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The bluebonnets are blooming along with some great plays on the BBall courts at SARC on Tuesday nights!

Game of the night was between I Am Your Rebound and Fashionably Late. Here’s how it all went down:

This game should have been a easy when win for I Am Your Rebound but Fashionably Late showed if you never give up, you just might find what you are looking for! The last 12 points between the 2 teams came from great 3 point shooting from their chicks. A combined 4  3 pointers were made with one of the Fashionably Late’s females hitting the game winner….even with the defender all up in her face!  Final score – 20-18 for Fashionably Late! Yesssss!

Fashionably Late tried to keep that momentum going against Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR in their next game. This game went back and forth with tons of lead changes. In another buzzer beater, Kevin Durant made the winning basket as time ran out. Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR 20 – Fashionably Late 18.

I Am Your Rebound was also looking for redemption taking on Dream Team in their second game of the night. This was pretty much a blowout with Dream Team only managing 12 points to I Am Your Rebound’s 20. Tough game for the Dream Team blues.
Dream Team certainly turned things around with this nail biter against the powerful Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR. These 2 teams probably battle more from top to bottom than any other team and no one wanted to lose this one! Dream Team fell behind early looking to get their offense in sync with each other. Half way through, they found their groove and couldn’t miss! They caught up with Kevin Durant to tie things up. With a last second drive right down the middle of the lane…..he shoots…..he scores! Dream Team takes the 20-19 win! Awesome!!

WTF Are You Ewing had a tough go of it Tuesday night, losing both their games in some lopsided play. Austin Powers turned them back 20-11 then Squirly Turtles finished them off 16-11 in a low scoring game. There’s always next week WTF Are You Ewing!

After the game, players headed to Toss Pizzeria for some cold brews and hot pizza! Come join us again next week when we do it all over!

Typically Happy Hour is AFTER the games but……Thursday at SARC…….?!

Geeks N Sneaks vs C U Next Thursday was the game of the night! Not because one team dominated the other or players were making fancy shots but more because these 2 teams came from the bar to play their game and it showed. It was the funniest game EVER!!!. One team did actually make it to 20 points, however with Geeks N Sneaks taking the win from C U Next Thursday. Awesome!

Geeks N Sneaks eventually hit their wall when they took on Cash me outside. They did manage 16 points but Cash me outside posted 20 to take the win. Cash me outside was on a roll and fought out their next tough win against Cap City Ballers 20-17. Nice night Cash!

Cap City Ballers didn’t stay down for long and caught their second wind against C U Next Thursday. This was a close game with a few lead changes before Cap City Ballers took the final lead and the win 20-17.

Nothing But Nets had an up and down night with a nice win in their first game then a loss to one of the more powerful teams in the Thursday night league. They easily handled Barracudas with a 20-14 win with lots of great shots beyond the arc and tight defense. The tables were turned, however, when they met up with How Bow Dah. This team can shoot as well as defend and Nothing But Nets could only put of 13 points to How Bow Dah’s 20.

How Bow Dah kept up their momentum when they took on Humanity’s Last Hope in their final game of the night. Different team…. same outcome. How Bow Dah hit 20 points as quick as a Toad Frog snatches up a fly! Humanity’s Last Hope lingered a bit and only managed to score 13 points against one of the night’s toughest teams.

With their final game of the night, Humanity’s Last Hope looked for redemption against Barracudas but couldn’t quite answer the bell. Barracudas scored at will…..early and often. Final tally…..20-14. Tough night Humanity!
Once again, Toss Pizzeria was the destination after the final baskets were tallied up. Plenty of Bud Lite and steaming hot pizza were consumed. What an awesome night for basketball, food, drink and camaraderie! We’ll be back next week…..will you?


It’s Tuesday……..It’s March……It’s Madness……It’s ASSC BBall!!

