Author: Judy Cobb

Looking for World Cup Soccer? Er….How About ASSC Soccer Instead!!

Are you jonesin’ for some World Cup Soccer of your own? Head on over to NEMP on Wednesday nights and catch some of the local soccer instead! Here are some of the highlights from our own action on the pitch:


What Ball and Boujee lacked in talent, they sure made up for it in spirit! They had a tough night but never stopped with the fun and sportsmanship! Dream Killerz did just that with B & B in their first game of the night. Dream kKillerz scored first, second, third and then finally fourth. But, never fear, B & B did manage to put one in the net late to save them from the ultimate goose egg! Next up, Son of a Pitch had their way with the orange jersey’d B & B. When it was all said and done, 7 goals for Son of a Pitch but B & B did manage one goal of their own, again avoiding the shut out. Ouch!

Son of a pitch vs Dream Killerz was an amazing game between two of ASSC’s best teams. First half Dream Killerz scored the first goal off a cross that was finished with a header. Son of a Pitch scored their first goal right away keeping the game tied and letting the other team know they came to compete! Both teams added 2 more goals by halftime, with one of those goals coming from a female taking it to 4-3, Son of a pitch. Second half things heated up with Son of a pitch scoring another goal right out of the gate, giving them a 2 point lead.  Dream killers realizing that they are now in serous danger of loosing their first game stepped it up and soon scored a male goal fallowed by a female goal to take back the lead! Both teams were really pushing hard when Dream Killerz scores another male goal giving them a 2 point lead. They are not able to relax though because Son of a pitch was pushing for a female goal to tie it back up.  There were several great chances that were either blocked by the keeper or went wide, taking the final score to 7-5, Dream Killerz. What an awesome game!!

Next up, Let’s Get Messi vs Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra was a closer game than the score showed. There was lots, and lots of possession changes in this game, hence lots of running! Both teams were a bit gassed in the end but Let’s Get Messi took home 4 goals and Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra only managed 1. Great game though!

Speaking of awesome games,  No Hands! vs Let’s Get Messi was a thriller! First half was scoreless with both teams really giving it their all. Having already played a grueling game, Let’s Get Messi was at a big disadvantage and was running out of gas from the start of the match, allowing No Hands! to control the game. Second half only 1 goal was scored and it was off an amazing 30 yard shot by a mega-star female, sailing right over the keeper’s finger tips! Final score 2-0 No Hands! WOW!!


Although somewhat sober, Drunk Flamingos sort of lived up to their team name, only able to score 1 goal in both their games. They did, however, go up against some strong competitors with some prime offenses who knew how to score! Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra took the win at 2-0 and Back that Pass Up tacked up 8 goals for an 8-1 win! Ouch!!

Back That Pass Up continued their winning streak, but not by much against Win & Tonic. This game could have gone either way with both teams showing some nifty passing and stingy goal tending. In the end, Back That Pass Up 3, Win & Tonic 2! Nice!

Speaking of close games, Ballsagna and Beercelona ended the game as closely scored as you can get! Both teams scored early but….not often. In the end, 1-1 tie was how it all played out. Nobody likes a tie!!

Over on Field 7, TETZHU blanked Train Wreck 3-0 with some stellar passing and tight goal tending.  Finally, Giddy Up creamed Footloose 7-0 to wrap things up for the night at NEMP.

After the games, it was off to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for some hot pizza and ice cold Bud Lights! What a great way to cool off after some serious soccer…ASSC style!


Where Can You Score 1, 2 and 3 Points….All In The Same Game?! ASSC 3s Basketball!!

What a great game…everybody gets to play… can score all kinds of points from all over the court……..being a chick definitely has it’s advantages!! Let’s see how it all played out Thursday at SARC:

For FMSP, can you say Groundhog Day?! They managed to score 12 points in both their games while their opponents both scored 19 points to take the victories! What?! In their first game, they went up against Poodles, who proved to be tougher than their team name suggests! Poodles went out to an early lead and never looked back. As time ran out, FMSP 12 and Poodles 19. Next up, The Real Ultimate Warriors also scored 19 points while FMSP also scored 12 points. Note to teams…’s okay to score more than 12 or 19 points!

