Author: Lauren

Rainy Playoffs Means Messi Champs!

Alright! Alright! Alright! Thursday playoffs were nothing short of wet and wild! The night started off with a good little downpour that came out of nowhere shortly before kickoff that had everyone running for the trees and others for their cars! Thankfully, the rain passed almost as quickly as it came, and although the fields were wet and slick, all of the games went super smooth!



Championship Game

Little Giants vs Let’s Get Messi


The championship game came down to experience. With wet field conditions making it hard to control the ball and get any type of a good pass or cross off, Lets Get Messi, being the older more experienced team, had fewer problems with the wet field conditions. The veteran team showed off their experience right from the start by scoring the only goal during the first 5 minutes in the first half! Little Giants never gave up and fought hard throughout the entire first half, but were unable to score, sending most of their shots wide. Score at half was 1-0 in favor of Let’s Get Messi.


In the second half, Little Giants were able to keep the ball on their attacking half most of the time and were able to make more shots on goal, but Let’s Get Messi was quick to take up a defensive edge for the second half and focused on playing tight D on Little Giants’ females to prevent any 2-point goals. Little Giants played right into Let’s Get Messi’s hands, having tons of male goal chances but not taking any looks for the two points a female goal would give them. Let’s Get Messi managed to score one more goal with about five minutes left in the second half, and shut out the Little Giants.


Let’s Get Messi  became the new champions with a final score of 2-0!


Everyone Needs a Happy Hour Hero in their Life

Spread the Cheeky vs. Happy Hour Heroes



These two teams just played one another last week and were excited about a rematch before the game even started.  Last week Spread the Cheeky won 4-0 after Happy Hour Heroes had just come off of their first game in their double header for the night. This week, it was Spread the Cheeky’s turn for a double header.


First half went really well for both teams. Happy Hour Heroes kept the ball in their attacking half most of the half and were able to get lots of good shots on goal. Only one of them paid off, though, and it was a beautiful goal no matter how you count it! Happy Hour Heroes scored on a beautiful corner kick from a female to a male on the far post with a header! It was so close to almost being kicked directly in from the corner that an instant replay would be needed to decide who actually scored: the female kicker or the guy finishing the ball on the far post.

The officials ruled that Happy Hour Heroes’ guy made contact with the ball before it crossed the end line counting the goal as one.

Shortly before the end of half, Spread the Cheeky was looking to make moves to tie up the score. Down by one, Spread the Cheeky had a perfect one-on-one with the keeper: The attacking player pulls off some crazy move with a back heal to the ball as his shot! Not only did that shot beat the keeper, but it was loaded with tons of power and looked like an amazing Sports Center Top 10 Play…until the post got in the way!!!

You can only imagine Spread the Cheeky’s disappointment and Happy Hour Heroes’ relief!


First half ends with a 1-0 score in favor of Happy Hour Heroes.



Second half, Spread the Cheeky now has what little wind is left and are looking to make something happen. After already playing a game and having to fight the wind the whole first half, Cheeky just couldn’t gather enough energy to do what it takes and were unable to find the back of the net all game, despite hitting the post 4 or 5 times, and having some really amazing shots blocked by the keeper, they just couldn’t score. Second half for Happy Hour Heroes was all about keeping Cheeky away from their goal as much as possible. The Heroes did manage to get some really good shots on goal, but Cheeky’s keeper was all over the place doing all he could for his team, even trying to run down the sideline to get a cross off!


In the end the only goal scored was off a corner, and without a replay, who really knows if it was one or two points? But it makes no difference, Happy Hour Heroes win and go home the heroes!

Barton’s Back Again!

Week One

Week one is always the most interesting night for any sport at any time. We see a lot of new faces and a ton of familiar faces. We have people who have never played before, and lots of people who swear they are professionals. All in all, though, we all come together on Sundays to have fun, play the game we love, and then head over to happy hour to amp up the socializing!

Abusement Park vs Zeke and the Geeks

What a great game! Zeke and the Geeks have played with us before and were honestly quite terrible when they first started. However, this past Sunday they started strong and scored on their first drive! Abusement Park took a bit to get in the groove and started with 4 interceptions in a row. Ouch. However, they made some great long passes, found their groove, and ended up scoring on every other drive in the game. Zeke and the Geeks suffered some interceptions and player injury, but maintained the ability to make great plays. Abusment Park wound up on top 40-26 after multiple interceptions leading to TDs.



