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Who Would Win it All for ASSC Tuesday Night Basketball at SARC?!

This is it…..for all the marbles….the title belt (er…banner) the crown…..the trophy…..well, maybe just the $50 drink card to Toss Pizzeria!

Let’s take a look at some of the preliminary games leading up to the big final. Remember, anyone can get to the finals ……you just can’t lose ANY games on this night!

Let’s address the bad news first, and in this case, it’s for team I Get Buckets. Although they fought hard, they weren’t able to win both their games tonight to get into the championship bracket. They were consistent though, by scoring 13 points in each of their games. The bad news is, their opponents each scored 20 points! Ouch! Offensive Fowl was their first opponent and WTF Are You Ewing took it to them in their second game. In both games, they played tough and managed to stay competitive up until the last few minutes. Tired legs got the better of them but we hope to see them again next season!

Half Court Hero had an interesting night notching both a Win and a Loss to their belt. In an exciting game against WTF Are You Ewing, the game was tied going into the final seconds. With a nice feed to a female down under, Half Court Hero pulled out the 20-18 win! Nice job! In their next game, they looked a bit winded and spent going up against the powerful Offensive Fowl team. They tried to hang, but just ran out of gas and took the 13-20 loss.

In the first semi-final game, the powerful Cash Me Outside went up against another powerhouse in Super Sloths. This was one tough game with lots of traffic in the paint and big time blocks from both sides. Although it was a low scoring game, the defenses had their hands full. In the end, Super Sloths edged Cash Me Outisde 13-12 for a place in the finals! Wow!

In the other half of the draw, more competitive action from 2 very competitive teams. Looking for a Rebound were last season’s champs and were looking to repeat, but Darkness came to play! They led early but Looking for a Rebound started to hit their stride and, once again, their chicks came to play! In the end, they were just too much for Darkness, taking the 20-16 win! Yes!!

This Championship game was as good as it gets! Super Sloths in their Carolina blue jerseys vs. the purple shirted Looking for a Rebound. This game truly could have gone either way with each team matching the other shot for shot. Time was winding down with the game tied. Looking for a Rebound sets it up and feeds it out to a female just beyond the arc…..she shoots……she scores! Winner, winner chicken dinner, Looking for a Rebound wins the game and this season’s championship! They get the title, their picture taken with the banner, bragging rights and extra $$ to spend at Toss Pizzeria after the game! What a great season…..again! Come join us next week as we get to do it all over again!



Blood, Sweat and Tears! Hey….Who Said We’re Cryin’!

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Everybody loves Thursday night basketball at SARC, and here’s just a few reasons why!

Let’s start off with how Rim Jobs fared last week on the hardwoods. They went up against 2 tough teams looking to take the top spot in the upcoming championship tournament. First up, RIP Charlie Murphy has been a contender all season long and took the win going away at 20-14. Next up for Rim Jobs was Bad news Ballers who also have a winning record for the season. They showed why they are one of the favorites by taking it to Rim Jobs 20-11. Ouch!


Hoopsters had an interesting night on the courts Thursday….being on both ends of 2 blowout games. First, the good news: They took it to CU Next Thursday 20-12. They made baskets from all over the floor and had some nice shooting from the chicks as well. In their next game, they went up against RIP Charlie Murphy. It was more like….RIP Hoopsters since they were only able to post 6 points on the board! 6 points ……. yikes!

Hoops There It Is struggled against CU Next Thursday with some sloppy defense and a non existent 3 point game. They took the lopsided defeat 11-20. But, then something happened…..the sleeping giant was awakened to play the game of the night against Facebook Ballers. Hoops went into this game as a huge underdog and had to rely on pure hustle and heart to even stay in the game. Facebook Ballers looked better on paper but Hoops showed the desire and grit to take the upset win at 20-18! That’s what we’re talkin’ about!!

With all the wind out of their sales, Facebook Ballers’ struggled mightily in their next game. Bad News Ballers had their way with them and put a 20-4 whuppin’ on them. Tough night for the Ballers!

