Author: Judy Cobb

No Hand Balls Allowed on this Pitch!!

What’s almost as good as Friday?…..Thursday! And, what’s the most awesome thing to do on Thursday nights? Play ASSC soccer 8s at SEMP! Here’s what happened this last week on the pitch:

Best game of the night was Dream Team vs Happy Hour Heroes. Happy Hour Heroes scored the first goal of the game in the 11th minute. Dream Team quickly followed that up with 1 male and then 1 female goal taking them to a 3-1 score going into the half. Just minutes into the second half, Dream Team increased their lead with two more male goals for a 5-1 lead. Happy Hour Heroes didn’t give up for a second though and right before the end of the game they scored an amazing female goal to make the final score 5-3 Dream Team. Great effort!

In other action over on Field 1, The Butt Kickers couldn’t seem to get anything going on either offense or defense. In the corner kickin it took them out easily 9 – 0. Ouch!

Speaking of 9-0, Multiple Scorgasms walloped The Amigos without breaking much of a sweat. They had goals from girls and guys…they had direct and indirect penalty kicks…..they had exciting corner kicks…..they even had a header goal! They had it all but The Amigos kept it all social and promised to be back again next week!

Finally, Pitches Be Crazy took on Spread The Cheeky on Field 2 for the late game. Spread the Cheeky came out firing and scored first off a 1 on 1 breakaway right down the middle! There were some great saves to close out the first half with no more scoring from either side. Spread The Cheeky came out strong again in the first few minutes of the second half, scoring again. Pitches Be Crazy finally got on the board midway through the second half. They had a few more chances on goal but Spread The Cheeky goalie made some fantastic saves. They managed to add a few more goals of their own to take the win 4-1. Nice game!

Post game at Craftsman was a great time with lots of teams hanging out playing Corn Hole, eating tacos and enjoying $2 Ice cold Bud Lights. What a great way to end another great night! Let’s do it all again next week!


Where Can You Find a Pitch Without Any Bases? On The Soccer Field!!

Wednesday night at NEMP there were balls flying, heads bobbing, goalies diving and strikers striking! Here’s how it went down last week:

Win and Tonic Vs Ballsagna. Right off the bat Win and Tonic came out scoring their first goal in the first 60 seconds of the game!  This woke up Ballsagna who had the wind in their favor the first half and while they had tons of good chances, they were unable to score. Ballsagna did however manage to shut out Win and Tonic for the remainder of the half making for a score at half time of 1-0. Second half Ballsagna now fighting the wind while Win and Tonic had the wind in their favor. Win and Tonic scored the first goal of the half once again and it was a really nice female goal that was shot from outside the box. Ballsagna managed to score late on a fast break 1 on 1 against the keeper, making the final score 3-1 Win and Tonic.

Can you say massacre? OMG…….Son of a Pitch had a field day against Footloose 12-2! Ouch!

Footloose had just lost their first game 12-2 and were looking to turn things around. They came out strong during the first half and quickly had their first goal about 8 mins in. Ball and Boujee got a few good chances the first half that were stolen away by the keeper. Second half was just about the same, with Ball and Boujee pressing every chance they got but unable to score. Footloose yet again managed to add another male goal to the board for a final 2-0 score! Nice!

Train Wreck started out strong but faded late giving up 5 goals to Giddy Up while only scoring 2 of their own.

Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra was looking for a little rhythm of their own up against Back That Pass Up, but didn’t manage to get on the board at all. Back That Pass Up 5, Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra 0.

Dream Killerz took out Tetzhu 8-2 while Let’s Get Messi won a close one 4-2 over Drunk Flamingos.

In another lopsided game, No Hands! took it to Beercelone 10-1 before they even broke a sweat! Double ouch!

Back That Pass Up is one of the new indie teams and for week 1, they not only brought beer out to the fields to hangout with their new team, but also managed to make it to the happy hour and keep the party going at Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge. That’s what ASSC is all about…..being social! We love it and hope to see you again next week!