Win 1 for Phil n Mal vs TMI


All game, both teams had fantastic rushers that made imperative plays.


Win 1 for Phil n Mal started extremely strong offensively, scoring on all their drives in the first half. TMI took a while to warm up, suffering a turnover and interception in the first half.


However, they turned it on and wound up scoring on the remaining three drives of the game. It came down to an imperative last minute end zone pick by Win 1 that prevented TMI from tying it up last minute. In the end, Win 1 for Phil and Mal held on and won 28-20.


Le’Veon a Prayer vs Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah?


The teams were very well balanced, both with strong offense and defense. Le’Veon opened the game with a TD and successful 3 point conversion . Due to some fantastic deep passes, they proceeded to score on the next two drives. Cash Me Offside suffered an interception early on, but then turned on the heat with strong running game and speedy receivers. The females had a particularly successful night with some very impressive catches on gender plays. Unfortunately, Le’Veon did not have much offensive time in the 2nd half and was only able to score once. Cash Me Offside played smart and used the downs to their advantage, keeping themselves on offense most of the second half. This allowed them to come out on top 30-29.


Happy Hour is Where Now?


The previous couple of seasons have had their fill of donuts, but we’ve relocated our happy hour to one of the hottest locations in good ol’ ATX. After the football games, be sure to join up with the officials and fellow ASSCers at Little Woodrow’s on West 6th! If you weren’t inspired to Sunday Funday it up, you will be now!

The Ultimate Season Recap

If you enjoy constant running back and forth, frisbees flying in your face, and $2 Dollar Bud Light happy hours, then ultimate frisbee is the sport for you! Every Sunday, our awesome group of Austin Sports and Social Club ultimate players meet up at Barton Springs to fling some discs and get their socializing on out in the sun! Check out how this past season fared!



Week One

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. Panic at the Disc-O



This game was so evenly matched that more than half of the first half was scoreless! Both teams managed to score once leaving it tied at half, 1-1. Second half, both teams are still playing at the same pace as each other, but the scores picked up, and the there were multiple lead changes almost every minute. With the score tied at 4-4 and only minutes to go in the final half, both teams gave it all they had which included a lot of good passing and some amazing catches. Unsolicited Disc Pics managed to throw one more disc into the end zone to take the lead, 5-4, but there was still time left for Panic at the Disc-o to give it one more valiant effort to try to score again. Panic at the Disc-o made it down to around the 5 yard line but was unable to put it away, giving Unsolicited Disc Pics the disc back with only thirty seconds to kill. Unsolicited Disc Pics took home the first win of the season, 5-4!


Week Two

DisCo vs. Unsolicited Disc Pics


Not all games end with a definitive winner. Such is the case for this match between DisCo and Unsolicited Disc Pics.

In the first half, DisCo came out strong, making some amazing catches and showing great team work! DisCo flexed so hard, they got 4 points up on the board before the half! For every amazing play that DisCo made, Unsolicited Disc Pics was right there to apply the pressure. Although they didn’t show off their scoring skills, they did manage to put up 2 points before the end of the half, making it 4-2 in favor of DisCo.


The second half was a straight up role reversal as Unsolicited Disc Pics turned the tables on DisCo. Unsolicited Disc Pics maintained their defensive stronghold and only allowed DisCo to score one more point before scoring 3 more points of their own! Unfortunately for both teams, time was not on anybody’s side, the clock struck zero, and the score remains tied at 5-all.


Week Three

Can you say “blow outs?”


DisCo 10 AT Panic at the Disc-o 3

Masters of DISCguise  4 AT Unsolicited Disc Pics  10



Week Four

Panic at the Disc-O vs. DisCo



Panic at the Disc-o took the lead for the first time this season at the start, 1-0. DisCo came back to tie it up 1-1 with 15 minutes to go in the first half. Panic at the DisCo made another 2 goals before DisCo decided to call a time out with 1:30 left in the half. There was a lot of back and forth and change of possession as the clock continued to count down. With only 10 seconds left, DisCo managed to score one more goal, ending the half 4-3, Panic at the Disc-o.


The second half got a bit more exciting with both teams going point-for-point after Panic at the Disc-o tied the game up at 4-all. Both teams spread the field for some quick goals to tie it up at 6-6 before DisCo was finally able to take the lead, 7-6, with just under 6 minutes left. Panic at the Disc-o attempted to answer with a goal of their own, but could never find the end zone. DisCo sealed their victory with one more goal to end the game 8-6!