3s basketball at SARC is already in mid season form and every team is establishing their place in the ASSC Basketball Hierarchy! Who came out on top this week and who got stuck on the bottom rung…….let’s take a closer look:

WTF Are You Ewing? vs I Am Your Rebound  posted up an early game and probably the the best game of the night!! I Am Your Rebound proved why they are one of the top teams in the Tuesday night league. They were getting beat for most of the game but never gave up….. at one point they were down 18 to 14 before one of their ladies drained 2 deep 3 pointers to win the game 20 to 18! Awesome….and we’re just getting started!

Although they played hard again, WTF Are You Ewing had their hands full with Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR. This was a great match up with some strong females and high flying dudes. Kevin Durant barely edged the purple squad 19-17 in another nail biter. YESSS!! With no time to rest, Kevin Durant got right back out on the court against TG Ballerz. For most of the game, it looked like TG Ballerz would win this one outright but Kevin Durant showed some life late in the game. They hit the winning basket with almost no time left to take the 18-17 squeaker!! With some tired legs and deflated egos, TG Ballerz took on I Am Your Rebound but couldn’t quite keep up. I Am Your Rebound took the 20-13 win.


Squirly Turtles notched both a W and a L for the evening at SARC. First, the good news……they beat Dream Team 20-13 but had a tough time against the shooting machines of Fashionably Late. The maroon team posted 20 to the Irish green team with 14. Ouch!

Shagadelic, Baby…..Austin Powers was in the house! They first took a beating from Fashionably Late managing only 11 points to their 20. Yikes! Someone must have thrown them a Frickin’ Bone because they came back strong against Dream Team. This was another barn burner with shots dropping from every corner of the court. It came down to the last few seconds and Austin Powers hit a swoosher to take the win……Yeah, Baby!

As the games ended, everyone headed over to our new, favorite watering hole……Toss Pizzeria! Players and family alike took in the cold brews and good times. What a great March night in Austin!!


March Madness Right Here in Austin!!

What’s going on at SARC on Thursday nights? ASSC 3s Basketball!!! Here’s the rundown of all the action:

First up, what a great game between Nothing But Nets and C U Next Thursday. Both teams played hard all the way to the end. The best thing about this game was the sportsmanship between both teams. Even though they both wanted to win and they played their hearts out, they both did a good job at keeping the social aspect of the game a main priority. In the end, Nothing But Nets 16, with C U Next Thursday posting 20 for the win. 

Nothing But Nets looked to bounce back against Cash me outside. Although they put up a good fight and had the momentum in the final minutes, Cash me outside sealed the deal with a couple of timely baskets. 20-16.

Humanity’s Last Hope had a rough night notching 2 in the Loss column. Cash me outside was first up with some stellar outside shooting and tight defense. Humanity’s Last Hope did have a little hope in the end but couldn’t get the key points late. Final score: Humanity’s 13 and Cash me outside 20. C U Next Thursday was next up to take on Humanity. Different team……same result. C U Next Thursday took the Dub-Yah for their second win of the night.

How Bow Dah was on fire tonight! They first took down Geeks N Sneaks 20-13 with their chicks hitting some key 3s. They did the same to Cap City Ballers 20-13 but this game, the dudes were throwin’ down the 3s! Did someone say Groundhog Day?!

After the games on the hardwood, everyone jetted over to Toss Pizzeria for some ice cold Bud Lite, Ping Poing, Cornhole and Connect Four. The games were great…..the big screen March Madness was great…..the food was great…….the socializing was the best! Let’s do it all again next week!




Austin is alive with Bluebonnets and BBall at SARC!!


Dream Team were the underdogs tonight. Their first game they played with only 3 while TG Ballerz had 8 sitting on the sideline ready to play. They took the 17-14 win. But for their second game against WTF Are You Ewing?, another teammate showed up to give them an added offensive threat. Dream Team took an early lead but WTF Are You Ewing? crashed the boards and were quickly leading again. Dream Team came back to make it close with two huge blocks out at the three point line. But they ran out of time to take back the lead. Game ends in a 17-17 tie!! We hate ties….but what a game!!

