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Where Were You On Tuesday Night? We Were Jammin’ on the Hardwoods!!

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Did you hear what’s goin’ down on Tuesday nights at SARC? It’s some thrashin’, bashin’ and crashin’ some boards at ASSC’s 3 x 3 basketball! Let’s see who were the bruisers and who were the bruisees:

The always dangerous Cash Me Outside had an up and down kind of night. They first took on the mercurial Darkness team and came up on the short end of the stick. This game was close early on but Darkness hit some key baskets late to take the 20-14 win. Cash Me Outside finally found their rhythm against I Get Buckets and took the easy 20-13 win. Nice comeback!

Super Sloths had a nice night with a pair of dominating wins to start establishing themselves as one of the teams to beat this season. I Get Buckets was looking to avenge their first loss of the night but it wasn’t to be up against Super Sloths. The sloths took the 20-11 win easily without breaking much of a sweat. The same could be said for their second game of the night when they took on Darkness, who was just coming off an early win. Super Sloths took this one 20-11 for another powerful display of basket making!!

Half Court Hero had good news…..bad news for the night. In their first game, they rolled over WTF Are You Ewing with a quick 20-10 win but got stopped cold by the all powerful Looking for a Rebound. They managed to get off to a hot start and things looked promising but Looking for a Rebound had some chicks who could not miss! They pulled even early and hit some killer 3’s late to take the 20-16 win over Half Court Hero. Great game!

Speaking of split games, Offensive Fowl also experienced the thrill of victory followed by the agony of defeat! First up……they took on the defending champs, Looking for a Rebound and managed to match them shot for shot……for awhile. As always, the power, purple jersey’s strength is how they close out games and, ultimately their opponents! This game was no different as Offensive Fowl wound up on the short end of the 20-14 stick. Dammit!! But, the good news was they were able to rebound and put up a winning effort against WTF Are You Ewing and walk away with a 20-14 win. Nice comeback!

As always, everyone headed over to Toss Pizzeria after the game. Lots of socializing, sportsmanship and even some dabbin’ going around. See you all again next week!

SARC Thursday Night BBall: New Season, New Teams, New Blood!!

Well, it’s springtime in Austin and there are some new 3 x 3 basketball teams blossoming at SARC on Thursday nights. Let’s see how some of these new teams and new faces are starting to bloom!!

Although the Hoopsters were hopeful they might be the team to beat this season, they might very well be the team to be looking for a single win before things get out of hand! Rim Jobs first posted 20 to their 13 then Hoops There It Is hung their first win with a 20-14 score. Tough going out of the gate for the Hoopsters!!

Bad News Ballers got off to a nice start for the evening with some nifty shooting and sticky defense to take their first win over Hoops There It Is 20-16. They quickly followed that up with another impressive win over CU Next Thursday 20-17. This could easily be one of the teams to watch for this upcoming season!

Speaking of teams to watch, RIP Charlie Murphy wasted no time in establishing themselves as one of this season’s favorites to hold the Championship Banner! They had some great offensive shooting throughout their first game but it was their defense in the end that held on to win 20-17 against the powerful CU Next Thursday. Next up, they faced Facebook Ballers and showed what it looks like for a team to gel right in front of your eyes! They made quick work of the game and strolled away with the 20-15 win. Impressive!

Facebook Ballers had a nice comeback game, however, against Rim Jobs in the last game of the night. This was a hard fought game with plenty of 2’s and 3’s from the female side of the roster. They held on for a close win at 20-18. Way to hang tough in the end!!

New and old players alike headed to Toss Pizzeria & Pub after the games and set the tone for the season. Gauntlets and challenges were thrown down over hot food and cold beers. Who will it be at the end of the season to hoist the Championship Banner…’s all up for grabs! See you there again next week!



Toss Pizzeria & Pub

SARC BBall on Tuesday Nights….New Faces Looking for a Winning Season!

Who are these new faces….could they be our next Champions holding up the coveted banner at the end of the season…..are they just another wannabe team soon discarded by the wayside….? Well……let’s take a look at how they all did to get this new season started!

Super Sloths played Cash Me Outside in an exciting game. Cash Me Outside took an early lead with 2 3’s and a jumper right off the bat. Super Sloths came back with their own set of 3’s and some drives to the basket. Cash Me Outside was working the post and pulling off some easy lay ups, but Super Sloths got hot behind the arc and were able to take the win, 20-13. Nice start!

In the next game, Half Court Hero played Offensive Fowl in a tight one. Both teams are new to the league and they brought some talent. It was point for point the whole game, but Half Court Hero pulled out the win with their girls being the secret weapon, 20-18! Great game!