Saves, Dives, Headers and Shots……That Was Just in the First 60 Seconds of the Night!

Look closely on Tuesday nights at SEMP and you’ll see lots of awesome athletes being social both on and off the pitch!

First game of the night, Money Shots took on Feets of Strength. This game was super close. Money Shots had yet to play while Feets of Strength had just finished a game. This was obvious right from the start with Money shots showing off there speed and team work making Feets of Strength realize it was not going to be an easy match. First half went scoreless due to some amazing saves by both teams’ keepers. Second half went back and forth play with Feets of Strength starting to get worn out allowing Money Shots to get more and more shots on goal. In the end, Feets of Strength came out on top, scoring the only goal of the game with 5 mins left off a fast break one on one with the keeper. Final score 1-0, Feets of Strength.

2 Goals, 1 Cup Vs The Ball Handlers. This game was super exciting. Got off to a slow start the first half with both teams scoring 1 point back to back shortly before the first half. Second half was when things heated up. 2 Goals, 1 Cup scored a male goal almost right away giving them the lead for the first time. Ball Handlers however fallowed up right away with a female goal and then a male goal taking back the lead an increasing it by two points. From here is was back and forth goals every time 2 Goals, 1 Cup would score and get within a point, Ball handlers would score right back. With just 5 mins left 2 Goals, 1 Cup scored one last time and was really looking to take back the lead until out of nowhere, The Ball Handlers had a female rip an amazing shot, making it a 3 point game with under 2 minutes left. Final score 7-4, Ball Handlers.

Here’s how the rest of the action broke down:

FCBook had a strong showing against Small Hands Big Kicks taking the 6-0 win. Great defense!

MAN CHEST HAIR UNITED came up short against Bad and Boozy who also had an awesome defense. Final score: Bad and Boozy 3, MAN CHEST HAIR UNITED 0. Ouch!

See You Next Tuesday also couldn’t seem to put the ball in the net getting creamed 8-0 by Droos Boos. Double ouch!!

This must be the night for awesome defenses because En Fuego FC also blanked their opponent, That Escalated Quickly 2-0. What’s going on around here?!

Feets of Strength was also strong in the net not letting a single shot get through. Yep….another zero on the scoreboard! Feets of Strength 2, Small Hands Big Kicks 0.

It’s definitely Groundhog Day……2 Goals, 2 Cup 2 goals to Flooligans’ 0. What’s happening at SEMP on Tuesday nights?

Wait, could it be…..both teams scored at least 1 goal? Yes!! Unfortunately for Sports Brahs, Droos Boos scored 2 goals. Great game though!

The Ball Handlers took it to That Escalated Quickly by scoring fast and furiously. Final score: 7-0 for The Ball Handlers. Yikes!

OMG….these 2 teams went the entire game without scoring a single goal! It’s either terrific defense or lousy offense……not sure on this one. FC Book 0 and Fire Emoji 0.

Speaking of more zero’s, chalk one up for Sports Brahs who fell to The Centaur Forwards 0-3.

Finally, Money Shots scored early and it stayed that way until the last couple of minutes of the game. Possession went back and forth before money shots made an awesome pass to the center who scored a beautiful shot as the whistle blew. Final score: Money Shots 2, The Shins 0. Nice game!

After the games, everyone was enjoying $2 bud lights at Craftsman, and some delicious tacos. Lots of challenges thrown down for next week so join us at SEMP on Tuesday for some exciting play on the pitch!

We’ll Show You Our Bat If You’ll Show Us Yours!


It’s playoff Sunday at Havins Field and boy did we see some awesome action en route to the Championship Game! Teams were eager, hot, hungry and thirsty for their shot at the playoffs. Here’s how it all played out:

Tickle Monsters racked up 13 runs to The Dustin Cookes’ 6, to take the night’s first win right out of the gate.

