Author: Lauren

Pitches Be Cray Cray at Soccer on Thursday-day

Week One

Welcome back to another super fun and super social season of Austin Sports and Social Club soccer down at Southeast Metro Park! Week one was filled with a couple blowouts and some game-changing surprises that nobody saw coming! If week one was any indication as to what is to come this season, we are all in for a wild one!


Game(s) of the Night: Shout Out to the Ladies!

Spread the Cheeky vs Multiple Scoregasms


The first half of this game was dominated by Multiple Scoregasms, offensively. They had total control of the ball and had most shots on goal. In fact, the only goal scored in the first half was by Multiple Scoregasms, who managed to get a powerful shot off the far post making for a score of 1-0 at the half.


Things continued heating up in the second half as Multiple Scoregasms were at it again, scoring almost right away with a shot that just slipped out of the keeper’s hands and into the net!


With the score now at 2-0, Spread the Cheeky was looking for a come back. No worries, though, the ladies have got this! Shortly after Multiple Scoregasms scored their second goal, the ladies of Spread the Cheeky had some girl-on-girl action passing the ball up the field, and hammered a shot into the goal, tying the game up 2-2!


Time continued to tick away, and it was a defensive battle on the field, but shortly before the end of game, the ladies of Spread the Cheeky scored yet ANOTHER goal! The crowd went wild and the team went crazy having made a tremendous comeback in a hard-fought second half! Final score: 4-2, Spread the Cheeky!


Pitches Be Crazy vs The Butt Kickers


It was a slow first half, score-wise, between Pitches Be Crazy and The Butt Kickers. It wasn’t for their lack of trying as they both had a ton of shots on goal. If you keep shooting, one is bound to end up in the net, right? At this point in the game, it was a race to see if anybody could get a shot off before the end of the half, and the lucky winners were Pitches Be Crazy with one goal, 1-0.


Continuing on their momentum from the first half, Pitches Be Crazy scored two more goals, now making their lead, 3-0.  True to their name, The Butt Kickers decided it was time step up and start kicking some butt! They scored one male goal followed by a female goal to tie the game up with just five minutes left!


Again, time was of the essence, and it was another race to the “finish line” between the two teams. Pitches Be Crazy, regretting sitting back on their heals with that 3-0 score, now had to get it in gear! Those Pitches pressed hard and looked to one of their females to get a solid kick off before the time wound down to zero. Leave it to the ladies to get business taken care of! The shot was good, and Pitches Be Crazy was able to take back the lead and end the game with a final score of 5-3!

No Rain Means NEMP Soccer!

Week Six


The rain gave us a break this past Wednesday, and everybody was eager to hit the fields for some good old-fashioned Austin Sports and Social soccer! This past Wednesday was week six, which means playoffs are just a hop, skip, and a jump away…weather permitting, of course! Keep on reading to see how a couple of teams made out this past week to earn the “Game of the Night” title, more scores, and which teams are going to the playoffs!

Game of the Night

Wide Open and Ready vs Win & Tonic


In the first half of this epic battle, Win & Tonic dominated the field, scoring 3 male goals, leaving team Wide Open and Ready not so-ready… The first half was heavily one-sided and was looking like Win & Tonic would be handing their opponent a shut out, 3-0 at the half.


The second half, however, brought out a determined Wide Open and Ready who came back onto the field with cleats blazing! They managed to chip away at the scoreboard and got within one goal of tying up the game.


Win & Tonic, now dangerously close to losing their lead, pressed hard and managed to get a female goal in the net to give their team two more points on the board, and once again pulling their lead up by 3!


Wide Open and Ready remained close on Win & Tonic’s heals, though, and managed to score a female goal of their own. Unfortunately for them, the clock was not on their side and time expired before Wide Open and Ready could try to steal the win.  Final score:  5-4, Win and Tonic!


Who’s In the Playoffs?