Week Five

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. DisCo

Unsolicited Disc Pics scored 2 touchdowns (or whatever you call it) right off the bat, so it looked like they were going to just keep on scoring. It took a bit of time, but DisCo finally warmed up and was able to tie up the game and then take the lead, 4-3, with 4 minutes remaining in the half. Both teams were able to score one more time before the clock ticked down to zero. DisCo ran the field the entire second half and outscored Unsolicited Disc Pics four to one, to finish the game 9 to 5.


Week Six

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. Panic at the Disc-O

Unsolicited Disc Pics dominated the field in week six! Unsolicited Disc Pics led the way in the first half by 4 points. Panic at the Disc-o managed to finally get a point on the board with under 5 minutes left. Unsolicited Disc Pics was able to score one more TD in the last 15 seconds to make the score 5-1 at the half.

Their domination didn’t end there, they put up another 7 points in the second half just before the clock ran out, and Panic at the Disc-o just could not find their end zone. Unsolicited Disc Pics won 12-1

Playoffs – Championship Game

Unsolicited Disc Pics vs. DisCo


As if you didn’t already expect it, Unsolicited Disc Pics made it to the finals to play against their week five rival, DisCo. Unsolicited Disc Pics was back with a vengeance to make up for their 9 to 5 loss, and DisCo was just looking to win!


Both teams seemed to be using the same strategy of launching hail Mary’s across the field, and 9 times out of 11 someone was there to catch it. The drive to win was so intense; all the players were just diving for every disc that came their way. Similar to their previous meet up, it was a close score from the very beginning with Unsolicited Disc Pics taking the lead, 3-2, at the half.


The second half is where things started to pick up and the game got interesting. DisCo continued to trail, but never gave up. They worked their way to the end zone to to tie the game up 3-3, but of course, Unsolicited Disc Pics had a response to their score and put one more up on the board to keep the lead. With only a minute left in the regulation game, Unsolicited Disc Pics was about to get ready to do their celebration dance, but DisCo managed to squeeze one more disc into the end zone to tie the game up, 4-4, just before the clock struck 0:00!


We are now going into sudden death, folks! First one to score, wins!


I guess DisCo felt like Lady Luck or Mary was on their side, because they decided to launch an amazing 40-yard throw into the end zone, and made an even more incredible catch for the win! And just like that, the tables were turned! DisCo defeated Unsolicited Disc Pics, 5 to 4!!!!


Wednesday IVB Playoffs…Not What You Expected!

The playoffs on Wednesday night at Pan Am were quite exciting and took a total unexpected turn on the “road” to the championship game. Keep on reading to see how the events unfolded!





The top four teams to make it to the playoffs were the undefeated Los Seis Tacos, Blockmanity, Flickadawrist, and Cool Rubbings. Blockmanity and Flickadawrist, the number two and three seeds, squared off in a pretty lopsided battle that went full tilt in favor of Blockmanity. The battle was over before it even began. Blockmanity blocked and spiked their way to the championship round to await their anticipated opponent, Los Seis Tacos.


However, in an exciting and interesting turn of events, despite being ranked the top seed going into tonight’s matches, Los Seis Tacos did not have what it takes tonight. In their match against Cool Rubbings, both teams were short a person to begin. Cool Rubbings would not have a sixth player all night.


The first set was a warm-up for both teams as the servers had to find their rhythms, hustle was not ready, and communication barely there. The first set went to Cool Rubbings. Los Seis Tacos knew the second set was a must-win. They hustled like mad, made great saves at the net, and landed some unbelievably good serves. Los Seis Tacos took the second set, 21-14, to tie up the series! The third set was absolutely epic! It went all the way! Bodies on the floor, serves finding all the nooks and requiring diligence, blocks, counter-blocks, digs, screams, high-fives, high-tens. The last set is tied up 16-16, with only one point left to determine who will advance, and Cool Rubbings in possession–their fate is literally in their hands! Cool Rubbings kept their cool and finally found the winning point, 17-16!


Both sides congratulated each other on a fantastic match, and Cool Rubbings advanced to the final round to face off against Blockmanity in a COOOOOOL beatdown, still only 5 players strong! COOL RUBBINGS TAKES THE WIN TO HOIST THE CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER!


Congratulations, ya cool kids!


Sunday Night Champs!