In their second game, The Dustin Cookes couldn’t seem to score more than 6 runs….again! Final score: Swinging & Swigging 7, The Dustin Cookes 6!

Beer Sox had a field day up against Hit Squad dropping them by a 12-2 score. Ouch!

Brew Crew split their 2 games with a win and a loss both. They were on the short side of the stick in their first game, falling 4-11 to Pitches Be Crazy. On a bright note, they blanked Chixson Dix 7-0. Nice comeback win!

Win’r’ Lose We Booze had a nice night with 2 decisive victories. First, they blanked Statoil Sluggers 7-0 then they rolled over Two Gens 8-2. Nice night at the ballpark!

Two Gens were able to bounce back in their second game taking the 6-2 win over Blood, Sweat and Beers. Nice turnaround!

Hamvengers wound up on the short side of the bat, falling 4-9 to DuggouTGuzzlers. Then Smoking Bases took it to Hard Drives 7-0 in an uneven match up.

In the first semi final game of the night, Pitches be Hatin’ took on undefeated Muskrats for a thriller! This is what playoffs are all about! This game had 4 lead changes in 4 innings! When the dust settled…..literally……Muskrats 10 with Pitches be Hatin 8! OMG, what a game!

In the other half of the draw, and another close game, Tickle Monsters went up against Rule 34. This game was also close with some timely base running and crucial double plays. After it was all over, Rule 34 barely edged Tickle Monster 6-5 to head to the finals! Can you say awesome!!

Once again Muskrats were undefeated and made it to the final! The game was competitive but social and a blast to watch, since both teams knew each other well. Rule 34 came prepared and was dominating the first three innings. Muskrats tried to keep it competitive but Rule 34’s offense was just too strong. Rule 34 fought hard and pulled the ultimate upset with a 13-8! Champions!

It was a great night at the Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for happy hour after the games. As the Championship team entered the door, the other teams showed their respect with lots of cheers and even a standing ovation! Now that is how we do it in ASSC leagues! Come give us a try this next season and see what you’ve been missing!


ASSC 3s Basketball Hoists Another Championship Banner!

Awesome, fun night at SARC, Thursday night basketball for this season’s 3s Championships. The stands were packed! Seemed as if every team brought friends and or family members to come watch them play in the play-off games. We had 4 of the toughest teams to play in the playoffs and they all showed some of the best sportsmanship all season!

Here are some of the preliminary results from other games leading up to the finals:

Rim Jobs had a consistent night against both their opponents but……by only scoring 18 points to their opponents’ 20, they came off on the losing end for both games! In their first game, Hoops There It Is took them to the limit and had a buzzer beater by one of their females to take the 20-18 victory. Speaking of 20 points, Hoopsters also tacked on some male and female shots to take out Rim Jobs 20-18. Can you say deja vue?

In an awesome, defensive game, Facebook Ballers barely edged CU Next Thursday for a 17-14 win.

In another exciting game, both Hoopsters and Hoops There It Is did NOT want to lose this game! They fought and scraped for every point, whether they were headed to the finals or not! In the end, only 2 points separated these teams and the last 1 standing was…..Hoops There Is Is! Great game and great season!

In the top bracket of the semi final action, Facebook Ballers took on RIP Charlie Murphy in what turned out to be a lopsided affair. Facebook Ballers ran into a power house defense and could only manage 8 points for the entire game! RIP Charlie Murphy took the 20-8 win!

In the other side of the draw, CU Next Thursday went up against Bad News Ballers with the winner advancing to the big show….the Championship game! This was a close game throughout with Bad News Ballers always managing to keep a couple of points ahead. In the end, CU Next Thursday couldn’t seem to close the gap and took the 12-20 defeat. Teammate Kristina went down with an injury and the entire team escorted her to the ER! Now that was spirited support!!

