Author: Alex Rouder

Have Fun = Champs (Westgate)

“Woooo” said Rick Flair! And the entire lanes as Have Fun secured the Championship once and for all! They took out the King Pins before slicing up We Don’t Give A Split in the Finals.

That made it 10 for 10 on the season as they finished with that sexy perfect record. This marks one of the most dominant seasons in SSC History.

And if you thought they were going to bask in the glory you were sorely mistaken. In the most typical Have Fun fashion imaginable, they only took the Championship picture with their opponents in the Finals. Add in a twerk handstand and that’s what makes Have Fun so much fun.

Congrats to them on an outstandingly fun season! We will see you all and your friends out at the lanes this Fall!

Week One! (Wednesday and Thursday)

The beginning of the Fall season is upon us as Softball will be back in action this Wednesday and Thursday out at Southeast Metro!

Come early, stay late, and wear the right jersey as Week One will go on with a bang (if Mother Nature does not interfere!)

Bring a cooler of your favorite beers (and cups too) and a smile as team pictures will be the first plan of action. Follow that with softball and that makes for a great night on the fields.

We’ll see y’all out there and then at Craftsman afterwards!

Spring has turned to Fall which will turn to Winter! (Mondays)

I made the comment that this Spring season is the season that never ends and that may be the case in actuality.

Game 1 was June the 6th. The Final game isn’t going to be until Monday September 19th at the earliest. And as we’ve all seen, that is no guarantee.

Yet we’re still rolling balls on Monday nights up North as this league is made up of total dedication. Dedication to sport and to a social life.

So thanks for sticking with us! We’ll see y’all until November i’m sure!

Squirtle are the Champs! (DART)

After a thrilling semifinal victory over Pikachu, Squirtle had the momentum rolling their way against Gutter Done.

Squirtle was neck in neck with Pikachu and they did not clinch it until their final throw of the night. Marisa had one chance to answer Pikachu and did she ever. She rolled a Strike and a Spare to clinch their spot in the Finals.

In the aforementioned finals against Gutter Done, Squirtle brought their A-game and left nothing to be decided as the final frames rolled around. They ended up winning the title in dominant fashion.

As you all heard, we’re moving to Highland Lanes and from the sounds of it, we’ll see a lot of you out there! We can’t wait!

Playoffs! (Wednesdays)


Shot Callers

As the Playoffs arrive, we are once again reminded that this is the best time of the year. NCAA Football is back and the Texas contingencies are winning, the NFL is on the cusp of its triumphant return, and Pumpkin Spice is heating us the interwebs in prep of its annual arrival.

Plussss the Wednesday Basketball playoffs are making their inaugural debut at Westlake Athletic Center!

The Shot Callers are the leaders in the clubhouse as they say, however, the winner of Pinkies Up! and Straight Shots are chomping at the bits to get their crack at the Callers.

Who will bring their A-game to the WACC?!

Come on out on Wednesday night and have a looksee for yourself as this is the Final rendition of this current season! After the games are over, head out to Docs on Brodie or South Congress for some delicious Brews and Drinks on special!

Playoffs! (Tuesdays)


Mama Said Knock You Out
The best time of the year is here, bar none. Both NCAA Football and the NFL are getting started in the same week! Plus these Flag Football playoffs to boot…

Oh yeah, the Tuesday Flag Football Playoffs. It’s hot and muggy out as the teams are set to hit the gridiron. We’ve seen Alabama rout USC, Texas played wonderfully well for the first time in years, and of course Florida State with a furious comeback to the hands of the overrated SEC representatives of Ole Miss.

But now for the fun stuff as Mama Said Knock You Out will look to go unbeaten on the season.

Liquor and Poker are our defending Champs but can they do it again?

After the games are over join us at Craftsman (East Cesar Chavez) for $2 Bud Light Specials and a Funkin good time on the East Side!

We’ll see y’all on the fields!

Playoffs! (Thursday)


The Playoffs are here as this Thursday night will end with a Champion of the World! Will it be a well-seasoned team to win it all? Or will there be a new Champion? There is a possibility of a Rookie team winning it too.

So many questions left unanswered, only two games to solve the puzzle.

Have Fun are coming in unbeaten as they will take on a veteran team in the King Pins. They snuck in to the postseason but have what it takes to shake up the pool a bit.

On the other side is the Rookie squad taking on a Champion of yesteryear.

We’ll see you out there!