We are going to skip right to the good stuff because this game looked like it was going to be a blowout with indy team, The Brew Crew, taking a solid lead at 9-0 against Win’r’Lose, We Booze at the bottom of the fourth inning. Keep on reading below to see how the night unfolded, filled with plot twists and heartbreaks…


Championship Game

Win’r’lose, We Booze (white) vs The Brew Crew(pink)



Top of the 5th, The Brew Crew is up to bat and ready to continue their domination towards the mercy rule, but Win’r’lose played some great defense and managed to get three outs in a heartbeat!

Before lining up to bat, and Win’r’lose currently losing, they got their team together for a brief pep talk to remind each other that they had come so far and are in the finals, and cannot go out with a big, fat goose egg. Their first batter goes up and hits a line drive way out in the middle of the field, and manages to run all the way to third! Next batter goes up and lands a solid hit to get on base, followed Win’r’lose’s third batter who hits a home run to bring in his two players and himself!   Win’r’lose, We Booze finally got some points on the board, 3-9!


But wait! There’s more!


Win’r’lose, We Booze squeaked out 3 more runs in the fifth inning making it a 3 point game!


The 6th inning was total domination for Win’r’lose, We Booze! Again, they played great defense and did not let The Brew Crew get a single player on base! Win’r’lose is up to bat again.  First batter hits and it’s caught. OUT! Win’r’lose didn’t let one out defeat them though. They kept their heads up and the next two batters smashed their way to home base! If you’re keeping score, it’s now a one-run game, 8-9, The Brew Crew.

The excitement on Win’r’lose, We Booze could not be contained! The next two batters made base hits and just needed somebody to bring them on home! Their next batter, who is female by the way, hits a line drive down the middle to allow her other two teammates to advance to second and third! The ball in play is bobbled by their opponent. Batter gets out, but the two players on base waited for their magic moment and scrambled to home for two runs, putting them ahead by one run, 10-9, and also making them the new Austin Sports and Social Club champions of the season! Win’r’lose, We Booze celebrated their victory like they just won the world championship!

Wednesday IVB: Spring Season Recap

With a new season of indoor volleyball upon us (starts today), let’s take a look at what went down last season.


Week One

Great first night of indoor volleyball at Pan Am!  Everyone was awesome and ready to start the season off with a bang, a block, a bump, a set, a spike…you catch the drift (I hope).  This season definitely promised to be a fun one for sure!




All the teams came out in week one flexing their muscles to give us a good idea of who will be making it to the playoffs. The match between Cool Rubbings and Los Seis Tacos was entertaining with so much talent on the court!  The taco lovers took this match in two sets:  21 to 18 and 21 to 10!  In their double header, Cool Rubbings robbed SET-sy and We Know It in two sets with a victory of 21 to 10 and 21 to 4! Cool Rubbings now sits at 1-1 in week one…not a bad place to be, guys!  The Incredibles had an incredible win against I Wanna Set You Up in a three-set match. I Wanna Set You Up is a veteran team that was expected to take this first win, but they just couldn’t get their sets right and everything else just seemed to have difficulty falling into place for them. Better luck next time!


Week Two

Week two had teams starting to pull away in the race to the playoffs, and if our predictions are correct (we’re just going to keep those to ourselves), it’s going to be a match up for sure!


Los Seis Tacos with their taco cheers put on a heck of game against All Sets Are Off with a two-set win, 21 to 16 and 21 to 17.  FlickaDaWrist had their double header this week against The Stallions and SET-sy and We Know It. If only winning was as easy as flicking one’s wrist, though, because it wasn’t enough for Flicka as they lost both matches.


Cool Rubbings showed up with their A-game, once again, in their match against The Incredibles to try to improve their record. The Incredibles played incredibly, but still couldn’t take the win. It was an incredibly close game, but Cool Rubbings ran off with the win, 21 to 18 and 21 to 16.



Week Three


The Stallions are having a hard time getting a win under their belt, and hoped that week three would be their time to shine with two games on their schedule for the night.


Unfortunately, this week would add two more notches to their losing record as The Stallions lost to I Wanna Set You Up and What’s Your Blood Type? in two long-rallied, fast-paced, intense matches. I Wanna Set You Up set themselves up for a win against The Stallions and fought hard to take the win in the third set, 21 to 12, 19 to 21, and 15 to 9.  What’s Your Blood Type took The Stallions out in two sets, 21 to 16 and 21 to 15.


