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Flag Football is underway!

With another great season of Football at South Austin Recreation Center and Barton Springs underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having a fun on the field! While you’re out there, don’t forget to take fun photos at the field, Craftsman, and Little Woodrow’s on 6th and share with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

Dodgeball at Northwest Recreation Center

With another great season of Dodgeball at Northwest Recreation Center underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having a fun on the court!  Don’t forget to take fun photos at the courts and at Little Woodrow’s Burnett and share them with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

Cornhole at Carolines

With another great season of Cornhole at Caroline’s underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having a fun! Don’t forget to snap fun photos and share them with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

Bowling at Highland Lanes

With another great season of Bowling here at  Highland Lanes underway, it has been great to see the mix of new players and veterans competing and having fun at the lanes!  Don’t forget to snap fun photos at the lanes, and share with #AustinSSC for a chance to win the pic of the week!

It’s Hot Outside but Sizzlin’ inside SARC for Thursday Night ASSC 3s Basketball!!

Wherever you were last Thursday night, we bet it didn’t compare to what was going on at SARC for ASSC 3s basketball!! Let’s break it down and check the scores and action!


FSU had a rough night, unable to post a Dub-yah in the Win Column. They first took on CP3 and O and made a game of it early. Matching shot for shot for most of the game, they needed some key baskets late to keep pace. CP3 and O got hot with some nifty screens and outside shooting that proved to be the difference. Final score, FXU 15, CP3 and O 20. In their second game, FSU looked tired and winded, only able to post 9 points against Haters Gonna Hate’s 20. Ouch!


On the flip side, FMSP played 2 tough games and came out on top in both of them. They had their hands full with Poodles but managed a skinny 20-18 win. In their next game, The Real Ultimate Warriors also proved to be a worthy opponent with an awesome defense. In the end, however, FMSP held on for the 18-15 win. Nice!


Shots! Shots! Shots! needed more shots, shots, shots for any kind of win, win, win! They were only able to post 8 points against the always tough Haters Gonna Hate. They seemed to find their groove and made some nice 3s against CP3 and O but fell just short in the end, 17-20. Uh-oh!

In the night’s upset, the always tough Super Sloths couldn’t seem to get anything to work…..offense, defense, passing….you name it! They went up against The Real Ultimate Warriors, who only had 3 players show up for the entire night. They played hard and got hot early. In the surprising upset, they took down Super Sloths 20-6! Wow! Poodles were also able to take advantage of Super Sloths struggles and take a close one, 20-16. Tough night for the Sloths!

After the games, Toss Pizzeria was the place to be if you were wearing an ASSC jersey! Kickball and BBall players all showed up to throw back some brewskies and throw down some challenges for next week. We’ll see you then!!



ASSC’s 3s Basketball at SARC on Tuesday Nights…..Did You Catch It?

If you drove by SARC on Tuesday night and wondered what all the shouting, cheering and yelling was all about… was none other than ASSC 3s Basketball! Here’s how it all went down:


Wish I was a little bit Taller was doing just that on Tuesday night! They had 2 hard fought games for the night but came up just shy of posting a Dub-Yah. Drunk Dribblers took them out first with a 20-16 win. Then Air Ballers barely notched them on a last second shot that found the bottom of the net as time ran out. Air Ballers 19, Wish I was a little bit Taller 18! Ouch!

Shiner Blocks is known for their defense and now we know why! They held both their opponents of the night to single digit totals while their offense was a scoring machine! Air Ballers could only manage 8 points while Drunk Dribblers notched only 7! Wow!!

In their first game of the night, Dream Team had a little trouble finding open shots and couldn’t keep up with Summertime Squad to take the 13-20 loss. They caught their second wind in their next game against BoozeHounds and managed an awesome 20-9 win with some stellar defense! Nice comeback!

Speaking of BoozeHounds, their night did not get much better when they faced off with Summertime Squad in their second game. They only managed 5 points up against Summertime Squad’s 20! Double ouch!!

When I Dip You Dip We Dunk also had a night to forget! They only managed single digit totals in both their games going up against some tough opponents. WTF Ref put it to them hard and heavy, then OFFENSIVE FOWL made it another lopsided victory scoring 20 before time even ran out. There’s always next week Dip and Dunkers!

With both teams coming off impressive wins, WTF Ref went up against OFFENSIVE FOWL to see who could go unbeaten for the night. WTF Ref held on to a slim lead throughout the game and pulled out the 18-15 victory. Nice!

Speaking of blowouts, Not One, Not Two, Not Three… had a couple of their own for the night! Can you say steamrolled?! First up Net-Swishaz only managed 8 points in their first game of the night while The Wampus Cats only managed 9! Now that is a defensive slaughter by Not One, Not Two, Not Three…!

Finally, Be Humble was also able to notch a couple of wins for the night, first going up against The Wampus Cats. They had just come off a humbling loss and had something to prove. Although they improved from their first game, The Wampus Cats still only managed 15 points to Be Humble’s 20. Next up, Net-Swishaz held on as long as they could before Be Humble took home the 20-15 victory. Great night Be Humble!!