Speaking of ties, TG Ballerz faced Dream Team in an epic battle! Back and forth with lots of amazing shots, blocks and crashing boards! Game was tied 17-17 with TG Ballerz in possession. Nice set up, nice screen….he takes the shot…..clink! No basket!! Dangit!! Another tie! TG Ballerz had to pick themselves up to face another strong team in Fashionably Late. TG Ballerz looked like they had the wind knocked out… contest for Fashionably Late who took the easy 20-9 win.

WTF Are You Ewing? looked to bounce back against Fashionably Late and had their hands full from the beginning. Both teams matched up well and had solid benches for subs. This game was neck and neck until the last couple of minutes. In the end, Fashionably Late took the 20-14 win. Nice game!

Squirly Turtles had an up and down night but definitely put some points on the board. They first took on the fierce Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR and matched them shot for shot. Guys and girls were dropping 3s from everywhere and it was anyone’s game. Last seconds ticking down and Squirly Turtles dropped 2 to take the 20-18 win. Yes!! After that, it could have been tired legs or just too winded but, I Am Your Rebound took it to the Turtles 20-13. Ouch!!

Austin Powers had a tough night trying to find a way into the Win column. I Am Your Rebound started out tough and stayed tough with great offensive schemes that made their scoring look easy. They took the win 20-12.  Next up, Austin Powers took on the powerful Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR and managed to fare a little bit better. Austin Powers took the early lead but hit the wall midway through. Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR put the pedal down and cruised to the 20-14 win.

When it was all said and done, everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria for great pizza…..great camaraderie…..great socializing. This is what it’s all about….see you next week!!


Spring Has Sprung and So Has Thursday Basketball at SARC!!

What’s hot, sweaty, loud and tons of fun? No…..not that…..Thursday night 3s basketball at SARC!! Let’s see how this new season is shaping up and what teams to look out for:

How Bow Dah and C U Next Thursday wasted no time in setting the competitive tone for the night! High scoring with great defenses already in top form was the name of this game. It was a squeaker and in the end, C U Next Thursday barely edged How Bow Dah 20-18! This is going to be a great season!!

Cash Me Outside looked to take How Bow Dah down a notch in the clash of Dr. Phil’s scrappy guests memes. Well, it wasn’t much of a fight with Cash Me Outside scoring 20 while How Bow Dah only managed 10 points.

Cash Me Outside wasn’t done for the night and was looking to hang up a Dub-yah on Barracudas. I guess Cash Me Outside left just a bit too early and took the 18-20 loss. Barracudas weren’t feeling it in their second game of the night, however. They fell 13-20 to C U Next Thursday and were done for the night.

Next up, Nothing But Nets managed to put up some points but not enough to claim a win in their first game of the season. It looked promising against Cap City Ballers where they lost a close one 19-20 to a great shooing team. Geeks N Sneaks was their next opponent who managed to put the pressure on early and often. They won decidedly 20-11 against the hapless Nothing But Nets. No worries….there is always next week!

Now let’s talk about Humanity’s Last Hope and their see-saw night to kick off the spring season. First the good news…..they put up a good fight against the hot shooters of Geeks N Sneaks but ran out of time in their comeback bid. They were down early but came back to tie it and then saw a last second shot fall in for 2 and wound up on the losing end of the 17-19 score. Dang it! Humanity’s Last Hope had one more shot at a win before the night was over. Not too sure how it happened but Cap City Ballers only allowed 2 points scored to their 20 when it was all said and done. Humanity’s Last Hope might not have scored many points but their scored lots of new fans who were rooting them on!

Speaking of hot, sweaty, loud and tons of fun…….after the games, everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria – PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!! Absolutely the best in town! Both officials and players couldn’t get enough and what a perfect atmosphere to reflect on the night’s action. Good friends, good laughs great pizza and cheap beer…..let’s do it all again next week!