And in other action, last season’s champs, Looking for a Rebound picked up right where they left off! They steam rolled WTF Are You Ewing 20-10! Ouch!! They turned right around and did the same thing against Darkness! They teased them for awhile before the hammer came down and they hit some awesome 3’s. Final score, 20-14 in favor of the Champs!

Darkness took out their frustration on their next opponent taking a nice win against I Get Buckets, 20-16. Nice comeback!!
Wish the same could be said for I Get Buckets who seemed to struggle finding their rhythm going up against the veteran team of WTF Are You Ewing. I Get Buckets could only manage 9 points against 20 for WTF!! Double ouch!!

Cash Me Outside was looking for a Dub-Yah in their second game of the night but were still looking after playing Offensive Fowl. 20-14 in favor of the birds with Cash Me Outside looking for the exit and the free beer!

Finally Super Sloths was looking to go 2-0 for the evening and they found another Dub-yah in their game against Half Court Hero. This was a closely fought game with lots of steals and physical play down under. When the smoke cleared, Super Sloths eked out a close one 20-18 to wrap things up. Nice one!!

After the games, everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria for some hot food and cold brews. New teams were introduced and some old rivalries were sparked up again. This should be another exciting season at SARC…..let’s do it all again next week!!

Thursday Night BBall Playoffs at SARC…..Who Takes The Banner This Season?!!

Another night of championship action went down at SARC on Thursday night. Let’s see who was the last team standing!

To get things started, although they didn’t make the playoffs, How Bow Dah had a nice night taking 2 wins to wrap up the season. They took apart Barracudas 20-10 without breaking much of a sweat! Their next game, against Nothing But Nets got a little tougher in the paint but they hit some killers 3s that took them to a 20-16 victory. Nice night and nice season!


In the semi-finals, both games were hard fought with none of the teams wanting to get booted out next. First up was CU Next Thursday taking on the always tough Cash Me Outside. This game could have gone either way with lots of physical play underneath and man to man defenses that stuck like glue!! In the end, Cash me outside hit a female shot to break the tie and get the win….20-18! On to the finals for the royal blue jerseys!!

In the other semi-final match up, Cap City Ballers took on Geeks N Sneaks. These 2 teams have a history of close duels and Thursday night was no exception! They matched each other shot for shot with some timely steals and offensive rebounds that counted. Geeks N Sneaks took the close one 20-17 to take their spot in the finals. YESSSSSS!

The finals pitted Geeks N Sneaks against Cash me outside with both teams ready to rumble for the trophy! Both teams competed well and maintained great sportsmanship through tough close games. There was not one team that was more dominate than the other. This was a toss up play off and anyone could have won it. Tired legs be damned, both teams fought for rebounds and takeaways. Although it was close throughout, Cash me outside held on to their lead and took the win 20-14. Congrats to the blue team!!

After the game, it was on to Toss Pizzeria – good vibe as always with lots of pizza to eat and beer to drink.  Good sportsmanship was the word of the night along with great fun and awesome camaraderie! Let’s do it all again this next season!

The Final Buzzer Has Sounded, and the Champions Are………

………before we get to the Tuesday night SARC Basketball Semifinals and Championship Game, let’s take a look at some of the other action first:

Squirly Turtles were able to squeak by Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR 20-16. Austin Powers took an easy 20-12 victory from WTF Are You Ewing. Dream Team came alive to make a game of it with TG Ballerz but couldn’t close it out and fell 17-20 in the end. Austin Powers was on fire Tuesday night taking their second win of the night against TG Ballerz 20-19. Nice! WTF Are You Ewing was looking for revenge and closed out their season with a 20-15 win over Dream Team.

With some teams already finished for the night, a highly energetic 5 x 5 game broke out with lots of good natured smack downs, taunts and challenges to go with it. What a blast that was!!

In the Semi-Final action, Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR took on the defending champs, I Am Your Rebound. These 2 teams have fought hard all season long with neither team giving away much in the paint. In the battle of the big men, I Am Your Rebound proved too much and punched their ticket to the finals with a 20-16 win. Great, physical game!!

On the other side, vying for the last championship spot, Squirly Turtles went up against the mercurial Fashionably Late team. With a deep, deep bench, Squirly Turtles had the fresher legs but maybe substituted one too many times. They came up on the short end when the final whistle blew, taking the 16-20 loss. Tough one for the Irish Green team!


In the championship, Fashionably Late went hard on defense. They ran traps on the ball, but I Am Your Rebound read them well and fed some nice passes out to their female with the hot hand.  She promptly hit 4 three’s to help take the team to a quick win without hardly breaking a sweat. Final score: 20-7…….I Am Your Rebound are your champs once again! Well done!

