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Wanna See a Pig(skin) Fly? Come on out to Barton Springs on Sunday Nights!





There is nothing like an evening at Barton Springs in Austin, especially when you see people running around wearing flag belts and other flag belt wearing players chasing them around….yipppeee! Let’s see how those flag chasers did on the gridiron:

Flags and Furious took on Josh Gordon School of Criminal Justice to get things going on the gridiron. Josh Gordon School had no answers for Flags and Furious scoring machine! They also had no defense allowing 30 points without being able to post up any points to take the loss 0-30. Ouch!

The UT Orange team Alright, Alright, Alright went up against Taste the Rainbow over on field 2. Both teams scored early to keep things close and Alright threw out some great defensive plays to hold the Rainbows to only one TD. Final score……Alright, Alright, Alright 21…..Taste the Rainbow 7.

Le’Veon on a Prayer had some divine intervention show up on offense. They were relentless in their game against Learned Hands who fought hard for 2 TDs but no extra point conversions. When the final whistle blew, Le’Veon on a Prayer took the Dub-Ya by 35-12. Nice game!

Alright, Alright, Alright wasn’t done for the night with another matchup against Team Sportsball. They kept up their momentum from the earlier game and tacked up 32 points while holding Team Sportsball to 6. Matthew McConaughey would be so proud!

In our next battle, Raisin the Roof went up against Off to Monkeys in a close one! Both sides had hard fought scores while digging in on defense to keep it close. Raisin the Roof managed a late score to come out on top 24-19. Great game!

Speaking of close games, Lettuce Win and Team Sportsball took this one to the limit! Back and forth scoring early in the first half then an offensive dry spell for each team. Team Sportsball couldn’t keep Lettuce Win out of the end zone for a final TD and the win at 22-18. Awesomeness!!

In the last game of the night, Nacho Problem had mucho problemas between the goal posts tonight. Although it was a low scoring game, Job Squad broke the goal line twice to take the victory at 13-0. This game might have had low scoring but it was through the roof with good sportsmanship and support on both sides of the ball. Great showing tonight!!

On the field play is only half the fun with ASSC! Happy Hour at Doc’s after the games was poppin’ as always. Lots of highlights discussed……brewskies consumed…..challenges made and new friends made! The best part…..we get to do it all over again next week!

Is that an actual Tu-Tu she’s wearing? Yes!!


Yes…….it’s Tuesday night at South East Metro Park and there’s someone wearing an actual Tu-Tu for Flag Football! Only in Austin! Let’s look at the results to see how it all played out!

Picki MInaj vs Texas OD: Both teams were evenly matched on both offense and defense and this one was going to go down to the wire. Picki Minaj was down to their last down on the goal line and looking to score. Ball is snapped, pass is thrown…..incomplete! Texas OD held on to take the win 18-14. Great game!

Balling Out of Control vs Los Tigres: Tons of offense by Balling Out of Control en route to a great result going into the playoffs. Great defense and good aerial attack led to highlights on both sides. When the final whistle blew, it was 34-12 win for Balling Out of Control! Awesome play!

Topgolf TBD vs Whiskey Business: Both teams came out swinging with some great early plays on both sides of the ball. Whiskey Business pulled away with some fantastic runs to take the Dub-Ya at 35-18 over Topgolf.

Liquor N Poker vs #pimpinjoy: Defense was the name of the game in this match up. #Pimpinjoy went up by 2 scores by forcing a couple of defensive fumbles. Unfortunately Liquor couldn’t catch up and fell victim to #Pimpinjoy,  30-44. Nice close game on both sides!

Snapchat Me Them TDs vs. Touchdown for What: Snapchat was in control for most of the game and survived some big plays from Touchdown for What. Tons of long-scoring plays for the chatters and Touchdown had too little, too late. Snapchat 36 with Touchdown posting 16. Awesome highlights from this game!

The Phallus Cowgirls vs. Tittsburgh Feelers: Can you say nail-biter! Wowee…..this was the game of the night, fer sher! Both teams scored on their first drives with tight defenses preventing any long plays. Grinding it out on the ground they matched their second set of scores TD for TD. In the end, Tittsburgh had the edge and the 1 extra point that made the difference. Tittlsburgh 29 Phallus 28! This is what it’s all about….great scoring and great sportsmanship!

After the last whistle blew, players headed to Lustre Pearl East to tip a few back and reflect on the victories and defeats. With the playoffs next week, all agreed this party is just getting started. See you all again next week!


Pull My Thumb……..Pull My Flag!