With some great play-off games, the Championship game was even better! The 2 teams that played, were truly the 2 teams that deserved it. If the winner was based off more the just the final score, however, the banner and bragging rights might have gone to Bad News Ballers. This team displayed good sportsmanship against a very tough team! They were out matched by both height and skill, but when it  came to heart, they were true champions! They managed to hold RIP Charlie Murphy to just 16 points as time ran out, to their 8 points. What an awesome season and tournament as everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria for some post game celebrations.

Lots of cold beer and hot pizza to celebrate another successful, and social season with ASSC! Check your schedules and see if you can join us for another great season…ASSC style!



Who Would Win it All for ASSC Tuesday Night Basketball at SARC?!

This is it…..for all the marbles….the title belt (er…banner) the crown…..the trophy…..well, maybe just the $50 drink card to Toss Pizzeria!

Let’s take a look at some of the preliminary games leading up to the big final. Remember, anyone can get to the finals ……you just can’t lose ANY games on this night!

Let’s address the bad news first, and in this case, it’s for team I Get Buckets. Although they fought hard, they weren’t able to win both their games tonight to get into the championship bracket. They were consistent though, by scoring 13 points in each of their games. The bad news is, their opponents each scored 20 points! Ouch! Offensive Fowl was their first opponent and WTF Are You Ewing took it to them in their second game. In both games, they played tough and managed to stay competitive up until the last few minutes. Tired legs got the better of them but we hope to see them again next season!

Half Court Hero had an interesting night notching both a Win and a Loss to their belt. In an exciting game against WTF Are You Ewing, the game was tied going into the final seconds. With a nice feed to a female down under, Half Court Hero pulled out the 20-18 win! Nice job! In their next game, they looked a bit winded and spent going up against the powerful Offensive Fowl team. They tried to hang, but just ran out of gas and took the 13-20 loss.

In the first semi-final game, the powerful Cash Me Outside went up against another powerhouse in Super Sloths. This was one tough game with lots of traffic in the paint and big time blocks from both sides. Although it was a low scoring game, the defenses had their hands full. In the end, Super Sloths edged Cash Me Outisde 13-12 for a place in the finals! Wow!

In the other half of the draw, more competitive action from 2 very competitive teams. Looking for a Rebound were last season’s champs and were looking to repeat, but Darkness came to play! They led early but Looking for a Rebound started to hit their stride and, once again, their chicks came to play! In the end, they were just too much for Darkness, taking the 20-16 win! Yes!!

This Championship game was as good as it gets! Super Sloths in their Carolina blue jerseys vs. the purple shirted Looking for a Rebound. This game truly could have gone either way with each team matching the other shot for shot. Time was winding down with the game tied. Looking for a Rebound sets it up and feeds it out to a female just beyond the arc…..she shoots……she scores! Winner, winner chicken dinner, Looking for a Rebound wins the game and this season’s championship! They get the title, their picture taken with the banner, bragging rights and extra $$ to spend at Toss Pizzeria after the game! What a great season…..again! Come join us next week as we get to do it all over again!



Bats, Balls, Bases and Beer! That’s Our Kind of League!

Get out your softball gear and beer coolers…’s time for ASSC Sunday night softball at Havins! Here’s a rundown (no pun intended) of how it all played out:

Although Swinging & Swigging got on the board first, it was Pitches be Hatin’ that took it all home with a 10-4 victory.

Pitches be Hatin’ was on a roll and took their next game 14-7 over Rule 34 to make it a complete night on the diamond!

Muskrats also had a winning night by first beating Beer Sox 16-6 then taking it to Hit Squad with a 9-2 victory. Nice!

Hit Squad had a nice comeback win against Dustin Cookes 9-3 to redeem their earlier loss. Swinging & Swigging also notched a Dub-yah on Dustin Cookes with a 12-8 final score.