What better way to celebrate the seasons champs than Toss Pizzeria. As always, lots of hot food and cold beer to reminisce about the season as a whole and throw down challenges for the next. What a great season……we can’t wait to do it all again!


Who’s On Top For Next Week’s 3’s BBall Playoffs?!


That’s a good question……not sure who’s on top but we know, if this week was any indication, it looks like everyone is ready for the showdown on the hardwoods!

Let’s see who’s got the hot hand going into next week:

Cash me outside definitely took their players to the limit on Thursday to squeak out 2 fantastically close games! The first barely edged past Cap City Ballers in a nail biter 19-18 then did the same thing with Geeks N Sneaks by winning that one 20-19. Can you say heart stoppin’ and foot stompin’!! And……we’re just getting started for the night!!

Glad to say, however that Geeks N Sneaks didn’t let their earlier loss take the wind out of their sails as they came back for a nice 16-14 win against C U Next Thursday. Nice comeback win!!

C U Next Thursday tried a nice comeback of their own against Cap City Ballers but fell painfully short… one point! These teams went shot for shot throughout the game but Cap City had the last attempt and dropped the 2 for a narrow 20-19 win! Nicely done!

Nothing But Nets made quick work of Barracudas with an easy 20-11 win in their early game and tried to make a game of it going up against How Bow Dah in their later game. With some errant shots and possibly shaky legs, they couldn’t pull it off and took the 13-18 loss to the lime green team! Ouch!

Poor Humanity’s Last Hope…..they are still searching for that first win of the season. Unfortunately, it didn’t come on this night when they faced off against How Bow Dah and Barracudas. They scored 9 points in their first game and managed a huge improvement for their second game scoring 13 points. The problem was…..their opponents both scored 20! Double ouch! As always, they made up for it in attitude and support for the other teams. That’s what ASSC is all about……sportsmanship and camaraderie!

After the games, a massive crowd showed up again at Toss Pizzeria with some good food and every better libations! Lots of smack thrown out and challenges for next week’s tournament. We will be there……will you?!

SARC 3’s BBall Playoffs Next Week……All Out Throttle This Week!!

Did somebody say playoffs next week?! No wonder all 3’s basketball teams at SARC were kickin’ it up a notch on Tuesday night! If teams weren’t playing, they were certainly watching the rest of the action to see who they might face next week. ASSC even managed to live stream a game to the other teams already camped out at Toss Pizzeria… that’s the way to see if you’ve made the playoffs in style!!

It was either feast or famine with the games either a blowout or too close to call. Here’s how they all played out:

Game of the night ….. Fashionably Late played an intense battle with Austin Powers for a spot in the playoffs. Fashionably Late took an early lead with some 3’s by their women. But Austin Powers battled back and hit some jumpers and switched a guy on to the hot shooter (female). The game was tied 16-16 when Austin Powers woman hit a basket from a post up. Fashionably Late hit a quick jumper to make it 17-18. Then it grew more intense with Fashionably Late trying to win the game in one shot. They got one of their women open and she hit a fade away 3 to win it 20-18! Now that was a great game!!

Fashionably Late took their momentum right into their next game against Squirly Turtles in another close one. Just like the first game, this one too went down to who had the last couple of possessions. When the smoke cleared, Squirly Turtles fell just a bit short, taking the loss 16-20. They weren’t down for long, however making a nice, strong comeback to clobber Dream Team 20-7.

Dream Team was looking for a comeback of their own in their second game of the night. Although they matched shot for shot with Austin Powers early in the game, they couldn’t quite keep up and took their second loss of the night 15-20. Ouch!

TG Ballerz could feel Dream Team’s pain with a couple of heartbreaking losses for their efforts on this night also. They posted up 11 against Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR but their opponent scored 20 so…….pretty simple math! With such a full bench, they tried to work in more subs for their next game but I Am Your Rebound wasn’t having any of it and took the 20-10 game running away. Another ouch!

It was a good news…..bad news kind of night for WTF Are You Ewing. They were a little slow to find their rhythm in their first game against the always powerful I Am Your Rebound…..taking the loss 15-20. They did, however find their feet and a few more baskets in their next game and took the Dub-Yah 20-12 against Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR. Nice comeback!

Whew-weeeeee! What a night and we all got to cap it off at Toss Pizzeria with lots of hot food and cold brews. Gauntlets were thrown down for next week’s playoffs, so come join us again to see who will hoist the Championship Banner!

Gimme an S – A – R – C……what does that spell on Thursday nights? ASSC Basketball!!