It’s Halloween night at South East Metro……Trick or Treat…..smell my feet……give me some flag football team to beat! Let’s take a trip out to the Great Pumpkin patch to see how things shook out:

We Dem Boyz and Gurlz vs Still Runnin’. This was a neck and neck and came right down to the end with some really big gender plays from both teams. Score at the end of the first half was 18-14. We Dem Boyz and Gurlz on top but just barley, having missed all of their extra points. Second half Still Runnin’ got the ball first, putting them up after their first drive by just 2 points. Back and forth right down to the end with Dem Boyz/Gurlz scoring in the last seconds of the game to win 30-28. Woweeee…..great game!

Don’t Be Talkin’ Bout My Mama still seems to be sensitive about anybody talking about their momma! They took it out on Show Us Your TD’s 21 to zip…..that’s a statement!
In a high flying, high scoring affair, Ball So Hard University went up against Past our Prime where there was virtually no defensive plan on either side of the ball. They matched each other, score for score….over and over again. When the smoke cleared, Past our Prime tacked up 48 to Ball So Hard University’s 44! Awesomeness!!

It was orange vs grey when Balls to the Walls took on Natalie’s Team in one of the later games. This was another close one with both teams matching score for score for most of the game. Balls outlasted Natalie’s Team by 7, taking the 22-14 victory on the gridiron.

Los No Mames Gueys were not the purple-people-eaters of old in their match up against European Soccer. European Soccer was desperate for their first win of the season but it wouldn’t come easy. They stayed tough and scored an exciting late TD to chart their first win…..22-15! Yes!!

After the games, all headed over to Lustre Pearl East for some drink specials and lots of gauntlets being thrown down! Tonight showed lots of great plays, great sportsmanship and great camaraderie! The best part is….we get to do it all again next week!


Who Wants to Watch Some Football This Sunday? ….we do!


You think Barton Springs is cool during the day, you should see it on Sunday nights……..there are people wearing flags trying to keep this oblong ball away from each other……it’s crazy! Here’s what went down on Sunday:
Lettuce Win didn’t have to beg too hard after they scored early, often and late to tack up 40 against Nacho Problem’s 12 points. A valiant effort but too little, too late for the nachos! Nacho Problem came back strong though in taking on Raisin’ the Roof as they won a squeaker 22-19 for a nice comeback win. Way to hang in their Nacho!
Raisin’ the Roof had another shot at a victory in their next match up with Flags and Furious. Close game throughout with lots of hustle and defense on both sides of the ball. Those guys are fast! Flags was a little too Furious for Raisin’ the Roof and took the win by 28-20. Another great game!

In their next game, Flags and Furious came up against an imposing opponent….Le’Veon on a Prayer who wouldn’t let anyone stand in their way of the endzone. They won it all going away by a score of 33-16. Stay Furious Flags!

Off to Monkeys was the next victim for Le’Veon on a Prayer! They could not be stopped puttin’ a whuppin’ on the Monkeys 42-16! Wow….what an awesome team!

Taste the Rainbow was all over Team Sportsball like skittles in a trick or treat bag! 36-12 read the scoreboard when it was all over and Team Sportsball was ready for a few cold ones by the end of it all!

Matthew McConaughey’s Alright, alright, alright team won a close won against The Job Squad 20-18. He’s our hometown boy….what do you expect?!

In the game of the night, Josh Gordon School took on Learned Hands in an exciting thriller! Picture this….14 seconds left…..Learned Hands needs a chick to score to win it all. Yes……let’s hear it for girl power……as the refs raised both arms for the TD!! We should all want to play like a girl!! Great game and great sportsmanship as Learned Hands take it 34 to 27!

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be for $2 Bud Light Draft and $7 Pitchers while we reflected on the could haves….would haves…should haves from the night. We can’t wait to do it all again next week……come join us!


Riddle….what’s orange, black and blue? The Texas Overdose Team After Some Flag Football!


It’s Tuesday night at SEMetro……must be time for some rip roarin’ flag football between the hash marks! Let’s get to it and see how it all shook out!

#Pimpinjoy took joy in winning a squeaker 28-20 against the pinky, Picki Minaj team. Nice, hard fought game on both sides of the ball but #Pimpinjoy got the last word to take the dub-ya. Great game!

The Phallus Cowgirls weren’t so lucky against Balling Out of Control, who put up a great defense to eek out the win at 26-20 on this beautiful, autumn night in Austin. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Whiskey Business took on Touchdown for What on field 4 in the night’s most lopsided victory. Whiskey Business ran away with it by hanging up 52 points but Touchdown for What did manage to eek out 12 points in an awesomely social game!

In another close game, Topgolf TBD vs. Snapchat me them TDs went score for score all the way until the end. Topgolf had the last possession and took advantage of it taking the victory 36-32 over Snapchat. Awesome game!