Hamvengers and Two Gens had a close game going into the final inning when Two Gens broke out the big bats. Thanks to some timely homers, they were able to take the win at 10-6! Great game! Two Gens wasn’t finished just yet and really took it to Statoil Sluggers in their next game. When the dust settled, Two Gens took the win at 7-0! Awesome!

DuggouTGuzzlers had an interesting day. They barely got on the board in their first game only scoring 4 runs to Blood, Sweat and Beers’ 10, then they turned around and drilled Smoking Bases 21-0! Can you say “run rule!”

Chixson Dix got their money’s worth on Sunday with a real cray-cray kind of night! First, they blanked Hard Drives with a 7-0 victory. Some nice base running sealed this deal! In their second game, they took on Brew Crew with both teams playing great! It went back and forth with some timely hits and base running. After 4 intense innings, both teams had scored 9 runs and that’s how it ended! A tie?! After all that……a tie?!

In their next game, Brew Crew looked a little deflated from their earlier game but held strong against Slap a Pitch. An infield single snuck through and the winning run came across the plate to give Slap a Pitch their narrow 5-4 victory! Whew!!

In their second game, Slap a Pitch had their hands full again, this time with Hard Drives. This was like groundhog day all over again! The game was tied again in the final inning with the winning run on second base. Batter hits a single up the middle but this time it’s caught and runner is out at first! Tie ball game at 4 apiece! Drat…. but another great game!

Speaking of crazy nights, Pitches Be Crazy found themselves on both ends of lopsided wins/loses! First, the good news….they took it to Smoking Bases with an 18-5 victory in their first game. The bad news…..they were on the short end of a 7-15 loss against Win’r’ lose we booze in their second game. Wow….what a night on the diamond.

Finally, Rule 34 took the easy 5-1 victory over Tickle Monsters to wrap up another week on the bases!
As always, Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge was the place to be for some cold brews, big screen TVs and lots of reminiscing about the night! We will be here again next week…..will you?



Blood, Sweat and Tears! Hey….Who Said We’re Cryin’!

Displaying File_005.jpeg

Everybody loves Thursday night basketball at SARC, and here’s just a few reasons why!

Let’s start off with how Rim Jobs fared last week on the hardwoods. They went up against 2 tough teams looking to take the top spot in the upcoming championship tournament. First up, RIP Charlie Murphy has been a contender all season long and took the win going away at 20-14. Next up for Rim Jobs was Bad news Ballers who also have a winning record for the season. They showed why they are one of the favorites by taking it to Rim Jobs 20-11. Ouch!


Hoopsters had an interesting night on the courts Thursday….being on both ends of 2 blowout games. First, the good news: They took it to CU Next Thursday 20-12. They made baskets from all over the floor and had some nice shooting from the chicks as well. In their next game, they went up against RIP Charlie Murphy. It was more like….RIP Hoopsters since they were only able to post 6 points on the board! 6 points ……. yikes!

Hoops There It Is struggled against CU Next Thursday with some sloppy defense and a non existent 3 point game. They took the lopsided defeat 11-20. But, then something happened…..the sleeping giant was awakened to play the game of the night against Facebook Ballers. Hoops went into this game as a huge underdog and had to rely on pure hustle and heart to even stay in the game. Facebook Ballers looked better on paper but Hoops showed the desire and grit to take the upset win at 20-18! That’s what we’re talkin’ about!!

With all the wind out of their sales, Facebook Ballers’ struggled mightily in their next game. Bad News Ballers had their way with them and put a 20-4 whuppin’ on them. Tough night for the Ballers!

There is no better place to lick your wounds or recap your wins than Toss Pizzeria after the game. As usual, lots of teams showed up to offer toasts and condolences alike! The season is really heating up so come join us again next week for more round ball fun!

A Round Ball in a Round Hole….Seems Pretty Simple!!

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With the season winding down on Tuesdays at SARC, every basket counted and every drop of sweat went toward those coveted seeding spots for the upcoming championship. Here’s how it all shook out with who’s on top and who’s er……not on top!