Lots of balls, sweat, taunts, high fives and baskets were flying all around at SARC on Thursday night. Let’s see who came out on the winning side:


Let’s start out with Geeks N Sneaks who managed 2 awesomely close games to round out their night. It was a good news….bad news kind of night, first falling to How Bow Dah 18-20 but then coming out on top 20-18 against Barracudas. Great games by both teams!

Same could be said for Cap City Ballers who found themselves notching both a W and a L for the night. Barracudas took them out of their first game 20-17 but, thanks to some timely 3s, they rebounded nicely to How Bow Dah taking the victory at 20-15.

Next up…..Nothing But Nets. It must have been Groundhog Day because they also posted up a win before taking a lopsided loss. They won a close one against Cash me outside 20-17 before losing a lopsided game against CU Next Thursday 10-20. Spirits were high but the legs were spaghetti! Yikes!


Finally, Humanity’s Last Hope took it on the chin a couple of times on Thursday. C U Next Thursday and their solid defense had their number in the first game taking the easy 20-11 win. They managed to score a few more points up against Cash me outside in their final game but couldn’t seem to sink those timely baskets to take the win. Final score 14-20. Ouch!

Good vibe at Toss Pizzeria after the games and plenty drinks being consumed and challenges thrown down. Join us next week for some great games, cold beer and great camaraderie as we do it all again!

Guess what’s going on Tuesday night’s at SARC?! ASSC Basketball….that’s what!!

It’s getting hotter outside and flaming inside SARC on Tuesday nights with ASSC Baskeball!!

Here’s the lowdown:

Right out of the shoot, Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR played Squirly Turtles and boy did the Squirmy Turtles get squirly! Kevin Durant… Came out firing and took the early lead, 13-6. Then Squirly Turtles decided it was their turn and ended going on a 7-0 run to shift the momentum back their way nailing some short jumpers. The game was tied 16-16, when Squirly Turtles had a burst of energy and grabbed every rebound. One of their players was hot from the top of key and hit three in a row to beat Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR 20-17! What a game!!

Squirly Turtles tried to keep up their momentum in their next game going up against I Am Your Rebound. This time, they weren’t so lucky and had trouble keeping up with I Am Your Rebound. Final score….  10-20. Yikes!

I Am Your Rebound kept their foot on the pedal making short work of Austin Powers in their next matchup. Final Score: 20-13.

Austin Powers was having a tough night having trouble getting the ball in the basket. They were only able to manage 5 points up against the 20 for Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR. Double yikes!!

TG Ballerz had an up and down kind of night dominating Dream Team 20-7 in their first game but losing a close one to Fashionably Late 20-17 in their final game of the night.

Fashionably Late came back strong, however, in their next game with WTF Are You Ewing….taking them down 20-5. Awesome!! WTF Are You Ewing also had a nice comeback of their own taking the 20-15 win against the high flying shooters of Dream Team.

After the games, it was off to Toss Pizzeria to discuss the games’ highlights and share predictions for the upcoming playoffs. One more week before the big banner will be lifted…..let’s all come back to see who’s going to take it all!!


Love Springtime in Austin? …… Then You’ll Love Thursday Night Basketball at SARC!!

It’s turning green outside in Austin but inside SARC on Thursday nights…’ll see pink, blue, green, grey, purple and even some black! Let’s see what everyone was up to on Thursday:

In the battle of the green jersey’s, How Bow Dah took on CU Next Thursday in a close one. Both teams seemed to match each other basket for basket early in the game. CU Next Thursday had a timely chick basket to take the lead and hold on for the 19-16 win. Nice game!!

CU Next Thursday played hard in their second game, flying high with confidence from the first game. They made quick work of Barracudas with the 20-12 win. Searching for some baskets again in their second game, Barracudas went up against the powerful Cash me outside. They only managed 11 points to Cash me outside’s 20. Tough night for the Barracudas!

Meanwhile, Cash me outside continued their roll going up against How Bow Dah. In the end, they couldn’t keep up with the aggressive play of Cash me outside and took the 13-20 loss.

Speaking of powerful teams, Geeks N Sneaks were unstoppable on this evening! They first rolled over Humanity’s Last Hope 20-8 then did the same to Nothing But Nets with another 20-8 victory. Wow!

Nothing But Nets was having of tough go of their next opponent as well, taking on Cap City Ballers. They were able to manage 10 points at the end of the game but Cap City Ballers racked up 20 to take the easy win. Ouch!

Speaking of Cap City Ballers and 20 points……just ask Humanity’s Last Hope and they can tell you what it’s like to only post up 9 points against the powerhouse players of Cap City! Another ouch!

There were some close games and some not so close games but all can agree that Toss Pizzeria was the place to be after the games. It was packed with ASSC teams looking to swap stories…..lick their wounds…..and throw down challenges for next week. We will all be back again……will you?!