The purple jersy’d Super Sloths notched a couple of nice wins for the night. Their first game was hard fought where both teams held tight on their defenses and made some timely baskets to keep it close. At the buzzer, Super Sloths 20, The Real Ultimate Warriors 16! Great game! With momentum in their favor, Super Sloths took on Poodles, who were just coming from an earlier victory. The Poodles looked tired and winded and fell 12-20 to give Super Sloths their second win of the night!

Shots! Shots! Shots! couldn’t seem to make them drop! drop! drop! They had a nail biter against Haters gonna hate, with both teams poised to take the win. It literally came down to the last shot and Haters gonna hate took the layup right down the lane to win by 1! Awesome game! Next up for Shots! Shots! Shots! was CP3 and O. Their earlier, narrow defeat, seemed to linger and they lost any momentum they had. CP3 and O took it to them early and often taking the 20-8 win! Oops!

Finally, FSU had their hands full in their first game against CP3 and O. They were just coming off a dominant win and looked unstoppable. FSU fell behind early but took a well advised timeout to regroup. They must have all drunk the same punch because they came out like a different team! Screens, pick and rolls even an alley oop led them to a 20-17 victory! Great game! But….wait….they still had another game to play. They went up against Haters gonna hate, who were riding high from an earlier win. FSU had some miscommunication issues and were certainly winded from their earlier game. Haters took advantage of their momentum and took it to FSU 20-12! Ouch!

After the games, teams headed over to Toss Pizzeria for camaraderie, cold beers and more sportsmanship to spread around. This is how we do it at ASSC! Come join us next week!

Swoosh, Swoosher, Swooshiest! ASSC BBall on Tuesday Nights at SARC!!

What do you do on Tuesday nights? We play some awesome 3s BBall at SARC…..come check it out!

First up, Shiner Blocks took on WTF Ref in one of the closest and hard fought games of the night!  Lots of great offense and defense from both sides but, more importantly, these 2 teams kept it social the entire game! In the end, Shiner Blocks took the last shot and the win at 20-19! Nice!

With their momentum in high gear, Shiner Blocks next took on Be Humble and got out to a roaring lead. They never let up and took the decisive win 20-9 to go 2-0 for the night! Bring on the beer!


No worries, Be Humble came back strong in their next game winning a close one against Dream Team 20-17! Great turnaround! The same can’t be said for Dream Team in their next game of the night, going up against WTF Ref. They must have gotten the calls they needed, taking down Dream Team by 6 points for a 20-14 win!


When I Dip You Dip We Dunk struggled Tuesday night to post enough points for a win. They first fell to Not One, Not Two, Not Three…..11-20 then took another beating by Summertime Squad, losing out 10-20! Yikes!


Wish I was a little bit Taller also ran into some winners, looking for any kind of victory on the hardwoods. Not One, Not Two, Not Three….held them to only 8 points to their 20 but they fared a little bit better against Summertime Squad by managing 17 points. Wish I was a little bit Taller looked like they were finally hitting their groove but ran short of time as the seconds ticked off their second game. Oh well, let’s hope they can pick up where they left off next week!


Air Ballers had an interesting night, notching both a win and a loss. They first ran up against the powerful OFFENSIVE FOWL team and gave them a run for their money. They couldn’t convert late or penetrate a tough defense and fell just short, 16-20. They regrouped in their second game and had a nice come back against Net-Swishaz, taking the 20-15 win! Nicely done!

Net-Swishaz night went from bad to worse, only able to post 8 points to OFFENSIVE FOWL’S 20 points! Ouch!

The Wampus Cats also had an interesting night by blowing out their first opponent then falling to another strong team. They only allowed 4 points against BoozeHounds while scoring 20 easy points to take the dominant win. In their second game, they ran into Drunk Dribblers who seemed pretty sober on this night! Although close in the beginning, Drunk Dribblers made some key baskets late to take the 20-13 win.

Drunk Dribblers was not through for the night, showing BoozeHounds they had come to play and took no prisoners! They racked up 20 points while holding BoozeHounds to only 7 points! Dominating!