The top four teams from each division gets to play for the coveted chance to hoist the Austin Sports and Social Club championship banner and to win some dinero in the form of a gift card to one of our happy hour locations. So, without further ado, here’s who made it to the playoffs:


Giddy Up (4) vs Tetzhu (1)

Son of a Pitch (3) vs Footloose (2)

Ballsagna (4) vs Train Wreck (1)

Win & Tonic (3) vs Ball and Boujee (2)


Just because you and your team didn’t make it to the playoffs doesn’t mean that the season is over for you yet! You still have one more chance to get some soccer playing in with one more game on the schedule, so make sure to show up in numbers and then come hang out with us after the games at Little Woodrow’s off Burnet for some $8 Dollar pitchers!


More Scores

Giddy Up 0 AT Bayer Neverlusen  2

Win & Tonic  5 AT Wide Open & Ready  4

Train Wreck  6 AT Let’s Get Messi 0

Footloose  3 AT Cash me outside howbow dah  7

Ball and Boujee 3 AT Game of Throw-ins  2

Ballsagna  4 AT Head Game Strong 2

Tetzhu  1 AT Son of a Pitch  7

It’s the Mother Bunting Playoffs at SEMP!

Last Thursday was playoffs for our Austin Sports and Social Club softballers down at Southeast Metro Park, and it was a night filled with plot twists and upsets! The top four teams that made it to the playoff rounds were Goatsuckers, who were ranked number one with an undefeated record, The Degenerates, seeded at number two, Mother Bunters in third, and Teabaggers in fourth. What was expected was to be a pretty straightforward night: the undefeated Goatsuckers should take home the “gold,” but like I said: twists, turns, and upsets!






The semifinals had seeds three and two facing off against each other: Mother Bunters and The Degenerates. The Degenerates were favored to win, but a stroke of good luck (or a solid swing) by the Mother Bunters had them sliding into home base one more time to put them ahead by one run!


The number two seed, The Degenerates, were handed an upset, 7-8.


They were great sports, though, because they stuck around to watch the number one seed, Goatsuckers, defeat the number four seed, Teabaggers, in a good old-fashioned spanking, 7 to 4. The Degenerates were even greater sports when they stuck around to watch the championship bloodbath that was anticipated to unfold between the Mother Bunters and Goatsuckers…


Championship Finals

Goatsuckers vs. Mother Bunters


It was not expected that Mother Bunters were going to advance to the finals, but they barely squeaked out that win against The Degenerates and suddenly find themselves playing for the championship banner! Hate to say it, but pretty much everyone was expecting them to be obliterated by the Goatsuckers, per their usual style of winning.


Already exceeding expectations, the first four innings of the final were extremly close! Going into the 5th inning is where Goatsuckers fell aaprt. With Moter Bunters scoring 5 runs in the fifth inning and 3 more in the sixth, they went untouched, beating the Goatsuckers 11-5! The worst loss the Goatsuckers have had to taste all season!



Congratulations, Mother Bunters!



Kickball and Toss-o Tuesdays!

This past Tuesday was…as the cool kids say, “lit!” There were tons of players and fans out at the fields! The sidelines were packed with screaming fanatics and family members alike. With so many games and fields, the vibe was buzzing with excitement! This week was week numero cuatro (number four), and man-oh-man did we have some great games! Teams who had never won began to taste the sweet taste of victory, and that livened up the mood even more!


What Up, Joel Ray Salon?


Joel Ray Salon came into their game against Crunktastic with 4 losses and exactly 0 runs on their record. Well, that all changed as the man himself, Joel, said before the game that he didn’t give a $#!% about the previous games and that they were in it to win it!


Joel Ray Salon put their money where their mouth was and scored 15 more runs than they had combined the whole season (15 runs), and blew Crunktastic out of the water, 15-3! Now they’re averaging 3 runs a game and sitting pretty at spot number 4 in their division. Will Joel Ray Salon continue on their up-and-up, or will they fall to team All My Pitches Love Me next week? Stay tuned!



Blooper of the Night!