Game of the night was Texas Overdose in their burnt orange against Liquor n’ Poker in their lime green jerseys. Even with some missing Overdose players, it didn’t seem to make a huge difference as they scored the first TD of the night and dominated the first half. Liquor N Poker came back in the second half close enough to make Texas OD uncomfortable with a score of 24-28. Both teams knew they needed to make some more moves to take the late advantage. LNP scored another touchdown to take the lead 30-28. With the time ticking down, Overdose had just enough time for one last play and made the most of it! Texas OD wins 34-30! Wow…..nice!

After the games, it was off to Lustre Pearl to tip back a few and reminisce about the night’s action……and boy was there lots of it! Close games….blow out games…..hard fought games and super social games……we had it all at SE Metro Tuesday night. Come join us as we do it all again next week!

It’s Monday Night Flag Football at SE Metro!



We got us a flag……we got us a football…..we got us some players wearing funny little belts……it must be Flag Football night! Let’s see how it all shook out….shall we?!

Don’t Be Talkin’ Bout My Mama still doesn’t like anybody talkin bout their mama…… rolling 32 up on European Soccer’s 6 points. Don’t worry, they are much nicer than their name suggests!

Show Us Your TD’s did just that against Balls to the Walls scoring 21 points to their 0. Maybe BTTW needs their balls more out on the field instead of the wall?!

Natalie’s Team had seen better days and couldn’t seem to get going against Los No Mames Gueys. They could only post up 3 points against the Guey’s 12 to take the loss.

Best game was ‘Ball so Hard’ vs ‘We Dem Boyz and Gurlz’. BSH was up early after a dominant 1st half, leading 24-12, capitalizing on all 3 possessions. The short game was where the game was decided, as BSH converted many short 3rd and a couple 4th downs. WDB didn’t waiver, however… After a slow 12 point 1st half, they worked thru an exciting 2nd half with a few crucial long passes down the field. Despite a roaring comeback from WDB, BSH was able to hold on with the last possession to win by 6. What a game!

After tossing the pigskins, everyone headed to Lustre Pearl for Happy Hour. Happy was definitely the word of the night with teams reliving the night’s highlights in between games of cornhole. Killer……..Chiller vibe overall.



Gimme’ an F…..L….A….G! What’s that spell? Flag….Football!

It’s Monday Night (Flag) Football……no, not the one on ESPN but the one at SEMetro! Here’s the rundown of all the action as it played out:

Right off the bat, Past Our Prime took on We Dem Boyz and Gurlz in a close one. More offense then defense in this matchup but Past our Prime managed to take the squeaker at 33-30. Great game to get things started!

Offense was the name of the game when Show Us Your TD’s took on Natalie’s Team on field 2. Show Us Your TD’s hung 39 on Natalie’s Team who only managed 13 points. Sorry about that Natalie!

In one of the later games, Still Runnin’ put a hurtin’ on Ball So Hard University by a lopsided score of 36-18! Ouch!

In another painful matchup, Los No Mames Gueys took a beating from Don’t be Talkin’ Bout My Mama and could only post 8 to their 36. Guess they are serious about not talkin’ bout their mama!

In the game of the night, Balls to the Walls played European Soccer in an awesome display of athleticism, finesse and versatility! These two super social teams were having a blast and never quit! First half both teams threw 1INT and scored once, leaving the score tied at half 8-8. In the second half Balls to the Walls went up by two on their first drive making their extra points while European soccer missed theirs. Balls to the Walls missed their next extra point leaving European Soccer just 2 minutes to try and tie the game. They used their timeouts wisely but got flagged for using too much time on one of their last plays. To their advantage, however, that stopped the clock with 1st and goal on the 25 yard line. Next 2 plays, they kept it on the ground to set up their last shot at a score. Pass to the back of the end zone found the receiver for the score! YESSSSS! After some scrambling left then right, they tied it up at with a nifty extra point run! With the score tied at 22 all, Balls to the Walls only had enough time to run a couple of plays. European Soccer’s defense held tough to keep the tie in place as the whistle blew, ending the game. Final score 22-22, what a thriller!

After the game, everyone headed to Lustre Pearl East to tip back a few $3 Bud Light Tallboys and swap stories of the plays that got away. Come join us next week and we do it all again!



What’s the best use of a pigskin? To keep the pig together….duh!

It’s Monday night at SE Metro….. anybody want to toss around the ole’ pigskin? Here’s a rundown of the gridiron action as it went down:

In a close one, Ball So Hard University took on Past our Prime on field 2. These teams proved to be evenly matched on both sides of the ball but Ball So Hard University edged out Past Our Prime 30-22 in a squeaker!

In the later game on field 2, Los No Mames Gueys took on Show Us Your TD’s and show us they did! Los No Mames Gueys took the ugly loss at 19-40 against the TD’s. Lots of TD’s showing in this game!

In another matchup, Balls to the Walls literally had their balls to the walls with Don’t Be Talkin’ Bout’ My Mama, scoring 12 against Mama’s 34 to take the loss.