Whew….what a night at SARC! The fun and frivolity continued over to Toss Pizzeria for some tasty grub and frosty brews! ASSC happy hours are awesome and the games aren’t bad either! Let’s do them both again next week!


Butt Kickers, Amigos, Heroes and Dream Team! ASSC Team Names Rock!

It’s that time again……Thursday night at SEMP for ASSC Soccer…..are you feelin’ it?!

Let’s get right to it and look at the rundown of games from Thursday night:

The Amigos against Butt Kickers saw The Amigos get their first win of the season! In the first half, Butt Kickers came out on top having scored a nice female goal from way out, while The Amigos only managed a male goal making the score at the half 2-1. Second half things got interesting with The Amigos tying the game up right out of the gate, 2 all. They quickly followed that up with a nice, male goal to take it to 3-2. Butt Kickers tied it back up at 3 all, then they proceeded to  run out of steam. Tired legs and winded lungs allowed them to let The Amigos go on a 3 goal scoring spree! One female and one male goal took the final to 6-3 for The Amigos! Great first win of the season!!

The Butt Kickers were not finished for the night lacing them up for Spread The Cheeky in game #2 of the night. This was a hard fought game with neither team giving in! Tough defense was an understatement with both teams only able to score a single goal. Too bad someone couldn’t take this one all the way but it was an awesome game to watch! Final score 1-1 tie!!


Happy Hour Heroes had a great game and a not so great game. In their first game, they got creamed by In the corner kickin it by a score of 2-6. Lots of offense and not much defense! They got their act together in their second game, however and took it to Pitches Be Crazy 6-1! Now that is a turnaround!

Speaking of whippin’ butt, Multiple Scorgasms had their way with Pitches Be Crazy! Pitches scored first but that was the last time they even sniffed the goal. Multiple Scorgasms scored often and easily from all areas of the field. Guys scored…..girls scored……everyone scored…..except Pitches Be Crazy! Final score…..Multiple Scorgasms 8 and Pitches Be Crazy 1. Wow!

Speaking of lopsided wins, Dream Team took it to The Amigos in the last game of the night. Dream Team’s first team scored a few then they put in the subs. They too scored at will and often. When the dust settled, it was Dream Team 9 and The Amigos 1. Another great offensive and defensive game by Dream Team!

Another night in the books and another successful night at Craftsman for happy hour after the games! Lots of bragging and brews were on hand with challenges thrown down for next week. We will be back….will you?!

It’s Heating Up Outside…..And On The Pitch Too!

It’s Wednesday night… must be ASSC Soccer night at NEMP! In case you missed it….here’s what went down:


Giddy Up vs TETZHU was a close one with some great defense and offense…..all in the same game! The game was tied going into the first half. It didn’t take long for the next score with TETZHU making a nifty female goal in the side pocket! Their defense held on for the 5-3 win. Nice!

Train Wreck vs Son of a Pitch was next up on the docket. This was another close game with both sides battling it out the entire game. In the last 2 minutes, Son of a PItch scored 2 more goals to take the 6-4 win.

Juanito & The Marimba Orquestra vs Ballsagna over on field 7 was quite the defensive battle. Both teams were held scoreless until the last 2 minutes of the game. Thanks to some awesome teamwork, Ballsagna took the 2-0 win to close out the night. Great game!

Ball and Boujee vs TETZHU leaned more to the lopsided……side! Using their first game as a warmup, TETZHU steam rolled to a 7-2 win! Goals came from both girls and guys…..everybody got in on the winning action!

Drunk Flamingos vs Win & Tonic was another awesome display in teamwork! Both teams had some nice setups on goal and finally managed to see the payoffs. Win & Tonic scored first and kept on scoring! Drunk Flamingos added a couple goals late but could never quite catch up. In the end, Win & Tonic took the 6-3 win!

Footloose vs Dream killerz was a high scoring affair, to say the least! Footloose got on the board first with a couple of scores but Dream killerz went on a scoring binge! 6 unanswered goals before Footloose could manage one of their own. Final score: 8-4 Dream killerz!

Back That Pass Up vs Let’s Get Messi in a closely fought game on the pitch. This was a close game where anybody could have taken the Dub-Yah. Score was tied going into the last couple of minutes before a female placed a nice shot in the corner of the net for the 6-4 win! Awesome!!