Another team worth mentioning are the Proscorians. Proscorians won both of their games as they all of a sudden look like a team that no one will want to face. Their victories, however, are not the reason they get a shout out. Their most athletic girl had the blooper of the night, as she was caught off of base on a caught fly ball! Here’s how it went down:


The outfielder who caught the ball threw it all the way in, and by some blip in the time continuum, hit her on the fly. The throw was so forceful that when it hit her, she could not gather her balance and after 15 feet of stumbling and nearly falling, she crashed down into a group of her teammates with force. Instead of helping her, her entire team was laughing so hard that it took a few minutes for them to regroup and take the field! She was also laughing and there was no injury so it was an overall hilarious point in the game. Proscorians defeated Crunktastic, 6-1, and All My Pitches Love Me, 11-6!



Toss-O Tuesdays!

When you live in Austin, Texas, Tuesdays are always and automatically “Taco Tuesdays.” However, we at Austin Sports and Social Club look forward to our Tuesdays at Toss Pizzeria where you can get $2 Bud Lights all night and $10 off your $20 tab when you present your players’ appreciation card given to you by either the Game Day Coordinator or Social Coordinator. Believe me, you don’t want to be the one who doesn’t show up at Toss after the games because you will suffer from serious FOMO.


Just. Be. There.



PrimeTime (WHITE) 6 AT Sit On My Base (LIGHT PINK) 2

Red Balls and Vodka (MAROON)  5 AT Rubber Busters (ROYAL BLUE)  1

Crunk Kickers (GOLD) 6 AT Drinkers with a Kicking Problem (AZALEA)  0

Dude, Where’s My Dunder? (IRISH GREEN) 4 AT Sit On My Base (LIGHT PINK)  3

PrimeTime (WHITE)  13 AT Rubber Busters (ROYAL BLUE)  1

Crunktastic (MILITARY GREEN)  1 AT Proscorians (ORANGE)  6

Das Boot (INDIGO BLUE)  0 AT Dude, Where’s My Dunder? (IRISH GREEN) 13

All My Pitches Love Me (SPORT GREY) 6 AT Proscorians (ORANGE) 11

Crunktastic (MILITARY GREEN)  3 AT Joel Ray Salon (PURPLE)  15

What’s Better Than Taco Tuesday?

Sand Volleyball at Hanover’s, Duh!

Austin Sports and Social Club sand volleyballers flock to their favorite watering hole up north to get in on some sixes action in the sand and to turn up on a Tuesday with $3 Bud Lights and $3 Michelob Ultras (if you are trying to stay light on your toes!)! Every Tuesday, these teams show up to show out and compete for the top four spots in the standings for a chance to hoist the coveted championship banner and prize! We’re in week three, which means there are still plenty of chances for teams to turn around and steal some spots in the standings!



Rough Sets vs. Kiss My Ace


This week’s game of the night features Rough Sets and Kiss My Ace! Rough Sets took on Kiss My Ace in quite an interesting and exciting match. Rough Sets only scored one point in the first set and allowed Kiss My Ace to go on a 16-point run before siding out…and then winning the ball back…over and over again. I think it’s safe to say that Rough Sets literally had a rough set!  They lost, dramatically, to Kiss My Ace 1-21.


After that ugly first set, no one imagined or expected the second set to be any better, but surprise surprise, Rough Sets came into the second game a completely different team (figuratively, of course)! There was so much action with both teams diving all over the court, digging balls off the net, and just hustling their butts off! The rallies were longer and the points were closer. Rough Sets took set number two in quite the squeaker, 23-21!


The excitement and back-and-forth scoring continued into the final set that boiled down to a tie at 14-14 with one team needing to score two more points to end the match. Ready to get their socializing on, Kiss My Ace won possession of the ball and eventually added two more points to their score to walk off the court victorious! Kiss My Ace wins the match 2-1 over Rough Sets (21-1, 21-23, 16-14)! Congrats, guys and gals!


Week four is right around the corner! See y’all next Tuesday!


Pan Am Volleyball: Blood, Sweat, and…Goodwill?

This indoor volleyball season is starting to round the corner towards the finish line with only one week left in the regular season. With only four teams signed up and playing each other every week, the competition is intense and the socializing is fierce! Stop by Pan Am to catch the games and then meet up with the teams and officials at Craftsman after for some delicious tacos and cheap Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour drink specials!



Week five’s “Game of the Night” features our second and third ranked teams: FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill versus What’s Your Bloodtype?