There is no better place to lick your wounds or recap your wins than Toss Pizzeria after the game. As usual, lots of teams showed up to offer toasts and condolences alike! The season is really heating up so come join us again next week for more round ball fun!

A Round Ball in a Round Hole….Seems Pretty Simple!!

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With the season winding down on Tuesdays at SARC, every basket counted and every drop of sweat went toward those coveted seeding spots for the upcoming championship. Here’s how it all shook out with who’s on top and who’s er……not on top!

Half Court Hero gave a valiant effort in both their games on Tuesday night, but fell a bit short while looking to notch a Dub-yah in the win column. First up, they took on I Get Buckets in a highly contested battle. Both teams had some fantastic shooting and stingy defense in this battle for the win. They traded shots, back and forth throughout most of the game and the stage was set for a buzzer beater to win. I Get Buckets had the final possession and made the most of it with a down the lane layup that handed them the 20-19 win. Wow….what an awesome game! Next up, Half Court Hero took on Darkness in yet another close one. Each team dug deep to control the lane and Darkness wound up taking the last shot. Swoosh….basket counts…..Darkness 19, Half Court Hero 17! Yikes…..another awesome game!

Super Sloths had their hands full in their first game against WTF Are You Ewing. These are two of the most high-flying, board crashing teams in the league and neither was going to let up first. They literally traded shots back and forth for the entire game! Game was tied late with Super Sloths getting off the last shot but, alas, it circled the rim and trickled out……final score….16-16 tie! We hate ties!! In their second game, Super Sloths went up against Looking for a Rebound. They were gassed from their first game and couldn’t seem to find their rhythm on either offense or defense. In the end, It was Looking for a Rebound 20, Super Sloths 14.

Looking for a Rebound parlayed their earlier win into another impressive display against Cash Me Outside. They were making shots from everywhere and each player on the floor seemed to get in on the action. They took the Dub-yah at 20-13. Cash Me Outside might have been down but not out when they suited up for their second game of the night. These 2 teams have always played each other tough and they seem to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses by heart. Just as before, this one was anyone’s game! They were tied all throughout the game and became a battle of who would have the last possession. WTF Are You Ewing had the ball with seconds winding down but Cash Me Outside had a timely steal and breakaway with a chick taking the last shot…..winner, winner, chicken dinner. Cash Me Outside 20, WTF Are You Ewing 18. Great game!

As always, Toss Pizzeria was a great host for post game celebrations and throw downs for next week. Cold brews and hot pizza weren’t bad extras either! Join us next week and we can do it all over again!


Caught Any Fish With Those Nets! Not Exactly…….. :-/

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The ASSC 3×3 basketball season is winding down but someone forgot to tell the players that!! Thursday nights at SARC, where the action was with traps, screens, blocks and steals. Let’s take a look at who had what and how it all washed out in the end:


Bad News Ballers had a tough night and would like to take a mulligan and try it all again…maybe on a different night! They first took on the always powerful Hoopsters who can both shoot and defend with the best of them. Bad News Ballers could only post up 12 points to Hoopsters’ 20. Ouch! They fared a little bit better against RIP Charlie Murphy in the second game of the night. They were able to keep pace for most of the game but a chick’s basket beyond the arc late in the game sealed the deal for RIP Charlie Murphy. Final score: 17-20. Tough loss Ballers! Next up for RIP Charlie Murphy was Hoops There It Is. There were lots of 3s, steals, blocks, rebounds and jumpers……all from RIP Charlie Murphy! Hoops There It Is was only able to drop in 8 points before the final whistle blew. RIP Charlie Murphy hardly broke a sweat in this one!

The good news for Hoops There Is Is……they were able to record a Dub-Yah in their next game. Unfortunately, it was from a forfeit but hey…..a win is a win!!

Facebook Ballers had an impressive night starting out with an awesome, hard fought victory then followed that up with a drumming of their opponent. In their first game of the night, they took on CU Next Thursday and posted a hard fought 20-17 win. This game could have gone either way with both teams tough down under and hitting timely 3s when they needed them. Excellent game! Facebook Ballers was just getting started and beat the heck out of Hoopsters 20-8 to notch 2 impressive Dub-Yahs for the night! Nice!!