Win & Tonic vs Beercelona in a super awesome game where both teams made it look like a pro soccer game. Only one goal was scored the whole game and that was in the first half Win & Tonic got a male goal about halfway through the first half. Both teams had some awesome shots on goal and tons of ball movement, including excellent passing and great teamwork. Win & Tonic took the 1-0 win!

Ballsgna vs No Hands! This was an excellent game of great sportsmanship and some really awesome goals. First half both teams scored a male goal leaving it tied at the half with 1 apiece. In the second half, No Hands! scored an amazing female header, putting them up by 2 right away. Ballsagna was only able to get one male goal the second half but conceded they were beaten by an awesome play!. Final score, 3-2 No Hands!

As the night cooled down, everyone headed over to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for some hot food and cold brews! Lots of reminiscing about the night’s excellent games whether they were winners or …… not winners! See you back out again next week!

Thursday Night at SEMP for ASSC Soccer 8s was hot, hot, hot!!

Thursday night at SEMP….boy was it hot! Lots of sweat and lots of cool beverages with all the teams pulling out 2 games apiece. Let’s take a look at how it all went down:

Spread The Cheeky had a grueling night with 2 wins to show for it! They first took on Dream Team where the balls were flyin’ and goals were scorin’. Spread The Cheeky took the 6-2 Dub Yah easily.

Best game of the night was Happy Hour Heroes vs Spread the Cheeky. First half Cheeky had just enough energy left from their first game for 1 goal and they had to fight for it, scoring a really beautiful female goal in the 13th minute.  Happy Hour Heroes had lots of good chances but every great shot was knocked away by the keeper of Spread The Cheeky. Game ended 2-0 in favor of Spread The Cheeky. Nice game!

After a rest between games, Dream Team came back strong against Pitches Be Crazy with a 7-1 whippin’. Nice comeback and awesome goal tending!

Multiple Scorgasms had an interesting night with a nice win and a lousy loss! They first took on The Butt Kickers and managed 6 awesome goals to Butt Kickers 2. They then took on In The Corner Kickin’ It and looked like a completely different team. The heat was sinking in and players were drained and looking for relief. Multiple Scorgasms couldn’t get revived enough and took the 0-3 loss. They were kind enough, however to share their beer throughout the rest of the night with other teams! Awesome sportsmanship!

Finally, In The Corner Kickin’ It took on The Amigos in the last game of the night. In The Corner Kickin’ It had just come off a strong win and the heat was sinking in. First half was tight with The Amigos holding their own. The second half was a different story with In The Corner Kickin’ It pouring on the goals! In the end, it was 5-1 with The Amigos taking the loss. Whew!

Looking for some relief from the heat, everyone headed over to Craftsman for some cold brews and tasty tacos and some stories to swap. Another great night for ASSC Soccer 8s…..let’s do it all again next week!

Pitch Count: 8s vs 8s for Wednesday Night ASSC Soccer at NEMP!

The heat is on….in the air and on the field! Wednesday Soccer 8s continues this week at NEMP with some hard fought games, spectacular saves and gripping penalty kicks. Let’s take a closer look:

No Hands! vs Juanito & the Marimba Orquestra. This was almost an awesome comeback while in the first half, No Hands! killed it with three male goals, taking a 3-0 lead going into the half. In the second half, though Juanito & the Marimba Orquestra shut them out and even managed to get an amazing female header about halfway through the half, but No Hands! held on for the final score 3-2! Nice!

Let’s Get Messi vs Win & Tonic. This was a super exciting game first half Let’s Get Messi came out strong, scoring their first goal in just 7 minutes in! Win & Tonic proving that they meant it tied the game back up in the 11th minute of the first half. However shortly before half, Let’s Get Messi scored another male goal to take back the lead, making it 2-1 at half. Second half got really exciting with both teams giving it their all! Let’s Get Messi was ripping amazing shot after shot but could not score after hitting the post a couple of times. Win & Tonic on the other had was finding the back of the net with their shots, tying the game back up just 3 mins into the second half. Then with just 5 mins left, Win & Tonic get a sloppy goal to take the lead for the first time and then another quick goal, giving them a comfortable lead with just minutes left. Win & Tonic almost lost the lead when they fouled a player in the box with no time left, giving Let’s Get Messi a PK and a chance to tie it back up. PK was blocked!! Win & Tonic takes the exciting win at 4-2! Wow!!