Finally, Still Runnin went against We Dem Boyz and Gurlz in a close one that went back and forth. This was a very even game throughout with Still Runnin scoring TD’s on their first 3 possessions but only managed 1 two-point conversion.  We Dem Boyz and Girlz were only able to score 2 with no extra points taking it to 12-20 at the half.  Second half We dem Boyz and Girlz started with the ball, scoring on their first drive and intercepted the ball on their first time on defense, taking the lead 26-20. Unfortunately Still Running had enough time to score another, putting them back in the lead. Still Runnin got a pick to seal the deal in the last minutes of the game and turned it into a TD, for a final score of 33-26. What a game!!

Happy Hour was another killer at Lustre Pearl East with $3.00 Bud Light Tallboys and lots of game highlights…..and lowlights to go around. Join us again next week for another night of flag pullin’, pigskin tossin’ and cascading conversions out on the gridiron.




It’s Flag Football Night at SE Metro! ….. ¡Es noche de fútbol bandera en el Metro SE!

Lots of flags flying, fans waving and footballs passed on this Tuesday night at SE Metro. Here’s how it all went down:

Los Tigres vs. Topgolf TBD: Los Tigres played a couple men down but showed a valiant effort in their defeat. It was a good, clean game but Topgolf TBD was too much for Los Tigres, taking the win at 52-12.

Tittsburgh Feelers vs. Snapchat Me Them TD’s :Tittsburgh Feelers had a rough night only able to post 8 on the board against Snapchat Me Them TD’s 42……ouch!

Whiskey Business vs. Balling Out of Control: Whiskey Business had better luck against Balling Out of Control by playing great defense and timely offense to take the Dub-Yah at 36-12.

The Phallus Cowgirls v. Touchdown for What: Most competitive game of the night, complete with a few “ESPN highlight reel” catches. The quarterback for TDFW almost overthrew a pass in the endzone, but the receiver made a spectacular one-armed catch for the touch down! Both teams played extremely hard and fought for every yard. TOUCHDOWN FOR WHAT 38 with The Phallus Cowgirls posting up 28 for an exciting win!

Picki Minaj v. Texas OD: First half went back and forth with both teams taking a tie into the half.  Great deep ball defense and methodical offense all around on both sides of the ball. In the battle of conversions TXOD made all 5 to help take the win at 40-20!

Liquor N Poker v. #pimpinjoy: Liquor N Poker started out with big chunks of yardage, with some awesome long plays.  #Pimpinjoy very methodical, eating up lots of time on the clock, but 2 turnovers were costly. Great defense by both teams, but big plays made the difference. In the end, the clock proved to be their biggest enemy and Liquor n’ Poker took the 29-20 win.

After the game, all were headed to Lustre Pearl East for some $3 Bud Light Tallboys to reminisce about the night’s highlights and lowlights. Lots of suds, camaraderie and continued sportsmanship were had by all……come join us for another round next week!





Liquor …. Poker……Overdose……OMG!….someone call 911 !

Tuesday night at SE Metro saw flags dropping, balls flying and scores soaring! Here’s the breakout of how it went down:

TOUCHDOWN FOR WHAT vs Balling Out of Control saw 2 evenly matched teams going back and forth the entire game. Balling took a late TD to get the narrow victory at 30-22.

Los Tigres took on Snapchat Me Them TD’s with both teams taking in some early scoring. Snapchat led the entire second half and held on for the 36-20 win over the big cats.

#Pimpinjoy against Picki Minaj saw another close game throughout with lots of lead changes. Picki tried to hold off the charging #Pimpinjoys but fell 24-30 from a late TD to seal the win.

In one of the closest battles of the night, Tittsburgh Feelers (is that a legal team name?!) took on Topgolf TBD in another tough head to head with both teams taking it down to the wire. Topgolf held on to a squeaker to take the 29-28 Dub-Yah! Great game!

It looked like Whiskey Business had a hard time taking care of business against The Phallus Cowgirls, falling hard with a 12-40 loss. Ouch!….where’s the whiskey when you need it?!

Game of the night saw Texas Overdose take on AT Liquor n’ Poker in another back and forth game. Good offense and good defense on both sides of the ball kept this one close all night!

Awesome female catch for a back of the endzone touchdown before the close of the first half. Tie game at 20-20 going into the half. Right out of the gate, TX Overdose gets a pick 6 with a 2 point conversion to start the second half, that plus another TD with the conversion to keep things tight! We have a ballgame here!! Liquor posted two more TD’s of their own, but failed on the conversions. Final: 36-34, Texas Overdose with the big win…..whew! We love Flag Football!!

After the games, Craftsman hosted another great night of suds tipping, storytelling and sportsmanship…..what a great combination. Plus……we get to do it all again next week!