No matter who won or lost, the teams headed over to Toss Pizzeria for another night of socializing and tipping back a few happy hour specials. We will be back next week…..will you?!


LeBron versus Steph? Well….more like the purple jerseys versus the green jerseys!

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What a difference a week makes! No lopsided wins, no runaways and no egg laying on this night! Every game was close (at some point, anyway) and all teams played tough leading up to playoff week! Here’s how it all played out at SARC on Tuesday night:

Cash Me Outside had an awesome night on the hardwoods coming away with a couple of tough wins. Right out of the gate they took on the always powerful Darkness in a close, close game that could have gone either way. There was a nice mix of layups, fadeaways and the always present 3s from both teams. Final score at the buzzer…..Cash Me Outside 20 to Darkness’ 18! What a game! I Get Buckets didn’t quite get enough buckets to take down Cash me Outside in their second game of the night. I Get Buckets started out fast taking the lead early but faded late and took the 13-20 loss when it was all over.

Super Sloths also had a strong night on the hardwoods with a couple of decisive wins to show for it. They were able to hold I Get Buckets to only 10 points in their first game but had their hands full with Darkness in their second. Darkness had just come off a hard fought game earlier but were still making baskets from all over the court. In the end, Super Sloths defense had a couple of key steals to take the 20-16 victory in another awesome game!

Half Court Hero had high hopes for the night but their shooting prowess didn’t quite match up with their dreams of a winning night. They posted 15 points against WTF Are You Ewing’s 20 and only managed 10 points against Looking for a Rebound’s 20. Tough night for HCH!
Offensive Fowl had an interesting night, to say the least! They first took on the always strong WTF Are You Ewing and hung close throughout most of the game. In the end, WTF proved to be too much with a timely chick basket beyond the arc to take the 20-17 win. Not to be deterred, Offensive Fowl was not to be denied against the defending champs, Looking for a Rebound. These 2 teams played hard as it was a tough fight to the end. This game went down to the final second with either team having the chance to win it. However, Offensive Fowl was able to hold tough as one of their guys drove through the lane to end the game with a tough lay up and take the 20-19 win! That’s what I’m talking about! YESSSS!

As always, the games highlights and lowlights were shared over a few cold brews at Toss Pizzeria after the games. With the playoffs on the horizon, the teams are starting to come together for what should be some epic match ups! Stay close and stay tuned….. it’s going to be awesome!


Thursday night 3×3 Basketball at SARC…….Swoosh!

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Who can get to 20 points first? Well, let’s see who answered the challenge on Thursday night!

First up, Bad News Ballers took on Hoops There It Is in what turned out to be a route! Bad News Ballers never let up on both offense and defense with some solid play in the paint. Nice picks and nice shots all around on their way to a 20-8 victory! Wow! In their next game, Bad News Ballers ran into the always tough C U Next Thursday and had to dig deep to pull out the 20-17 win. Great job!!

Hoopsters also had their hands full with both games going the distance. First up, Rim Jobs gave them all they could handle. Rim Jobs took the lead early but Hoopsters defense seemed to stop them cold late in the game. Hoopsters had a nice comeback with some timely buckets to take the 20-16 victory. Nice!! In their next game of the night, they took on Hoops There It Is. Hoopsters took their momentum from the first game into their second and were hitting bucket after bucket. Hoops There It Is tried to keep up and gave it a valiant effort but fell just short, taking the 13-20 loss.

It was a good news…..bad news kind of night for Facebook Ballers. They went up against RIP Charlie Murphy and made quick work of it. Before RIP Charlie Murphy could even work up a sweat, it was all over and they were on the losing end of a 7-20 game. Yikes!

Rim Jobs was next in line to go up against Facebook Ballers. This was a hard fought game on both sides of the ball! They swapped scores for most of the game but always managing to high-five each other or acknowledge a great defensive steal. This game was both competitive and social…..just what ASSC is all about! In the end, Rim Jobs had the 20-16 edge on the scoreboard but both teams were winners for “keeping it social.”