Son of a Pitch played Giddy Up in an offensive and defensive battle that ended in a 3-3 tie! After all that…..a tie?! All was not lost when Son of a Pitch handed out some complimentary beers and stayed to watch the rest of the action. Yes!!

Drunk Flamingos might have had one too many brewskies before the game, having a hard time stopping Ballsagna’s fierce attempts on goal. In the end, Drunk Flamingos 2 with Ballsagna 8.

Back That Pass Up showed some tough defense by blanking Beercelona with a 2-0 win.

Giddy Up did just that against Ball and Boujee! This was not much of a game with Giddy Up having their way with Ball and Boujee. They scored, then they scored again and then they scored again…… the end, the scoreboard read Giddy Up 8 and Ball and Boujee 0. Ouch!

In another close game, TETZHU played Footloose over on field 7. These two teams were closely matched on paper as well as on the field. They had strong females who could shoot and defend. Footloose scored first from an awesome one on one then TETZHU turned around and did the same thing! The rest of the game was pretty much the same with both teams exchanging goals until the final 2 minutes of the game. TETZHU had another breakaway late and made a nifty move on the goalie to win the game 4-3! Great game!!

To wrap things up, the powerful Dream killerz took on Train Wreck over on field 3. Dream killerz had a strong team as well as a very strong bench to stay fresh throughout the game. Train Wreck kept it close with some nice passing and strong scoring attempts. In the end, Dream killerz had the advantage and took the win 6-4. Great game!

After the games, the teams headed over to Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge for some great food and cold brews. With the steak truck there, and tasty pizza from Little Woodrow’s, there was food and beverages for everyone! Another awesome night of ASSC Soccer 8s!


Headers and footers…..girls and guys…whatever it took for a win at SEMP!

Tuesday night Soccer 8s at SEMP was the place to be if you were looking for some awesome soccer games in south Austin!  Let’s take a look at how it all shook out:

The Centaur Forwards Vs FC Book game was hard fought and pretty friendly for the most part since half the players from each team all play on the same team on Thursdays. The whole game was back and forth with both teams getting some really good passing that lead to some amazing shots on goal. First half though only FC Book scored and it was an amazing female goal just 3 mins in giving them what they thought was a comfortable lead. Second half, however, The Centaur Forwards pressed hard right away and managed to get a male goal in just the first 4 mins. Only one point behind now they started working on getting a female goal to take the lead, and just 5 mins later, they did just that from a shot that somehow managed to get through everyone and roll past the keeper just out of reach giving them the lead. With only 5 mins left in the game, FC Book tied it up from a male goal that took some work since his first shot was deflected and came right back giving him a second chance and allowing them to tie the game up. For the rest of the game both teams fought hard, but were unable to score, leaving the two teams tied 3 ALL.

Another really good game was Fire Emoji Vs Money shots. Both teams were perfectly matched and had to fight just to get a good shot on goal. First half Fire Emoji scored their only goal about half way from an amazing shot, giving them a 1-0 lead at the half. Second half very back and forth and super defensive once again with both teams having to fight to get any kind of chance on goal. With just 3 mins left in the game, Fire Emoji made a defensive mistake that coast them the game allowing a female player on Money shots to get a sloppy, yet successful, shot off, but it was all they needed. Money shots with the money shot at the very end to come back with the 2-1 win. Awesome!

In other action,

Sports Brahs 2 vs Small Hands Big Kicks  0.

MAN CHEST HAIR UNITED 4 vs That Escalated Quickly 1.

2 Goals, 1 Cup 1 vs En Fuego FC 2.

See You Next Tuesday 0 vs The Centaur Forwards 2.

Flooligans vs 1 AT Bad and Boozy 3 .

ABCDE FC vs 3 AT En Fuego FC 4 .

Droos Boos. vs 1 AT The Shins 0.

See You Next Tuesday vs 4 AT Fire Emoji 1.