Tuesday Night 3 x 3 Basketball at SARC……we’re baaaaaack!!

SXSW is not the only thing back in town…’s 3 x 3 basketball at SARC! Yipeeee! 

Long gone are the days where teams needed a couple of weeks to shake off the rust and get into playing form….this was like mid season form from the get go! Tough….scrappy….even some early dissin’ goin’ on, so ….. let’s get to it!

Up first, Fashionably Late played I Am Your Rebound in a physical battle. Fashionably got hot early going on a 9-0 run. They pulled back a little and that’s when I Am Your Rebound (last season champs) pushed the gas pedal. They hit 3 after 3 to erase the difference and take the lead. Then it became a paint battle fighting for rebounds and extra shots. Ultimately, I am Your Rebound was able to find their open men better and hit their shots when they needed to, taking the win 20-19.

WTF Are You Ewing had a tough night right out of the gate. They managed to keep it close early with Austin Powers but their shooting fell short late in the game, taking the 20-14 loss. They faced Squirly Turtles in their second game of the night and managed 12 points against the Turtles’ 20. Tough night WTF!

Squirly Turtles kept up their momentum when they face TG Ballerz in their second game, They tacked up another win, 20-11. TG Ballerz had another shot at a win, however, when they went up against Austin Powers. This was a great game with each team matching shot for shot and rebound for rebound. Austin Powers took the nail biter 20-18. Nice!

Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR had an interesting night on the hardwoods. First, they almost completely shut out Dream Team 20-3! Say what?! They came back to earth in their second game, only able to post 11 points to Fashionably Late’s 20 to take the loss.

Fashionably Late was looking to keep up their winning streak but I Am Your Rebound had other ideas. This was another great game with some impressive 3s and 2s beyond the arc! Fashionably Late had a last second shot to tie it up but it circled the drain and didn’t fall. I Am Your Rebound held on to a 20-18 nail biting win! Awesome!!

Lastly, I am Your Rebound showed their grit and more shooting abilities trying to take down Dream Team, who was still scratching their heads from their earlier loss. Different score but same result for Dream Team. They took it on the chin from I Am Your Rebound 11-20.

If Tuesday was any indication, this should be gritty season at SARC…..join us next week to see who looks to land on top!

3 x 3 Championship Night at SARC!! No Better Place To Be!!

It’s that time of the season again…..time to see who came to claim the ultimate Championship Banner in 3 x 3 basketball. Let’s get right to it!

In some matchups before the coveted championship game, Dream Team stole a win away from James Gives Me A Harden. Game was tied with just a couple of minutes to play. Dream Team drove to the basket…..foul…..shooting for the victory. Basket made for another last second victory!! Yesssss!! They didn’t waste time lacing them up for another close game, this time against the powerful Kevin Love Lockdown. Again another close one with Dream Team showing their prowess and taking another victory 20-18. Great night Dream Team!

Kevin Love Lockdown tried to turn things around against James Gives Me A Harden but it wasn’t to be. Although another close game, Kevin Love Lockdown found themselves 4 points short when the final whistle blew. 16-20.

In the first semi final game of the night, Space Jam 2 took on B-Team All Stars. On paper these 2 teams matched up well and they did not disappoint on the hardwood. When it was all said and done, B-Team All Stars barely edged Space Jame 2 20-16 to advance to the Big Show.

In the other half of the bracket, I Can Be Your Rebound hit the boards hard and had help with a height advantage down low. They used an in and out strategy, throwing the ball to the post and kick it back out to 3 point line and then hit the shot, again and again. They took the win over Red Headed Steph Child  20-11.

The dark horse of the season, B-Team All Stars came to play vs I Can Be Your Rebound. B-Team All Stars also has a big man so it was a battle in the paint. B-Team All Stars girl was on fire too, firing open shots right and left. But I Can Be Your Rebound stepped up their game and their 3 point shooter got hot and took over the game and the Championship 20-17. Well done!!