Once again, Toss Pizzeria was a great place to reminisce about the night’s highlights while enjoying some hot pizza and cold brews! Whether it’s on the court or at the bar……we love keeping it social so come join us again next week!

ASSC 3×3 BBall……..It’s Raining Alright…..Inside and Out!!

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Yes, it was raining outside and…..yes, it was raining inside! 3’s were splashing down Tuesday night at SARC for ASSC 3×3 basketball. It’s mid season and teams are ratcheting up their play looking for better seeding for this season’s championships. Here’s a look at some of Tuesday night’s highlights…..and a couple of lowlights!

Although Offensive Fowl has improved from week to week, they feel just a little short in their effort to score a Dub-yah. They went shot for shot against Cash Me Outside early in the game but missed a couple of key shots late and ended up on the short side of a 16-20 loss. In their second game of the night, they went up against to sharp shooters of Super Sloths in another close game. Offensive Fowl trailed early but managed a nice run to finally get close toward the end of the game. Eventually, Super Sloths chicks hits some key shots to take them to a 20-15 victory.

WTF Are You Ewing had an interesting night with buckets hard to find in both their games. They only managed 9 point against I Get Buckets but tried to make a game of it against Darkness. Although their offense picked up nicely, Darkness found some holes in their defense and took the 20-13 win. Nice effort WTF Are You Ewing!

Half Court Hero also had a crazy night at SARC first taking on Super Sloths. This game was over in no time with Half Court Hero only managing 10 points against Super Sloths’ 20. Yikes! They managed to regroup for their next game of the night against the all powerful Cash Me Outside. This turned out to be the game of the night with Half Court Hero coming out of the gate on fire quickly taking a 15-2 lead! YES!! Cash Me Outside fought back hard and was looking to tie the game late with a 2 pointer. Clank…..shot fell short and Half Court Hero pulls off the 20-18 upset! What a game!

Although the games were over for the night, (and the rain) the camaraderie continued at Toss Pizzeria with lots of mugs tilted back and challenges made for next week’s games. Come join us as we get to do it all over again!



Can’t Make It To Madison Square Garden? Just Pop Over To SARC Instead!

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Who says you have to look to the NBA finals to watch some awesome basketball on the hardwoods!! Check out SARC on Thursday nights and you catch ASSC 3 x 3 basketball league play!

Ever see the movie “Groundhog Day” where the same thing happens over and over again? Well, just ask Rim Jobs about how their Thursday night went and they can explain it all! They first scored 13 points against RIP Charlie Murphy, who scored 20. They then turned right around and scored 13 points (again) when taking on Bad News Ballers who scored……wait for it……20 points! Rim Jobs needs to wake up from this nightmare!

Hoopsters had a nice night with a pair of wins to notch on their belt. They first took on CU Next Thursday which turned out to be a close game with lots of great defense and hard fought baskets. Final score 20-13. Next up, they took on RIP Charlie Murphy for another nice defensive battle. Hoopsters got into a scoring groove and rode that to their 20-11 victory to wrap up a solid night. Awesome!

Facebook Ballers also logged in a nice night with a pare of wins to show for it. They first made quick work of Hoops There It Is holding them to only 11 points while they drove home the victory scoring 20 of their own. Bad News Ballers was their next victim of the night. This game was close throughout with neither team giving an inch in the paint. Baskets were not easy to come by but in the end, Facebook Ballers inched past Bad News Ballers 19-16. Nice!!

After the last shot was made and hands were shaken, players headed over to Toss Pizzeria.  Lots of kicking back and throwing back some cold adult beverages to cap out another awesome night of ASSC basketball. Let’s do it all again next week, shall we?!

What Happens at SARC on Tuesday Nights? Lots of Slashin’, Crashin’, Blockin’ and Postin’!

