomely close matchup! The first half was exciting enough with both teams keeping it close at 12-10 at the break. Great offense was matched with great defense but both teams found ways to score. After the half, both teams must have been drinking the same Gatorade and came out with lots of energy and something to prove. Each team kept trading goals and deciding offense was the name of the game! Forget the defensive schemes, every player just wanted to score! And….score they did! Goals were dropping like leaves from an Austin Oak tree! When the dust settled, it was MmmBop taking the squeaker at 22-18. What a game…..the Hanson boys would have been proud!

You thought the first game was a thriller, the later game couldn’t have been much closer! Kriss Kross Will Make You Jump took on Kick in a Box and the house was rockin’ when this one was all over! Kriss Kross could only post up 4 points to Kick in a Box’s 10 going into the half. However, Kriss Kross had an unprecedented comeback, scoring 5 points to Kick in a Box tacking only 1 more. Kriss Kross’ defense shut down Kick in a Box scorers late but couldn’t manage to add any more netters of their own before time ran out. Kick in a Box held on for the 11-9 win with both teams never letting up. Now that’s what competition is all about……great play and great sportsmanship!

Speaking of sportsmanship, teams headed to Moontower Saloon for some post game highlights….and lowlights… tip back a few $2 Bud Light drafts and swap stories from another great night on the pitch…..indoor pitch that is! Let’s do it all again next week!