Shoot It All Over Me vs 4 AT Bad and Boozy 1.

ABCDE FC vs 1 vs The Ball Handlers 1.

Feets of Strength 2 vs The Shins 1.

For happy hour after the games, teams headed over to Craftsman. Most of the players showed up after the last game and had an awesome time enjoying $2 Bud Lights and some tasty tacos. Some of the players even tried their hand at Corn Hole to keep the fun going. Great night of action but an even greater night of camaraderie. See you all again next week!


New Season, New Teams, New Sneakers….New 3s Basketball Excitement!!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the Summer ASSC 3s Basketball season at SARC!

We’ve got some new and old faces and some clever new team names, to kick off another exciting season of ASSC 3s basketball. Let’s take a look at what went down Tuesday night at SARC:

Be Humble had a nice opening night with a pair of victories to get things going. They had some strong offense and defense beating Not One, Not Two, Not Three 20-13. Next, they went up against a strong new contender, When I Dip You Dip We Dunk and had a battle on their hands. In the end, they won a close one 20-17.
When I Dip You Dip We Dunk turned right around and won a close one themselves against the veteran Dream Team 20-13. Nice comeback! Speaking of Dream Team, they continued to struggle with their defense losing another close one to Not One, Not Two, Not Three….16-20.

Offensive Fowl was a little slow in getting their offense in-line but squeaked out a low scoring win against The Wampus Cats 14-11. They picked up their game and their scoring to get a victory off BoozeHounds 20-13 in their second game.

Let’s talk about defense….let’s talk about Air Ballers. They were all over their opponents to keep them both under 10 points each game!! Wow! BoozeHounds could only muster up 5 points while Drunk Dribblers must have hit happy hour BEFORE the game, only able to put 9 points on the board. Ouch!

Drunk Dribblers must have sobered up before their second game, taking a hard fought win off Net-Swishaz 20-16! Nice comeback! Net-Swishaz continued their struggles when they fell to The Wampus Cats 11-20 in their second game.

WTF Ref is now 2-0 going into next week thanks to Wish I was a little bit Taller and Summertime Squad. They took both wins by 20-14 and 20-12. Nice opening night!

Finally, Shine Blocks had an up and down kind of night with a 20-10 win against Wish I was a little bit Taller but hit a wall in their second game. Their offense couldn’t seem to find the bottom of the net and they took the 10-20 loss.

After the season opener, teams headed over to Toss Pizzeria for some hot pizza and cold beers to share their wins and losses. New teams met old teams and new challenges were thrown down for next week. It’s going to be another exciting season on the hardwoods, so join us again next week!


Hot Outside….Cool Inside….. Hot Play….Cool Vibe!

It’s Thursday night at SARC and you thought all the heat was outside! Step inside to see Austin’s hottest 3s basketball in town! Here’s a rundown of week 1 of the summer season:

Super Sloths got off to a great start to the season with a pair of wins with both games coming down to the wire. In their first game, they took on FMSP in a nice, tight game. FMSP kept it tight but Super Sloths came out on top with a 20-17 win. Next up, Super Sloths took on Shots! Shots! Shots! in another close one. They seemed to match each other shot for shot but, in the end, Super Sloths made a couple of key baskets to take the 20-16 win. Nice night Super Sloths!!

Shots! Shots! Shots! was still looking for their first win going up against FSU. The game was close for the first couple of possessions but FSU ran way with the 20-10 win. Tough night Shots! FSU stayed the course and took on FMSP in their second game of the night. They continued their strong offense and stingy defense to take the win at 20-13. Nice!

Haters gonna hate had a tough night, but it wasn’t because of lack of effort. They fought hard in their opener with CP3 and O who couldn’t be stopped. When the final whistle blew, it was CP3 and O on top 20-13.

Haters gonna hate met up with an old rival in The real Ultimate Warriors in the night’s final game. These 2 teams battled it out to the end with Pink hitting a game winning shot to take it 20-18! Awesome! Lots of friendly trash talking between these 2 teams that even carried over to happy hour at Toss Pizzeria after the game. Every single team showed up at Toss for buckets of cold Bud Lights and even a few shots. Outstanding! The expectations are high for next week but we’ll be there….will you!