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Looking for something to do on Tuesday nights that doesn’t cost any coin? Jump on over to SARC and check out some amazing 3 x 3 basketball with all the thrills and spills of the big leagues. Here’s how it all played out last week:

Offensive Fowl had a crazy night on the hardwoods where they barely got on the board in their first game then had a nice comeback effort in their second. In their first game, they barely got on the board at all only scoring 6 points to Darkness’ 20. Didn’t someone let them know happy hour was AFTER the games?! In their second game, however they fought like their lives depended on it matched I Get Buckets shot for shot the entire game. Both teams had chances to make the winning shot as time was running out. Buckets were hard to find for both teams as the last seconds ticked off. Final score ended in a 16-16 tie! A tie….after all that…..can you believe it?!

In the next match ups, Half Court Hero had one of those “bad news….bad news” kind of nights. Even though it was a close game with some spectacular 3’s from both sides, I Get Buckets made a couple of key shots late to take the 20-17 win. Half Court Hero went up against the always strong Darkness and gave another valiant effort but fell a bit short. In the end, it was Darkness taking the Dub-yah 20-14. Ouch!
Super Sloths turned up the heat in their first game then seemed to get burned themselves in their second game. They made quick work of WTF Are You Ewing by only allowing 8 points to their own 20 in a pretty lopsided victory. This game was so short, no one even seemed to break a sweat! But, just when Super Sloths thought they would make easy work against their next opponent, they got their own socks knocked off! Looking for a Rebound turned the tables and put the Sloths away in quick fashion. Wow!!

Speaking of an up and down kind of night, Cash Me Outside took an 11-20 beating from Looking for a Rebound in their first game then got it together against WTF Are You Ewing in their next one. In another close game, WTF Are You Ewing was on fire tonight hitting 1’s, 2’s and 3’s from all over. Cash Me Outside had some work to do to pull close late in the game and then hit some timely 3’s of their own to take an exciting 20-16 win! Great game!

As with every Tuesday night, players headed to Toss Pizzeria to swap stories and size up their opponents off the courts. NBA finals on the big screen seemed a fitting way to end another night of awesome ASSC Basketball!


There Was Some Weird Goins’ on at SARC 3 x 3’s last Thursday Night!

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There has probably never been such a mix of basketball blowouts and close games, including a tie, than we saw at SARC last Thursday night! Let’s try to make some sense of it:

RIP Charlie Murphy vs Bad News Ballers: This was a really entertaining game to watch as both teams played tough to try to pull out a win which ultimately ended in a tie.. Girls from both teams had a chance to win the game at the free throw line but couldn’t get it to drop….RIP Charlie Murphy played down for the majority of the game but fought back to end with a 19-19 tie…Great game on both sides of the ball!!

Never fear, however, both teams were able to come back with wins in their second games of the night. RIP Charlie Murphy took on Hoops There It Is and took home the 20-13 win. Bad News Ballers won a close one against Hoopsters 20-16. This game was close throughout, but some solid defense held off Hoopsters late attempt at a run and notched a Dub-Yah for the Ballers. Nice comeback wins!

Talk about up and down night…..Facebook Ballers went to the extreme….to say the least! They first took a world class beating from CU Next Thursday 3-20! This game was over before anyone broke a sweat! CU Next Thursday scored…..scored…..scored while Facebook Ballers watched. Double Yikes!! Just as odd as that was, they turned right around and almost did the same thing to Hoopsters with a 20-9 drubbing of their own! What’s going on around here! It’s either aliens or zombies or body snatchers…..something was bizarre! Oh well, it made for some interesting game watching!

Finally, Rim Jobs had their own turn at some crazy game play but unfortunately, they wound up on the losing side of both their games. The bad news….they lost 7-20 in their first game against CU Next Thursday. The good news (sort of) is that they only lost 12-20 in their second game of the night against Hoops There It Is. There is always something to be said for progress!!

Social highlight of the night would be the total number of people that showed up after the games at Toss Pizzeria from both ASSC basketball and kickball teams…not to mention all of the officials that came out too! We know how to celebrate whether we scored 20 points or……. just 3! Lots of cold beer and hot pizza! We can only imagine what next week will look like so make sure you don’t miss out on another crazy night at SARC for some ASSC 3 x 3 basketball!!