Half Court Hero gave a valiant effort in both their games on Tuesday night, but fell a bit short while looking to notch a Dub-yah in the win column. First up, they took on I Get Buckets in a highly contested battle. Both teams had some fantastic shooting and stingy defense in this battle for the win. They traded shots, back and forth throughout most of the game and the stage was set for a buzzer beater to win. I Get Buckets had the final possession and made the most of it with a down the lane layup that handed them the 20-19 win. Wow….what an awesome game! Next up, Half Court Hero took on Darkness in yet another close one. Each team dug deep to control the lane and Darkness wound up taking the last shot. Swoosh….basket counts…..Darkness 19, Half Court Hero 17! Yikes…..another awesome game!

Super Sloths had their hands full in their first game against WTF Are You Ewing. These are two of the most high-flying, board crashing teams in the league and neither was going to let up first. They literally traded shots back and forth for the entire game! Game was tied late with Super Sloths getting off the last shot but, alas, it circled the rim and trickled out……final score….16-16 tie! We hate ties!! In their second game, Super Sloths went up against Looking for a Rebound. They were gassed from their first game and couldn’t seem to find their rhythm on either offense or defense. In the end, It was Looking for a Rebound 20, Super Sloths 14.

Looking for a Rebound parlayed their earlier win into another impressive display against Cash Me Outside. They were making shots from everywhere and each player on the floor seemed to get in on the action. They took the Dub-yah at 20-13. Cash Me Outside might have been down but not out when they suited up for their second game of the night. These 2 teams have always played each other tough and they seem to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses by heart. Just as before, this one was anyone’s game! They were tied all throughout the game and became a battle of who would have the last possession. WTF Are You Ewing had the ball with seconds winding down but Cash Me Outside had a timely steal and breakaway with a chick taking the last shot…..winner, winner, chicken dinner. Cash Me Outside 20, WTF Are You Ewing 18. Great game!

As always, Toss Pizzeria was a great host for post game celebrations and throw downs for next week. Cold brews and hot pizza weren’t bad extras either! Join us next week and we can do it all over again!


Caught Any Fish With Those Nets! Not Exactly…….. :-/

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The ASSC 3×3 basketball season is winding down but someone forgot to tell the players that!! Thursday nights at SARC, where the action was with traps, screens, blocks and steals. Let’s take a look at who had what and how it all washed out in the end:


Bad News Ballers had a tough night and would like to take a mulligan and try it all again…maybe on a different night! They first took on the always powerful Hoopsters who can both shoot and defend with the best of them. Bad News Ballers could only post up 12 points to Hoopsters’ 20. Ouch! They fared a little bit better against RIP Charlie Murphy in the second game of the night. They were able to keep pace for most of the game but a chick’s basket beyond the arc late in the game sealed the deal for RIP Charlie Murphy. Final score: 17-20. Tough loss Ballers! Next up for RIP Charlie Murphy was Hoops There It Is. There were lots of 3s, steals, blocks, rebounds and jumpers……all from RIP Charlie Murphy! Hoops There It Is was only able to drop in 8 points before the final whistle blew. RIP Charlie Murphy hardly broke a sweat in this one!

The good news for Hoops There Is Is……they were able to record a Dub-Yah in their next game. Unfortunately, it was from a forfeit but hey…..a win is a win!!

Facebook Ballers had an impressive night starting out with an awesome, hard fought victory then followed that up with a drumming of their opponent. In their first game of the night, they took on CU Next Thursday and posted a hard fought 20-17 win. This game could have gone either way with both teams tough down under and hitting timely 3s when they needed them. Excellent game! Facebook Ballers was just getting started and beat the heck out of Hoopsters 20-8 to notch 2 impressive Dub-Yahs for the night! Nice!!

No matter who won or lost, the teams headed over to Toss Pizzeria for another night of socializing and tipping back a few happy hour specials. We will be back next week…..will you?!