After the games, it was off to Toss Pizzeria for some hot food and cold brews! With the season in full swing, it’s anybody’s race to the Championship!

New Season, New Teams, New Challengers……Same ASSC Soccer 8s Excitement!

Welcome new Footballers to ASSC Thursday Soccer 8s at SEMP! New jerseys, new team names, new players …… same great league, same great vibe and same great camaraderie! Let’s take a look at how it all played out on the first Thursday night of the season:

In The Corner Kickin It started the season strong with a dominating game against About To Get Messi. They scored right away as the first half got under way. They showed their strong defense right off the bat allowing zero goals for About To Get Messi in the first half. Second half, In The Corner Kickin It showed no mercy and continued to pile up the goals. When the dust settled, they took the 7-0 victory with ease! Wow!

Next up, Spread The Cheeky took on Chicken Noodle Soup in a battle of defenses. Both teams held tight throughout the first half but started to gel a bit more in the second. Chick Noodle Soup scored first off a nice cross to the middle. SCORE!! They followed that up with a nifty header off a corner kick. SCORE!! Finally, they got busy in a fury in front of the net and managed to squeeze another one in the corner. SCORE!! Spread The Cheeky never gave up and managed to score a nice one late in the game but…..too little…..too late. Final score, 3-1 for The Soup!

Final game of the night, Gateway to the Weekend went up against Happy Hour Heroes. First half was neck and neck with Gateway to the Weekend taking the lead by a couple of goals right off the bat. Shortly before the half, however, Happy Hour Heroes had a really nice streak scoring two goals in the last 3 minutes to tie it up going into the half. Second half just 3 minutes in, Happy Hour Heroes made an amazing female goal, giving them the lead for the first time all game….. 5-3. Gateway to the Weekend pushed hard the rest of the game but only scored 1 more male goal making the final score 5-4, Happy Hour Heroes. What a game!!!

After the opener, it was Happy Hour time at Craftsman to welcome the new teams and throw down some new challenges for the new season. With lots of Bud Lights on hand and players looking to quench their thirst, Craftsman was the place to be. See you all again next week!

Tuesday Night Soccer 8s at SEMP …. Some Close Games …. Some Not So Close Games!

Who was pitchin’ fits on the football pitch at SEMP Tuesday night? Let’s list it out to see who came out on top in ASSC’s Soccer 8s League!

Dances with Wolves had no chance against Centaur Forwards. It was a pounding, to say the least with Centaur Forwards taking the 12-2 win. We had headers, corner kicks and breakaways from chicks and dudes……everyone was scoring from everywhere!

Sports Brahs also had a strong showing against That Escalated Quickly with an easy 7-2 victory.

In a much closer game, Stonecutters faced Small Hands Big Kicks where goals for either team were hard to find. The game was scoreless until late in the game when Stonecutters managed to sneak one in to take the 1-0 win. Nice!

Dominators definitely lived up to their name, smothering Muells Old Boys & Girls 10-4! Yikes!

Next up, Feets of Strength won a close one against The Shins. Both teams scored early in the first half and took a 1-1 tie into the half. It wasn’t until late in the second half that The Shins had some nifty passing that resulted in the game winner. Final score, 2-1 for Feets of Strength!

Cheery Red Tomatoes had another strong night, taking on Fire Emoji on field 2. The Tomatoes scored early and often with a strong defense that held Fire Emoji to only one goal for the night. In the end, Cheery Red Tomatoes 6 and Fire Emoji 1.

Over on Field 4, Money Shots vs Droo’s Kids. This was a very even match up with both teams bringing in winning records. First half Money Shots had the money and the shot, scoring a female goal in the first 7 mins. Half time saw Money Shots ahead 2-0. Second half Droo’s Kids got a lucky break and had a penalty kick with just 6 mins left. They wisely chose a female to take the shot and she drilled in the tying score! Final score, 2-2 tie! Nicely done!

In another great game, Bayer Neverlusen vs Gooooaaaallll. First half Gooooaaaallllkept most of the pressure on only giving Bayer a couple of chances on goal. Gooooaaaallll, however, was able to sneak one in just before the half. Second half things heated up with Bayer tying the game up right away and starting to control the game. Once tied up, Gooooaaaallll started pressing again and scored another goal with 10 minutes remaining, taking back the lead. Bayer followed right behind, tying it back up with just 4 minutes later off a fast break. The game was tied up again, with only a few minutes left. Out of nowhere, Gooooaaaallll scores again to take the 3-2 win! Awesome!

After the games, everyone headed over to Craftsman for happy hour, enjoying hot food and cold libations. Let’s do it all again next week!

Give-N-Go….In-N-Out….Coast-To-Coast….Too Many Hyphens!

Looking for some stellar 3s basketball action on Thursday nights? Head on over to SARC and check it out!