This was an exciting back-and-forth match that kept everybody on their toes. There were long rallies, great serves, several amazing hustle plays, and tons of fun! FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill took the first set pretty easily, but What’s Your Blood Type fought back strong in set numero dos, including a mega scoring rally toward the end. In the third set, FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill looked like they had it wrapped up at 14-11, match point, when What’s Your Blood Type used their last timeout.


Perfect. Icing.


FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill was iced and had to side out, giving What’s Your Blood Type one last chance to stay in the game. What’s Your Blood Type managed to go on a 3-point run to tie the game up, 14-14!  FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill, showing grit, halted the run, got the ball back, and put an end to the match at 16-14!


What! A! Game!

How Do You Spell Soccer? S-O-C-I-A-L

Week Five


We’re getting close to the end of another super fun season of soccer up north, and week five was nothing short of exciting! There’s one more week before playoffs, and with the teams pretty much set in ranking, there’s nothing left to do but have a great time, socialize, and keep the party rolling at Little Woodrow’s afterwards with some $8 dollar pitchers of Bud Light and a great selection of food from the food trucks!

Let’s Get Messi vs Ball and Boujee


This was a very fun, super social game with killer passing from both teams.


In the first half, Ball and Boujee took the lead by scoring the first goal of the night. Let’s Get Messi was quick to follow suit and tie the game up for a score at the half, 1-1.


The cheering section for Let’s Get Messi stole the show in the second half as they chanted, “S-O-C-I-A-L! What’s that spell? SOCIAL!” I’d like to believe that the cheering is what gave Messi the edge to score their next 2 goals within 5 minutes of each other, giving them enough of a lead to set back and play defense the rest of the match. Let’s Get Messi and their fans went home with the win, 3-1!


Giddy Up Vs Footloose



This game started off looking very one-sided with Footloose dominating the first half, scoring 5 male goals, most of which were from amazing 20-30 yard shots! Giddy Up was having trouble “giddying up,” adjusting to the wet conditions, and just really didn’t have a chance to score.


In the second half, though, Giddy Up finally got the giddy up and was able to get some points on the board with a female touch! Two points for Giddy Up puts the score at 5-2, Footloose. Giddy Up still had some more in them and made an amazing Sports Center Top 10 Play goal! A guy around midfield crossed the ball up to one of his female players on the far side, a good 30-yard pass, who one-touched it straight out of mid-air, about another 30 yards out from the goal. The keeper is thrown off, not expecting a shot from a first touch, and the ball sailed clear over him, landing perfectly in the goal making it a one point game!


With just minutes left, we’ve got a close game on our hands! Both teams really start putting the pressure on each other, but Footloose managed to knock one more in, making the final score, 6-4!


Mas Scores, Por Favor

Son of a Pitch  9 AT Bayer Neverlusen 0

Train Wreck 13 AT Wide Open & Ready  3

Ball and Boujee 1 AT Let’s Get Messi  3

Tetzhu 3 AT Cash me outside howbow dah 1

Ballsagna  3 AT Game of Throw-ins  1

Win & Tonic  5 AT Buzz Killers  2

Footloose  6 AT Giddy Up  4

Ball ’til ya Fall with Softball

Week Six

It was a windy, windy week six out at Southeast Metro Park. This added a bit of a challenge to all the games for the evening, but it was nothing that our Austin Sports and Social Club players couldn’t handle. With playoffs right around the corner, all of the teams were looking for some big wins to set themselves apart from each other. This is how the night went down…


We Mustache You a Question!

Bringing out their meanest game faces, That One Team showed up with mustaches and played all night with them on. Quite the intimidating factor!


Even though they got beat down by Mother Bunters 17-2, they had the most fun of the night shotgunning beers, hanging with the other teams after their game, and cheering and rooting for everyone!


You guys may be last place in the standings, but you’re first place in our hearts! Way to keep it social, guys and gals!



“Don’t Call it a Comeback!”


The past few weeks had been a bit…ruff… for Barks and Rec trying to find their team groove, but tonight seemed to be the night that it all finally clicked for them!