Cool Rubbings and Blockmanity threw it down in a highly competitive match that went three rounds in favor of Cool Rubbings, 24-22, 18-21, and 15-11! Los Seis Tacos clinched, yet again, another victory against Incredibles with their taco chants and cha cha slides, and FlickaDaWrist managed to make some magic happen against All Sets Are Off in two sets, 21-9 and 21-11,


Week Four


Week four had a lot of friendly match ups, beginning with Los Seis Tacos and I Wanna Set You Up! Both teams are good friends and have played together for a long time. At some point though, the friendliness must be set aside and it’s time to get to business. Lo Seis Tacos took home the W in two sets, but both were close and went point for point: 21-12, 21-18!



What’s Your Blood Type? and Blockmanity: What a match! There was never more than a 2 point differential, and the lead changed multiple times until the score was tied at 16-all. There were too many blocks to keep track of, but it was a battle of the bigs in the front row! After 16-16, the score went point for point in a fast paced, high intensity set. Blockmanity finished off the set 21-19.

They carried their momentum over into the second set and went on a 6-point service run to take a 5 point lead, 8-3. Blood Type could only get 2 more points before Blockmanity went on another 5 point run. Blood Type needed a miracle…

They slowly started chipping away one point at a time to bring the score up 10-15 before Blockmanity used their time out to ice the momentum-gaining Blood Type. The TO worked in favor of Blockmanity, and they finished off the game 21-12!


Week Five

All Sets Are Off and I Wanna Set You Up had a great match to start the night off for week five.

First set was a lot of back and forth long rallies that had both teams fighting for every point. I Wanna Set You Up took the set 21-19.

The pendulum swung the other way in the second set for All Sets Are Off as they took the game 21-15.

Momentum stayed on their side as they went into the third set. It was an exciting last set with both teams playing scrappy, but All Sets Are Off was able to keep a good lead to finish out the set 15-10.

Los Seis Tacos and What’s Your Blood Type? was a super fast match that added yet another notch to the winners’ belt for Los Seis Tacos. They took out Blood Type in two sets, 21-14 and 21-13!

I don’t know if Los Seis Tacos can be touched!



Week Six



Week six was the last week of regular season volleyball before the playoffs and exhibition games in week seven. The Incredibles stole the show for the night in their game against All Sets Are Off.

As their season progressed, so too did their teamwork and volleyball skills! The Incredibles have been a fun team to watch throughout their seasons, and it’s great to see them getting some wins under their belt! In their match against All Sets Are Off, the sets were extremely close, the spikes were really hard, and the blocks were really awesome! Incredibles took home the win in the three sets, 14-21, 21-15, and 15-8!

Stay Sandy and Social at Zilker!

Week Three

With week three in the books, our nights at Zilker are heating up yet again with more great, fun fabulous nights of sand volleyball.  The nights are guaranteed to have many laughs, tons of socializing, and much entertainment!  The fun doesn’t stop on the courts though, after the games the teams and officials meet up at Gourdough’s off of South Lamar to indulge in tasty donut snacks (or meals) and take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour special: $2 Dollar Bud Light until they run out!


Tuesday (4/4)


Date Ace Doe gets to jumpstart our Tuesday night headline as they took on the New Locals in a joke-filled, two set match.


Dat Ace Doe came back in the first set in a clencher, 22 to 20 against New Locals, and continued in their domination in the second set, 21 to 13. Both teams really epitomized the social aspect of the league as they all laughed and joked around with each other as well as the official. It is exactly what “keeping it social” is all about!


Sets Offenders put on a good battle, but couldnt clinch the match against How I Set Your Mother as Moms took the match 21 to 18 and 21 to 11.


That’s What She Set did just that and sealed the deal against Will Work For Sets who worked hard, but apparently not hard enough against their opponents. That’s What She Set took home the W in two sets, 21 to 15 and 21 to 12.


Thunder Ducks came in with the thunder rolling, but just as a storm passes so did their chance to win.  Sets on the Beach took this match in three sets:  22 to 20, 21 to 15, and 15 to 7.


To end our Tuesday night, Smasherz smashed their way to victory against Sets on the Beach, 21 to 19 and 21 to 9!


All in all, it was another fun Tuesday night of Zilker sand volleyball with more amazing and funny moments to come!


Thursday (4/6)



There was only one game on Thursday that stole the show and earned “Game of the Night.” How I Set Your Mother had two epic runs to steal the win against Go Balls Deeper. In one game alone they went on a 12-point run with an amazing server! The sets were extremely close, and had it not been for How I Set Your Mother’s amazing comeback and their star server of the night…they would have lost. Go Balls Deeper played some amazing defense and had great team work, their loss was a heart breaker and everybody was shocked that this match didn’t go to three sets. How I Set Your Mother took home the win, 21 to14 and 21 to 16.