First up, The real Ultimate Warriors vs CP3 and O. Good close game between these two teams as they went point for point, rebound for rebound. Tough game to play but easy to cheer for! Both teams played social ball throughout the whole game but there had to be a winner and a “non-winner.” When the final whistle blew, CP3 and O sank 20 points and The real Ultimate Warriors 18. Great game!!

FSU had an up and down kind of night. They were flying high with some timely baskets in their first game, taking the 20-14 win over FMSP. They had their hands full in their second game in a closely fought battle with Super Sloths. FSU came out tough in the beginning but couldn’t hold on in the end. Final score, Super Sloths 20 and FSU 16. Oops!

Shots! Shots! Shots! had a similar night with 2 tough games that could have gone either way. They first faced off against the always tough Super Sloths. They took the early lead and it looked like another win for Super Sloths. Shots! Shots! Shots! came roaring back with some nifty defense and their shots began to fall. In the end, Shots! Shots! Shots! 20-16! Speaking of close games, Shots! Shots! Shots! went up against another powerhouse in FMSP. Shot for shot, they went back and forth. FMSP led late and barely held on for a 20-17 win! Nice!!

Poodles played hard, ran hard and sweated hard to eek out a win and barely miss out on another. CP3 and O had some nifty screens and some nice female shots to get on the board quickly. They took the win, 20-14. Poodles came back with a nice 20-16 win over Haters gonna hate to even things out for the night.

The real Ultimate Warriors (LIGHT PINK) (A) 13 AT Haters gonna hate (ROYAL BLUE) (H) 20
The real Ultimate Warriors (LIGHT PINK) (A) 18 AT CP3 and O (MAROON) (H) 20

The real Ultimate Warriors also had frustrating night….unable to notch a Dub-yah for the night.  Against Haters gonna hate, they couldn’t seem to get much going and left a few baskets out on the court. In the end, they went down 13-20. They did seem to catch a second wind and gave CP3 and O all they could handle. CP3 and O had to make a last second desperation shot, that found the bottom of the net, to steal the win. Final tally, 20-18 in favor of CP3 and O.

What a great night for basketball and for socializing, since there was a huge crowd headed over to Toss Pizzeria to keep the party going. With ASSC basketball and kickball teams both showing up, we definitely represented. Another awesome night in the books and we can’t wait to do it all again next week.



ASSC 3s Basketball……It’s Hot Outside….but Hotter Inside….what tha…..?

The basketball courts were smokin’ hot for Tuesday ASSC 3s Basketball at SARC! You could fry an egg on the hardwoods with some awesome play from Austin’s favorite 3s basketball teams. Let’s see how it all went down:

Game of the night goes to Wish I was a little bit Taller taking on Dream Team. Wish I was a little bit Taller was obviously the better of the 2 teams but anything can happen on any given Tuesday! Each team seemed to match the other shot for shot the entire game. Dream Team was down by one with seconds ticking off the clock. A veteran chick launched up a shot and a prayer to possibly steal the win…. wait for it…..she sank it with time running out!! Dream Team 20 and Wish I was a little bit Taller 19! Wowee…what a game!!


Net-Swishaz had an interesting night with some awesome highlights and some not so awesome low-lights. Just off their amazing earlier win, Dream Team couldn’t quite keep up and fell 16-18 to Net-Swishaz. Great game! In their second game, they took on Wish I was a little bit Taller. They only managed 10 points to Taller’s 20. Ouch!

OFFENSIVE FOWL couldn’t seem to find their rhythm in either of their games. Although close early in the game, Not One, Not Two, Not Three ran away with the 20-13 win. Next up, Be Humble who held them to only 6 points made quick work of OFFENSIVE FOWL. Tough night for the birds!

Next up, BoozeHounds also had a rough night, notching up 2 loses for the evening. First, Be Humble took them to the cleaners 20-8. Not One, Not Two, Not Three….also held them to only 10 points while posting up 20 of their own. Double ouch!!


On the other side of the coin, Shiner Blocks was on a roll with 2 dominating wins. They held both their opponents to 8 points each!! Now that’s some stellar defense!! While When I Dip You Dip We Dunk were one of those teams, they came back strong in their second game against The Wampus Cats. They were able to take the win at 20-15! Nice comeback!

Drunk Dribblers looked pretty sober in both their games pulling out wins of 20-17 in each contest. They took the first win off WTF Ref then posted their second win of the night against Summertime Squad. Awesome night!

Finally, Air Ballers certainly lived up to their name with a couple of lopsided losses to show for it. They only managed to score 5 points against Summertime Squad then posted the same number of points against WTF Ref. They didn’t let their losses dampen their spirit, however and definitely showed up for the fun! Great sportsmanship!

Who says you have to be on the floor to have fun…..there were tons of spectators who show up to cheer on their team and enjoy the “spirit of the stands.”

That spirit followed everyone over to Toss Pizzeria for the post game revelry….good food…..great beverages and continued sportsmanship! That’s how we roll at ASSC! See you all again next week!