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Momma Couldn’t Put Down the Liquor and Poker!


The Event: Summer Tuesday Flag Football Playoffs

The Place: SE Metro

What’s at stake: EVERYTHING!!

Here’s how it rolled out Tuesday night:
The Minority vs The Peyton Mannys
The Minority took on Peyton Mannys but it looked like Peyton was still retired…….took a beating from The Minority 28-40. Keep making those commercials Peyton!

The Minority vs Mama Said Knock You Out

The Minority took their momentum into the semi’s against Momma Said Knock You Out. Looks like they learned their opponents listened to Momma and took a squeaker from The Minority 22-18.

Liquor and poker vs  A Piece of the Pylon

Liquor and Poker had the lead by 3 scores with less than 5 minutes left in the game. A Peace of the Pylon fought back and cut the lead to 6 by scoring a pair of TDs of their own. Liquor and Poker took possession with .50 seconds left and was able to run out the clock for a  30-24 win and a trip to the finals!
Liquor and Poker vs Mama Said Knock You Out

Both teams came out eager to score and grab the early lead. Lots of great defense and offense on both side but Liquor and Poker jumped in front 22-14 at the half. The second half saw Mamma  keep pace with Liquor and Poker by scoring 2TD but never could get that last turnover they needed to take it all home. Liquor and Poker took home the championship 38-26 for a great win! What a night!

Once again Craftsman was the place to be after the championship for a few cold ones and some great stories to share.

Let’s do it all again next week!





Playoffs! (Tuesdays)


Mama Said Knock You Out
The best time of the year is here, bar none. Both NCAA Football and the NFL are getting started in the same week! Plus these Flag Football playoffs to boot…

Oh yeah, the Tuesday Flag Football Playoffs. It’s hot and muggy out as the teams are set to hit the gridiron. We’ve seen Alabama rout USC, Texas played wonderfully well for the first time in years, and of course Florida State with a furious comeback to the hands of the overrated SEC representatives of Ole Miss.

But now for the fun stuff as Mama Said Knock You Out will look to go unbeaten on the season.

Liquor and Poker are our defending Champs but can they do it again?

After the games are over join us at Craftsman (East Cesar Chavez) for $2 Bud Light Specials and a Funkin good time on the East Side!

We’ll see y’all on the fields!