Congratulations on your well-deserved and hard-fought win!

Flag-tastic Times at Barton Springs!

Week Five

There was quite a lot of flag football action at Barton Springs on Sunday night, but this week, only one game stood out that was noteworthy of earning “Game of the Night” status! Shout out to B Teamers and Lean Dak for putting on quite the show!


B Teamers v. Lean Dak:


Lean Dak had an early lead in the first half, 22 to 12, but B Teamers came back at the start of the second half to tie the game up 22-all!


Trying to get some distance between themselves and B Teamers, Lean Dak got another TD under their belt to give them a 6-point lead. Those B Teamers, though, weren’t going to let Lean Dak get away so easily. They stayed right on Lean Dak’s heals by scoring another TD and two extra points in their next drive!


With the game neck and neck, tied at 36-36, and only seconds left on the clock, Lean Dak managed to score one more touch down to pull out the win, 42-36!


But What About Us…?


Here’s how the rest of y’all footballers made out in week five:


Squad (Carolina Blue) (A) 30 AT Off to Monkeys (Black) (H) 14

Le’Veon my Wayward Son (Military Green) (A) 28 AT SCLSU Mud Dogs (Sky Blue) (H) 6

Lean Dak (Maroon) (A) 42 AT B Teamers (Indigo Blue) (H) 36

Make Flag Football Great Again (Sport Grey) (A) 52 AT Zeke and Geeks (Azalea Pink) (H) 24

Make TDMP Great Again (Gold) (A) 44 AT Hey… That’s Not My Flag (White) (H) 18

Multiple Scoregasms (Orange) (A) 21 AT Cash us Offside – HowBow Dah (Lime Green) (H) 0 FORFEIT

Jacker T. Ma (Royal Blue) (A) 32 AT Fast Flags (Sky Blue) (H) 14

Wilfork On The First Date (Purple) (A) 21 AT Get Lit or Die Tryin’ (Irish Green) (H) 0 FORFEIT


Happiest of Hours at Gourdough’s


As per usual, after the games the teams and officials all meet up at Gourdough’s to chow down on some donut treats and recharge with $2 Dollar Bud Lights. Those prices are only available to Austin Sports and Social Club players, so make sure to show up with your current season shirt and give GetMe a holler if you feel like you may have overindulged…on booze or donuts!

SEMP: Can We Just Play Already?

Week Three

Once again, we find ourselves going through this flag football season at a glacial pace due to multiple rainouts. We finally got to see some action out on the fields for week three, so here’s how it went down…



Drinkin Fortes v. Blood, Sweat and Beers


This was a really exciting game that boiled down to the last seconds! Both teams went point for point the entire night and was tied at 28-28.


Blood, Sweat and Beers managed to get one more touchdown in with only seconds left before the end of the final half. Blood, Sweat and Beers won 34-28!


What House? v. Awesome Balls:

This was another great game with both teams having an answer for each other after each touchdown. The game was evenly-matched, so there was a ton of running up and down the field. The touchdowns were really exciting with a few bobbles that would have everybody holding their breath until the catch was completed and the touchdowns were good! Super friendly game, players were great to talk to both on and off the field. Awesome Balls took the win, 56-46!


Ball So Hard University v. Super Down, Super Excited:

What an intense game! Ball So Hard held the lead in the first half 24-20, but Super Down, Super Excited came back in the second to steal the lead with a 4-point differential. Ball So Hard had an amazing Sports Center Top 10 catch in the end zone with maybe 4 seconds to go–like, diving and rolling on the floor, everybody is holding their breath, and the guy is laying on the floor and sticks his arm in the air to show he had a solid catch! It. Was. Awesome! Ball So Hard went from being down by 4 to up by 2 with that play.


They solidified their win by scoring the extra two points, making it 40-36!




Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah won both of their games tonight in blowout fashion, defeating Tittsburgh Feelers 48 to 12, and Scoregasms 42 to 30.


512 Underdogs had their first wins this season in their double header against XBioTouchdown and Go With the FLO, so they made sure to win with a bang! Both of their games had to be called on the mercy rule, 52-20 and 42-0!


512 Underdogs were trying to get that point differential for playoff eligibility. Their opponents had a fun time though, so it was all good. Plus, 512 Underdogs are always super cool and just come out there to have a good time!