Barks and Rec were down 8-9 in the final inning, and it looked like it was going to be another close loss in the books for them.


Determined to end the season with one more win under their belt, the light pink team managed to squeak out two more runs at the top of the final inning, and Sultans of Swat could not deliver when they were up to bat. Barks and Rec took home the win 10-9 and finished off the season 2-4.



“But What About Us…?”


Cool your jets, kids! Here’s the scores for the rest of you!
That One Team (ROYAL BLUE) (A) 2 AT Mother Bunters (CAROLINA BLUE) (H) 17

Bomb Squad (MAROON) (A) 16 AT The Degenerates (BLACK) (H) 12

Barks n Rec (LIGHT PINK) (A) 10 AT Sultans of Swat (SKY BLUE) (H) 9

Belmont Bombers (IRISH GREEN) (A) 0 AT Teabaggers (GOLD) (H) 13

Handsome Devils (WHITE) (A) 5 AT Goatsuckers (TEXAS ORANGE) (H) 13

Happy Hour


Slide on over to Craftsman after the games for some amaze-balls tacos and cheap, cheap booze…we’re talkin’ $2 Dollar Bud Light-type cheap!

It was a Crunktastic Tuesday at Gillis!

Week Three




In a night of blowouts across the board, All My pitches Love Me and Crunktastic had a great time in the final game of the night. Crunktastic was winless this season but put together a hell of a comeback. Down 4-1 to start the game, Crunktastic mounted a comeback with the chipping a little off the top method. They scratched and clawed their way back with two runs at a time and eventually took the game 11-5!


Even though they haven’t won a game or even scored a run, Joel Ray Salon still came out in full force and played their hearts out in both games!

These guys (and gals) have come out every week sporting the best attitudes and are just an overall nice and fun team that definitely deserves some recognition and a lil shout out!

Thanks, Joel Ray Salon for always keepin’ it social!






More Scores

In case you forgot how your team fared out in week three, look no further than the next few lines!



Red Balls and Vodka  3 AT PrimeTime 7

Joel Ray Salon 0 AT Drinkers with a Kicking Problem  10

Das Boot  1 AT Sit On My Base  7

Crunk Kickers 15 AT Joel Ray Salon  0

Rubber Busters 2 AT Dude, Where’s My Dunder?  13

Crunktastic  11 AT All My Pitches Love Me  5


Austin Sports and Social Club Happy Hour


The night wouldn’t be complete if you don’t make your way over to the hottest happy hour ASSC has right now! Toss Pizzeria is where you can find a sea of Austin Sports and Social Club players from all different sports, so get your butt over there and indulge in some of the best pizza and garlic knots in all of Austin, and wash it all down with $2 Bud Lights!

Moontower Mondays is Where It’s At!

Week one at Moontower is always a blast! There were a lot of new faces and new teams just ready to get all sandy! Of course, let’s not forget about all the friendly, familiar faces who return time and time again ready to spike it like it’s hot! With awesome drink specials just for Austin Sports and Social Club players, why would you want to be anywhere else?




Team Chaos had to win the last two sets of their match after dropping the first one, 18-21, against Knoxy and the Skunk Hats. They came back in the second set to win 21-17 and kept their momentum going to take the win in the third set, 15-07!  Good defense and fewer errors helped Team Chaos come back to take the win! Way to go Team Chaos!



After winning the first set 21-12 against Sonova Beach, Servesas were looking to take the next set just as easy, but seemed to get stuck in a rut at 12 points. Down by seven, Servesa needed to take a quick TO to get their act together to try to make a comeback, and comeback they did! Servesa managed to go on a nice run to tie up the game and get some good rallies in with Sonova Beach! The second set went point for point after that and was all tied up 21-21. Sonova Beach needed to win by two in order to take the game to a third set, but Servesa was ready to put an end to it all. Servesa served up a couple cold ones to Sonova Beach, and had the comeback of the evening to win the game 23-21!



Make sure to stick around after the games for a bit of pickup volleyball with the rest of your volleyball fanatics, and stop by the bar to grab a couple $2 Dollar Bud Lights for you and your friends!