The party continued at Gourdough’s after the big tourney to reminisce about the night’s excitement, sportsmanship and camaraderie. We can’t wait for the next season to start…how about you!!

3 x 3 Basketball at SARC…..countdown to the playoffs!!

Ewww-weee…’s getting hot in here…..and we don’t mean the temperature! We mean the basketball!! With the playoffs right around the corner, here’s the latest on how the teams are stacking up:

Red-headed Steph Child played B Team All Stars in a battle in the paint. B Team All Stars came out with an early lead with back to back 3s, leading 11-5. Red Headed Steph Child continued to drive to the basket for layup and a short jumper to make it 14-11. B Team All Stars got lucky with some air balls where there teammate was in the right place to get the rebound for a quick put back. B team all Stars took it to the bank 20-14.

In other action, Dream Team played Kevin Love Lockdown. Both teams started off trading baskets to keep the score tied at 9-9. Then Kevin Love got a lead with a few 3s. Dream Team kept driving in the paint and hitting their post for baskets. It was tied up 19-19 and it seemed like no team could hit the final basket for 5 minutes. Finally Dream Team got a man open for a 3 and sank it for the 20-19 win! Awesome!!

Dream Team went right back at it taking on James Gives Me A Harden. Another close game going right down to the last couple of minutes. Dream Team came up a little short on this one 14-20. James Gives Me A Harden tried to repeat the magic in their second game of the night. Going up against Red Headed Steph Child, they went shot for shot up until the closing minutes. Fatigue and some missed 3s were their undoing as they took the 17-20 loss. Tough break!

Kevin Love Lockdown had their hands full Tuesday night hoping for a little magic….or some baskets to drop…whichever came first! Well, not much of either happened as they dropped both their games….first to Dream Team then I can Be Your Rebound 20-15.

I Can Be Your Rebound made it look easy against Space Jam 2 taking the Dub-Yah 20-7 but Space Jam fought back in their second game of the night to beat B-Team All Stars 20-10. Nice rally!!

Gourdough’s was another hopping place after the last b-balls were put away. Bud Lights were flowing and so were the night’s highlights so let’s all do it again next week!

John Wayne vs Kobe for some 3 x 3 Basketball……sort of!!

Thursday night at Pan Am was the site of the highly anticipated match up between True Grit and Kobe Wan Kenobi……and it did not disappoint! Here’s how it went down:

By far the best played game of the season with every team that played either hung around or showed up early to watch this game. True Grit came in with the best record to face the hungriest team in the field. The game went shot for shot early on looking like it was going to come down to the last couple of minutes to play. As good as True Grit had been all season, Kobe Wan Kenobi had their number on this night as they went on to win 20 to 16. Nice game!! Kobe Wan Kenobi wasn’t finished yet, however as they took out Dunkaroos 20-13 in their later game.

In other action, Squirly Turtles had a good night, first taking out Cap City Ballers 18-16 then rolling over LeBrontourage 20-8. Nice night Tortugas!! Cap City Ballers had a nice comeback win against Technically Fouled Out as they hit multiple 3s to take the easy win 18-6.

Blue Team had seen better nights on the hardwoods dropping both their games for the night. First The Coyotes laid into them 20-8 then they seemed to come to life a bit against Dirk N A Box to make it a close one. They had mounted a nice comeback but eventually ran out of time dropping a close one 14-15. Ouch!


It was good news….bad news for Fk Your Coach on this night. First, the good news…..they came out on top in their game against Dirk N A Box 20-12. The bad news……they lost a close one to the Coyotes 17-14. Nice close game though with a chick dropping a 3 at the buzzer that made the difference!

As always, Craftsman was a great host after it was all said and done on the courts. Lots of Bud Lights and highlights…..and lowlights discussed with plenty of challenges for next week thrown down too. See everybody again next time!